He's dangerous [COMPLETE]

"Who's that?" I asked, eyeing the mess of curls that downed yet another drink.

"Oh, that's Marcel. He used to be the biggest nerd in school. One day something inside of him snapped and completely changed. He got a bunch of tattoos and beat up every kid who bullied him. Stay away from him, he's dangerous." She spoke as he looked over at me.

I tried to stay away, but despite how he had changed, he was the one thing that could keep me from failing Algebra. I didn't want to spend time with him but I had to.

Will it stay as a simple tutor?
Or will their be more going on then tutoring?


4. Trust

I woke up, eyes shut, as I lazily dropped my arm beside me. It fell onto the empty sheet as I opened one eye. I sighed, the space next to me open. I knew he wouldn't stay. I knew I shouldn't have trusted him. I got up, pulling my underwear and sweatshirt back on before snuggling back beneath the covers. I knew I shouldn't have let my guards down. I knew I...

I was cut off by Marcel walking into the room with some movies and snacks. I looked at him confused, pointing to my bookbag.

"It's your lucky day. The school flooded and got cancelled!" He smiled, laying in bed beside me.

"Really?" I asked, taking some popcorn from the bowl in his arms. He nodded smiling as he switched the TV on.

"Where's Emma?" I asked, sitting straight as I hadn't seen her since last night. As soon as I sat up, I fell back down, soreness soaring through my lower region.

"Shit!" I cursed beneath my breathe as Marcel chuckled. I glared at him, taking some popcorn in my fingers as I flicked it at him. He laughed, flicking some back over at me. I gasped, taking a fistful and crunching them into his curls. He gasped, a smirk forming on his lips.

"You're going to have to pay!" He smiled, rolling over so he hovered over me. He leaned in for a kiss as I pushed my index finger to his red lips.

"Nah!" I giggled, as he playfully rolled his eyes.

"Yes! You can't move, I'll get you!" He smirked, as I improvised a plan within the confinements of my mind. The only one I could gather was to ignore the soreness as I ran up.

"You're right!" I smiled, my lips brushing past his. I gently tugged his curls, leaving kisses on the corner of his mouth. He closed his eyes, smiling as he leaned down. Before he could reach my lips, I dashed out from beneath him as he got a good face full of pillow.

"Oh now you're getting it!" I heard him yell as I ran downstairs. I was having so much fun the aching didn't bother me. I ran into the living room where I saw Emma staring at a blank TV screen.

"Uh you okay?" I asked, running around to the left side of the couch, Marcel leaning in on the right.

"Girl talk!" She stated, taking my arm and pulling me into the backyard. She walked me across the deck to the pool, making sure we couldn't be heard by Marcel.

"Why did he spend the night?" She asked, turning to face me, a frown creasing her glossy lips. I was momentarily stunned, forgetting that I'm supposed to hate him.

"Uh..'' I began, trying to come up with a reasonable excuse.

"I walked in last night. You we're in bed together and you're clothes were on the floor!" She spoke to me as my eyes widened, my heart beating faster. I shamefully nodded my head, sitting on the wooden boards.

"I-I'm sorry!" I spoke, my voice faint.

"Don't apoligize to me! I just don't want to see my best friend get hurt!" She smiled, softening as she sat beside me. I looked up into her eyes nodding as she embraced me in a hug.

"Lift up your shirt!" She whispered into my ear as I cocked my eyebrows in confusion. I didn't question as I slowly lifted the corner of my sweatshirt, gasping. Around my upper thighs was all purple and bruised.

I heard the balcony door slide open, heavy footsteps nearing behind me.

"Are you o..." I heard Marcel begin before he stopped, catching glimpse of my body.

"Did- did I do that?" He asked, bending down and rubbing his thumb gently over the skin.

"What do you think? No, a rabbit did it!" Emma snapped as Marcel rolled his eyes, looking back down.

"Are you okay?" He asked, completing his question from earlier.

"I can't even feel the pain, I can only see it!" I spoke, pushing my finger gently to the darkest spot. It ached a little but not much.

"Wow, unusual!" Emma spoke, pushing my sweatshirt up further. I nodded, standing up as I pulled the bottom hemline of my sweatshirt down. The others dusted themselves off as they stood beside me.

"So, uh, are you two a...thing?" Emma asked awkwardly as I shook my head.

"No." I spoke as hurt grew into Marcels green orbs. I was quick to respond, "Not yet!" I smiled as he looked at me, baring an open mouth smile.

"Well then, will you be my girlfriend?" He asked, taking my hand in his. I placed a kiss to his lips, pulling away.

"No!" I smiled, skipping back into the house. His eyes were hurt but his lips were smiling. I saw Emmas cheeks inflate with the laughter she held within her. I want to be with him but not like this. He only asked me to be his girlfriend because I had hinted how he hadn't asked yet. Would he have asked if I didn't say anything?

I jumped up the stairs into my bedroom as I went to change for the day. I pulled some black jeggings from my closet, slipping my feet into them as I jumped around, wiggling them up my legs. Once I had finished looking like a fish without water, I stood hunched over, breathing heavy. Just for pants.

I regained my posture, pulling a red vest like shirt from a black hanger and throwing it onto the bed as I walked over to my dresser, finding a black bandeau. After I found one I pulled it over my head, placing it where it should be, my red shirt coming shortly after.

I looked into my mirror, turning around in a full circle as I smiled nodding my head. I let my hair fall in loose curls, slipping some nude flats with bows on. I tapped the heels of my feet together, walking out of my room, downstairs.

I paused between the stairs and the door, looking to see Emma and Marcel talking. I closed my eyes, focusing my hearing on them.

"You only want her for her body!" I heard Emma spit as I imagined the roll of eyes Marcel must've given.

"No, she's not like those dumb-ass girls at school!" He snapped, as it was Emmas turn to circle her eyes. I had enough of fighting. I have only been in this new school for a few days and it's already been the most dramatic experience of my life. I continued my venture to the door, grabbing my colorful clutch as I slipped from the door, quietly shutting it.

I turned around, the great blue sky facing me, a chilly breeze blowing. The sun was high in the sky, the temperature warm enough for tank tops and shorts. I walked down the driveway and out onto the gray pavement that sparkled with the contact of light.

My flats clicked against the concrete  as I aimlessly walked around, settling on heading into Starbucks. Once I had arrived, a young girl walked up to me. I sighed, rolling my eyes. She's from school.

"Aw I know your brains lost but how come you are?" She smirked as I took a deep breathe.

"First, that didn't make any sense and second why don't you get lost? It'd be doing everyone a favor!" I snapped, walking up to the counter, looking at the drink selection. I heard heels tap behind as I tried to contain my anger.

"See, that's where you are incorrect, not that it surprises me. If I was gone, everybody would mourn and miss me. Even come to my funeral, well I'm positive Marcel would be there as well! Oh, how is he in bed by the way? I remember our first time!" She smiled as I tried to keep my walls up, not letting her words effect me in any way, shape or form.

Marcel had gone and enjoyed her pleasure? The thought of them two getting it on sickened me to the stomach, as I walked away from the counter, into the restrooms. The palm of my hand laid flat on the marble counter top as I looked down at my nails, inhaling and exhaling.

"See? I'm right!" I heard this girls face as I jumped, turning to face her. My hand held my heart, my breathing still uneasy.

"No, it's just the sight of your ugly face. It makes me want to barf!" I smirked as she looked at my in offense.

"Thats not what Marcel thought! In fact he loved me and my face so much that he couldn't keep his lips from wandering around it. Oh did he start roaming down your body as well?" She smiled diabolically as I tried to ignore her words. Shes trying to get to you Ella. Stay cool.

"Oh! The way your hips rock against each others as his lips reach your thighs!" She pretended to swoon, clutching her heart in the process.

"Oh my, he just couldn't keep his hands or lips off of any part of my body!" She bit her lip, smiling like an idiot at the ceiling.

"Yeah well if you don't leave me alone I won't be able to keep my hands of you!" I snapped, my fists clenching as I saw a split second of fear wash across her eyes.

"Come at me bitch!" She challenged, spreading her arms apart as she slightly leaned back.

"Those words don't scare me, when people say it to me, I will!" I growled, sending a punch to her jaw which she held in her hands, her eyes turning back to my with pure hatred and anger. She took hold of my hair, kicking out my leg as I went down. I landed on the floor with a thud.

I took her leg in my hand, pulling it from beneath her as she landed on the cold tiled ground. I took hold of her hair, yanking her up as I sent multiple punches, as did she.

My leg continuously kicked her as she struggled from beneath me. I will admit she got a few good punches in but not compared to the damage I had done to her. Before I knew it, I felt a pair of hands pulling me off as she laid on the ground, tears streaking down her face.

I looked back in anger at who had pulled me away.


"What happened?" He asked, worriedly looking into my hateful eyes.

"I don't know why don't you ask her!" I spat, pushing myself away from his arms.

"Explain." Marcel demanded, looking down at Mia who was getting up, wiping her bloody nose.

"Why don't you explain Marcel? I'm sure she would love to her how you fucked me, did all the same things to her as you did to me. Gave us the same pleasure. Honestly Gabriella, I feel bad for you. He's going to leave you for his next one night stand." She said, looking over at me...sympathetically?

Marcels eyes slightly widened as I tightened my jaw. I took Emmas arm in my hand, storming out of Starbucks and onto the sidewalk.

"Why are you acting like you care?" I snapped, looking at her as we walked.

"Look I may be bitchy but any girl in Marcels line of vision I want to help." She spoke, looking at me in all seriousness.

I took a deep breathe.

"I'll trust you this one time but I swear get on my nerves and I won't hesitate to beat you up again!" I said, rolling my eyes.

"Trust me..." She said as i took another deep breathe.

"Fine...I'll trust you!" I said through gritted teeth.

I hope I could trust her.

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