If I Could Rewind

Bree was an innocent 17 year old girl, until she met the new boy.


1. The New Boy

( in the resume bree is 19  but its actually supposed to be 17.)



  " Bree, wake up! Your gonna be late!" my best friend Nat said. " Hurry up and get ready."

 " Do I have to go today?"

" Yes! Today is the day they announce prom king and queen nominations."

" Fine."

I walked into my bathroom and got ready in a hurry. I just put my hair up in a side braid. I ran to my closet and put on my white tank top, a black hoodie, and some ripped skinny jeans. I slipped some sandals on as I walked out the door and into the car.

 As me and Nat pulled into her usual parking space at the school we were cut off by a new red Camaro. We have never saw this car before or the boy that stepped out of it. He was cute. He had shiny blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. He had the look of a boy that would get into a lot of trouble. He had on a black leather jacket, white tee-shirt, ripped jeans that sagged about 2 inches from his waist, and black boots.

" Dayyumm!" Nat screamed.

" Nat remember you have a boyfriend and quiet down."

" Yeah your right."

 At about the first 10 minutes of 1st period the door opened to our room. It was him. He gave the teacher a note and Mr. Gregory stood up.

" Class we have a new student. This is Niall Horan. Please make him feel welcome to PHS."

Me and Nat looked at each other. She started to move her eyebrows up and down at me. I looked back at Niall and he winked at me.

" Niall why don't you take a seat next to Bree." Mr. Gregory said and made a hand gesture toward me.

" He sat down in the desk right beside me and said " Hello Bree."

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