BAD Girl + Bad Boy

ok so they both flirt with eachother at the club but once helen relises what she has gotten her self into with Niall she is a differant person just read its good <3



**Helens POV**


Suddenly i still havent seen them and ive been all over this club with Ryan.Well maybe then left i mean i guess they got bored but i wanted to atleast say hi ha or- oh gosh "i just saw them oh no i think they saw me" then i hear a voice calling my name "Helen.  Helen.  Helen" ryan kept saying my name "oh sorry what dear" dang i dear that means he knows that I'm either nervous or curious "whats wrong ha you just saw who?" "oh no did i say that out loud dang it"i said kinda upset that i didnt relise i was talking ha ryan said "oh look theres one direction ha look" he sounded to excited for some reason ha i laughed at his reaction ha but so he started pulling me torwards them but so it wasnt noticeable so when w reached to them Liam saw me and he met me half way and hugged me so tight i was so awkward but i still hugged him back tightly i saw ryan in the corner of my eye and he didnt look jealous for one bit i was confused because he would always look mad or looked like he wanted to kill the guy ha but whatever ha then we started to walk to the other boys. And as soon as i saw them all i smiled so big ha omg gosh i miss them ha i hugged Zayn and Louis and still Ryan was fine about it and as soon as i met eyes with Niall i felt something so wierd that i usually only get with Ryan when i kiss or hug him but i just tried my best not to think of that and when i went to hug him i saw Ryan tense up thats so wierd man why did he do that and when i hugged Niall i just felt so right like i was meant to be this small to fit in his arms perfectly i never felt this way with Ryan i kinda feel bad and by this time i relised we're still hugging so i pulled away and i started to get hot and i saw Niall blush omg he is the cutest person ever man. wow talk about awkward ha but then i hugged Harry and man Harry's hand almost pretty much touched my bum but his hands were meant to be on my waist and does he have big hands gosh i kinda blushed though ha so i pulled away when i thought i was done being all pink face so i just went next to Ryan and put my arm around his waist since i was kinda small to him and i couldnt reach his shoulders and then we found a table and there was just room for 6 so i told them that we didnt have to sit here since i know that Ryan wanted to sit next to me and be with me but then he just said "hey why dont you guys just catch up on things im gonna go talk to some people bye see you late Helen" and i just said "um uh yeah sure see you later babe" and he kissed me one the lips so passionate it felt good but then i sat down well it was pretty much like this on the left side it was Zayn Me and Harry then across from us was Liam Niall and Zayn so Zayn was right across from Liam and Harry and Louis then Niall and i were just staring at eachother for like a moment his eyes are so gorgeous i could just stare at them for the rest of the day but i cant cause i have a boyfriend so i can't.So then Liam just started talking so instead of staring at niall i just turned my head left to look at liam and heard liam talking about Harrys birthday party too since its a week away kinda cause his is Febuary 1st ha.So then Harry just interupted Liam ha liams face was so funny when that happened then harry said "oops sorry liam ha but im just wondering if Helen * and he turns to me and we stare into eachothers eyes* um if you would um like to be coming to my party i mean its fine if you dont want to" i giggled of how nervous he got just to ask me something so simple.


**Harrys Pov**


Liam was talking about my party and who was going so it just came to my mind that Helen was right next to me and so i acciedently interupdeted and liam hates that but oh well so said "oops sorry liam ha but im just wondering if Helen"and then she turned and looked at me in the eyes so we were like staring at each other and i just forgot everything i was going to say and then it hit me then i was going to ask  her  "um if you would um like to be coming to my party i mean its fine if you dont want to" man i stuttered i sounded so stupid she probably thinks im a loser who doesnt know how to speak but she giggled not showing that i was lame like a laugh but like showing that she thought it was i guess cute so i blushed a lot and she said "ha yes harry id love to go to your party ha how sweet of you to ask oh but um may i bring Ryan too?" and i kinda dont want her to bring him but i mean i guess since its her boyfriend i cant just say no helen i dont want you to bring him because hes gonna get in my way of trying to be with you even though its been years. huh "um yeah of coarse  helen you can bring your boyfriend" mann why did i say boyfriend wtf is wrong with me.


**Nialls POV**


Man Helen looks gorgeous today and i bet everyday too if i was still with her but it seems like she really does like that Ryan dude man if i was the same way i was a couple of years ago i wouldve really beaten the shit of the guy for no reason well mostly because he has helen when i don't. "wait so Helen" i wanted to stop Harry and Helen staring at eachother its kind of pissing me off so i wanted to ask her something "yeah niall" she said in her perfect sweet voice "what happened between you and that guy Conner or something?" and as soon as i said his name i saw her smile turn into a frown now i totally regret asking gosh what the hell was i thinking asking her about a ex of hers. well she stars off by saying "um well like a few weeks later like i left you guys um he saw me with my best guy friend and he thought i was cheating on him and i wasnt cause I'm not a cheater so he got all mad at me and he left for like 1 day then he came back and i told him that it was my best friend Jacob and he believed me but then he got drunk one day and just started  talking about that day on how i left and just got into his car and went off and that kinda hur me so i broke up with him." and i kinda saw a tear just one come out of her right eyevbut like just one so i said "sorry i didnt really released i asked that question until i asked it" and she stars to giggle.god i love that little laugh it drives me crazy for her 


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