BAD Girl + Bad Boy

ok so they both flirt with eachother at the club but once helen relises what she has gotten her self into with Niall she is a differant person just read its good <3


16. talk about plans

**Helens POV**


 Man did i miss these guys "So Helen why dont we all meet a on Wednesday since it's a day before Harry's and we can catch up a bit?" Louis said

I just responded "yeah I love to" I smiled of the thought of being with them

I also saw that in the corner of my eye I saw Ryan looking straight at me and I felt kind of guilty of how I didn't sit with him instead while I sat here with one direction. I also think hes starring at me because he doesn't trust me or he doesn't trust them I mean I think he trust me but that's also be changed,how he doesn't know the lads so Thats why I would like Ryan to come with me to going to Harry's party so he can get to know them better.

**Nialls Pov**

I was happy to have heard that Helen was going to hang out with us a day before the party I was amused how quickly she wanted to I wanted her to spend a whole day with me but I know that can't happen since she has a boyfriend and I can't break a guy code even though I don't really know him I kinda don't want to but I have to since Helen might want us all to get along with him.So I guess we are just gonna have to wait for everything to go down. So I guess I want to ask her also if Ryan is going to come with us because if he is then I'm gonna have a hard time trying to be next to her kind of flirt with her even though it's not gonna be so hard complimenting her on how her beautiful face beautiful tan skin body she has these adorable glasses that she didn't have when she was only 14 and now she's pretty much 21 I can't believe time goes so fast even though it's been 7years "wow 7 years is so long" and then I realized I just said that out loud wow I'm stupid and I look up to see everyone staring including big brown eyes from Helen I try my best to look away but I just say "that is really isn't" kinda nervous she just giggles "yeah... It has been 7 years pretty much but we can start all over like today is the first day we all met right?" She say but I kinda got hurt from her saying that I guess I don't to forget I remember her sister left her at the club and she had to walk and I was just on the other sidewalk and this guy pretty much was gonna rape her if I haven't stepped in and beat him then that other time when we were on a date and that waiter was putting his hands all over her I got so pissed I can't believe I remember all of this though!

**Ryan's Pov**

God man all those guys pretty much just took Helen from me like what the fuck I invite them and they just do that we'll I guess I should calm down since there are meeting up for the first time in 7 years I wanna know what they are talking about though. So I'm gonna text her 'hi birthday girl can I come over there by any chance I feel so alone here without my baby' I send it I stare at her and and then she just jumped awh she got scared so cute I can see her looking for her phone and she found it and read she text and she looked over to me and smiled and shook her head in a playfully way I can see she's writing back I got a vibration too i smiled and read it 'ha you do look lonely ;) of course come over you didn't have to ask sweetheart ha just get a chair from the other tables love' I smiled of how nice she was though so I started to walk closer and I saw that a chair wasn't being used at one other table so I just took it and went to the table they all said hi hello all nicely to me besides The blonde one and curly wonder what's wrong with them they just looked at me dirty and I kinda didn't like it at all I have fought guys so much before Helen but she changed me but I'm ok with doing it again if it involves Helens safety I don't like those guys.

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