He's dangerous [COMPLETE]

"Who's that?" I asked, eyeing the mess of curls that downed yet another drink.

"Oh, that's Marcel. He used to be the biggest nerd in school. One day something inside of him snapped and completely changed. He got a bunch of tattoos and beat up every kid who bullied him. Stay away from him, he's dangerous." She spoke as he looked over at me.

I tried to stay away, but despite how he had changed, he was the one thing that could keep me from failing Algebra. I didn't want to spend time with him but I had to.

Will it stay as a simple tutor?
Or will their be more going on then tutoring?


27. hotel *unedited+explicit content*



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This tattoo is really something else. It was above my pantline and it said 'curiosity leads to trouble' in cursive. It was really pretty...distraction...again. I really need how to stop getting distracted.

Now, I have four boys who I dont know standing before me. I should probably learn their names and make sure they're not murderers.

"So...uh, hi I'm Ella!" I smiled, extending my hand as they took turns shaking it. One with blonde hair even left a kiss upon it. What a gentleman. I quickly learned that their names were Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn.

"Hate to break the conversation up but you do realize I drove from California here and Im tired, right?" Marcel interupted as I giggled. I leaned forward on my tiptoes, pressing my lips to his cheek as he bowed his head, dimples indicating a smile had formed.

"We can rent a hotel!" I winked as the tint turned into an opaque thickly colored red. I chuckled, getting to know the boys and catching up with Harry for a while more until night had officially dawned. Well...my definition of night anyways.

We all piled into the car, after Marcel had let me change. Well...I was carried into the car considering I was in more pain than a pregnant woman. I sat on Marcel's lap as the others sorted themselves out, Marcel already beginning to drive.


**skip car ride cause im lazy :P**


We arrived at the hotel, paying for three rooms. Marcel and I would share one. Liam and Harry would share one and last of all Louis and Niall would share one.

"Goodnight guys!" I smiled, giving each guy a hug before I looped my arm through Harry's. We all exchanged small quiet goodbyes before heading towards the elevators. Marcel and I took a separate elevator and right after the doors shut I was slammed against the mirrored wall. I slightly winced in pain but let it go when Marcels lips found mine.

"You're so sexy!" He mumbled against my lips, his hands traveling back up beneath my tank top. I smiled, twirling my finger as his curls spun around them. I bent my index finger, slightly tugging his curls as I earned a moan.

I began sprinkling his face with little kisses, every inch of his face covered by my lips. Last, I left little kisses on the corner of his lips as I let my hand 'accidently' slip over his trousers. At that moment the elevator doors opened as I walked out. I looked back at Marcel who had a frustrated look on his face while he bit his lip. I winked as he muttered tease. I simply giggled, finding out room before walking in.

It was quite big, and it had a nice view of nature. I took a deep breathe...it smelled like...fresh linen. I like that scent!

I set the key on the desk as I fell backwards onto the big king sized bed. Soon later Marcel walked in, dropping our bags on the floor as he shut the door, locking it. He walked over to me, sitting on the bed as it concaved.

"Babe?" He spoke, a serious yet oddly funny look on his face.

"Yeah?" I asked, scrunching my forehead together like I often did in confusion.

"You are such a damn tease!" He groaned as another laugh slipped between my lips.

"Just how I like it!" I smiled, wiggling up the bed as my head found a pillow and my hands found the remote. I slid it off the bedside table into my hand but before I could press the power button it was slapped out of my hand.

I pouted, looking up at Marcel.

"No way beautiful!" He grinned before forcing his lips against mine. Okay...he didn't force me but it sounded better.

The kiss quickly escalated, his tongue gently and slowly sweeping over my bottom lip in a teasing manor. I slightly parted my lips, as his tongue slipped in, meeting mine. We let our tongues fight for dominance as Harry moved so that he hovered over me.

His hands reached below my shirt, traveling backup beneath them as I arched my back, allowing more space. He found the clasp of my brs, fiddling around with it before unhooking it. Well, with lots of trouble must I say. Eventually my top and bra had found the way to the floor along with Marcels t-shirt.

We pulled our lips apart taking a three second breather before they reconnected. Lust and passion filled the room as both of our bottoms were removed hastily. Marcels lips pulled away from mine as I reluctantly let him go. Soon, gentle small kisses were peppered across my neck, moving downwards to my chest as he just continued downward. Soon they reached my stomach, dozens of kisses being placed upon it.

It hadn't taken long for him to achieve his one goal, pulling my underwear off and that's exactly what he did. He grasped the material between his teeth, tugging at them as he pulled them down, discarding them onto the floor.

He looked at me, licking his lips before wet lips were placed amoungst my inner thighs.

They began reaching higher and higher until they reached my slit.

"Damn girl you're wet!" He chuckled as I blushed.

Without hestitation, earning a gasp from me, his tongue slowly licked over me, shivers racing through my legs. He had gone through that for a couple minutes before his tongue darted deep into me, causing me to arch my back as high as possible.

A pleasuring sensation filled my body as I closed my eyes, biting down on my lip. Marcels lips soon reunited with mine but his fingers took over his tongues previous job. He began thumping in and out of me, as I bit down on my lip harder causing the skin to pull apart as a small portion of metal tasting blood filled my throat. Ew, does this mean Im a vampire?

Marcels tongue began fighting with mine but we all know who won....Marcel, damn you!

Pulling away for breathe, I hastily pulled his trousers sown, not bothering to take my time with his boxers as they were discarded with them. I smiled, looking into his eyes as our lips met once more.

"I love you baby!" He spoke softly as I nodded, indicating my feelings. 

"Oh!" He spoke, taking a small packet from his trouser pockets. He took it between his teeth, ripping it open as a condom fell into his expansive hand. Quickly he rolled it up before lining up with me.

Before I knew it, he had pushed into me as I continued biting my lip. Pain soared through my body as I fisted the sheets. Tears squeezed from the corners of my eyes as blood filled my mouth once more.

"It gets better baby, don't cry angel!" Marcel pleaded, his thumb gently wiping away my tears as he continued to gently thrust into me. I nodded my head, sniffling as I tried to ignore the pain. I don't know why but this was so much more painful than any other time.

Tears continuously spilled from my eyes as Marcel stopped. I curiously pulled one eye open as Marcel looked down at me sympathetically.

"No, I'm not going to hurt you!" He spoke, beginning to roll off the bed. My heart skipped a beat as I wrapped my fingers around his arm, preventing any further travel.

"Please babe. I-I..." I trailed off, not ready to say the majorly awkward phrase.

"You what?" He spoke softly, gently prying my fingers from his arm.

"I-I need you..." I whispered, mentally praying to God that he didnt hear me. Well apparently God didnt hear me because Marcel took a large deep sigh, nodding. He placed his hand around the crook of my neck, pulling me in as our lips met in a sweet slow passhionate kiss.

Im pretty sure you know the deal and soon enough he was VERY slowly, might I add, thrusting in and out of me.  Eventually any pain turned into pleasure as I pleaded Marcel to go faster.

He nodded, begin to thrust faster as I fisted the sheets. My hands quickly moved to his back, my nails digging into it as they pulled themselves down.

I felt blood begin to drip down his back but...what? It's what girls do when being pleasured. Ella...you did not just think that!

I continued making deep scratches on his back but soon enough we were making love. Each thrust became faster and faster until I let a small squeak go.

"Marcel...I-Im almost..." I spoke with difficulty as he bobbed his head in a understanding manor. 

His hand caressed my cheek as his curls tickled my jawline. 

"Let go angel!" He whispered, his hot breathe sending shivers down my spine. I nodded and with that nod, I let him take me, and I knew he let go because a warm liquid filled the plastic.

His thrusts became sloppy as he fell limp beside me. I carefully peeled my eyes open, looking at the angel beside me who was so sweaty he looked like he just got out of a shower.

"You're so beautiful baby!" He whispered, wrapping his arms around my torso as I was pulled next to him, cuddling as we both fell asleep.



"Wake up nude!" I heard a voice chuckled as I groaned, pushing my face into Marcels bare chest. Another chuckled emitted as hands gently shook my arm. I groaned once more, turning around as I opened my eyes. Suddenly, I gasped shooting up as I dragged the sheets further up my body.

"HARRY YOU BLOODY IDIOT!" I whispered-yelled as I earned yet another laugh from him.

"Someone had fun last night!" He proceeded laughing as I rolled my eyes.

"Shut it Styles you just wish it were you!" I smirked, winking as I got up, pulling the sheets with me.

"Oh how you're right my lady!" he bowed as I giggled, hitting him on top of his head.

"That wasn't very princess like!" He teased, poking my cheek as I pouted.

"That was very prince like!" I smiled as he playfully rolled his eyes.

"So I'm your prince?" He winked as my eyes ever so slightly widened, as I shook my head.

"My prince is sleeping naked!" I laughed, looking over at Marcel. The only thing covering his manhood was a blanket. Harry joined along, laughing as marcel began to stir. It really freaked me out how similiar these two looked.

I couldn't point out a single difference accept Marcel is more aggressive.

"It's really weird how alike you guys look!" I spoke, standing next to Harry as we looked at Marcel.

"It is really!" He spoke,his eyes widening with exagerration. They could practically be twins.

"So, if you think he's hot, you think I'm hot!" Harry winked as I sighed, smiling as I shook my head.

"Yes, technically..." I admitted, my cheeks deciding to flame a crimson red colour onto my cheek.

"YES!" He whisper-yelled as I gently punched him on the arm. He pouted, pretending I hurt him as he rubbed his arm.

"Idiot!" I muttered, laughing as he glared at me.

"Get ready, we're gonna go back to California!" Harry spoke as I scrunched my forehead in confusion.

"Right now?" I spoke as he nodded.

"Yeah, after you're both ready. I live in Kansas but Im coming back and buying a house there like I was planning anyway!" He spoke as I nodded.

"Do you have a place to stay for now?'' I asked as he shook his head, his curls flipping with each movement.

"You can stay with me!" I offered as his eyes brightened.

"Thank you so much!" He smiled, embracing me in a tight hug.

"You're welcome now let me get ready!" I choked out as he nodded, letting me go.

"Okay, see you!" He smiled, walking out as the door closed behind him.

I walked into the bathroom, dropping the sheet as I turned to water on.

I waited for it to condense before I stepped in, washing my body clean of any dirt of blood that may be left.

Seriously, they are twins.





Will Ella begin falling for Harry?

Will Marcel and Harry begin a feud?

Will Dylan return?

Why did Ella hurt so much while her and Marcel had fun;)?


~Gabriella Xx

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