Werewolf and Mermaid at Hogwarts

A mermaid and a werewolf at a school of magic. It sounds kind of... crazy, right? Well, I can assure you, this story is perfectly normal...
If you consider 'normal' being: the mermaid and werewolf becoming friends, meeting the Boy-Who-Lived, facing a horrid person, and finding out their even more different than you could imagine.
...Okay, maybe it isn't so normal...


12. A/N

   Hi guys.

   I just was wondering if you could compete in the contest mentioned in the last chapter.

   The reason? Well, I really want to know what your guesses are, and @[fallout princess] probably would too. Especially since I'm planning to reveal some of this stuff in the next chapter.

   Also, thanks for the one person who participated.

   So please, can you participate? Here's a copy from the last chapter:


Alright, here's your chance to guess something about the characters!

Now, here are some things you can guess:

•What is Kayla's last name

•Who is the mermaid

•Who is the werewolf

•What do you believe happened to Coraline's dad

•And anything else you want to guess!

Whoever guesses something right will get a shout-out in the next chapter! Good luck!

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