I love you Marcel

I love You Marcel


10. Popular

Ruth's P.O.V.


"In 2 months, we're outta here!" I screamed in the school and all eyeballs were fixed on me and Marcel. They were shocked to see me and Marcel together but, they didn't know that it was Marcel.

5 girls came to me and one asked, looking jealous, "Who's your boyfriend slut? Is he a new student here? Where's your geeky friend.. um what's his name uuh.. Marcel? You know Marcel is such a loser.. like you" She said as she and her friends giggled exaggerately.

"Umm you know.. To answer all your questions, MARCEl is my boyfriend and the guy that I'm with is MARCEL." I said bluntly.

They were shocked. "Liar!!" 

"No I'm not lying." I said. 

They got so mad, jealous and embarrassed, they threw my books in the trashcan and one pulled my hair and wrote things on my face. Lucky me that Marcel was there. He came running.

"Hey! That's my girlfriend you're hurting bitches!!" Marcel said. 

The girl who was pulling my hair let go. They threw me on the floor and came to Marcel and said, "Hey, Marcel, you know, of all the pretty, hot and Popular girls in this school, you chose this piece of useless slut."

"Don't you ever talk about my girlfriend like that!! I LOVE HER! And I won't ever date YOU!" Marcel screamed.

Tears came running down my face. I was so touched that Marcel defended me lie I defended him when he was bullied. He picked me up and we went to the nurse. 


Marcel's P.O.V.


Ruth was in the school clinic. It's like dey sha vu. I  got angry at my self for letting those mean girls hurt my Ruth. They even wrote words on their face that was just disgusting. I cried and placed Ruth's hand on my face. " I'm so sorry." I whispered.

"Why are you sorry love?"

"Cause, I let those girls hurt you but no more. I will always protect you and love you." I said.

"Love you babe."

"Love you too.

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