BAD Girl + Bad Boy

ok so they both flirt with eachother at the club but once helen relises what she has gotten her self into with Niall she is a differant person just read its good <3



**Nialls POV*


what the fuck is wrong with me i just let the love of my life walk out of my life!!!!!!!!! MAN I HATE MYSELF well i hope she has fun on her stupid date with Stupid Connor.oh wait he might come tomorrow i was hoping Helen was still there and i looked and she was so i just over heard her think out loud ha i bet she doesnt even know OH NO NOT STUPID CONNOR!!


**Helens POV**


"oh no how can i get home oh well ohh i can just call Connor and he can pick me up Yes ok good job Helen but horrible job by telling Niall a lie just so you could get out of his life **sits on the floor** urgh i hate my life i mean of coarse i felt something in that kiss it was nowhere near STUPID man im stupid but i still have to get out of his life theres no room for a girl in his life urgh why must this be so hard oh well i hope me and connor go good then if i can't be in there life but i really wanted to get to know them man Helen what has Niall got you into why are you being so soft and shit i have a rep of being a badass girl not a shy fucking wierdo man i hate this him being in my life is even changing me he must get out of my life HELEN GET HIM OUT Urgh why does Love have to be so complicated"






ha i can hear everything Helen is saying doesnt she know shes speaking out loud ha how adorable oh wait what is she talking about OMG OMG Helen didnt mean anything she said she just didnt want to be in my life :D oh wait she doesnt want to be in my life ohh wow great job Niall way to go maybe this never wouldve happened if i had to bring the boys to meet her now i mean i shouldve waited unitil we were together as a couple man what has Helen got me into Man i just want to be over her but i just LOVE her so freakin much why do i love her so freakin much!! oh man here comes a car and its a guy oh no if you let her leave now my whole world is gone "HELEN WAIT" oh no why did i do that she even said out loud ha she doesnt want to be apart of my life anymore im being so selfish right now "what" she hissed ha so this is where i get the real helen flores

"Helen im sorry i didnt mean to bring you into this mess i didnt even mean to bring you in my horrible life but i didn't just plan on falling for you i mean if i did plan for it then this couldve been better you would be in my arm and cuddling like a cute tumblr couple ha on the couch watching disney movies but I'm sorry i didn't so please dont go i-i-i l-love you huuu i love you man you have no idea how hard that was for me so please just stay"

i was hoping for Helen to say yes but this just shocked me she said 

"you know niall i never even wanted to be in your life because of you i hate love like serioulsy why must it be like this"

she paused 

"NIall i dont wanna be with you i dont even wanna be friends with you i dont wanna be anything to you than the girl you used to know an-" i cut her off and started to come closer to her

"helen you will not be the girl i used to know you will be the girl who i saw at the club and felt love at first sight all though for you it wasnt you will be that girl that me and harry liked and like the girl that im in love with"

she looked at me with no emotion and said 

"im sorry Niall you feel that way cause i will never ever fall for you never so just forget about me okay? i dont wanna be any of those besides the girl you saved from being raped then how about that………but im going Niall i really do you guys become more famous okay cause I'm not gonna be there when you do bye Niall"


and she got in the car and stupid connor drove probably to his house urgh!!!!



man this is not the last time she will see me in person i promise that




okay guys hope you like it um im gonna now be putting in the characters from the sorry chapter ha well tell me what you guys think i love talking to you guys <3

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