True Voice

This story is about a girl who realizes her true voice


5. Chapter 5

The next morning I was lying in bed looking up at the ceiling. I was bored. I wanted to start a new song, a song that could destroy Ai and Mai. I thought to myself, I got to find proof that Mai is Mayako and Ai is Ayako, but how? Anyone that I told it to they thought I was crazy or wasn't feeling well. I got out of my bed and thought about their appearance. I talked to myself, "Ok so I know that Ai is the pink angel like creature while Mai is the purple vampire like creature." I began. "Now, what relationships does Ai have with Ayako?" I pondered for a while. "Wait, I still haven't figured out why Mayako is the one who is trying to steal Kiyoshi away from me when its Ayako who got the broken heart. It could be a trick! I should watch my back for both of them and not just Mayako. That could be why Ayako is staying in the back, she's waiting for the right time to come out and attack!!" I yelled into the air. A knock came from my door. I got off the bed to go see who it is. When i opened the door I was greeted with a warm kiss from Kiyoshi. I talked about my theory to Kiyoshi to see what he would think. He thought i was completely crazy and he suggested I should go see a doctor to make sure I was really ok. "Look Kiyoshi, I know it may sound crazy, but think; wouldn't that be a good diversion? To make us think that Mayako was really after you but the real one was Ayako. And once you got annoyed of Mayako it would be the perfect time for Ayako to step in and 'comfort' you and steal you away." When I put it like that Kiyoshi finally understood and started to believe me. I was glad to see that Kiyoshi was finally getting me and not thinking that I was delusional. 

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