Werewolf and Mermaid at Hogwarts

A mermaid and a werewolf at a school of magic. It sounds kind of... crazy, right? Well, I can assure you, this story is perfectly normal...
If you consider 'normal' being: the mermaid and werewolf becoming friends, meeting the Boy-Who-Lived, facing a horrid person, and finding out their even more different than you could imagine.
...Okay, maybe it isn't so normal...


7. Diagon Alley!! (Kayla)

   "Welcome," said Hagrid, "To Diagon Alley!"
   He grinned at Harry's and my amazement. The whole brick/archway thing was amazing enough, but this...
   We all stepped through the archway and Harry and I saw the archway closing up.
   The sun reflected across the cauldrons of the first shop I saw. I could only make out a little bit of the sign. Cauldrons...
   "-needin' one," I caught only that much from Hagrid, "but we gotta get yer two's money first."
   Oh my god, for once I wish I had that sight, there was so many new things to see!
   Looks like Harry had the same idea. He was turning around, trying to take in everything.
   "Dragon liver, seventeen sickles an ounce, their mad..." Okay, I've heard alot of adults complaining about stuff, but that one's new...
   There were owls screeching at some sort of pet shop. Several boys about mine and Harry's age were googling over some broom in a shop window. Huh, cleaning must be popular in the wizarding world.
   "Gringotts." Hagrid announced to me and Harry, gesturing to a marble building in the middle of the alley. 

   The was a little dude in red and yellow guarding a bronze door.
   "Yeah, that's a goblin." Hagrid said quietly. We walked up the white steps. Little Dude bowed to us as we walked inside.
   We were then facing a second door, silver this time, with engraved writing on them. It looked something like this to me at first glance:

Enter, strouger, dnt toke heeb,
Af mhot omoits the siu af greeb,
Far thase mha toke, dnt ba uat eoru,
Wnst quy wast beorly iu their tnru.
Sa if yan seek deueoth anr flaars,
O treosnre thot mos uever yanrs,
Thief, yan hove beeu morneb, demore,
Af fiubiug ware thon treosure there.

   I was super confused, but the doors were opened before I could clear it up in my head. Two little dudes bowed us in.
   Sorry I took so long to come back. Okay, so, here's a brief summary of what we did (just note I can't remember it exactly). First, we got our money from Gringotts (apparently Hagrid knows who my parents are. I'll have to ask him about that later.), Then, we started getting school supplies. Hagrid had to literally drag us away from Curses and Counter-curses. That was all I needed to read. ("I was trying to figure out how to curse Dudley/ Jasmine!") Then, Hagrid had to drag Harry away from a solid gold cauldron. ("It says 'pewter' on yer list.") After that we met Coraline and her amazingly big family. To think it was only half! Hagrid had went to get Harry a birthday present, and said that I could get a pet after getting a wand.
   Now, Harry was done getting his wand and I was getting mine.
   The measurement started, and I didn't know what any of these would help, but, like most times, I kept my mouth shut.
   The tape measure eventually stopped measuring and fell limp.
   "Hm... Try this one. Elm wood, ten inches, and unicorn hair." I took it, waved it, and I felt a warm feeling on my head, no, hot...
   A part of my hair was on fire. I quickly put it out and put the wand back in the box.
   "That wand doesn't like me." I said, pointing at it accusingly.
   I bet I tried out atleast twenty different wands before some thing interesting happened.
   "Hm..." Mr. Ollivander said, "Maybe..."
   He went in the back to get something, probably a wand he thought would choose me.
   He came back with a dusty box, looked like it hadn't been touched in years.
   He opened it up and I took the wand out. When my fingertips touched the smooth surface of the wand, I instantly knew, this was my wand.
   Mr. Ollivander smiled, then explained about the wand. "This wand is made of Sango-kaku bark, twelve inches, and two cores. Phoneix feather intwined with the hair of a..."
   Hagrid, Harry and I walked out of the pet store with Harry's and my owls, Hedwig and Jade. Hedwig was a snowy owl that was, as her type of owl suggests, snowy white. Jade was somehow a jade green. I didn't know what type of owl she was. But, the fact that she was different appealed to me, so I bought her.
   Hagrid gave us tickets to get to Hogwarts, and Harry and I were going to ask a question, but Hagrid dissapeared. We looked at each other, and I shrugged while he blinked.

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