He's dangerous [COMPLETE]

"Who's that?" I asked, eyeing the mess of curls that downed yet another drink.

"Oh, that's Marcel. He used to be the biggest nerd in school. One day something inside of him snapped and completely changed. He got a bunch of tattoos and beat up every kid who bullied him. Stay away from him, he's dangerous." She spoke as he looked over at me.

I tried to stay away, but despite how he had changed, he was the one thing that could keep me from failing Algebra. I didn't want to spend time with him but I had to.

Will it stay as a simple tutor?
Or will their be more going on then tutoring?


45. emotions *five chapters left*


   It was just another normal day...or, the beginning of it was. For some reason, today I was extra hormonal and everything seemed to either turn me into a sobbing teenage mess or an angry disaster. I woke to a bright sun but my sleepiness was soon replaced with anger for no apparent reason.

   Next thing I know, I'm bawling my eyes out...and I didn't even think of Marcel! It just erupted from no where. It had no start and it certainly felt like it would have no end. I laid in bed, my eyes dried out as I stared up at the ceiling, random emotions pushing their way to dominate me.

   "Okay, so when you're sad...here's some ice cream!" Emma smiled, bringing in a tub of chocolate flavored ice cream.

   "And here's this for when you are upset!" She finished, placing a dartboard with Ryders face pinned to it.

   "Why the hell is his face here? I really like Ryder, what do you have against him?" I asked, my anger growing with each passing second.

   "That...That's what's wrong with him! Within a month you knew you were in love with marcel, it's been over a month with you and Ryder and you only like him...not to mention he's not Marcel..." She spoke, mumbling the end as I felt my skin get burning hot.

   "I'm well aware and who gives a flying fuck? Back off, I love Ryder!" I spat, the lies flying straight through my lips. I liked Ryder but I knew I didnt love him yet. Something that I wanted in order to love somebody was just a trait he didnt yet inherit.

   "Sure you do!" She spoke, slyly holding the dartboard up as I grabbed a dart, jamming it right through the picture. I didnt want to hurt Ryder like that, even if its not physically but I was just so angry right now. Within seconds I was bawling, eating a tub of Ben and Jerrys, complaining how Ryder wasn't Marcel.

   Weird part was I wasn't even on my period. I think...

   "Honey, you need to relax!" Emma spoke as I took a deep breathe, nodding. I tried to block out every sound considering with how mad I am right now, I'm pretty sure a pin dropping in China would set me off.

   I shoved another spoonful of ice cream into my mouth, nearly choking on it but scarfing it all down quickly.

   "This is good!" I attempted to say but with my mouth full it came out like Wih ish gad. Because, you know. Every guy would be completely attracted to a girl if she said that in front of them.

   Emma laughed, nodding as she spooned some for herself. We spent the day watching TV, us both trying to handle my mood swings at certain times. For example, when a show I hated would come on, I'd get really angry and throw a dart at Ryders face. Coincidentally I would text Ryder during the whole show.

   I guess you could say it was definitely difficult to handle me today.

   I sat in bed, wondering what Marcel looked like before he changed. Also, the conversation leading up after that. Meeting his parents. At then the thought almost made me faint but now I want nothing more than to meet the people who created such an angel-, wait Ella...boyfriend, Ryder, right!

   This whole Marcel is not your boyfriend anymore, get over it thing is really hard to do.

   Ryder had not one clue who the hell Marcel was...I guess I haven't been completely honest with him.

   For example. He thinks that I am a virgin, which I dont know if he believes but thats what he thinks. He thinks that he is my first boyfriend. He thinks that the scar on my back is from a biking mishap and he thinks that he is my first kiss.

   Oh, the irony. If only he knew.

   Wow, I'm such a liar.

   I hate lying.

   But I cant stop because....

   ...because i feel like if I tell him the truth, he'll reveal it.

   I don't know quite well if I can truly trust him yet. With me, trust is a hard thing to earn, and I mean hard. It was a surprise the trust I gave Emma and Marcel so quickly.

   Night had eventually dawned, the rain pattering against the panels as a low distant roar of thunder played throughout the sky. 

   "Harry?" I called, waiting for a response before he walked into my room, only a towel hanging low on my waist to reveal his v-line. Look away...LOOK AWAY!
  I looked away, asking if he could spend the night with me considering I was down right terrified of thunderstorms. He agreed as Emma bid her goodbyes, heading back into her room.

   Harry walked in, closing the door as he waltzed to the opposite end of the bed, slipping in.

   ''At least put boxers on..." I begged as he sighed, nodding before getting up, holding the towel up. He headed out of my room, only to return a few minutes later with nothing but boxers on.

   In retrospect, that is what I asked so...I have nothing against him.

   I patted the space beside me, as he once again slipped in, his arms snaking around my waist as he gave me a reassuring squeeze.

   "Goodnight Ella...sweet dreams!" He spoke, bestowing a kiss upon my head. I smiled, my cheeks heating as I turned around.

   "Goodnight!" I replied, leaving a kiss on his cheek before clapping twice, the light turning out, the lightning illuminating the room.






   "I don't want to get a shot!" I pouted, crossing my arms over my chest as Emma rolled her eyes, sighing. Without another word she dragged me from position as I burst into laughter, screaming for help.

   Once I saw Harry walk out of the kitchen I thought I was saved but turns out he decided to help Emma drag me to my doom.

   I absolutely loathed routinely check ups. I had to get my flu shots and everything, it was pure torture.

   "It's not like you have to do this everyday like people with diabetes!" Emma spoke seriously as I nodded my head in agreement, still refusing to fit into the car. My feet were pressed against the door, both Harry and Emma trying ti pry me loose and throw me in.

   Before I knew it, my legs had given out and I was mercilessly shoved into the backseat, all the doors instantly locked in a child-proof format. I sighed, another pout growing as I waited impatiently, desperate to get this over with. I imagine the needle getting injected into my arm, the thought making me dizzy.

   Emma and Harry both got in, Harry inserting the key into the ignition as the car silently came to life. Before I knew it we were cruising down an empty road, my heart beating fast in anticipation for the day to come.

   "Were here!" Harry smiled as he pulled into the buildings parking lot. I eyed the structure in hatred, hoping that something would happen in the next five seconds that would prevent me from going in.

   "I. Hate. This!" I spoke through gritted teeth as Harry playfully rolled his eyes chuckling.

   Harry stood outside of my door, making sure Emma unlocked it before opening it and taking my hand. I reluctantly got out, walking as slowly I could to the door.

   Finally, Harry just carried me in bridal style as he walked me over to a chair and sat me down. He walked up to the receptionist desk, giving them all my information before joining me in my seat. I've always hated doctor's offices and this certainly wasn't helping.

   We were the only people in the waiting room which meant it only took a few minutes for the nurse to peek her head out of the door saying my name.

   Harry looked over at me as I sighed, rolling my eyes and lazily standing up.

   "You'll pay me for this!" I spoke to Harry, the slightest grin hinting at my lips. He chuckled, intertwining our fingers. The nurse opened the door wider as we walked in, multiple doors before us.

   "Okay, we just want to take your weight first!" She smiled, leading me to the little scale thing. I removed my shoes, stepping on as she moved the little bars, finding my weight.

   "Okay, now height!" She spoke, gesturing to the rulers against the wall right beside me.

   I stepped over, standing as straight as I could without transferring to my tip toes.

   "Okay, You are currently 5'6!" She smiled as my cheeks reddened. I've always been really short for my age. I nodded, letting her lead me into the small room where she checked my eyes, lips and things of that sort.

   Let's just say I didn't get that damn needle injected in my arm without a fight. And also...IT HURT!





Hey guys! Whats up? Its kind of short but of well...its actually a filler, not neccessary but I needed to save the drama for the last chapter and I didnt want to describe another Ryder and Ella date...so what team are you on?

#TeamMarella  (Marcel and Ella)

#TeamHella   (Harry and Ella)

#TeamRella   (Ryder and Ella)


sorry i suck at coming up with ship names...yeah.

so I hoped you enjoyed and another few updates should be coming later today, okay...love you guys :D




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