The Missing Piece

Kiley's bestfriend since Kindergarten recently found out about his real father. Just like any child who didn't have a father growing up, he wanted to know more about him with Kiley's help.
A year has passed with countless questions that just got rejected and information that was just useless until one day when Noah and Kiley were about to give up, They both found his birth certificate and Noah finds out who his father is. He then goes on Facebook and searches for the last name until he finds somebody that he believes he may be related to. So he sends the message to them and receive a pleasant surprise.
Note: This is a One Direction Fan Fiction.


6. Chapter Five- Change

 In the warm but cloudy day, I was at the end of the red table cloth, sighing ever which way at Noah. Although Noah didn't even glance once at my direction. Instead the sprayed on tan, blonde highlights, fake boobs and jean shorts that should be counted for as underwear, was taking my place instead. It didn't help that her makeup looked like a two year old colored on her with five completely different markers. She was just like any other fake women, but her boobs look like balloons were ready to pop at any second. 

Maybe that's why Noah is hanging out with her. If he pops her boobs with a plastic arrow, then maybe there's  a surprise inside.    I thought. 


 My fingers tabbed noisily at the non empty white plate, while my right hand gently touching my chin. My back crunch and my tufts blue color eyes, wondering all over the restaurant looking for an accuse to get up and leave. When I thought of no other great idea, I got up from the wooden chair and told them I had to leave. It wasn't the best, but then again I didn't want to be a third wheel. This seemed to bother Noah, as his eyes did not sparkle and his mouth formed a frown. "Kiley, do you really have to go?" Now his eyebrows drifting downward."You barley touched your food!". Noah's voice sounding concern. I grinned and lifted my hand which held my smartphone. "People need me. We'll hang tomorrow?"  His face melted like hot lava on ice. His eyes once again fell to the floor and I could tell that by his body language, his new toys, was keeping him occupied. His voice cracked. "I can't Kye. I'm busy hanging with my aunts."  I sighed and nodded. Of course. "I'll see you tonight if I don't stay at Kris's." I said. With an "Oh of course" response from Noah, I was out the door and searching for a cab.


I had no idea where I was going, or what I was going to be doing. I almost felt like going to the bar to soak up my sorrows, but passed due to the fact that I didn't feel like going to a bar at three O'clock in the afternoon. So instead  I texted Tyler and asked him what his plans were for today. With a vibration that my smartphone was making, I checked my messages to see that I texted the wrong person. Instead, Tyler, who I originally texted, was not Tyler. My heart started pumping when I read the message a couple times over. 


I'm sorry I did this, but it was the only real way to get your attention. You let your phone out, so I snatched it and replaced Tyler's number. This isn't Tyler who you're texting but instead you're texting Niall. -xoxo. :)


My eyes felt like they are going to pop and my hands are shacking to the point where I can't  think straight. I have a million thoughts running through my head and the main question was was is Niall texting me? 


When I felt like I had enough courage, I texted Niall back. "Oh really? How do I know it's not Tyler playing mind games?"  A tiny grin forming on my face as I hit sent.  


Once again I felt the vibration in my hands, and opened the text. "To prove to you, that I'm Niall, I'll meet you somewhere. Are you busy? :)" 


I laughed. He couldn't be serious. So I pressed the green square phone button, and heard a few rings before I heard an Irish accent. "Kiley, It's Niall, meet me in front of the clock, downtown of London, okay?" 


And that's when I couldn't move my month to speak. 


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