Running for love

Amber is 17 has a little sister Emma who loves 1D when Emma wins tickets and to meet them amber might find the one she loves and after they went
Emma and her parents gotten a car accident


1. Lucky day

Amber POV

It's Been a week sense Emma enter to win ticket and go see one direction and meet them after the mail man leaves she sprints to the mail box and that's a long way sense we live on a farm and all. She comes screaming saying she won "I won I won I'm going to LONDON" I but in and say "and I'm taking u mom has to work and dad coming with her then I'm dropping u off there FYI" I say wispy fyi. Loud . 



 hi I'm Emma aim new to movellas I've been reading so many fan fic love then all if its not good tell me and I'll try to making instresting NO HATE and comment a nickname for you guys thx bye and sorry for the short chapter.

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