BAD Girl + Bad Boy

ok so they both flirt with eachother at the club but once helen relises what she has gotten her self into with Niall she is a differant person just read its good <3


6. sleepover pt.1

so niall took me to his place i kinda got scared at first but he said i couldnt leave that hes gonna invite his lads over so i thought ok thats good were not alone and he also said its gonna be a sleepover like what 1 girl and Nialls friends over for a sleepover if there anything like him i was going to kill myself but then i told him "niall i dont have any clothes" so he said  " well we have one hour until they come so you wanna go buy some clothes" and i was surprised and said "really?! why dont we just go to my place and get my clothes then we can come back" and he said "id rather buy you clothes" and i smiled and said o"ok then you wanna go now then" and he said "yeah lets go where do you wanna go" and i said "lets just go to the mall"

**skip the mall and shopping he bought you like a month worth of cloths**

"wait Niall why did you buy me all this cloths its like a month worths" and he said "because you gonna stay with me until we go to school" and i said "wait Niall what sch-" i got cut off by a knock on the doror niall said "open the door love please" i said "ok sure"and as soon as i open the door i see these beautiful pair of emerald green eyes staring at me  and then this kid with a rebel look and said "hello love you must be Nialls girlfriend" and i laughed and said "um ha no im not Nialls girlfriend ha" and the curly haired one with the emerald eyes said "so your single,thats perfect just like you" and i smiled and said "thank you love eum you guys wanna come in ha" and the one in the back with swepted hair and blue eyes said "well come on lets get in and make ourselfs at home" ha he was funny i could tell that we would be friends and i went to the kitchen and told Niall "um hun the friends of yours are here should i go to your room or something" and he laugh ed so did someone behide me so i turned around and it was the curly haired one and he said "no no no you are gonna sleep with me..........i mean us your gonna spend the sleepover with us not just me and espesally no just me" and he was talking to fast i said "ok pretty boy you can stop explaining it to mean i get it ha" and he just blushed which was adorable and he looked down and when i turned around i saw Niall look at him mad\


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