The Missing Piece

Kiley's bestfriend since Kindergarten recently found out about his real father. Just like any child who didn't have a father growing up, he wanted to know more about him with Kiley's help.
A year has passed with countless questions that just got rejected and information that was just useless until one day when Noah and Kiley were about to give up, They both found his birth certificate and Noah finds out who his father is. He then goes on Facebook and searches for the last name until he finds somebody that he believes he may be related to. So he sends the message to them and receive a pleasant surprise.
Note: This is a One Direction Fan Fiction.


7. Chapter Six- Invited


Once again I felt the vibration in my hands, and opened the text. "To prove to you, that I'm Niall, I'll meet you somewhere. Are you busy? :)" 


I laughed. He couldn't be serious. So I pressed the green square phone button, and heard a few rings before I heard an Irish accent. "Kiley, It's Niall, meet me in front of the clock, downtown of London, okay?" 


And that's when I couldn't move my month to speak. 




You know how  people say that their life is flashing before them when they're about to die? Well add that concept and minus the dying part. I swear time stopped when I got shoved by some group of twelve year old's. I never laid eyes on  the most gorgeous guy.


His hair was a midnight black; the kind of black where you get lost because you can't see a damn thing. Which went with his pale skin. And his smile shined so bright I thought I've died and was seeing an angel. His eyes could be a blue star; if it wanted to be. He was fairly tall ; at least for me, since I'm shorter than the average height;  he was around six foot. But what really made me from yelling at those group of girls, was the fact that we made eye contact.


It wasn't the kind of eye contact where you're talking when you're not suppose to be talking and the grownup looks at you with disappointment in their eyes. Instead this look made me feel like we knew each- other and strangely I felt safe. He walked towards me, his black v-neck showing off his muscles and I swear my eyes jumped every time he got closer. I sucked in some air when he finally made his way over here. "Are you okay? I saw you get shoved." He asked, his eyes never leaving mine. It took me a few seconds to process at that moment he was talking to me. "Um, yeah. It was no big deal. A small, nervous smile started to form.  Liar. Those group of girls pushed you without even a glance or a sorry.  He smiled. The butterflies in my stomach kept making sharp turns like that ride called The Mouse Trap. 


With a couple of small talk I found out that his name was Ben, he lived in London all his life, his favorite color is Indigo and he has two twin siblings. And with that my phone kept ringing leaving be hide the cute guy named Ben. My heart felt like it shattered into a million pieces. I often wonder what the missing piece of my life was. I wondered that about Noah too, but he already found his; his dad side of the family. What about Kris? Has she found the missing piece too? Or is she like me and still searching, looking like a cave man, wondering what piece of the puzzle that was missing. And with that I took my buzzing phone out and looked down at the screen. 7 new messages, 4 missed calls and 1 new voice mail. I sighed. I opened up the messages looking at each one. Its has been over an hour! When are you coming? I then check the time, noticing that it has indeed been over an hour. Man, when it comes to cute guys like Ben, I must of zoned out. I frown. 

Oh gosh. I'm sorry. I lost track of time. (Of course not trying to mention that I rather be talking to Ben, then Niall. Which I felt like was some sort of set up. ) I'm in London now. I'm near the clock.


Imminently I received a text back. Okay. I'll go find you then. I don't want paparazzi finding me or a group of crazy mothers and teenage girls asking for autographs. Today I am a regular guy. I smirked. Regular huh? Alright Horan, if you want to be treated like a normal person, than I will do what you asked. Psh, normal. 


When I reached the clock in London, I felt a small tab on my right shoulder. I quickly turn around and notice a 5'8 guy, in grey sweat pants and a black hoodie. His face was covered with sunglasses and the green outlined in black van hat that was under his hood. He smelt good, the smell of the axe, assence. The only way I could possibly tell it was him by the way he said my name. "Kiley I thought you never show." He smiled punching on my arm playfully. Embarrassed, I only smiled. I then look around to try and spot a camera crew or even Chase or Kris. But I saw no one.  My stomach squirmed like a bunch of worms. My eyes winded to the point where it look as if I were an owl. My heart raced like wild horses in an open field. Sweat was now dripping down my face and down my back. If I were to talk, my voice wouldn't make a sound. The Niall from One Direction was talking to me. TO ME. I gulp. 


Niall smiled sweetly. His hand went towards his sunglasses and just nudging to make eye contact with me. "So what took you so long?" His Irish accent rang in my ears. I closed my eyes. A million thoughts were going through my head. Do I tell him I ran into a cute guy on my way here and stopped to talk to him? Or should I say that I was with Noah and his new friend?  My head started to hurt. 


Barley making eye contact with the blue eyed man in front of me, I almost started stuttering but in the middle, caught myself. "I-I was um... lost." This would be a great time to face palm myself. Niall laugh. "Its okay. Are you busy tonight?" 

Am I busy tonight? Well since Noah practically blew me off, and I have nothing else better to do, I was not busy. But being a confusing pile of work that I am, I was in between the two questions. Do I lie and say I'm busy even though I'm not busy? Or do I tell him the truth and say I'm not? I felt like a needle in a big pile of hay. I could be here all day trying to decide. 


For what seemed like five minutes, I told the famous celebrity  the truth, saying I wasn't busy. I could see the sigh he let out. And his smile grew bigger. "Cool. Then you should stop at Kris's at 17:30. We're all going to hang out, maybe head to a sports bar.." "Sports bar? That was the only way you could get Kris to go?" I interrupted. "Ah... yeah." He nodded his head in shame. I laughed. 


I still had this feeling though like something wasn't right. But I couldn't put my damn finger in it until a figure called to Niall. "Hey, I thought we had a deal!" The figured yell as it got closer. As the blurry figure made its way step by step closer, I notice something. His chocolate brown curls jumping up and down as he jugged his way over here. A second member from One Direction. Without even glancing towards me, Harry, a 5'10, green eyed walked pass me and went straight up to Niall. "I though we had a plan." His low, raspy voice  sounded confused yet pissed off. Niall's hands flew up in defense. "Sorry but she texted me and I couldn't help myself." I could feel the slight burning on my cheeks and the embarrassment flowing through my veins. With the both of them with now hush voices, I couldn't help but stare at the two of them. I couldn't help but think of the past year. 


Noah and I were fine back then. We didn't have to worry about new friends, family and new romantic lovers. Back then we would talk about our stupid problems rather than getting up and leaving. Back then I didn't feel replace as though I do now. 


Harry rolled his eyes at Niall. "Next time when Kris tells us she will do it, she will invite her over. Got it?" With a quick nod from Niall, they both turned their heads over in my direction. But that didn't last too long because a few moments later a group of girls spotted Harry talking to Niall and screamed. I face palm once again today. But with my luck that I was having today, a group of girls also came sprinting towards me as well, asking how I know them and if I was their girlfriend. With my ears and eyes filled with shock and my heart feeling like it was beating 70 miles per hour, the two guys rushed in and told me to run. 

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