The Missing Piece

Kiley's bestfriend since Kindergarten recently found out about his real father. Just like any child who didn't have a father growing up, he wanted to know more about him with Kiley's help.
A year has passed with countless questions that just got rejected and information that was just useless until one day when Noah and Kiley were about to give up, They both found his birth certificate and Noah finds out who his father is. He then goes on Facebook and searches for the last name until he finds somebody that he believes he may be related to. So he sends the message to them and receive a pleasant surprise.
Note: This is a One Direction Fan Fiction.


4. Chapter Three- New Friends

What do you do when you get yourself stuck in a situation that you have control over? Well my friend you have some opinions to look at:

1.) Stay quiet and don't chose sides
2.) Say something to the other person that could make things even worse.
3.) Or you back away and have them deal with the problem.

I've been thinking real long and hard about this and I just can't make up my mind. I want to do all three of those but all of them could lead to trouble and that's something you just don't want. Geese why couldn't Noah father be a different man? 
Wait cross that off Noah has great hair and eyes and he certainly does not get them from his mother. I'm guessing his father is a great looking dude then. 

He better have us a ride. And that's when I saw a face that I've seen before I just couldn't put my finger on it though and that face was walking towards us. And that's when the little light bulb inside my head turns on and I realize who that person is. Holy fruit cakes hold my purse while I go faint and maybe even die. Out of all the people that I thought I would see, never in a million years I thought I would see this person. At least not here anyways. 

That face. I know, I know him because I've seen him before and that's when it hit me. That face was worth more than my house. That face belonged to a guy named Liam Payne. The Liam Payne from One Direction.

My eyes bounced back and forth from Liam to Noah. Seeing if this was our ride or not. 
Liam is walking closer and closer by the second and every step he takes, I lose a breath. Okay so you can say I'm a fan but don't get me wrong either when you say I'm a directioner. I am not one of those over obsessed girls who spends all her time learning how they breath, what underwear they wear, what people they hate or what their great-great-great-great aunts and friend of their best friends are. I am just simply a fan. All I know is their name, how they became famous and that they were five of them.

Liam is right there to the point where I could take ten steps and talk to the lad. I rather not though because I may come off as an obsessive fan. Not happening buddy. If anything I would want to be a friend. I like friends because if you end up dating them you either marry them or you don't. And wouldn't it awkward if you dated each other?

My heart starts pumping and I know I'm looking nervous, you can just see it by the way my hands are shacking. 
"Kiley, Liam is not our ride." Noah said looking at me like I'm  sort of a crazy person. 
"What? But wait- how is he not our ride? He's right there! You said we have a ride!" 
"Assume much?" Noah face is giving me that look that says 'are you crazy women?' And to answer that question I might be. But I think its safe to say that it's to early to know the answer. A couple seconds later he added "It would be fucking amazing though if Liam Payne was our ride." I nodded in agreement and went back to waiting.

Noah was right, Liam Payne was not our ride. Liam went with some guy who was wearing a black hood and then they disappeared to god knows where? Wait sorry I know, let me just call up a directioner and then we can figure that out in the matter of seconds! I might just do that. Kiley you're weird and this is why nobody but Noah ever hangs out with you. 
Psh, who am I kidding, I am fabulous and everyone lives me. They would be insane if they didn't like me.



The ride! Where's the ride? I'm starting to worry- wait let me rephrase that, I'm starting to freak out that Noah doesn't have a ride for us. It's been a half n hour since Liam and that hooded guy left and we're still here waiting like we're paparazzi! That ride better be here when I get back from using the potty because I'm not waiting another half n hour just to get a ride when we could have taken that red bus! "Noah I'll be back, I'm going to be using the little girls room." I said quietly. "Hurry back! I don't want no one kidnapping you!" He smirked. "Shut up meanie!" I say slapping his arm lightly and playfully. "Just hurry up okay? The ride should be here soon." I grinned at him. "When's soon?" "Just hurry up and use the little girls room." "Noah you said that you had a ride for us as soon as we got in the airport not fifty years later!" He stared at me for a while and said calmly " I have a ride Kiley don't worry. Something came up. Now go use the little girls room before you have an accident."


With that being said I dragged my body to the restroom or like Noah and I like to call it the little girls room. I went in there to have it be a little different from what I thought the airport potty room would be. Instead of a plain boring, regular restroom like it always is, this restroom had a theme to it. A theme that screams an England Museum was here. The walls was filled with pictures of England's past and had a paragraph of what was happening up to the present. It was pretty unique but this was an airport restroom. 


Once I was done I saw a cute little shop filled with shirts and some bags that say 'I'm visiting England' so of course I had to get one. Thank the animal heavens that I had some money in my pocket. After I bought the dark blue bag and bright neon pink colored lettering and some candy along the way, I headed back to where Noah was.


"Took you long enough!" Noah mumbled but mumbled enough so that I could hear him. "And I assume we still don't have our ride?" I asked in a sassy tone. "Well while you were using the little girls room, our ride showed up." Noah said while showing me the two people that were standing right next to him. I mouth an ' o ' and then a sorry. "Kiley this is Chase" Noah pointed to the guy who looked to be about six foot maybe taller with brown hair and amazing blue eyes. " And this is Kris." A very pretty girl who was around my height (Yay I'm not the only shorty) who also has curly light brown hair that was tied up into a ponytail. A messy one too. "Hello nice to meet you." I smiled and greeted them. "What took you so long?" I asked rudely. Okay, you can say that I was probably being a little rude right there but hey we were waiting at the airport over a half n hour! Chase's smile that he was once holding fell and Kris face seemed like she was a little pissed but amused at the same time. "Yeah Chase explain to Kiley why we're late." Kris smirked while Chase looked ashamed. "I ate Kris's chocolate cake without asking and she kicked my butt for it." I laughed because I wouldn't blame her. Don't steal any chocolate from me when I'm visiting my monthly friend. "I see why you deserve to be punish." I said smirking a little bit.


"Yes we beat them!" I squealed with delight.

"Yeah but only by a few seconds." A familiar voice rings from be-hide me. That voice would be the famous Chase. "Oh cut it out. We still won even though Kiley barley made it." Kris pointed out that I was a slow runner even though we still won. "Yeah, I gotta agree with you on that one. With Kiley's slow running my grandmother could have passed her, twice!" Noah being his annoying self agreed with Kris. "We still won." I crossed my arms and made a pout face-. "And now you own us a dinner!" Smirking when I said that. 
"You only won because we didn't want to embarrass you." Chase argued .
"I feel the love. So thanks." As I glared directly at Chase. He returned that with another smirk. Man does that dude has some smirking problems. 

This guy named Tyler drove me and Kris 'home' or to their apartment while Chase drove Noah. Don't ask me why it was like that but I'm not complaining because Kris was pretty sweet to hang out with. I learned from Tyler in the car way that another person lives with them and his name was Adam.

As the days hit, I figured why Chase and Kris came to pick us up from the airport. Apparently Chase was pretty close friends with his cousin and since his cousin had to go work he asked Chase if he would pick us up. We stayed the night the first night then packed to go to his cousins, John. John was a shy man. About 25 with messy golden blonde hair and hazel eyes. If it wasn't for the age difference I would have probably be flirting with the man. You could just tell by the looks that Noah and him were cousins. The hair gave it away. Dang that hair!


Clicking my heals together since boredom has taken over me, I decided to walk around. I had Kris's number and she texted me saying that her Chase, Adam and Tyler were going to be late. I sighed. I don't know this city at all and I'm probably going to end up getting lost or murdered from being kidnapped. I didn't find any of those appareling but I didn't want to stand here in the cold and look like a fancy hobo. So I walked away from the fancy place and headed to a book store. Call me old fashion but I find books sexy. Its one of my loves.

Moo- Moo- Moo- Moo-

A phone kept ringing and realizing five seconds later that it was my phone I pulled it out to see the famous Chase calling me.


"Where are you?"

"At the book store and yourself?"

"Why are you there?" Chase sounded annoyed.

"Why not." I said in a carefree tone.

He sighed. "Well we're here."

"You're at the book store too?" Saying that to make Chase pissed. Which worked a little by the way.

"No we're at the restaurant, so if you wouldn't mind leaving the book store and coming here instead that would be great."

"But then it wouldn't be any fun!" Hearing the phone take somebody else I hear a different voice in my hear.

"Kiley I will hunt you down and I will kill you." I hear Kris say.

"Well when you put it like that...."

Without saying goodbye I hung up and walked out of the book store. When I reached the restaurant Tyler told me I looked really nice. Which I learned from Kris, he liked me. Weird.

I was wearing a sparkly pink dress and some silver high heals. My hair was curled and my makeup looked perfect around my greyish blue eyes. I wouldn't be surprised if a stranger came and kidnapped me right now.


Checking my phone and seeing that is was almost nine I knew it was my time to say goodbye because John and Noah were picking me up around nine fifteenish. Heading out the door I see the wooden bathroom door fly open and a black hooded guy with a black bag in his hands bumped into me like a hurricane in a late summer evening. "Sorry." I mumbled even though I knew I didn't need to be sorry for anything. He bumped into me. "Watch where you going-" is all I heard before I walked away towards the book store. Black hooded guys don't suit me and neither do white vans.


When Noah and his cousin picked me me up in his little black Honda,  and we then went back to his cousins place. Once we got there I changed into regular cloths, a blue v-neck and some skinny jeans with some sneakers. We were planning on going to a bar since here in England the drinking age is 18.  But I swear Noah is like a girl when getting ready. It literately took us an hour before we even left, and that was after I got done changing. I don't know how we did it but we manage to go to the bar. 




It's been a whole week that we've been in England and so far I'm loving it. The only problem(s) that I have is the time and the money. It's just so different from the United States and I just want to strangle the bright person who's  bright idea that was.

I'm thinking of going to college here but I'm sure my parents would kill me if I t did. They want me to go to college somewhere close to where I live and the only exception is a few states away. It's just so peaceful here and so different that I never want to go back spike what my parents say about college. I am eighteen anyway so why should I care? Well I'm not paying for collage, my parents are.


Noah hasn't been hanging with me lately, he's too busy hanging out with his cousin but I'm not complaining because that just gives me the perfect time to go site seeing with Kris, Chase, Tyler and Adam. I can say we've been getting along pretty nice and I've been staying over at their apartment too. Our slumber party- wait I mean sleep over has been wild. I swear those monopoly games get really intense. I almost went to jail four times. Good thing Adam saved my ass and kept landing on the spaces that either said 'go to jail' or were my space. Besides kicking Adam and Chases butt at Monopoly, we had a pillow fight. Though it wasn't as good as Noah and I's pillow fights. Ours are out of the ball park. Yeah its that good. If me and Noah were on a team pillow fighting, we could take anyone down any day. We're like professionals. Besides pillow fighting and Monopoly, Tyler wanted to play video games and of course that made Chase and Adam want to play it too while Kris and I wanted to have a dance party. But of course my luck struck when I heard a knock at the door. 

"Who would be knocking at this time of hour?" I complained as I laid down on the couch with one of my legs half way off the couch and the other just chilling on top of it. Yeah I can tell that we're not going to be having a dance party anymore. 

"Well you showed up at eleven thirty." Tyler pointed out looking at me smirking. 

"I at least called and besides they didn't even text or say that they were coming and plus its 3 in the morning. So they can just like disappear in a black hole."  I said in annoyance. That seemed to make Chase chuckle. 

"How would you know if they didn't call or not?" Adam pointed out. I swear they really need to stop pointing things out to me. It's just plain out annoying. They just all gang up on me... I swear they do it because I'm short. Damn tall people. 

"I have your cell phones." I smirked. Who's talking now baby! Oh wait I am. 

Just then Kris opened the door saying she had enough with our flirting. As she opened the door which showed a face that I wouldn't have expected to be here. Its voice formed something in the lines of "Who's that?" And there wasn't just one of those faces, there were five. 

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