I love you Marcel

I love You Marcel


3. The Big News

Marcel's P.O.V


I went to the principal's office. The secretary let me in and saw the principal waiting for me.

"Marcel! Good, you're here. She said. "I've got something to tell you. Edward is being expelled so you don't have to worry about him any more."

I sighed at relief, but shocked. "Umm Ma'am, don't you think it's a bit unfair-- She cut me off.

"Nonsense! We take these cases seriously. Besides, Edward already does this a couple of times already. You may go."


I went out of the principal's office and my heart beated a bit faster when I saw Edward at the hallways but, he just ignored me and walked away. I just went to my next class.

All the time in class, I didn't really payed attention. I still kept thinking about what the principal said. 

What will happen in my life now? Will people stop torturing me? 


Ruth's P.O.V.


After school, I didn't see Marcel at the gate.  I started to get worried until I saw his text.



From: Marcel <3


Hiiiiii Ruthie! Sorry if I can't meet there at the gate. I have some errands to do. See ya later byee!! :)



To: Marcel <3:


Oh ok. Can you come at my house later? BTW, what did the principal tell you??



From: Marcel <3


K sure. She said that Edward is expelled. k Ruth I talk to you later byeee..



I did my happy dance. I so happy that Edward was gone in our lives... in the meantime.

After I did my happy dance, I went straight home and hurriedly prepared dinner. My parents were gone for the week so I'll have to do it myself.

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