If I Could Rewind

Bree was an innocent 17 year old girl, until she met the new boy.


4. new things

 During the movie I started getting cold. I guessed he noticed because he offered me a seat right beside him on the couch. I just sat there and looked at him.

" Come on, I wont bite." he said.

 I got up and sat beside him. It was a small couch for such a big living room. He pulled a blanket from behind us and put it around me. I could see him staring at me through the corner of my eyes. I looked at him. We were just staring at each other now. Then he leaned in closer to me and pushed his lips up to mine. One kiss turned into many kisses instantly. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he started to get on top of me. His lips were smashing against mine now. I could feel his hand trying to get into my shirt but before that could happen I pushed him away.

" Can you take me home please?" I asked while he was looking at me in confusion.

" Did I do something wrong?" he asked

" No, its just that its getting late now."

" Oh ok" he got off of me and we headed towards the car. I guided him to my house. It only took 15 minutes to get here.

" well see ya tomorrow." He said.

" see ya." I looked at him but he was only looking forwards at the road. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and said " Goodnight Niall." with that I got out of the car and walked inside. My mom was laying on the couch passed out drunk it looks like. I walk to my room and stripped to only a tank top and my underwear.

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