If I Could Rewind

Bree was an innocent 17 year old girl, until she met the new boy.


3. Practice Makes Perfect.

Me and Niall have been practicing a lot lately. Besides him getting afternoon detention for getting on his phone during class or cussing at a teacher. The talent show is only in a month now. The only place we have practiced was at school though. I have been to scared to go to his house. Every time he asked about me coming I would make up an excuse not to go.

" So shall we practice." he said with a smirk at lunch.

" I cant today I have to go with Nat in about 5 minutes."

" Oh well can you practice at my place then after school?"

" Err..um... sure."

" Ok then."

 After school I went to my locker and put up my books. Nat met up with me and started to walk towards the parking lot with me.

" Hey I cant ride home with you today. I'm going to Niall's to practice." I said.

" Oh ok well see ya."

 I walked into the parking lot and saw him. just leaning up against his car, looking at me with those beautiful eyes. He motioned for me to come on.

" Hey so ready to go." he asked.

" Yep."

 I jumped into the passenger seat and we left the parking lot. It took about 10 minutes to get to his house. It was an average brick house. He led me inside. It seemed as if he was the only one who lived here.

" Do you live alone?" I asked

" Yeah, I got tired of my parents nagging on me so I moved."

" Oh."

" Well lets get started shall we."

 He led me to a room in the hallway. The room only contained a guitar, a piano, and a computer.

" Well lets start." he said looking at me

 We started to play Chasing Cars since its the song we are going to use in the talent show. We played some other songs and talked some.

" What time is it?" I asked him

" Uh, 6:30, hey I'm hungry do u want pizza?"

" sure."

 He picked up the phone, dialed a number and walked out of the room. I followed him into what seemed like the kitchen.

" So what do you want to do while we are waiting?" he asked getting a coke from the fridge.

" Uh I like movies."

" Ok. well they are all right behind you just pick one."

 I turned around and there was a whole stack of movies. I chose Toy Story.

" Here." I said giving him the movie.

" Ok then."

 He walked into the living room right when the doorbell rang. He got the pizza and set the box on the couch.

" Take as much as  you like." he said motioning me to the box. I grabbed a slice and sat down in front of the couch on the floor. He put the movie in and sat on the couch.

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