Stay Strong

yila had a hard life she was abused adopted by her aunt and hasn't seen her father that she loves with all her heart in almost 3 years but will find out what happiness really is when she meets her soon to be true love harry styles ???? read to find out


2. *2 years ago*


"yila get in this room now!"   "daddy please no im sorry I didn't do good in school I will try better I promise!"  "this is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you"  at that moment the only thing I felt was true pain as he beat me with the heavy metal on the belt several times while I begged him not to. I knew he didn't mean to hit me he was forced by his girlfriend (whos name I will not say because this is a true story)

she had just had surgery in her hand so she couldn't hit me and well she was the one who payed for everything for my dad and I guess he needed the money or something I( didn't currently live with him so he told my grandma he wanted to spend the day with me) as I was screaming in pain you could hear his girlfriends parents banging on the door telling him to stop, they were so nice I loved them because its like they were my real grandparents. Eventually he stopped hitting me and went to go take me home

-at home-

"ABUELA!!!" ('grandma' sorry im Hispanic so yeah)  I yelled as I came sprinting into her arms after they dropped me off  I was histercally crying in her arms as I showed her the marks on my legs (btw my grandma is 78  yes I know old ) she Quikly told me to take pictures of the marks on her small flip phone because she was tired of them hitting me so she said tomorrow she would call child services. 

heres a little my background ive been beaten since I was 5 years old by my dads girlfriend it was when I was about six or seven when my dad stopped defending me whenever she hit me because she threatened to leave him and that means no one to pay the bills :/ . but the days of torture stopped because when I was about 9 she sent me to live with my grandma again because she had already gotten a  baby of her own so I was happy when she filled my clothes in big garbage bags and droppend me off at my grandmas house then a few years passed and that's when my dad hit and they called child services and then after a lot of social workers and therapist later my aunt finally got to adopt me! (if your wondering  what hapend to my mom I was taken away from her when I was 1 so my aunt and my grandma raised me) and now im a senior who loves one direction the beatles Austin mahone and of course the best singer of all time elvis :D


-current year-

I was laying in my room of course on twitter stalking one direction while listening to the best song ever out of nowere my mom(aunt) come barging in my room all excited "YILA GUESS WHAT I GOT YOU!" "what?"  "I GOT YOU TICKETS TO A MEET AND GREET TO SEE WAIT FOR IT....." "ONE DIRECTION!" I SCREAMED because I already knew who she was talking about I screamed jumping up and down on my bed dancing with their song still on and the only thing I was thinking about was them meeting my life one direction I jumped off my bed thank my mom(aunt) giving her kisses all over her cheek litteraly crying with joy then I just ran inside my closet trying to find a outfilt to wear because she told me it was in two weeks :D



tell me if you like the story comment if you want me to update :)

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