He's dangerous [COMPLETE]

"Who's that?" I asked, eyeing the mess of curls that downed yet another drink.

"Oh, that's Marcel. He used to be the biggest nerd in school. One day something inside of him snapped and completely changed. He got a bunch of tattoos and beat up every kid who bullied him. Stay away from him, he's dangerous." She spoke as he looked over at me.

I tried to stay away, but despite how he had changed, he was the one thing that could keep me from failing Algebra. I didn't want to spend time with him but I had to.

Will it stay as a simple tutor?
Or will their be more going on then tutoring?


43. just another day *seven chapters left*


   "Are you sure?" Emma asked as I hesitantly nodded, taking deep breaths.

   "I need this. It will either make me happier..or completely destroy me...if it doesn't work; nothing will change!" I spoke, nodding my head in preparation. She nodded taking my hand and leading me out of the front door. We passed the car, choosing to walk which I don't know why because personally it was below zero outside.

   It took a while but we finally arrived at Walmart. The Walmart. Where I first realized who Marcel actually was. 

   Emma I stood in front of the entrance taking one more breath before the doors slid open. Before Emma could utter a word I was already in the magazine section, bawling my eyes out like a crazy person. I could feel the stares of random pedestrians as I sobbed into my hands, sitting where I had when Marcel and I were talking.

   I closed my eyes, imagining his presence beside me. Imagining that first day we properly met.


          "Okay, go finish up!" I laughed, plopping back down onto the floor, picking up the magazine I was flipping through. I saw her push the cart from the corner of my eye. I smiled, looking down at the pages as I suddenly got an eery presence next to me. I looked to my right to see Marcel looking down at the pages.

         I nervously took a few scoots to my left, hoping it wasn't to obvious. He did. He scooted closer as I sighed, knowing I wasn't getting away any time soon.

         "Marcel?" I asked, not knowing whether to ask this question that he would either answer with ease or spark a fiery emotion.

         "Yeah?" He smiled, looking deep into my eyes, as my heart beat faster. Should I ask?

         "Uh. You, well...somebody told me." I began, still mentally debating whether I should let the words exit my lips.

         "Somebody told you what?" He sat straight, cocking his eyebrows.

         "Uh, you used to be the schools uh, biggest nerd. Apparently something changed and you beat up every kid who bullied you. Used any girls you liked by either getting your pleasure from them or ignoring them...why?" I asked, and once the words started they couldn't stop themselves from coming out.

         He looked down, massaging the bridge of his nose with his two fingers.

        "I knew somebody was going to eventually question me..." He muttered beneath his breathe, as I decided to leave the topic alone.

       "Never mind. It's not my business to know!" I quickly spoke, my eyes returning to the magazine.

       "No, it's okay. Once you're ridiculed for so long you just can't handle it anymore. I wanted to prove those guys wrong, show them I'm not all that meets the eye. All the girls I liked suddenly threw themselves at me but I knew it wasn't for who I really am. It was for my new image and I hated that..." He spoke, choosing his words carefully.

       "Oh." I spoke, unable to create a form of response.

       "Yeah..." He replied, the air so thick it could be cut with a knife. I took a deep breathe, looking at the magazine before putting it back on the stand.

       "Thank you for giving us a ride home!" I smiled, trying to enlighten the atmosphere around us. He smiled, nodding as I let out a quiet sigh. I looked over to my left, my eyes widening as I took Harry's arm in mine, rushing to my feet and out of that aisle, into the next.

       "What was..." Marcel began before I shushed him.

       "What was that for?" He whispered, as my chest rised and fell rapidly.

       "The creator of my scar!" I whispered, sneaking into the next aisle, hoping to get as far from Dylan as I could. Marcel's facial features became rock solid as his fists clenched. I took them in my hands, continuing to maneuver into the neighboring aisle, hoping Dylan wouldn't see us.

       We finally reached the last aisle as I sighed, putting my hand to my heart. Marcel looked at me his eyes burning with hate. Why did he care about me so much?

  *end of flashback*

   I waited until the tears stop, lifting my head as the cold air chilled my face.

   "So...nothing has changed?" Emma spoke as I gave a monotonously bland giggle.

   "Nope, not much..." I whispered, wishing that Marcel would burst through the entrance, demanding to see me. I felt horrible. Marcel had little to no people who truly cared for him. In I come and I truly love him but I had to go and ruin that. He trusted me with the weight of his past and I went and destroyed his trust.

   He lost the one person that truly loved him.

   And I lost the one person that truly loved me.

   "So, should we go?" Emma asked, her hand gently massaging my back in an attempt to relax me. I hesitantly nodded my head, placing two fingers upon my lips, pecking them and placing it to the ground where we sat.

   I felt as if I were giving up but in reality we all knew I would hold on to whatever ounce I had of Marcel. I would hold on to that last piece of self-worth I had left because I know that's what Marcel gave to me. He gave me meaning.

   Emma gently dragged me out of the exit as I took one more glance back as I let the memories drown in my mind, never to be brought up unless I needed some time to think and recapture why I ever fell in love.

   Guess what I began doing? Crying. As always. Except this time I had not one notice about the wet slippery tears running down my cheeks until they slipped over my lips. I brought my finger up, wiping it away as I smiled. They weren't tears of sadness. They were tears of Marcel...a whole different thing.




   "Do you think Marcel has moved on?" I asked Emma, swallowing a scoop of ice cream as she shrugged, her eyes transfixed on the screen before us. I looked over to Harry who had mimicked Emma's reaction.

   "I guess we'll never know!" She spoke, unaware of the emotion she had tugged at. Never knowing, as in never seeing him again. I didn't cry, oh no it's been to long for that but it still hurt. Today would have been Marcel's and I two month anniversary. It's not a big deal but that means it's been about three week; almost a month, since he left. Ryder and I were doing great he was actually an amazing guy and so far we've been on four dates.

   Almost if reading my mind, Harry spoke up.

   "How are you and Ryder?" Harry asked as I smiled, my heart warming at the thought of him.

   "Amazing, he is just...perfect!" I squealed as Emma joined my little outburst.

   "Better than Marcel?" Emma laughed, once more unaware of the nerve she had hit.

   "Nobody will ever be better than Marcel so fuck off!" I spat as her eyes widened, staring at me.

   "I-I didnt mean it like that!" She quickly clarified as I rolled my eyes.

   "Don't talk about him...that's the only way I'll keep from having a meltdown!" I spoke, still coldly but not as venomously. 

   The day continued on just as the weeks and before I knew it, it had been exactly one month since Marcel's departure. Not that I was keeping track or anything. Just don't look at my calender...please?

   The tree house had become Harry's and I secret hangout and nobody, not even Emma, knew of it. It was something special between us, somewhere I could talk about anything. Harry was with me throughout my past, he had known my so called friends, Dylan and what they had done. He understood better than anybody.

   "I still can't believe you built this!" Harry exclaimed as we walked up the stairs of the tree house.

   I laughed, admiring the work that had taken me so long to accomplish. 

   "Yeah, it's amazing what you can get done when you actually put some effort into it!" I giggled as Harry chuckled, running his hand along the wall.

   "Just imagine how many trees you killed!" Harry joked as I playfully shoved him, rolling my eyes. I walked in a bit of silence as the thought pondered over me. I wonder how many trees it actually took to build this. Huh...

   "We should get heading back, it's getting dark." Harry spoke turning around before I captured his arm in my hand.

   "Not to sound dirty or anything, but you do know that there are bedrooms in here right?" I spoke as his eyes widened, his head shaking crazily back and forth.

   "Do we have blankets?" he asked as I nodded, pulling him into the bedroom and finding the covers. Once we had finished creating our bed, we both laid down exhausted from work. Let's be honest, if somebody saw us right now, they would think we were dating but were just two friends who are close. 

   I had been in the middle of a conversation with Harry before I blacked out, dreams settling into my mind throughout the night.




Sorry, its still a bit short but I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want to get to the final chapter, I cant even begin to explain how excited I am. Okay so I decided to mention how the characters look like, even the ones you already know so here you go:) Just remember, whatever your imagination creates for the part...its your desire you dont always have to think of ella looking the way I think or somebody else looking a certain way I imagine them, okay? So here are some pictures:)

Ella-  something along these lines...



Marcel- DARK MARCEL!!!

Harry- cupcake harry<3



okay there you go:) I hope you guys enjoyed and byeee :D Xx




if you read/looked at this all comment 'excited for the last chapter'.

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