I love you Marcel

I love You Marcel


5. Dinner-- Almost?

Marcel's P.O.V.


I went to the mall to buy Ruth a gift. I plan to express true feelings about her later. I bought this cute golden bracelet even though it's very expensive but love doesn't measure how much money you have. It's the person worth spending for.

I was on my way to Ruth's house when someone pulled me into a dark alley. I saw Edward's face. I body shivered as Edward came near me. I tried to run but Edward grabbed me by my collar and punched me in the face. He kicked me and I fell onto the floor. Before I knew it, I got shot. When I had the chance, I ran as I fast as I could to Ruth's house.



Ruth's P.O.V.


After I prepared dinner, I waited for Marcel to show up.

As soon as I heard the doorbell ring, I ran at the door and saw Marcel, shocked.

Tears started falling from my eyes as I saw Marcel bleeding, his body covered up with bruises and scratches. He started to say a hello but instead, he fell to the floor, unconsious.  

I started to panic. I took my cellphone and called his mum even though their house is right next to us but I couldn't just leave him here. DUH!

His mum came and we brought Marcel to the hospital. They brought Marcel to the ICU and the doctor told us that Marcel was shot. "The operation can be very dangerous." He said.

I heard the loud sobs coming from Marcel's mother. "How could anyone do this to him?!" She said. Tears won't stop falling from my eyes. I saw policemen talking to Marcel's mum.

Thoughts came flooding my mind. Who would do this to him? What did Marcel do to someone that would hate him so much??


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