Head to Head

Dakota Jason is a preppy, optimistic kind of girl. Piper Anderson is harsh, sarcastic, and kind of snarky. Put them together, what do you get? A disaster.
Yet, Simon Cowell seems to think it's a wonderful idea. He puts them into a duo girl group and makes them the first act in One Direction's big tour. Will these two very different girls start to get along for the sake of their careers? Will they fall in love in the process? Or will they rip each other's necks out and lose everything?


3. The Boys



"Do you think we'll meet One Direction?" I asked excitedly.

"I don't know."

"Should we dress the same?" I asked. She looked me up and down and then let out a big breath of air.

"I don't know," she said a little more irritated.

"I wonder what the rehearsals will be like. What do you think they'll be like?" 

"I don't know."

"Do we have to live together?" 

"I don't know."

"Should one of us be funny and the other one be serious?"

"I don't know."

"We could like put up a comedy act and then sing in between it, wouldn't that be neat?" I asked even more excited. She stopped walking and just stared at me for a minute.

"No," she flat out said, "No, I can't do this with you."


"I can't do this with you, Dakota. You're just so...." she shuddered. 

"No, wait, Piper! We have to, come on. This is our only chance," I begged, standing in front of her. She looked a little freaked out by my sudden nearness. 

"Don't touch me," was all she said. I took my hands off of her shoulders quickly, like I touched a hot stove.

"Sorry," I apologized. She sighed and rubbed her temples. Then we heard some ruckus in the office. 

"'Ello Sharon. Do you have any carrots for me?" asked a british accent. The front desk lady giggled incessantly.

"Of course I do, Louis," she said. There was a sound of rustling of a plastic bag, and a distinct crunch. Then a boy with curly brown hair and green eyes came up to us.

"You two are Dakota and Piper, right?" he asked.

"H-How'd you know?" I stammered as the rest of One Direction came behind him.

"Simon's told us all about you two. Just by looking at you two, I can tell. You're Dakota, right?" he asked, his green eyes settling on me. I froze and just stared back at him. His expression started to get confused. Piper sighed and looked away from me.

"Yeah, that's Dakota. I'm Piper," she said. Harry looked at her and they shook hands, a smile on his face.

"We're glad that you guys can help us out with this tour," said Louis, coming up and putting his arm around my shoulders.

I almost threw up.

Of happiness.


"What she's trying to say, is that we're glad to help. You guys are helping us with our dreams," said Piper. She threw an annoyed glance at me, but I didn't care. I couldn't breathe. 

"Are you guys friends?" asked the blonde one, Niall. That took me out of my stupor. She looked at me and I looked at her.

What were we supposed to say?

"Kind of?" I asked while she said, "Not really." We looked at each other again. 

"So you two were sort of thrown together? Like us!" said Louis enthusiastically. 

"Suuuure," Piper said slowly. 

"Well, don't worry. Simon knows who works well together. Once you guys get to know each other, you'll be the best of friends." We both started laughing and then our laughter faded as we looked at him.

"Wait, you were serious?" asked Piper. 


"I don't know why you can't help me write a simple song," I asked, frustrated as Piper looked through my refrigerator. Why did I say it was okay to work in my apartment? Ughhh. 

"I don't know why all your songs have to do with flowers," said Piper, rolling her eyes at me while she dug out a carton of ice cream. 

"I like flowers!" I defended. 

"Yeah, obviously," said Piper as she took a spoonful of ice cream and stuck it in her mouth. I screwed up my face in disgust.

"That's disgusting."

"What? Eating? I guess you Valley girls don't eat much so you can look like corpses right?" I felt my blood start to boil. 

"I like to eat! I eat a lot. I eat ice cream all the time! It's just disgusting that you don't put it into a bowl and eat it from there."

"It's better this way."

"No! It's disgusting!" I cried. She licked the spoon and then dug it back into the ice cream. I felt myself shudder. I had to throw that out when she leaves.

"What have you got so far?" asked Piper, ignoring me as she walked over to the pile of crumpled paper.

"Well, so far, I have made up a jingle for Macdonald's. Wrote a poem about how much I hate you--"

"Aw, you care."

"--And made up a song about woodland creatures and flowers. It's not going so well. Though, I do like the Macdonald's jingle..." 

"You're hopeless," said Piper, looking through the crumpled paper.

"Well, it's not like you're helping me."

"I don't help," she said, taking another spoonful of ice cream and putting it into her mouth.

"Yeah, obviously."

"Why don't you write a song about love?" she asked. 

"I'm not in love. I can't write a song about being in love if I'm not in love!" I cried, frustrated. She looked amused at my frustration. 

"Maybe it'd be better if I work by myself, Valley Girl. Thanks for the ice cream though," she said, putting the ice cream carton in the air as if she were about to toast.

"Are you quitting our duo?" I asked, my voice turning shrill. She glared at me.

"Stop reaching pitches only dogs can hear."

"Answer my question," I said, stomping my foot on the ground.

"Oh my God, you're a seven year old," she said rubbing the bridge of her nose, "Okay. Let me break this down for you. One, we don't get along. Two, we don't have a name for our duo. Three, we can't even write a song together. We're just not going to work out. It isn't you, it's me."

"For God's sake, Piper! Don't you see? It's not about whether we get along or not. We sound good together. We can make it big together. Why can't we just at least try?" I asked. She stared at me for a long moment. 

"It's like whenever you're close to something good, when you're so close you can touch it, taste it, you have to go and leave. Make up something so you won't have to feel rejection later. So you won't get hurt. And--And that's just stupid! You'd compromise your dreams just so you can stay emotionless. You're a coward, Piper Anderson." She laughed without humor.

"Coward? Don't act like you know me, Dakota. Because you don't," she said, pointing the metal spoon at me before stalking out of my apartment. I groaned so loud, that I was sure she could hear me. She was impossible. Maybe this was for the better. 


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