Werewolf and Mermaid at Hogwarts

A mermaid and a werewolf at a school of magic. It sounds kind of... crazy, right? Well, I can assure you, this story is perfectly normal...
If you consider 'normal' being: the mermaid and werewolf becoming friends, meeting the Boy-Who-Lived, facing a horrid person, and finding out their even more different than you could imagine.
...Okay, maybe it isn't so normal...


3. DIAGON ALLEY!!! Part Two (Coraline)

  It... it was that boy from the cauldron store... He's looking at me and... and he complimented my singing!
   "T-th-thank y-you..." I stuttered. since when do I stutter?
   "Your welcome. Hey, my name's Harry. What's yours?" he asked.
   "Well, um... Cor-coraline V-vingarten. N-nice to m-meet you." I replied. What was wrong with me?!
   "Nice to meet you too, Coraline." he said, holding his hand out to shake. I slowly held out mine to meet his.
   "Hey, are you lost?" he asked. I was about to reply, when-
   "'Arry? Yeh over 'ere?" I heard a gruff voice ask.
   Soon, a huge man with a mop of wild hair on his head and a trenchcoat came out, followed by a average sized girl with a simple blue shirt and jean kapris.
   Harry turned around to see them. 
   "Oh, hey, Hagrid, Kayla, this is Coraline. Coraline, this is Hagrid," he pointed to the giant man, "And Kayla." he pointed to the girl. I nodded in greeting, not trusting myself to speak in front of Harry anymore.
   "Nice ta meet ya, Coraline." said the newly dubbed Hagrid.
   "Hey." the girl, Kayla, said.
   After a awkward minute of silence, Harry looked like he remembered something.
   "So, Coraline, you never answered my earlier question. Are you lost?" Harry asked again.
   I rubbed the back of my head sheepishly, then replied, "Well, that or my brothers are trying to get rid of me."
   Harry, Hagrid and Kayla smiled, then offered to help me find my family. I was about to say something, when-
   It sounded like Mum... But it couldn't be...
   I poked my head around the corner and found the faint outline of my mum and siblings. I saw the outline of... Milly, I think, whisper something to the outline of Mikeal. This only seemed to trigger Mum's anger even more.
   "DON'T YOU TWO EVEN THINK THAT I'VE FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE YEARS YOU LOST RACHEL!!!" I could immediatly guess what they were whispering about.
"AND YOU TWO!!!" She turned back to where Ian and Tyrone's outlines were trying to hide behind Rachel's. "EXPLAIN YOURSELVES!!!"
   There was a silence, where I assumed Tyrone and Ian were trying to explain what happened to Mum.
   "Found 'em." I said.
   I stepped out of the alleyway ever so slightly, to see if they would notice me.
   "CORALINE!!" Rachel yelled, then ran to meet me. Before my brain could process what she was doing, I was being held close to her, and she was muttering something that even I couldn't hear. Then I saw her take out a stick of sorts, and point it at Harry and Kayla.
   "Who're you?" she asked.
   "Rachel, it's alrigh', they're with me." said Hagrid, whom Rachel just seemed to notice.
   Rachel's cheeks turned a small shade of pink as she apoligized to Harry and Kayla. That's when everyone else came in.
   "Oh, Coraline, honey, are you alright?" Mum said while hugging me (correction: squashing me) half to death.
   "Mum... Can't... Breath..." I squeezed out.
   "Oh, sorry. Are you hurt?" Mum asked, letting go of me.
   "I'm fine, Mum." I said.
   "Wow, you have a really big family." I heard Kayla say after a while of Mum checking my face for cuts and bruises.
   "You think? This is only half of my siblings!" I said.
   Harry and Kayla's eyes widened, and they looked at my siblings for confirmation. They were all nodding.
   "...Wow..." Kayla said.
   I then realized that my family didn't know who Harry and Kayla were, but seemed to know Hagrid.
   "Guys, this is Harry," I pointed to Harry, "And Kayla." I pointed to Kayla.
   "Nice to meet you two, and nice to see you again, Hagrid."
   Then Hagrid leaned down and whispered something to Mum my slightly pointed ears could only pick a little up of.
   "Meet... Hogwarts... business... night." Hm, wonder what that's about. 
   My mum nodded her head then turned back to us.
   "Well, we better get going. Good bye." Mum said while me and the rest of my siblings waved.
   The rest of the afternoon was pretty boring compared to that whole ordeal. We went to get new robes, I discovered I was going to have to get a summer job at Diagon Alley by second year, and, the second most interesting thing of the day, getting my wand.
   We walked up to a store called 'Ollivanders: Makers of Fine Wands Since 382 B.C.' Now I was excited.
   Mum said to just go in while she got each of us a pet, saying she had enough this year, and left me to go in alone with seven gold coins for my wand.
   I walked in and heard a jingling from the bell.
   "Hello?" I asked. I heard a rolling from one of the aisles of boxes.
   "Coraline Vingarten." someone stated.
   I turned around to see an elder man a couple of feet away.
   "Um... hi?" I said/asked.
   "Which is your wand arm?" The man (Ollivander, I assumed) asked.
   "Uh, what?" I asked blandly.
   The wonderful stupidity of mine didn't seem to faze the old man. He translated it for me, "Which hand do you write with?"
   "Oh! My right." I said, holding it out. 
   A tape measure came out of nowhere and started recording my measurements (shoulder to finger, wrist to elbow, shoulder to floor, knee to armpit, and around the head). Honestly, some of them didn't really make sense for a stick you shoot light out of (like, all of them), but I didn't question it.
   After Ollivander explained about wand cores and how no two wands were the same, blah blah blah, he handed me a wand.
   "Try this one out. Eleven inches, cherry wood, phoniex feather." he said. I held the sti- um, wand, in my hand. "Well? Give it a wave!"
   I waved it, and...
   Knocked over an entire aisle of wand boxes.
   "Sorry, was that supposed to happen?" I asked, though I already knew the answer.
   "No. Let's try another one."
   We ran through about ten more wands before...
   "Curious... curious..." Ollivander kept repeating again and again.
   "What's curious?" I asked. I'm gonna regret this...
   "Maybe..." He said, completely ignoring my question. "Try this wand."
   As soon as my hand touched the wand, I felt a undescribable warm feeling come over me.
   "Just as I thought. That wand is nine inches, white birch wood, and it has two cores. Unicorn hair entwined with the hair of a..."

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