He's dangerous [COMPLETE]

"Who's that?" I asked, eyeing the mess of curls that downed yet another drink.

"Oh, that's Marcel. He used to be the biggest nerd in school. One day something inside of him snapped and completely changed. He got a bunch of tattoos and beat up every kid who bullied him. Stay away from him, he's dangerous." She spoke as he looked over at me.

I tried to stay away, but despite how he had changed, he was the one thing that could keep me from failing Algebra. I didn't want to spend time with him but I had to.

Will it stay as a simple tutor?
Or will their be more going on then tutoring?


41. Rebound *nine chapters left*


   I woke up, the light infiltrating my vision as I groaned; lifting my hand in front of my eyes. I squinted, moving my hand away as my eyes widened, shock coursing through me. Harry was next to me. In the bed. Without another thought I began wildly shaking his arm, desperate for answers. He groaned, stirring as his eyes slowly fluttered open.

   "Huh?" He muttered, a yawn emitting from his lips.

   "Why are we in bed...together?" I emphasized, gesturing to the bed as he took a few moments to adjust to the newly found day.

   "We talked for a while last night. You got tired and passed out in the tree house so I carried you up into your bed...you kind of stirred and asked me to change you into your pajamas. I hesitated but you pleaded so I agreed, quickly changed you and I just kind of fell asleep beside you. Im sorry!" He apologized as my eyes widened even farther.

   "YOU CHANGED ME?'' I screamed, my body shooting up as I covered my clothed body up with the sheets.

   "You wouldn't take no for an answer. Don't worry, I didn't see nor do anything!" He quickly replied as I calmed down, nodding hesitantly before sighing. I trust him.

   "Okay, so uh...hi?" I spoke as he chuckled, stretching his arms above his head.

   "You're shirtless aren't you?" I said, sighing as he cheekily nodded. I covered my eyes, giggling as I batted him across the arm. He smiled, laughing as he swung his feet out of bed, pulling on some sweatpants.

   "You'll get pants, not a shirt!" Harry winked as I was reminded of Marcel and the way he had responded. Marcel's respond. Marcel. Tears brimmed my eyes as I tilted my head up in an escape from reality. Although, to face the music nothing could help.

   "Hey, hey are you okay?' Harry spoke abashedly, hurrying over to me as his arms quickly flew around my waist. I nodded, taking my finger and wiping the tears that were on the verge of falling before pulling my head down and looking Harry in the eyes.

   Before any of us could exchange a word, tears began cascading down my reddened cheeks in a fleet of sadness. Why couldn't I stop crying?

   "I'm so sick of this! All I do is cry, why?'' I yelled, standing up and pulling the blankets off of my bed.

   "God, why don't I just die?" I shouted, taking my lamp and smashing it against my floor as it shattered into billions of tiny pieces. It was broken. Just like me. I walked quickly around my room, destroying anything I could. Well, anything that couldn't break besides the lamp.

    "Ella! Calm down!" Harry spoke, his eyes wide with surprise and shock.

   I took deep breathes, trying to calm down as his height towered over me, his arms snaking around my torso.

   :"Don't you ever say you should die!" He spoke seriously as tears from my eyes traveled down onto his hands. I looked up, his facial features blurring into one big blob of tanned skin.

   "Ella, stop trying to act like this isn't bothering you!" Harry spoke in all seriousness as I sighed, admitting defeat. He was right. no matter how hard I wanted to deny how I felt it all led back to one thing. Marcel. If there was ever a time I could be truly happy, it would be shattered within a split second.

   "I-I over-reacted. Who c-can b-blame him? He didn't want t-t-to lose me, and I got so a-angry about that and k-kicked him out!" I spoke, constantly stuttering as I struggled to complete my sentence. That's when it hit me. The largest wave of regret, anger and self pity I have ever felt. I'm the reason he's gone. I'm the one who overreacted. I'm the reason he and I are both upset. I'm the reason for everything!

   "Oh my Goodness, Boo!" Emma spoke, rushing over to me as her arms instantly flew around me, Harry leaving us our space.

   "Shh, " She repeatedly cooed in my ear as her hand stroked my hair, calming me down. She rocked me back and forth as the tears slowly began stopping. Little by little. Tear by tear.

   "I-Is he really gone?" I asked, already afraid of the answer I knew I would receive. She sympathetically shook her head as I bit my trembling lips to stop the oncoming sobs.

   "Dont worry, both of you need time to cool off. You both have been through a lot, here let me tell you something!" She spoke hushed as I was led over to the bed. I laid down, taking a pillow and cuddling it in my arms as I peered up at Emma with curiosity.

   "Okay. When you and Marcel first started taking interest in each other, actually when he first came over it took everything in me not to beat his face in, " She paused laughing as a small smile lit up on my lips, "But you know what? After I accepted the fact that you two were together and happy I realized how deep a person can go. Marcel isn't what meets the eye. There's so much more to him and for that I thought you two were the cutest couple ever. You could tell he truly cared for you and although it was sometimes hard for him to show, he loved you." She spoke, her eyes sparkling with truth.

   "I never would have thought Marcel was capable of loving someone so long, even though a month isn't very long, it's the longest he's ever been with somebody. I wanted to protect you against Marcel but now I see he's protecting you and in some ways, you're protecting him. He loves you Ella and neither of you can stay away, he'll come back!" She finished, holding her arms out as a large smile engulfed my senses, my arms quickly wrapping around her as we held a long hug. What would I do without her?

   "But, wait for him to come around...don't go chasing after Marcel, it will only cause problems!" She warned as I nodded, imagining what she could possibly mean.

   "Hey, for the mean while enjoy life...go fine yourself a guy but don't forget Marcel. Don't fall in love!" She winked as I giggled, playfully rolling my eyes. So, she wanted me to go and find my rebound guy? I never liked the thought of using somebody like that. 

  "I don't like the sound of a rebound guy, I don't want to hurt anybody!" I spoke as Emma smiled understandingly. 

  "That's fine, but remember that guy might just be rebounding you to...if it helps...go find a complete dick that way you wont feel bad!" Emma suggested as a loud and sudden laugh charged through my lips, Emma laughing at my sudden outburst.

  Now the idea didnt seem so bad.

  "So Miss.Emma. Shall we go to the club?" I spoke in a posh accent as she excitedly nodded, dashing to my closet. Before I could even stand she was holding up a hanger with the dress I thought I'd never have to deal with dangling off of it.

   The dress I wore the day I found out Dylan...well...you know.

   I sighed, ignoring the thought. Same dress, different day. I smiled, taking the hanger from her hand as I quickly stripped out of my clothes and into this thin material dress. I twisted my torso, adjusting to the tight fabric before walking over to my vanity. I curled my brunette hair into beautiful structured curls, leaving my eyes with only mascara and my lips only with lip balm.

   Right when I finished, Emma had already changed, did her hair and her makeup.

   "Fast!" I exclaimed as she shrugged her shoulders, "It's nothing!" She smiled as we both laughed walking out of my door and down the stairs where we were greeted by Harry in the kitchen.

   "You two look fancy, where are you going?" Harry grinned as I thanked him, pulling my dress a tad bit down.

   "The club!" Emma replied as Harry scrunched his eyebrows, cocking his head.

   "I thought she was still upset about...him.." Harry spoke quietly as I rolled my eyes, giggling.

   "He's not Voldemort, you can say Marcel! I love him, always have always will but until we are united again might as well go find another guy!" I replied perkily. It almost looked like a pang of jealousy and sadness hit Harry but it was soon replaced with his normal expression.

   "So you have to find guys at a club?" Harry questioned as I shrugged my shoulders, Emma nodding viciously.

   "Well...okay then.." He mumbled before rushing up the stairs and into my room where his air mattress still laid. I cocked my eyebrows, looking at Emma confused before quickly brushing it off and heading out the door.



   Thunderous music pulsated throughout the large club, my tiny body being shoved between multiple intoxicated teens. I had lost Emma somewhere in the crowd but I soon found my way to the bar, ordering my self the most alcoholic drink they served.

   Once it was placed in front of me, I chugged it all down almost instantly as my vision blurred. It was so easy to get me drunk, I swear.

   I got up, joining the crowd as I began dancing like my life depended on it. Although it was blurred I saw guys looking my way as I smiled, sending a wink. 

   Before I knew it, I was up against a guy grinding like it was nobody's business. His hands placed themselves on my waist as I felt...him...up against my dress. Let's just say he definitely wanted something that night. Something I didn't give him, but something he wanted.


   I woke up to a pounding headache, the light irritating me as I ran into the windowless hall. Thank God it wasn't super bright outside or I might just consider killing the sun. After I adjusted to the brightness I quickly found my bathroom, hurrying to find some pain killers. This hangover was unbearable. 

   I found the pain killers but before I could take them, I was hunched over, puking in the toilet. Tears squeezed from my eyes as I continuously gagged, the alcohol having it's effect. Normally in the stories, this is the time where somebody would come and hold the girls hair back but this is reality. I sat there all alone, puking up my breakfast, lunch, dinner and alcohol.

   I finally finished, flushing the toilet for like the hundredth time before shoving the pain killers in my mouth and swallowing them. My gagging had increased the headache immensely. I took deep breaths, my hands firmly pressed against the counter as I looked down, my eyes shut.

   I only had a few moments of silence before my phone received a text.

   From: Ryder <3


         Hey babe, wanna do something today? 

  Who the hell was Ry- oh. He was the guy at the club last night. Wait! Babe? Are we dating? Argh, I hate being confused. Having nothing to lose, I texted back saying sure, meet me at Starbucks in half an hour.

   I set my phone down, sluggishly getting ready for...is this a date?

   I trudged into my closet, picking out a casual outfit and lazily pulling it on.

   I smiled, letting my hair fall down, curly from last night. I checked my phone, realizing I only ten minutes left. I brushed my teeth, applying mascara and chap stick before heading out the door and into the cold air. I found my keys, unlocking my car before getting in, starting it and driving off.



   I patiently waited, my heel tapping against the floor as I looked out the window, awaiting Ryder's arrival. Where was he? I sat for a few more minutes before messaging him, my anger growing.

   Finally he arrived, apologizing for his delay as I smiled, accepting his apology. Shit. he seems nice, he wasn't supposed to be nice.

   "Want to order a drink?" He asked as I nodded less enthusiastically as we headed towards the counter, the lady finishing up an order before turning to face us.

   "How may I help you?' She asked politely as Ryders eyes scanned the menu.

   "I want a pumpkin space latte!" He whispered in my ear as I cocked my eyebrows in confusion.

   "Why are you telling me?'' I whispered back, the lady patiently waiting for our response.

   "So you can order, duh!" He replied, his eyes not meeting mine. I take that back, he's a total dick.

   "I'll take a vanilla bean frappe with raspberry and a pumpkin space latte!" I spoke as she nodded, asking for my name. I told her as she wrote it down, passing it down the the actual drink station, my hand holding my credit card as I waited for her to take it. I already knew Ryder wouldn't pay...he was to busy talking to some beach blonde twig. The clerk looked over at Ryder than at me, sympathy lacing her features.

   "He's an ass, don't mention it!" I spoke before she had a chance to say anything. She nodded, before handing me back my card and a receipt.

   I moved farther down, waiting for the drinks to finish as Ryder took this as an opportunity to come for my ass.

   Before he could reach his target, I spun around, my hand grabbing his wrist and twisting it upwards.

   "No heading north or south of the equator freak!" I spat before turning around, people watching me.

   "Burn..." I heard a guy cough as I smiled, thanking the lady as she slid me our drinks. I carried them to our table, sitting down as Ryder followed my lead. He smiled at me as I returned the action, sticking a straw in my drink.

   After I finished I picked up Ryders drink, holding it a few feet off of the table and dropping it in front of him as it exploded all over his clothes, missing me by a centimeter. 

   I don't think this little 'relationship' is going to last.

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