I love you Marcel

I love You Marcel


13. Liam and Leeroy

Ruth's P.O.V.


It was Sunday night and tomorrow is our first day of  college. I'm excited to go cause I'm gonna meet new people in college especially when Marcel is with me. We both took Marketing so we could be in the same classes. Even Marcel is so excited.


Someone knocked on the door. "It's open!" I screamed. I looked who it is and it was Marcel.

"Hey babe. You okay? Dinner's ready." He asked and sat on the bed.

"Yeah, perfectly fine. C'mon." And we went downstairs.

After dinner we got ready for bed. As we went upstairs, I was so excited and so distracted, I didn't notice that there was another step and I tripped. I got a bruise on my knee. Marcel picked me up like one of those couples you see on movies when they recently married and they would step into their new house. We laughed and he carried me to my room. He gave me a kiss and went out of my room.


The next day, I woke up and got ready. I wore a black Vans t-shirt with some black jeans and black vans. I admit, I'm addicted to black and Vans. I put on some nerdy glasses and a black cap. The only thing that wasn't black was my skin colour and the bracelet that Marcel gave me.

I went downstairs and saw Marcel eating a bowl of cereal. 

"Good morning love." I said.

"Good morning!!" He said with his mouth full of cereal and his mouth covered with milk. "Can I have a kiss?" He requested.

"Uhm, no Not right now." I said as I went to Marcel to wipe off Marcel's face. "You eat like a 3-year old. Come on hurry, we need to go."

"You're not gonna have breakfast?" 

"Uhm no thanks, I'm not that hungry." I replied.


We drove to school and as we went into campus my eyes widened. There were ALOT of students.

Two boys got my attention. I think there're twins. I took Marcel's hand and we said hello to the twins. One guy with a bad boy look was named Liam Payne and the other one was with a more softer look. He had a headband and he wore shorts. He's name was Leeroy Payne. I was talking with Leeroy and Marcel was talking to Liam. 

Leeroy told that he wants to be a choreographer. He showed my some moves like the shimmey, the priouette and the splits. Boy he was a good dancer. He even told me that he was gay. I wasn't all that shocked. It was pretty obvious by the way he moves and he dresses.

"Leeroy, come on we have class." Liam said coldly. 

"Ugh, it's still early. You just want to see Sophia. She rejected you like 22 times" 

Liam gave Leeroy a look. Like a signal that he doesn't want to argue any longer. 

"Ok, bye love! I'll see you later. Her's my phone number." Leeroy said.

"Ok, bye Leeroy!" I said.

As they left, Marcel whispered, "I feel kinda bad for Liam."

"Bad. For Liam? I feel bad for Leeroy." 

"Why?" He asked.

"Leeroy told me that Liam hates him cuz he's gay." 

"He doesn't really hate him. He's just trying to protect him. Leeroy's always been bullied."

"Hmm.. Let's not talk about it. It's none of our business."

"Yes. C'mon let's go." He said.

Then we went to our first class.

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