He's dangerous [COMPLETE]

"Who's that?" I asked, eyeing the mess of curls that downed yet another drink.

"Oh, that's Marcel. He used to be the biggest nerd in school. One day something inside of him snapped and completely changed. He got a bunch of tattoos and beat up every kid who bullied him. Stay away from him, he's dangerous." She spoke as he looked over at me.

I tried to stay away, but despite how he had changed, he was the one thing that could keep me from failing Algebra. I didn't want to spend time with him but I had to.

Will it stay as a simple tutor?
Or will their be more going on then tutoring?




"Da fuck?" I heard a voice- much like Emmas- speak. I opened a single eye to confirm my suspicions. Emma stood hovering over Marcel and I. I gave a weak smile, resting my head back down on Marcels chest.


I heard somebody clear their throat- not Emma- as I looked back up. My eyes widened as I realized Mia stood beside Emma, looking at me with hate. I gave her a look to fuck off as Marcel began stirring beside me. I guess he didn't notice the females beside us because before he even opened his eyes, his lips pressed to mine.


I smiled, kissing him back as his hands wrapped around my waist. This time both Mia and Emma cleared their throats as Marcel looked up, shocked to see the extra presence.


"Mia." He spoke harshly, rolling his eyes.

"Marcel." She spoke, just as harshly back. I sat between them, in an awkward situation; as was Emma.


"Why is the couch wet? Did you guys have a little to much fun?" She said snarkily, her eyes looking down at the water.


"If you must know, we danced in the rain!" I snapped, rolling my eyes.


"Nobody was asking you sweetie!" She replied, smirking. I was anxious to slap that smile right off her orange tanned skin.


"I beat you up once, I'm not afraid to again!" I spat, standing straight.


"Woah, woah, woah! That's enough!" Marcel said, putting his hands on my waist as he pulled me back down.  I kept my icy glare on her as she let a fake laugh escape her busted lip. I tightened my eyes, clenching my fists.


"Calm down! Don't make the same mistakes I did!" Marcel encouraged, his hands laying atop mine. I slightly relaxed, letting my fist fall.


"What are you dong here slut?" I scowled, her eyes burning with hatred.


"I'd rather be a slut than being dumber than a box of crayons!" She smirked as my fists reclenched themselves.


"That's enough!" I yelled, sending a punch to her face before Marcel could stop me. She stumbled back before sending a punch to my neck, a painful snap audible. I didn't break my neck but something happened. It hurt like hell to hold my head up.


"Oh, you're getting it bitch!" Emma spoke, her fist connecting with Miass temple as she was knocked unconcious. Emma unclenched her fist, looking in hatred at Mia before observing my neck.


"Are you okay?" She asked, looking around the area.


"I think she just snapped a cinch or something!" I said, rubbing my neck. It felt better already so it was nothing to fatal.


"What happened to your hip?" She asked, looking at my left hip. I looked down, purple bruising evident through the still wet material.


"I fell down the stairs, actually I'm going to get rest, my hip is actually starting to hurt!" I spoke, slowly sitting on the couch.


"You said you were okay!" Marcel spoke worriedly, listing my dress up. Emma and him observed the purple skin, as Marcel shook his head.


" I knew I should've called the doctor!" He mumbled, anger laced through his voice.


"It's okay! I lied! I should've told you how bad it hurt instead of pretending everything was fine!" I spoke, my hands resting on his muscular back. He took a deep breathe, looking up at me.


"How bad was and is the pain?" He asked, looking at me sternly.


"It was about a five last night. Now it's a one! Babe, I'm completely fine!" I smiled, honestly. He nodded his head, tears building in his eyes.


"Don't cry!" I spoke, caressing his cheek.


"Emma, I'm okay! Marcel and I are going up into my bedroom!" I said, not taking my gaze off of Marcel.


"Call me when you're done so I don't have to hear the screaming!" She winked, exiting the door. I laughed, Marcel and I walking up the stairs and into my bedroom. I walked to me dresser, changing into a tight fitting shirt and sweatpants. I giggled as harry slammed the door shut, pushing me against it.


"You turn me on so fucking much!" He said in a low voice, biting his lip.


"As do you Styles!" I smiled, pressing my lips to his. His immediate reaction was to kiss back. The kiss was innocent for maybe two seconds before his tongue slid across my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I accepted, our tongues fighting for dominance. My hands tangled through his hair as he moaned, pushing me up so my legs wrapped around him.


His body kept me in place while his hands travelled up my shirt. They eventually found their way within my bra, gently massaging at my breasts as I moaned against his lips. He smiled, moving to unclasp my bra. I helped him get it off, as he pulled it off with my shirt. I didn't waste no time before pulling his shirt over his head, running my small fingers over his defined chest- also known as- abs.


I let my hand rub over his jeans material, a moan earned from his slightly parted lips. I smiled, looping my hands in his belt buckle as I began tugging at his jeans. Before I could successfully pull them down, he stopped me.


"Ladies first!" He broke the kiss, beginning to speckle kissed across my chest, down to my stomach. He ended up at my pant line, pulling the pink sweats down between his teeth. Once he reached the bottom, I stepped out, allowing him to fling them away.


Marcel reached back up to my lips, connecting them as he carried me over to my bed, tossing me onto it. My head rest on the pillow, my body only covered with underwear and a bra.


I hastily went to remove his jeans, pulling them down as the bulge became evident. He flung them off his feet, discarding them onto the floor. He took my small hand, placing it on top of his boxers material.


"I need you, NOW!" He whispered into my ear as I nodded. I looped my fingers on the hem of his boxers, pulling them down as he large erection hung loose. I threw his boxers beside his jeans, connecting our lips once more.


He moaned into the kiss, gently taking my bottom lip between his as he pulled it away with him. It eventually slipped from his hold as he kissed back down my chest, to my stomach. He took no time to pull my underwear down, leaving small sweet kissed on my inner thigh. I bit my lip, a tingling sensation coursing through my body.


He eventually reached the upper most of my thigh, slowly leaving a kiss over my clit. I bit down on my lip even harder, my tongue sweeping over the sensitive skin.


"M-Marcel.." I said, out of breathe. I needed his touch, his love. I need him.


"What baby?" He asked, his tongue continuing to sweep over me.

I took a deep breathe, fisting his curls in my hands.


"I-I need you" I spoke unevenly as he nodded. Without warning his tongue darted inside of me, a gasp of pleasure becoming audible from my parted lips. The warmth of his tongue flicked in and out of me, leaving me with a feeling I never wanted to lose.


His tongue reached as far down into me as it could, my feelings going berserk. He let his tongue slip from me as his fingers replaced it's presence. First, one. Than, two. He quickly pumped them out of me as I buckled my hips, wanting more.


He slowly added the third finger, pumping in and out as a immense pleasure soared through me. 


"I need you!" I said, my eyes shut as I opened them. He nodded, withdrawing his fingers from my as he licked every last one clean.


"Damn, you taste good!" He smiled, his tongue twirling around his finger. He retrieved his jeans, pulling a condom from the pocket as he ripped the small pack open with his teeth. It fell into his free hand as he began rolling it over his length.


I observed as he discarded the packet, his lips reaching up to mine.


"You're so beautiful!" He said, his warm lips sending thrills through my body as kissed were exchanged. He pulled away, lining himself up with me as I waited in anticipation. I felt his tip sweep over my slit, as I considered it a tease. Once he had finished lining it up, he slowly inserted himself into me as I tried not to scream out in pleasure. He let me adjust to his size before pushing in farther.


"Damn babe. You're so tight, loosen up!" He spoke, caressing my cheek. It took a minute before he started thrusting again. I guess he wanted to tease me cause each thrust was slow and gently.


"Marcel, please..." I whispered, biting my lip, which had become a habit.


"Scream my name baby!" He softly spoke, pushing further in.


I couldn't bring myself to scream his name. The pleasure froze every muscle in my body.


"I-I can't!" I replied, tugging at his curls as he moaned.


I felt a hand connect with my backside as he repeated his words.  He continously repeated this action before I've had it!


"MARCEL PLEASE! I FUCKING NEED YOU!" I screamed out. I had tried to hold it in but the need was increasing with each passing second.


"All you had to do was ask babe!" He smirked as he began thrusting in and out of me at a faster pace. We moaned, his speed increasing as pain shot through me. Eventually his speed as at max, my screams loud and definitely audible to the neighbors.


"Marcel- I-I'm about..." I couldn't finish. 


He nodded against my lips, speaking softly to me.


"Hold on babe, for me!" He spoke as I nodded, trying my best. He let his manhood slip from me as his tongue replaced it. It flicked in and out of me as Marcel encouraged me to let go.


"Just let go!" He spoke and thats exactly what I did. I let go. I let him take me as he swallowed me. Once he had finished he left a sweet kiss on my lips, falling limp beside me.


We were both panting, shining with sweat. His hand held mine as we cuddled up to each other. We should've done this at night so we could fall asleep.


"I love you so much babe!" He spoke as my eyes widened. I was so scared of those words, afraid of the person not truly loving me.


Before I could stop myself, I replied.


"I love you to!"

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