Battle Of The Packs

Luna Williams. A young sixteen year old girl who just moved to town with her younger sister Jenny. Both werewolves and are now part of the Mitchell Pack. Lillian Grimmhollow. A young seventeen year old girl who has just returned to her home town after hearing the news of her brother, Tyler Grimmhollow and cousin, Nora Grimmhollow not being killed in the fire of their home, soon joins the Grimmhollow Pack. Both these girls are sworn enemies along with the rest of their packs but will five new werewolves coming in will these girls just learn that they don't have to be enemies and possibly create a stronger better pack with the five nobody's at school. Harry Style, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik? Read Battle Of The Packs to find out...


1. Good Lord, Tyler!

Lillian's P.O.V

The flames just kept roaring over my loud, six year-old screams. I look through the red orange bright flames and see my brother screaming for our parents. my screams and cries were no match from the loud roaring fire that filled the house. I spotted a small window. I knew I was small enough to fit and I finally moved, trying to dodge the tall bright, burning hot flames. I opened the window finally escaping. I ran and ran when suddenly a low hanging tree branch blocked my path and I  fell to the ground...Everything went black, I then heard my name being called but I wasn't my horrible dream.

"Lillian!" I hear him shout.

"What!?!" I scream at him lifting up my head with my glowing yellow eyes in sight of him.

"Jeez, I was just waking you up for school" my brother says putting his hands up in surrender. I've been hear for three days so far. Yes my brother is alive, so is my younger cousin Nora. I came here after I finally heard the news that they survived the fire. I groan in annoyance after even hearing the word.

"Why???" I whine. "I'm seventeen years old now Ty, why do I need school?" I ask.

"Well, the fact that it helps me have to not really worry about my sister dying like you can just by staying here" he says. Oh god.

"Tyler, really? haven't I been through enough!" I say plopping my head back onto my soft comfortable pillow.

"Look I know you don't want to do this, but you have too, Lil it's what's best" he says bending down to look into my brown eyes. I turn my head away closing them. "Lillian, please?" he asks. I slowly get up keeping my glare on him.

"Fine, just cause your the Alpha" I say heading to my closet. Damn it, first day of school, just perfect...

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