I love you Marcel

I love You Marcel


8. Changing his style

Marcel's P.O.V.


I woke up with Ruth holding my hand at the right side of the bed. Damn, she's cute.

My hair went a bit curly than my hair was straight at the side then. My glasses got broken from the incident so I didn't wear them (actually I didn't really need glasses. I only wear them cuz Ruth thought it was cute). My stomach still hurts from the operation but, I didn't care. As long as Ruth was safe and she's with me, I'm alright.


My mum walked in the room, smiling. She brought some clothes and boots but it wasn't my ordinary type of clothing I used everyday.  "Marcel, I bought you some new clothes and shoes."

"Uuh mum, where are  y regular clothes?" I asked. 

"Oh, I threw them away." She replied.

"You did what?!" I shrieked. Unfortunately, My shriek woke Ruth up, suprised.

"Hey babe, what's wrong?" Ruth asked, still rubbing her eyes and recovering from the mini shock.

"Sorry love. Mum threw all my clothes away." I replied sadly.

"Marcel, hunney, those clothes were very old. And, I don't think, it's good for you. That you know...."

I know what mum's trying to say. If I wear my old clothes, people in my school would still bully me even though I have a girlfriend but if I wear these clothes, I won't be bullied as much anymore...


"Yeah Marcel, nice observation." Ruth said.

"I said that out loud??" I asked.

"Yeah you did." Mum replied.

I blushed, feeling embarrassed.


We were interrupted when the doctor came in to check up on me.

"Why, hello doctor. When's my son going home?" My mum asked.

"Uum well, he could go home today but, he should get some rest for a couple of days."

"Yay! Finally!" 

"Ruth, love, you don't mind staying with me for a couple of days?" I asked hopefully.

"Sure babe."



Ruth's P.O.V.



At 3:00 pm, we went home from the hospital. Thank God we're out of there. It's like hell in there.

 I was relieved that Marcel finally decided to change his style of clothing. It's not because I don't like what he wears, it's because he gets bullied because of his appearance.

I even noticed that Marcel's hair is getting  curly, which I really like. I noticed that he could even read without glasses. Doesn't he need them anymore? Well, it's okay. He still looks cute without his glasses. I felt Marcel kept staring and studying me.

"What's wrong love?" Marcel asked.

"Oh, nothing. I just love your new look but I miss your old clothes."

"Yeah me too."


Just then, policemen came knocking at the door.

Anne opened the door and said, "Oh. hello. Did you already find out who shot my son?"

"Well, yes ma'am. It's....."



Hello loves! Please comment what you think about this chapter? I think this one is the longest one I ever made haha :) I need more views and likes..

Next chapter will be more exciting. I think. hehe. Later loves!


--Ruthie Styles<3

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