BAD Girl + Bad Boy

ok so they both flirt with eachother at the club but once helen relises what she has gotten her self into with Niall she is a differant person just read its good <3


10. IT WAS A STUPID KISS *not what you think*

the kiss started to get more deepend and at this piont we started to make out OMG what is going i dont even like Harry





ok so this cant be happening i thought this could never happen me kissing HARRY STYLES AND NIALL HORAN ON THE LIPS ON THE SAME DAY wow im a slut and omg i i am kissing Harry Styles from one direction im in Niall Horans house omg why am i fangirling right now ha okmg but then i haer a beat from my phone and everyone heard it and then then all saw that im on Harrys lap and Louis gives us a wink and then i look at liam he lookes wierd ha and then Niall he looked so mad for some reason ohh NO did he see us kiss well more like make out are you kidding me this is gonna cause a whole lot drama and then i looked at Harry he looked curious for something then i rememer my phone so i looked at it and it was Connor he said

  C:oh hey ive been waiting so long to hear from you i didnt want to text first cause i thought you may have a new boyfriend cause of that guy that kept staring at you because you are gorgeous ha but YAY do you wanna meet up or something and i can take you on a lovely first date<3:

i laughed at this ha a date aww now that i think of it why not i mean no one can stop me and the sooner i get a bf or whatever i can get away from these boys who wanna marry me ha so i ttexted

H:aww ha thanks but where do you wanna meet up STARBUCKS sorry i love starbucks im a tots white girl ha jk but yeah id love to see you again :) :

and louis said "ha Helen who is that making you smile so much when your only texting him" ha louis i said "louis its just a guy from the club the day i met Niall and he wants to meet up somewhere probably starbucks ha" and louis said "so pretty much hes a guy you like and hes taking you out on a date" "no i dont like him"man i can even feel the angrness from Niall and im not even looking at him wow louis said "ohh well when" i said "i dont know yet hun we just started texting ha but i hope soon" and then my phone dinged as of sign of text and right before Lois was gonna say something too and it was connor :YES baby you have no idea how exited i am to see you again i know i met you a few days ago but i think i really like you i always think of you cant wait so tomorrow ill pick you up where?: and then louis said "oh theres that smile again ha what did he say: and i read the message and then Louis said "say here cause you gonna be here for a lot" so i did then i said "send ha" and then Niall just got up and stormed out of the living room an into his room so i said "oh no did i upset him again" and they had cunfused faces on it was kind a funny though ha then Liam said

"what do you mean again"

"well when me and Niall went out to have just a friendly dinner not a date or so i dont think so the waiter quite hitting on me and niall got mad at me because then i had to go to the bathroom and then the waiter guy locked the door when he got in and he tried to kiss me and stuff and then Niall just broke down the door and draged me out so i wouldnt be raped ha but seriosly he got mad at me for something urgh"

zayn said "maybe you should go talk to him because we already know how he gets when hes angry and he wont open the door and since your 'special' to him he might open the door for you"

i said "urgh fine but im scared" and they looked at me with a reasonable look and i knew that i had to so i went up the stairs and to Nialls room and knocked on the door and said "um Niall can you open the door for me please" i even added a please at the end gosh and he OPENED THE DOOR wow im shocked ha so i said "wow thanks Niall but why are you acting so wierd?" and he looked at me for a while and said


"Helen cant you see that i like you"



wow that shocked me "no" and he just laughed but i was being serious i didnt know he said


"Helen that kiss was absolutly amazing and i know you felt those stupid sparks and fireworks too so i know you like me ok so stop pretending like you didnt know that i liked you and then at the corner of my eye i see you on harrys lap its even worst that you sit next to him but on his lap fuck you then you guys made out what the fuck helen you like him too and yes i saw ok im not stupid either Harry likes you but even if i was i wouldve known cause he even told me he liked you Helen what is wrong with you you even almost got raped twice" 


Then i said "hold up Niall what is wrong with you you dont have to talk about that ok i now this sounds stupid but id rather get raped then being saved by you and i dont like you ok i hate you Niall i always will oh and fuck you too" and as oon as i was gonna leave the room cause i didnt want Niall to see me cry or anything Niall grabbed my wrist and looked at me and said softly "wait but what about that kiss" ha wow man "like you said it was stupid""i never said it was stupid didnt you feel it" and he suddenly turned all soft and i said "no Niall i didnt feel the stupid fireworks the stupid sparks ok IT WAS A STUPID KISS" i cant believe what i just said am i really so mad i said that oh well i dont care hes been a jerk he doesnt need my love why would he just so he could break it oh hell no thats not gonna happen pretty boy and the Niall said " you know what maybe it was BUt-" i cut him off and said "but what Niall it was and is a stupid kiss it didnt mean anything ok" so then he looked like he was gonna cry oh no i cant handle this please dont cry say something so he did he said "FIne Helen if nothin is gonna happen here then you should just leave my life and leave my house" and i said "Good Niall i didnt even want to be here in the first place" so then i stormed out of his room got my phone that was under Harrys bum so i had to get it i had my jacket and stuff so i was ready to leave so  i have to get my phone so i asked harry "can you get off my phone please" "why" "because im leaving and i need my phone "what you cant leave we just met" "no harry no i need my phone and thats final" so he gave me my phone and they said "Wait what happened" "sorry Louis Zayn Liam and Harry but im leaving im pretty sure this is the last time im gonna see you guys ill miss you though :/" and the boys got up and hugged me and Harry was last and he gave me a kiss on the lips and said"babe I'm gonna miss you like crazy im sorry that you even do have to leave im heart broken love and good bye" so i just smiled at them and said bye and then i headed for the door then i saw Niall at his door and just looked at me as i was leaving his house and his life :/

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