Battle Of The Packs

Luna Williams. A young sixteen year old girl who just moved to town with her younger sister Jenny. Both werewolves and are now part of the Mitchell Pack. Lillian Grimmhollow. A young seventeen year old girl who has just returned to her home town after hearing the news of her brother, Tyler Grimmhollow and cousin, Nora Grimmhollow not being killed in the fire of their home, soon joins the Grimmhollow Pack. Both these girls are sworn enemies along with the rest of their packs but will five new werewolves coming in will these girls just learn that they don't have to be enemies and possibly create a stronger better pack with the five nobody's at school. Harry Style, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik? Read Battle Of The Packs to find out...


3. Lilli's First Fight

Lillian's P.O.V

I walk home in silence. Alex and Nora were both talking about something that happened this morning with some girl. I just was blasting music into my ear. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons started playing through the speakers. Suddenly a felt two very strong hands pull me into an ally way and soon thrown into a wall. I let out a grunt as the impact of the hard cement smashes against my arm.

"Wow I guess Tyler has a new member of the pack" I hear a voice say. Suddenly I hear footsteps approaching us.

"Whose the bitch?" I hear another person say. I let out a moan as a stinging pain strikes through my abdomen.

"Wh-who are you?" I chock out. More footsteps come.

"Lilli!" I hear Alex call. "Charlie leave her alone" he says

"Not until she puts up a fight" the voice from before says, who I'm guessing is Charlie. I lift up my head, my eyes begin to glow bright yellow. I hear a low growl from someone. I get up and look to who it is. A young girl with brown wavy hair is sending me a death glare, her eyes too glowing yellow. I let out a growl then the growl becomes a loud roar. I see Nora start the phase, her eyes glowing yellow, her claws pop out of her fingers. Alex does the same. I pop out my claws and begin to run at the girl. I flip up in the air and come down leaving a huge scratch across her right cheek, she snarls as I do this.

"Violet!" I hear a voice yell.

"Leave her Luke" Charlie says with a grin on his face. I suddenly feel something sharp stab me in my stomach and I'm pinned to the brick wall.

"Lillian?" I hear someone say from the end of the ally. "Lillian?" I hear him say. I feel blood begin to leave my body. I look down and see Violet has a grin on her face, the grin of success. Two girls come running over to Charlie.

"Who's she?" the one with black hair asks

"The new bitch to their pack" Charlie replies pulling her into his arms. I start to whimper when the pain finally leaves and I fall to the ground in a red warm puddle, Violet was now on the ground herself...being attacked...Attacked by a young boy I didn't recall ever seeing. His roar filled the ally way. I lay my head down and start letting the blackness take over but I hear someone speak before it all ends...

"Well look who joined the pack"...It was Alex

"I turned him a few mouths ago Alex, I guess he finally took up my offer" Tyler says pulling me into his arms.

"So you actually let one of him into the pack, Ty!" Nora yells

"He's useful, Nora" Tyler tells her. "Liam!" he calls and I hear Violets panting, no more growling, then footsteps come over.

"I made my decision" Liam says breathing out heavily. I almost am able to finally come to my senses but no...Finally blackness takes over me...

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