Same Lovers

Larry Fanfiction. After a chuch protesting with gay signs sayign for them to go to Hell outside one of their concerts, Managment decided Louis and Harry need to call their relationship off. They need to keep their rep. How will Harry deal with this after he becomes the fragile one. When Louis decides they need to just stop it. When he gets his heart broken because his boyfri- ex, decides they really do need to cut it off. Will him trying to get Louis to be in a private relationship be enough? Will they get caught? Will One Direction ever be the same?


2. Daddy Payne

Harry's POV.

I just stood there for a few moments. Like I was glued to the floor. The scene that just took place a few minutes ago replaying in my head again, and again and again. I then noticed Liam standing in front of me, Waving his hand across the air, in front of my face. " Helloooo, Earth to Harry?" He laughs when I look at him, Blinking my eyes. That's when he noticed the tears on my face. He looked up at me, furrowing his brows. "What's wrong Harry?" It takes me a few seconds before I can fully reply. " Nothing." I say trying to sound casual, but obviously failing not fooling him one bit. "Harry, You need to tell me. I'm here for you always. I, I heard Arabelle yelling at you two and then Louis run off. What happened?" I sighed and told him everything. Completely breaking down on his shoulder. " I, I don't know why he broke up with me. We could have hid it, We could have done something, Li. HE DIDN'T EVEN TRY!" I sobbed. He just sat there, letting me rumble while he tried to soothe me. " I'm supposed to be the guy in this relationship. But I'm here, crying over him. He's not supposed to let me go! What do I do!" Liam bites his lip, thinking for a moment before replying, carefully choosing his words wisely. " Tell him this. I think you guys should talk. I mean, I'm all about the rules. But I can see how much you love him. It's obvious how much he loves you. He probably just doesn't know how to deal with this whole situation. Give him some time, Then talk to him. Everything will be alright" He smiles reassuringly.

Liam's POV.

4 days later.

I can't stand seeing Harry this miserable. He's usually so perky and happy. Now he's sitting here miserable. He hasn't been eating, talking a lot, or coming out. It's really starting to worry me. Them two together were so perfect. They brought the better in each other, They made each other happier and whole. Now they both just seem to be fading away, breaking at the seems. It's killing the rest of us boys. Too see them this un happy. Just sitting on the couch, wrapped up in blankets, watching tv. Thats all they seem to be doing anymore. Alone. They don't talk to each other anymore, or to any of us. We're lucky if we get a few words out of them at the concerts. The fans have been beginning to sense something wrong with all of us boys. They won't let it go. Sometimes I wish we had more privacy. *Sigh* I don't know what to do. It breaks my heart.



A/N, Hope you liked it so far! I basically got this idea from what happened with that church standing outside the boys concert holding up signs saying "God hates Fags" "Fags go to Hell" "Its not okay to be gay" "God h8s gays" And other insulting things. It was horrible and really ticked me off. Love is love, and its 2013, I mean, Come on people! Get it together. Sorry for that little rant.  Anyways, The chapters will get longer as it gets more into the story(: Comment, Like, Rate, Add to library, Tell me what you think(: Thanks lovelies.!<3C:

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