He's dangerous [COMPLETE]

"Who's that?" I asked, eyeing the mess of curls that downed yet another drink.

"Oh, that's Marcel. He used to be the biggest nerd in school. One day something inside of him snapped and completely changed. He got a bunch of tattoos and beat up every kid who bullied him. Stay away from him, he's dangerous." She spoke as he looked over at me.

I tried to stay away, but despite how he had changed, he was the one thing that could keep me from failing Algebra. I didn't want to spend time with him but I had to.

Will it stay as a simple tutor?
Or will their be more going on then tutoring?


38. if anything it's you *unedited*


   Emma and I finally had the rest of our girl day, Marcel finally dressing himself after a long time of debate. Eventually night dawned upon us, Marcel and I laying in bed beside each other. I was about to speak before a faint knock pulled my attention towards the door.

   "Come in!" I yelled as the door opened revealing Harry. He smiled, walking partially in.

   "Hey Harry!" I smiled, crawling out of bed as I went to stand in front of him.

   "Hey Ella, I was wondering if you had any extra blankets or something. Only if you have any extra thought, it's getting to be a bit nippy!" He smiled, his cheeks reddening with embarrassment.

   "Sure Harry, don't be embarrassed to ask!" I smiled, heading over to my closet as I walked in, taking a few extra blankets from the top shelf.

   "Wait, where are you sleeping?" I spoke, scrunching my forehead together in confusion.

   "For the past night or so I've been resting on the couch." He smiled as my eyes widened.

   "Oh no! I'm so sorry!" I hurried as he chuckled, placing a warm hand on my shoulder.

   "Don't worry Ella. It's perfectly fine!" He smiled as I vigorously shook my head.

   "I feel bad, why don't...uh," I stuttered trying to think of a better way to let him sleep.

   "I know it's not very extravagant but I'll get the air mattress from my garage!" I spoke abashedly, running out of my door. I knew leaving those two in the same room wouldn't do good but I would only be gone for a couple of minutes. I ran straight towards the garage door once I exited the stairs, flipping the light switch on.

   I ignored the presence of my car, searching every shelf and box until I finally found the air mattress folded into a neat square at the bottom of a basket.

   I smiled, tugging on it as everything slid off, some things landing in the basket...some on the ground. I rushed back into the house, flipping the light switch off and slamming the door shut.

   As if I were a madman I dashed up the stairs, the mattress waving in the air behind me and my body taking long strides of breathe. I finally arrived at my room, Harry giving me an amused look as Marcel did anything not to look at Harry.

   "Found," I began, taking a few deep breathes, "it." I finished, protruding my arm as they saw what I held.

   "Here let me blow it up!" Harry spoke as I nodded my head, faintly letting go of the material and resting against my wall.

   "Are you alright beautiful?" Marcel spoke, getting up from his position and hurrying over to me. I nodded my head, pressing my hand against his chest.

   "It's...just...hard to...breathe!" I managed to say, catching a few more breathes before I finally felt like nobody was trying to strangle me.

   "Better, see?" I smiled, standing up and twirling around. Marcel nodded, cautiously heading towards the bed in case everything wasn't fine. I laughed, sitting on the ground as I unfolded the mattress, finding the spout to blow air into.

   Once I finally found it, I opened the cap, bringing it up to my lips as I began blowing air in. Marcel and Harry intently observed me as it  began forming with air. I felt my face begin to turn red as I struggled to blow more air in.

   "Here let me, your head is going to explode!'' Harry laughed as I nodded, releasing my lips and taking large gulps of air. Harry took my place as I waltzed over to the bed beside Marcel.

   "Are you okay?" He asked as I nodded, placing my hand over to chest.

   "I'm fine!" I smiled, my voice faint as I regained my breathe. I never have these breathing problems...whats going on?

   A few minutes after, I realized Harry's face struggling to input air as I laughed, walking over to him and placing my hand on his shoulder. He looked up, placing his finger over the opening so nothing left.

   "Here, we can just switch!" I smiled, gently nudging my hip against his shoulder as he laughed, scooting over. I sat down beside him, continuing to fill the, may I mention very large, air mattress up.

   Harry and I both sat against the wall taking turns filling it with air, talking and laughing. I had really missed him.

   The air mattress finally filled up and I quickly jammed the cap into the opening; making sure none of our work escaped.

   "Here you go, one extremely large, hard to blow up air mattress!" I smiled as Harry and I both laughed. I picked the blankets up, placing them on top as I walked in front of Harry, wrapping my arms around his shirtless frame.

   "I missed you...a lot!" I whispered in his ear as he nodded, leaving a small kiss on the top of my head.

   "That's enough!" Marcel spoke as he pulled me by my waist onto the bed. A small shriek left my lips as I landed on a hill of pillows, Marcel standing, his frame slighting towering Harrys. Maybe by a half inch or so.

   "Keep those lips away from her! She's mine, not yours!" Marcel spat as I gasped, crossing my arms across my chest.

   "I'm a person, not an object!" I objected, Marcel and Harry both looking at me; Harry looking intimidated.

   "No you're not but you're not his to touch, you're mine!" Marcel spat once more as I stood up, my face red with anger.

   "You know, right now your opinion is irrevelent cause you're starting to piss me off!" I spoke, pushing my hands against his chest as he only budged a few centimeters.

   "I'm doing whats best for you!" He retorted, anger fueling within me.

   "You're doing whats best for you, not me!" I screamed, throwing my hands into the air.

   "I can't believe you, after everything I've done for you!" Marcel yelled as I reached my breaking point.

   "LIKE WHAT? SAVE ME FROM DYLAN? WHY DIDNT YOU LEAVE ME? HE WOULD HAVE TREATED ME BETTER?'' I shouted, tears dripping from my eyes as I harshly swiped my arm across my face.

   "Maybe I should have!" He yelled back and once those words left, the atmosphere broke, Emma standing in the doorway and Harry observing the scene.

   "Get out..." I whispered as Marcels eyes widened.

   "W-what?" He stuttered as I looked up at him, glaring.

   "I said get out!" I spoke louder, my jaw clenched. Marcel was about to speak but I pointed to the door, letting the tears freely drop.

   "I-i'm sorry. I love you!" He whispered, heading out of my room, down the stairs and out the door.

   Once I heard the door shut I fell into sobs on the ground, tears flooding my eyes. I sniffled, inhuman cries leaving my lips as I attempted to control the crying. But I couldn't. And I hated it.

   "Are you okay?" Emma spoke, walking over as she wrapped her arms around me.

   "I lost him Emma. I lost the one person who made me feel loved, and the saddest part? I saw it coming all along!" I croaked, my voice weak as tears still leaked my eyes.

   "Ella. I don't think you'll ever lose him. If anything I think he's going to end up losing you!" Emma admitted, gently massaging my back. I thought about her statement, even more tears racing down my paled face.

   What have I done?





DRAMA-RAMA! mkay guys yeah, a lot of drama I know! Hey isnt that what this story is known for? I HAVE A 2 HOUR DELAY AND TONIGHT IS THE HALLOWEEN PARTY AT SCHOOL! WOOOT WOOOT!!!

Anywho, that sequel is going to be amazayn! I have it planned and everything! You guys are going to be in for a shocker! DUN DUN DUN!

tehe, im hyper! my tummy hurts :/ I kinda got rejected..oh well..screw him? tehe?

errgh, yeah im hyper and weird right now so imma go. b-t-dubs I love she will be loved by maroon 5 right now! AMAZ-BEANS!

mkay, luff you, bye! ♥



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