BAD Girl + Bad Boy

ok so they both flirt with eachother at the club but once helen relises what she has gotten her self into with Niall she is a differant person just read its good <3


13. im going to see them AGAIN ?

 **Helen's POV**

7 years later.....


     Yes finally today January 26, my 21 birthday. YEp finally 21 year old.mwahh ha man im so exited me and Ryan are going great.but we have been going out for 5 years since me and connnor i mean i loved connor but he reminded me too much of the problem that happened a long time ago but Niall is doing good ive seen him and One direction STILL go strong an i gotta say im still a directioner ha man theyre hot though but i cant say i have at all many feelings for Niall and i never did for harry but after a few weeks that that fight happen i was in a pretty bad situation with the papers and rumors urgh i hated those weeks and conneo got a bit mad when they would say that i was still hookin up with them but i wasnt those were pictures that were a long time ago but you know what whatever i love Ryan and Ryan loves me i couldnt ask for anything more but i did see that he took a lot of money off of his credit card to but an expensive thing.....i think he bought me a ring but more like an engadedment ring im so exited to find out what will come for me tonight.SO exited though i dont know what to wear and Ryan is coming at 5 from work and we go YAY and its 2:40 i think we got enogh time to take a shower makeup well just a little ryan loves my natural look ha so whatever LETS START


**now 4:58**


Ryan and i are already on our way he got out of works early so he came at 4:30 so we are almost there at the club and i gott say the place is beautiful from the outside and i feel a tap on my shoulder and Ryan was talkn to me oops "sorry ryan i was thinking to myself again what didi you say love" Ryan laughed "ha its fine babe plus you are super adorable when youre clueless but i said you ready to have fun babe ?" "hell yah i am ha who did you invite anyway?" i asked curious "oh just your friend from your contacts and address book and stuff and some of your friends told me people too and one of your friend Jenni meantioned how you used to know One Direction i asked how but she didnt know how so yeah" as soon as he said One Direction my heart stoped not only cause theyre my favorite band but because of HArry and Niall but i bet they might not even be here whatever "omg yeah thats so cool of you babe i love you thank you" and i gave him a peck on the lips ha i do really love him though






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