BAD Girl + Bad Boy

ok so they both flirt with eachother at the club but once helen relises what she has gotten her self into with Niall she is a differant person just read its good <3


2. i felt someone watching us

ok so now i have to look because its driving me craazy so  i ask for a drink and play it cool and put my drink the left where he is standing so i pick it up and start drinkin it so the i move my head up and met his gaze he had even more beautiful eyes then the bar guy man this guy made me forget this dudes name ha wow it felt like love at first sight but then i  remebered theres no such thing

*nialls POV* 

this girl is just talking to the bar guy man she was goregous like drop dead gorgeous i wanted her to be mine as soon as possible but she just kept talking to the guy when i relise she got a drink and she put it to her left where im standing from her so i figures shes gonna look at me so i fix myself up as fast as i can and she looks up and as soon as our eyes meet it was crazy i swear i have never felt this way before not even with Holly my ex-girlfriend but i didnt think much of it i mean this girl was cute but no my type,,,, oh who am i kidding she was fucking hot and i just wanted her to be mine forever but as soon as i thought of walking up to her Harry stopped me he told me "Hold up man i saw her first" and i got so mad i clensted my fist and harry was kinda afraid of me so this was easy i said "hold up you are not gonna take away my girl" and harry looked at me and just walked way so there no ones coming so i gotta talk to her before she gets drunk and forgets our spark fuck whats happening to me i feel this tigily shit in my stomachFUCK MAN i do like her and i dont even know her 


*helens POV* 

the guy is coming closer helen be cool be cool be cool and he just tells the guy next to me to sush as in go away i liked how much control he had on people it was a big turn on for me so then he asked me bbut her looked nervous and i started to think wait am i nervous too holy fuck so he says " hey girl whats your name?" ha ok why dont i play hard to get with him ohh this will be fun "whats it to you hot shot" he smirked and i returned the smirk and he said "well if im gonna marry you at some piont i have to know your name sweetheart" and i looked at him and said "ill pass why dont i get some drinks but just for me and you leave me alone k" and he looked kinda upset and then his face just changed to an angry guy that looked like her wanted to kill me but i didnt show any fear cause i wasnt scared ohhh whats he goona do so then he said "yeah i like that but im staying with you hottie" gosh i hate it when people call me hot hottie or sexy  so i rolled my eyes but at the end of the night he happens to be the famous Niall Horan from one direction and im just Helen Flores so we exchanged numbers but i couldnt find my sister and the car so i called her and she said oh i knew i forgot something and said she was hom so then i started to walk home

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