He's dangerous [COMPLETE]

"Who's that?" I asked, eyeing the mess of curls that downed yet another drink.

"Oh, that's Marcel. He used to be the biggest nerd in school. One day something inside of him snapped and completely changed. He got a bunch of tattoos and beat up every kid who bullied him. Stay away from him, he's dangerous." She spoke as he looked over at me.

I tried to stay away, but despite how he had changed, he was the one thing that could keep me from failing Algebra. I didn't want to spend time with him but I had to.

Will it stay as a simple tutor?
Or will their be more going on then tutoring?


3. Guards ~explicit content~

I woke up, a sneeze immediatly exiting my lips. I sat up, the sun shining in my face as I squinted my eyes. My nose was stuffed up and my eyes were watering. I sniffed a few times before standing up and pulling my hair into a topknot.

I yawned, stumbling over to my door, placing my my hand on the cold handle, as I turned it, pulling the door back. The smell of fresh waffles hit my nose as I smiled. I walked over to the stairs, stumbling down as I was met with Emmas grinning face. I smiled back at her as I plopped down onto the chair, sneezing into my arm.

"Bless you!" Emma smiled as I thanked her, taking some waffles from the plate before me, piling them onto mine. She smiled, sitting beside me as she stabbed her fork into the waffles. I buttered and syruped my waffles, stuffing them in my mouth as emma did the same.

It hadn't taken us long to devour the food before we slumped against the chairs.

"Those were amazing!" I complimented as she smiled, thanking me. She let out a burp, her eyes  widening as her hand covered her mouth.

"I am so sorry!" She laughed, as I shook my head, smiling.

"No worries!" I said, burping after my sentence as we both fell into laughter. It had took awhile but our laughing finally died down.

"We need more food, wanna go shopping?" I spoke, my cheeks red from laughter. She nodded, getting up as she walked to the door. We didnt even bother to change from our pajamas before heading towards the door.

(They both wore the same thing!)

We stopped in front of the door, as we both pulled on a pair of UGGS and a black Northface. I took the keys from the hook as I opened the door for her, walking out behind her before firmly shutting the door. After we had got down the driveway she asked me a question I didnt want to answer.

"Why'd you leave in the middle of the fight?" She spoke, my eyes slightly widening.

"I uh..I've never seen a fight let alone be the cause of one!" I answered truthfully.

"You've never seen one?" She gasped as I shyly nodded.

"Wow, dio you know why Marcel beat him up?" She asked, finally looking over at me. I shrugged my shoulders as she answered me.

"You. After you left Marcel stopped, and spat these four words...stay off of her, before leaving!" She said as my eyes widened.

"Really?" I asked, finally looking into her eyes as she nodded. I took in all the information as we entered Wally World. No shame. We had taken a cart, pushing it through the security posts, the food sitting before us. We began swerving through the aisles, filling the cart to the brim. People eyes burned through me as they stared at my pajamas, before quickly looking away.

"Barbeque or Salt and vinegar?" Emma asked, holding two large bags of chips up in her hands.

"Both!" I smiled, as she threw them into the cart, a smile of her own tugging at her lips. Out of nowhere, the air changed and I became insecure about what I was wearing. I tried to make my shorts as long as possible but it wasn't easy without giving people a full flash of my underwear. I sighed, settling from them being labeled as 'Booty shorts'.

The bun jiggled on top of my head as we turned the cart into the ice cream aisle. I stocked up on ice cream as Emma suppressed a laugh.

"Uh, just got over a break up?" She asked sarcastically as we both laughed.

"Actually yeah!" I said, still smiling as her eyes widened.

"And you're smiling about it?" She asked, stunned. I giggled, nodding.

"I don't want to waste my life grieving over a boy who I thought was 'the one'!" I smiled, air quoting the one.

"After both of my parents deaths I learned that life can be taken away so easily so if the same fate is in store for me, I don't want to spend my short life crying over a boy who didn't love me as much as I loved him!" I smiled, shrugging my shoulders as I threw one more bucket of ice cream into the cart.

Her eyes weren't widened anymore but you could tell she was still fazed,

"Your parents are dead? I thought you moved out like I did!" She exclaimed, throwing in some popsicles. I sighed.

"No, I thought I told you they died!" I said, looking over at her. She shook her head, shrugging her shoulders.

"Not that I remember, you might have!" She smiled, as I nodded.

"You know what. A broken heart and no parents. We need more ice cream!" She smiled, opening the freezer door and grabbing every kind of ice cream they had. I laughed, joining along with her. We reached the Ben and Jerry section, piling any ice cream into the cart that we could get our hands onto.

I stopped, looking at the cart as Emma followed my procedures.

"Think we got enough?" She asked, laughing as she looked at me.

"Enough to last us the rest of our breakups!" I laughed as she nodded in agreement, trying to push the cart.

"Uh, help?" She blushed as I giggled, standing beside her as we pushed the cart. It was definitely heavy. Not something one of us would've, nor could have, hauled through all of Walmart.

"Hey, want to check our food out then come back in and buy new things for your bedroom?" I asked, looking at the cart then to the home side of the store. She nodded as we pushed the cart to the register.

After a good ten minutes, she finished scanning and bagging everything, as Emma and I worked on placing the last of the bags in the cart. I began pulling my credit card out but Emma placed her hand over mine, preventing me.

"I'll pay, as a thanks for letting me live with you!" She smiled, pulling her own out.

"Are-Are you sure?" I asked, shocked. She nodded, handing her card to the lady who slide it through the little slot thing, pressing a few buttons before handing Emma her card back.

She thanked her, a receipt printing out as Emma completed her transaction.

She waited for a whole thing to print out before handing it over to Emma in a roll. We thanked her and, with difficulty, pushed the cart out of Walmart and in front of the building.

"Shit, we walked!" I cursed, my eyes widening as I looked at our cart full of food. Her eyes widened at the realization, as she mumbled something beneath her breath.

"How are we going to get all of this home? It's going to kill us trying to lug this all home and we can't take the cart!" I exclaimed, running my fingers through my hair as I took a few steps back from the cart.

"I-I don't know!" She exclaimed, rubbing her temples.

"You ladies need  a ride?" I heard a male voice ask as I froze in my spot. I looked at Emma who was beside me and knew she recognized the voice as well. We both slowly turned around to meet Marcel's tall frame.

"What? No! Uh, Emma?" I asked, wanting help to form a sentence. I saw her feel around her pockets for her phone but her face paled realizing she didn't have it. Hoping I had picked mine up, I searched my pockets but nothing turned up as my skin color joined hers.

"We-we can walk!" She said, quickly walking over to the cart and struggling to place bags on her arm before dropping them all into the cart once more.

"Face it, you ladies need a ride. I'll drive you home, I'm not a murderer!" He chuckled as Emma and I turned to look at each other.

"It's okay, there's probably not enough room. We have to go buy more for Emma's new bedroom!" I improvised, hoping it was enough to push Marcel off of our backs.

"I drove my dads pick up truck. If there's not enough room in that thing then there's not enough room anywhere!" he spoke, pointing to the red brand new looking pick up truck parked by the entrance. My stomach began racing as my mind raced for another excuse.

"There's only two seats, where would I sit?" I asked, looking into his truck to confirm my suspicion.

"You could always sit on my lap!" He winked as my heart beat faster. I shook my head, taking another few steps back.

Before I could speak, he took my hand in his, looking into my eyes as Emma's widened.

"Hands off of..." She began before Marcel cut her off.

"I'm not going to kill her!" He smiled, looking back down at me.

"You're coming with me! Besides, considering how many teenage boys there are in this town, I don't think you want to be walking around in your booty shorts!" He chuckled, winking as I looked down, my eyes widening.

"I..well, er..I.." I stuttered, trying to find another excuse but it looked as if Marcel had won this battle.

I looked over at Emma giving her a look saying 'I'm sorry', before turning to face Marcel.

I took a deep breathe, "Okay..." I spoke nervously as a lopsided smile formed on his lips

"Great! Lets go put your food in the trunk then we can go back in!" He smiled, walking over to my cart as he pushed it, without any help, over to his truck.

He took some bags in his hands, placing them in the trunk but before he could finish he got to the bottom layers which were the ice cream. I cocked his eyebrows, smiling as he picked up a bag.

"Why so much ice cream? Just got over a breakup?" He asked, reminding me of Emma's words.

"Why does everybody say that? Yes okay! I had my fucking heart broken by a guy I loved. I cried for days, I didn't go anywhere and I was a mess and now I cant trust any guy because of him, can we move on?" I shouted, my voice rising an extreme amount as Marcel and Emma stared at me, wide eyed.

"I-I didn't know!" Emma looked down, as I turned to face her.

"It's not your fault, but I partially lied to you. We broke up a few months ago. Now I'm smiling because I realized I was being stupid but back then." I trailed off before leaning against Marcel's dads truck to finish.

"Back then he was my everything. He was my first kiss. The first guy I lost everything to. He told me he loved me and I believed him. He made me feel like anything was possible, like I was the only girl in the world. Things change, people change. He began cheating and I felt disgusted but couldn't muster the courage to leave. The one day, he took it to far. He began physically abusing me and after a few months I couldn't take it anymore. I ran away and that's how I ended up here. He left his mark with me though..." I said, tears welling in my eyes as I turned around, lifting my jacket and shirt up.

They gasped looking at the cut deep in my back.

"My friends tried to tell me to leave but I was to starstruck. They eventually all got annoyed with me and began bullying me. I was put through hell and back..." I trailed off, a few tears slipping as a hand gently ran over my scar. Goosebumps formed as I look back, seeing Marcel looking at the scar.

"Where does that bastard live?" He growled, as I turned to look at him.

"You will not hurt him!" I spoke, a serious tone engraved into my voice.

"Why? He hurt you!" He spat, as I flinched.

"He's not worth it! Don't act like I didn't fight back. He has a scar going down his arm because of me and had a black eye. The guy has suffered enough!" I spoke, as Emma giggled.

"Sorry but think about it. A guy getting beat up by a girl!" She laughed as I playfully rolled my eyes, laughing with her. Marcel chuckled, putting the bags into the trunk.

"Yeah..lets go back in!" I smiled, walking towards the door once Marcel had finished packing away the bags. Emma and I began walking back in as Marcel rushed in behind us. His presence still scared me. I still didn't want to be around him.

"Uh, pick whatever you want. Make it fast though, the ice cream will melt!" I said, nervously rubbing the back of my neck as she thanked me, running off into the bed set aisle. I smiled, nodding slightly as I walked into the magazine/book aisle. 

I sat on the ground like I kindergartner, crossing my legs as I picked up a magazine, flipping through it. I hadn't realized how long I was sitting down before Emma came back, a  cart full of decor.

"Damn girl!" I laughed, as she helped me from the floor.

"Oh, I'm still not done!" She laughed as my eyes widened. This might, MIGHT, be heavier than our ice cream rush.

"Okay, go finish up!" I laughed, plopping back down onto the floor, picking up the magazine I was flipping through. I saw her push the cart from the corner of my eye. I smiled, looking down at the pages as I suddenly got an eery presence next to me. I looked to my right to see Marcel looking down at the pages.

I nervously took a few scoots to my left, hoping it wasn't to obvious. He did. He scooted closer as I sighed, knowing I wasn't getting away any time soon.

"Marcel?" I asked, not knowing whether to ask this question that he would either answer with ease or spark a fiery emotion.

"Yeah?" He smiled, looking deep into my eyes, as my heart beat faster. Should I ask?

"Uh. You, well...somebody told me." I began, still mentally debating whether I should let the words exit my lips.

"Somebody told you what?" He sat straight, cocking his eyebrows.

"Uh, you used to be the schools uh, biggest nerd. Apparently something changed and you beat up every kid who bullied you. Used any girls you liked by either getting your pleasure from them or ignoring them...why?" I asked, and once the words started they couldn't stop themselves from coming out.

He looked down, massaging the bridge of his nose with his two fingers.

"I knew somebody was going to eventually question me..." He muttered beneath his breathe, as I decided to leave the topic alone.

"Never mind. It's not my business to know!" I quickly spoke, my eyes returning to the magazine.

"No, it's okay. Once you're ridiculed for so long you just can't handle it anymore. I wanted to prove those guys wrong, show them I'm not all that meets the eye. All the girls I liked suddenly threw themselves at me but I knew it wasn't for who I really am. It was for my new image and I hated that..." He spoke, choosing his words carefully.

"Oh." I spoke, unable to create a form of response.

"Yeah..." He replied, the air so thick it could be cut with a knife. I took a deep breathe, looking at the magazine before putting it back on the stand.

"Thank you for giving us a ride home!" I smiled, trying to enlighten the atmosphere around us. He smiled, nodding as I let out a quiet sigh. I looked over to my left, my eyes widening as I took Harry's arm in mine, rushing to my feet and out of that aisle, into the next.

"What was..." Marcel began before I shushed him.

"What was that for?" He whispered, as my chest rised and fell rapidly.

"The creator of my scar!" I whispered, sneaking into the next aisle, hoping to get as far from Dylan as I could. Marcel's facial features became rock solid as his fists clenched. I took them in my hands, continuing to maneuver into the neighboring aisle, hoping Dylan wouldn't see us.

We finally reached the last aisle as I sighed, putting my hand to my heart. Marcel looked at me his eyes burning with hate. Why did he care about me so much?

"Miss me?" I heard a voice speak behind me as I jumped up, clutching my heart. I turned to face Dylan, my lips white from pressure.

"No, not really!" I spat as he rolled his eyes. I heard Marcel began to step forward but I moved in front of him, blocking him from creating any damage.

"Why? I sure as hell missed you!" He smirked, moving in closer as I backed up, slightly pushing Marcel back with me.

"Yeah, how many girls have you said that to?" I retorted as I heard Marcel stiffle a laugh.

"Only you babe!" He smiled, his hand gripping my arm. I pushed it down as it hit his leg.

"Don't call me that!" I growled, looking right into those eyes I used to be madly in love with. Okay, that I'm still in love with. He was my first boyfriend. I'm not just going to move on like the wind.

"Oh come on, you miss my touch!" He smiled, pulling on my arm as my back hit his chest. He swayed me back and forth, his lips near my ear.

"You've missed my lips!" He whispered, as he began leaving small kisses along my neck and jawline. My heart fluttered, as I tried to stop my feelings from growing back.

"No replies? So I'm assuming I'm right!" He smirked, finding my sweet spot as I moaned. I gasped, my hand covering my lips.

"There's that sexy moan. Babe, you don't know how much I missed you, I've been dying to make you sore all over again!" He winked, as I cringed, Marcel being effected by that comeback. It's like my vocal cords had been torn from my throat. I couldn't process any words in my head let alone say them.

"Come on, come back, I miss you!" He said softly, kissing along my jaw as I tried not to moan. I slightly shook my head, my senses fighting for a return. Marcel stood there shocked, unable to move.

"This will convince you!" He smiled, turning me to face him as he pressed his warm lips to mine. Without common sense, I kissed back, wrapping my arms around his neck. I can't stand what I'm doing but I've missed his touch. I've missed someone to make me feel special.

I heard Marcel clear his throat as I gasped, pulling away. My hands gently ran over my lip, my eyes opened widely.

"You're a monster!" I whispered, backing into Marcel as he protectively wrapped his arms around me. I pulled away from him, looking in horror at them both.

"How could you?" I asked, glaring at Dylan.

"Wow, you're so desperate. Letting a guys touch influence you. What a slut.." He spoke before I glared at him, cutting him off.

"You were my first love, I'm not going to move on like it meant nothing to me, because unlike you it actual did. I'm not a slut, every girl wants a guy to make her feel special so bastard you'd best me leaving before you get another black eye!" I snarled as he backed up, chuckling.

I clenched my fists, releasing them then clenching them again. I took deep breathes as Marcel stepped before me, not able to stop him.

"Leave!" He growled, pointing to the exit.

"I'll be back!" Dylan smirked, walking up as I ran out of Walmart, out to Marcel's truck. I heard him calling my name but I was to overwhelmed to think. I slumped down to the ground, resting my head in my hands. I heard bags rustle in front of me as I looked up.

Marcel and Emma looked down sympathetically at me, one of the looks I hated the most. Marcel extended his hand, helping me up as I dusted myself off.

"Thanks!" I mumbled, hauling her bags into the truck with the food. Both Emma and Marcel helped me and once we finished, I pushed the cart into those racks in the parking lot. I ran back only to see both Emma and Marcel situated in the truck. I stood in front of Emma's door as she opened it.

"How are we going to arrange this?" She asked, hopping out. Marcel and I shrugged our shoulders, looking at each other.

"I did say you can sit on my lap!" Marcel winked as I froze. He did. I nervously scratched my head, looking around.

"Uh.." I began before Emma whispering in my ear quieted me, "It's only for this ride!" She pointed out as I sighed, rolling my eyes. I climbed into the truck and onto Marcel's lap as Emma scooted in beside me. Kill. Me. Now.

She shut the door forcefully as Marcel wrapped a seat belt around us, Emma hooking her own. I slumped down, resting my head on his shoulder as he started the car, driving out of the parking lot. It hadn't taken more then a mere few minutes to reach my house but within that time I had fallen asleep.

Today had been so dramatic, who wouldn't want sleep? I don't remember much of what happened but as soon as I woke up my face made contact with the hard cold wooden floorboards. I groaned in pain, weakly pushing myself up as I observed my surroundings. I laid in the living room. I looked into the kitchen to see dozens of bags crowding into the living room. I saw the fridge and freezer as Emma unbagged all the food.

I rushed up, beginning to help her as she smiled, thanking me. After about ten minutes, all the food was unbagged and put away as we stuffed the extra plastic bags in a bin beneath the sink.

"Eventful Saturday!" II laughed, yawning. Emma dramatically nodded her head, yawning as well. I laughed, my vision blurring. I shook my head, rubbing my eyes as I waited for the fuzziness to disappear from my sight.

"Hey, you love photography right?" She asked, as I cocked my eyebrows at her.

"How do you know?" I asked, eyeing her suspiciously as she smiled.

"I'm assuming by the pictures all around your room and the poster that says 'Photography is a big scrapbook of your life'," laughing as she pointed over to the large poster, framed between my door and closet.

"Oh," I spoke, blushing as I looked at my baby blue toenails.

"So, since we both love photography want to go somewhere and take some pictures?" She asked, her eyes wide with hope as she eyed my shelf of different cameras. Some vintage, some modernized.

I nodded, walking over as I scanned through my wide selection of cameras. I finally decided on my Polaroid, carefully pulling it from it's position and looping it around my neck as Emma nodded in agreement, following me out of my bedroom door.

"I think we should bring our phones this time!" She laughed, dangling both of our phones in her hand. I laughed, bobbing my head as I thanked her, taking my phone from her grasp.

She smiled, grabbing the keys as I walked out of the front door.

After a few seconds of not hearing her footsteps, I turned to see the door wide open.

"Emma?" I asked, a nerve pulling inside of me.

"Be down in a second!" She yelled as I sighed in relief, leaning against the exterior of the house. After about five minutes she came down with two of my purses. I gave her a look of confusion as I looked inside.

"Oh thanks!" I smiled, looking at her. She had packed us extra outfits besides our pajamas we wore right now.

"Yeah, don't need no guys trying get all up in our grill!" She sassed as we laughed, slamming the door shut. We walked down the driveway and to her convertible which was parked still alongside the road. I walked over to the passenger seat, opening the door as I let myself fall into the seat. Emma began pushing a button as the top began descending backwards.

I smiled, examining my house as she finished. It had a white exterior with many windows. Black doors with golden handles. Clean cut, bright green grass with neatly trimmed bushes and a very tall Willow tree. A fountain took space in a corner of the yard, water spouting from it. It was quite beautiful in my opinion.

Emma's body blocked my view as she climbed into my car, taking a deep breathe, starting it. Before I knew it we were cruising down the freeway, music blasting loud. It didn't take us long to designate the park we had desired. Once we arrived, Emma took the purses from the back seat, shutting her door as she didn't bother with the top.

She led me to the bathroom where we changed into more appropriate clothes.

"Hey, uh, there's this lady I know. She does modeling, things like that and she needs some new models. Would you be interested?" Emma asked, as we both headed into stalls, beginning to change. I pondered about it within my thoughts, before grinning to myself.

"I'd love that!" I said, imagining Emma's smile.

"Okay, great! We're going to need to get some test shots today!'' I heard her say, excitedly. I let a small giggle escape before walking out of the stall, my pajamas slung over my left arm. Emerging from the next stall, seconds later came Emma.

(ellas outfit)

(Emmas outfit)

"You look ravishing!" I giggled, pretending to curtsy with my imaginary skirt, she giggling, bowing down. We both let out a laugh as we stuffed our pajamas to her car, once we had made sure we looked nice before exiting the bathroom.

Emma slammed down the trunk, turning to look over at the lake that plashed against the grass of the park.

"Okay, so what do you want to do first?" She asked, looking around at the variety of scenes. I scrunched my eyebrows, looking around as I played out pictures in my head.

"What about by the water? The sun I beginning to set and it's very beautiful!" I said, pointing over to the the sky colored with purples, pinks, oranges and blues. She smiled, nodding her head as she began walking towards the water.

I observed the beautiful sun, prepping the Polaroid in my hand.

"You first?" I asked, nudging Emma in the rib with my elbow as she let out a small laugh. She nodded her head, walking towards the shoreline, careful not to fall in.

"Uh, what do you want me to do?" She asked, crunching her forehead as she looked around for a setting in which she could pose. I looked around.

"Do we have to do the modeling thing?" I slumped, not wanting to anymore.

"No!" She shrugged her shoulders, turning to face the sunset.

"Then lets just take funny random pictures of us!" I smiled, holding the camera up to my right eye. She smiled, giving me a double thumbs up as I snapped the picture. She smiled, walking over to look at it as I waved it in my hand.

I stopped waving it, holding in front of Emma and I. We looked down smiling at the picture. it was beautiful, really. 

"Your turn!" She smiled, pulling the camera off of my neck as I skipped over to where the water met land. I thought for a few seconds before posing.

(But with sunset in the background:)

I heard the camera take the picture, as I set myself on my flat feet, walking over to Emma who had just pulled the Polaroid form where it came out. She waved it for a few seconds as I had earlier, showing it to me. I smiled, taking it in my hands.

After a couple of hours our hands were FULL of photos that we couldn't contain anymore. We decided to call it quits, heading back to the car, careful not to lose any photos in the process. Emma dropped all of her photos into the backseat, while opening the door. I followed her actions, placing myself back onto the passenger seat.

She had decided to put the top off so our pictures didn't go flying around. Once she had finished, she sat back down, starting the car as she began to drive off.


Back to school. Again. We had finished with Emma's room and had even had time to do a small renovation on mine. I had insisted she took everything she liked from her old house and we could renovate mine to make everything work.

"Ella? Get up! It's time for school?" I felt a hand shake my shoulder as I groaned, swatting it away. I rolled over in the bed, bundling up in the comforters as I kept my eyes shut. 

"Ella?" She asked, a serious undertone engraved in her voice.

"What time is it?" I asked, my words slurred from the sleep I longed to have.

"8:00!" She exclaimed as I shot up. Class started at nine, we were girls. We had to get ready. I rapidly nodded my head, rushing into my closet, fumbling around for clothes. Screw it! I picked up the clothes nearest to me and dashing into the bathroom. I quickly stripped from my clothes, not waiting for the water to warm before I hopped into the shower.

It took me a few minutes to wash my hair and body before I turned the knob, the water stopping it's flow. I blindly reached for a towel that was suspended from a silver hook beside the shower. Once my cold fingers had found it's warmth, I pulled it in, wrapping it around my body. I secured the corner, stepping out as I walked in front of the mirror.

Before I could pull my hair dryer out, I ran into my room, getting my clothes from the bed and running back in to see the shower on, Emma's shadow showering. It didn't bother me, it meant nothing.

I plugged the blow dryer in, pushing the knob up as hot air began blowing from the circular exit. I began moving the hair dryer all around my head. It usually doesn't take my hair long to dry so within five minutes, my hair was 99% dry.

Emma still showered so I quietly walked out into my room, quickly changing into the clothes I had picked up. I finished dressing and looked into my body mirror. I had on some white skinny jeans, a yellow kami and a black leather jacket. I nodded my head in approval at my clothes. I quickly swiped some lip balm onto my lips, not bothering with makeup as I swung my purse onto my shoulder, frantically pushing my phone and gum into my back pocket.

Emma emerged from the bathroom, fully dressed, her hair thrown into a wet french braid. I smiled, throwing her phone and bag at her as she caught them, thanking me. We quickly descended down the stairs and stumbled into the kitchen as I opened the fridge. She sat at the table as I pulled out two water bottles and two poptarts. I placed our water bottles on the table, shoving the poptarts into the toaster as I impatiently waited for them to cook, heat, whatever you call it.

I twirled my waves around my finger as the ring finally came from the toaster causing both Emma and I to do a little air jump.

I pulled them from the toasters, quick enough not to burn my finger. I placed  them on the plate as I waited for them to cool. I walked over to the table, beginning to chug my water down, screwing the cap back on after I had drank half of the bottle.

I headed towards the poptarts, handing one to Emma and throwing a granola bar at the table as she caught it with her left hand. I smiled, taking a poptart and granola bar for myself. I shoved my granola bar and water bottle into my purse as Emma and I walked over to the door. I slipped on my black combat boots on as Emma slipped into some white converse.

I opened the door, leading Emma out as I made sure I had my keys. Once I heard them jingle within the confinement of my purse, I slammed the door shut, catching up with Emma.

It hadn't been a long walk to school, talking taking most of the time up. Once we arrived at school, we immediately headed our separate ways, bidding each other a goodbye.

I let a small laugh escape as I found my locker, quickly putting the combination in as I pulled on it. It unclicked, and I opened my locker. I quickly took all the books I would need, wedging them between my arm and waist as I shoved the rest of the poptart into my mouth. I quickly swallowed in, taking handle of my books before I had another mess to clean up after.

I slammed my locker shut, putting my lock back on as I rushed into class, the bell ringing as I did. I hated being the new student. I still wasn't used to it but second day and I already have a best friend living with me.

All the eyes turned to look at me as I looked at the black tips of my combat boots.

"Hello, you must be Ella? Welcome to advanced Algebra!" A young man smiled, shaking my hand. I had two sets of Algebra. Regular algebra and advanced. I didn't know how I managed to get into advanced since I've practically failed Algebra every year of my life.

"Yes and thank you!" I replied softly, still concentrating on my shoes.

"Okay, well there's only one seat left so you'll have to sit next to Marcel!" He spoke as I froze, my eyes widening. I looked up to see Marcel's lips grinning at me. My heart began beating wildly as I tried to find an excuse. Not one could come to mind as I frantically searched for one. I sighed, grumpily walking over to Marcel who pulled my chair out for me as I plopped down onto it.

"Someones in a bad mood!" He laughed as the teacher began teaching.

"Yeah because I have to sit next to you!" I snapped, as he acted hurt.

"Ouch, you were much nicer this weekend!" Marcel smiled as I rolled my eyes.

"And you're such a bastard for somebody who used to be the schools biggest nerd!" I sassed, as he let a throaty chuckle escape his lips.

He turned to face the teacher, as I tried to do the same. I kept my head low hoping the teacher wouldn't pick on me to answer a question but luck wasn't with me today as I heard my name be called.

"Huh?" I asked, my head snapping up as everybody turned to look at me.

"Can you give me the answer?" He asked as my eyes adverted towards the complicated looking equations written on the board. I squinted my eyes, straining my muscles to find a reasonably close answer.

"Uh, 49?" I asked, as students began to laugh at me, Marcel chuckling along. I clenched my fists, my foot stomping on top of his, his laughter only continuing.

"Wrong the answer is 21!" He replied, looking skeptically at me as I hid my face in my arms. The period went by fast and the teacher, who I learned was named Mr.Sterwells, continuously called on me, hoping I could answer at least one question. I couldn't and every time I tried, laughter haunted my hearing.

Before I knew it the end of the day came, as I rushed out of the school, not waiting for Emma as I headed down the sidewalk.

"Ella?" I heard a voice I hated call after me. 

"What?" I snapped as I continued walking.

"What happened back there?' Marcel asked, catching up to me.

"I..I've never been good in Algebra but nobody understands, they just laugh!" I said, tired of making up excuses. Of lying.

"Not everybody is great at Algebra!" He said, sympathetically rubbing my shoulder as I swatted his hand away.

"Then why were you laughing? God, nobody understands! I look at an equation and it looks like a bunch of jumbled letters and numbers, I cant make anything out. I'd have a 4.0 GPA if it weren't for Algebra!" I snapped, stopping as I turned to face him. 

"I could tutor you! I have an A+!" He said, his eyes lighting up with the idea. My eyes opened as I vigorously shook my head. I needed the help but not from Marcel. Problem is I have two Algebra classes and two F's is what it takes to flunk a grade.

"If you're as bad as you proclaim then you'll get held back because you have two Algebra classes!" Marcel spoke, reading my thoughts. I sighed, knowing no matter what I argued there was no getting out of this.

"Fine, but only for tutoring!" I said, rubbing the bridge of my nose between my two fingers.

"Great we can start right now!'' He clapped as I tried to process everything.

"Yeah, whatever!" I said as Marcel followed behind me. We walked in silence to my house as I opened the door to find Emma sitting on the couch, eating popcorn as she watched...The Vow?

"Uh, Emma?" I asked, slightly laughing as she looked at me, smiling as tears fell from her eyes.

"Yeah?" She sniffed, I deleted what I was about to say from my mind and said something different.

"I'm joining you!" I smiled, running up the stairs. I stripped from everything but my underwear and bra. I pulled on an over-sized hoodie, running back downstairs. I plopped onto the couch beside Emma as I saw her glare at Marcel.

"What're you doing here?" She snapped, her eyes fiery. He puts his hands up in defense, a chuckle escaping his beauti...HIS REGULAR red lips. I caught myself before I could let my thought continue.

"Your friend over here needs a tutor in Alegbra!" He smirked at her as she turned, shocked, to face me.

"Why didn't you tell me?" She asked as I shrug, not wanting to discuss it again.

"Well I'm helping her because I have a 4.0 gpa, so you're going to have to live with me being here!" He winked, walking over to me as he took my hand in his, lifting me up.

"Put me down!" I said, as I snatched my arm away from his expansive hand.

"Come on, let's go study!" He smiled, walking up the stairs. I sighed, slumping up the stairs behind him as I led him into my bedroom. Dirty minded you! I cuddled beneath my blankets as he sat on the end of my bed.

"Uh, where should we start?" He asked, opening his backpack.

"Sleeping?" I asked, letting my head rest on my soft pillow.

"Oh thanks what am I supposed to do?" He smiled, playfully rolling his eyes.

"Sleep!" I smiled, taking a deep breathe.

"Where?" He asked as I realized I only had one bed. I sat up, trying to think of a solution.

"Uh.." I began, scratching my arm as I thought in deep concentration. I sighed, saying the only answer there was.

"You can sleep next to me but hands off!" I said, pointing directly at him as he nodded. He took off his jacket, slipping into the queen size bed beside me. I tried to separate our bodies as far as possible, hoping not to fall off of the bed.

"Why do you hate me so much?" He asked, finally breaking the awkward silence.

"I know your type Marcel, and it isn't a good type!" I spoke, looking at the blank wall in front of my eyes.

"Maybe that's just what you see! Not what I am!" He spoke as I took his carefully chosen words into consideration. Had I been judging him to harshly? I sighed, flipping over to look into Marcel's shining green eyes.

"I, I guess you're right!" I spoke, looking at the top of his shirt, where my eyes were lined.

"Just give me a chance?" He asked, tilting my head up.

"I am!" I spoke, looking at him.

"Not that kind of chance!" He spoke as I looked at him with confusion.

"What kind?" I asked, unaware of how thick the atmosphere had gotten.

"Ella.'' He spoke in that tone that could typically get a person to understand. He moved about an inch closer looking deeply into my eyes.

"What?" I asked, still unaware.

"Ella?" He spoke once more moving even closer. My eyes suddenly widened as I realized what he had been talking about. By now our lips were mere inches from each others. He looked into my eyes, down at my lips then back up into my golden brown eyes.

"I-I" I stuttered, unsure of how I felt about him. I almost thought of him as beautiful earlier but I loathed him so much. My thoughts were interrupted when his buttery warm lips were pressed to mine. I was shocked but found myself kissing back.

His hand reached around to the nape of my neck as my hands wrapped around his, tangling through his mess of curls. His tongue slid across my bottom lip asking for permission in as I so gratefully accepted it. We fought for dominance as he flipped me over so he hovered over me.

He deepened the kiss as I wrapped my legs around his torso. His right hand supported my back, leaning me into the kiss. His hand moved down my back to the hemline of my sweatshirt, slipping back up beneath it.

His fingers played around with the hook of my bra as I began to unbutton his shirt. Was I really going to allow this?

He finally unhooked my bra, letting the straps hang loose. I finished unbuttoning his shirt as I pulled it off of his arms and threw it onto the floor.

"Damn, them tattoos!" I bit my lip as he smiled down at the sheets.

"It was an act of rebellion when I changed!" He smiled, slightly chuckling. I smiled, running my finger over his tattoos, as he smiled, taking my hand in his. He pressed his lips back to mine, pulling my sweatshirt off and then my bra. He smiled into my kiss, gently nibbling at my bottom lip. I smiled back, deepening the kiss.

His fingers tugged at the waistline of my underwear, as I smiled. I shook my head, pulling his hand away.

"You first!" I muttered against his lips, tugging at his pants, instantly pulling them down. He smiled, as I looked down to see his...err...bulge.

I smiled as he tried once more to tug down at my underwear. He eventually looped the material in his index finger, pulling them down as he discarded them onto the floor along with his boxers.

"Are you sure?" He asked, I bit my lip, nodding as he smiled down at me. The room was pretty much dark except for the dim light coming through the bottom cracks of the opaque curtains. He lined up with me, gently thrusting into me as I fisted my sheets in my hand. He gradually increased, trying to hold in profanities.

At first it hurt but the pain slowly turned into pleasure as we made love. The sheets covered us as my fingers dug into his muscular tanned back. His thumb rubbed circles in my inner thigh. He pressed his warm lips back to mine as I cursed into the kiss. He let his erection slip as he began kissing down my jawline, then making his way down my neck. He left sweet little kissed finding my sweet spot as I moaned. He began sucking at the delicate skin, as I felt the blood rise. Once I was sure there had been a mark left, he ran his tongue over the skin. He blew out onto the purple skin, goosebumps forming at his breathe. 

He pressed his lips to my collarbone, kissing down until he reached my breast, kissing between them, moving to the left as he began sucking on the nipple. I moaned, smiling at his touch as his finger made their way up my thighs, rubbing over my slit. My heart began beating faster as he pumped a finger into me, slowly at first but gradual increasing in speed. He then added another finger as I arched my back, aching for his touch.

He finished what he started, as he kissed down my stomach, my heart fluttering. He reached my waist, kissing up and down my thighs. He reached my upper thigh, kissing over my slit, my whole body tingling.

He slipped his finger from me, his tongue taking it's place. He flicked his tongue in and out of me as I bit my lip, attempting to suppress a moan. 

"Marcel, I'm almost..." I began, unable to from a proper sentence, my senses on berserk. He nodded his head, as he continued sending shivers throughout my body. Before I could stop him, I fisted the sheets as I released, Marcel not pulling away.

I laid flat on the sheets, sweating as my chest fell and rose deeply. Marcel reached back for my lips, gently pressing his to mine for a short sweet passionate kiss.

"You're amazing!" He smiled, falling limp beside me. By now the sky had darkened and Emma hadn't come in. Harry wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling my closer. I nuzzled my head in his neck, cuddling up to him. It hadn't taken long for myself to fall asleep but not before feeling a sweet small kiss pressed to my forehead.

Question is would he be here when I awoke?

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