If I Could Rewind

Bree was an innocent 17 year old girl, until she met the new boy.


5. Feelings

 I woke up, put a pink tee-shirt on with black skinny jeans and pink sneakers. I liked Niall and he obviously liked me. Why did I have to stop it.

 Nothing really happened at school I didn't go to the music room at lunch. The school bell finally rang and I got to the red car. He drove us to his house again and we walked inside. We practiced that day as if nothing happened.

" Is leftovers fine with you?" he asked.

" Yeah."

He walked out of the room after that. I was gathering papers off a shelf, then I felt two arms wrap around my waist. Then I felt lips moving up and down my neck. His voice said "Bree I'm deeply in love with you." Then the timer for the microwave when off and he was gone.

I put in another movie to watch. This time it was Catwoman. I sat on the couch again and he sat beside me and gave me my plate. I looked into his eyes, he looked into mine. I reached over and kissed him. His lips felt so perfect and so synchronized with mine I couldn't stop. Then he made me stand up without breaking the kiss. He picked me up to where I could lock my legs around his waist. He carried me to his bedroom and layed me down on his bed. I felt his hands moving up my shirt. He lifted me up for me to take off my shirt. He started to lay kisses all over my neck. Then I took off his shirt. Wow I was amazed. He moved his hands down to my pants. Unbuttoned them and slid them off. He started to kiss me all over my body. Then I had the chance to unbuttoned his pants. He slid them down and shook them off his feet. He managed to take off my underwear followed by his. He looked at me and smiled right before he put his length into me. Every thrust hit my g spot. It felt so good and yet pain kept hitting me at the same time.

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