Battle Of The Packs

Luna Williams. A young sixteen year old girl who just moved to town with her younger sister Jenny. Both werewolves and are now part of the Mitchell Pack. Lillian Grimmhollow. A young seventeen year old girl who has just returned to her home town after hearing the news of her brother, Tyler Grimmhollow and cousin, Nora Grimmhollow not being killed in the fire of their home, soon joins the Grimmhollow Pack. Both these girls are sworn enemies along with the rest of their packs but will five new werewolves coming in will these girls just learn that they don't have to be enemies and possibly create a stronger better pack with the five nobody's at school. Harry Style, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik? Read Battle Of The Packs to find out...


6. Back To School

Lillian's P.O.V

School again today. I was in so much pain today. After the fight yesterday and I had woken up at home I had to get stiches and if you never had to get them, news flash, It hurts like hell! I started heading to history. I felt a presence behind me, I kept walking trying to ignore it but I just couldn't I finally turned around to see two young boys, both who I think happen to be in my science class. I think the brunette is Louis and the blonde is Niall. I never really paid them much attention. They were both mortal, best  friends, and extremely into soccer. I turned back and started walking but when I turned the corner I was pinned to the wall. Fear taking over me.

"Well if it isn't the big bad wolfs baby sister" Violet says with a playful pout. I look to see the guy Luke standing behind her. I close my eyes nervously. "Aw, did I hurt you? I'm sorry" she says putting me down. I stand there frozen and suddenly her fist comes in contact with my cheek, I fall down with a soft whimper.

"P-please stop!" I say. I look around and notice there's nobody in the halls. then the hard impact of her foot strikes into my abdomen where my stitching is. I yelp and roll over onto my back.

"Hey!" I hear two voices yell I look over to the end of the hall. A look of horror cover one of their faces. Oh shit did I phase!?! I look back to Luke and Violet but they aren't there they both are speeding down the hall. I look into his blue eyes and I see his straight brown locks.

"H-hey Louis...Niall" I chock out. They both help me up examining me. I guess I'm still phased cause they still both look scared, I quickly phase back and begin to back away with my head held high. "I swear if you tell a single person...just...don't bother coming to face me ever again" I warn with a straight face. I begin running down the hall to class turning another corner and running into another person. I look into her hazel eyes and then I back away once more when I realize who she is.

"So your Tyler's sister...I never knew he had one" she says with a smirk. "Your bleeding" she says. I look down and see blood coming through my white tank under my black leather jacket. I look back to her and glare at  her.

"Just don't EVER try hurting Tyler or Nora okay" I say with clenched teeth

"Look I already got the 'Stay away from my family' speech from your brother.

"I don't care I'm just trying to let it get through your head, Lulu, or whatever your name is" I say still glaring. She glares back at me. "Just keep your bitchy ass away from me" I say disappearing from her sight. Damn since when have I turned into my brother!?!...

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