True Voice

This story is about a girl who realizes her true voice


2. Chapter 2

            School was over, Mizuki and Daichi left and did some research while Kiyoshi and I went to his house. Kiyoshi house was big. It had pictures of him when he was a kid, plus his family. Upstairs in his room, he had posters of signs and more pictures of him. I sat on his cozy bed. I took my boots off and put it somewhere neat. Since I had spare clothes, I went inside his closet and changed.

            When I came out Kiyoshi stared at me. I wore a light pink mini shirt that went up to my bellybutton, skinny jeans, and a cute sticker on my face. I came out and sat next to him. I questioned him on my look. Kiyoshi said, “Wow, you look amazing.” I smiled and hugged him. I could tell he wanted to say I look hot, but whatever. It got a little hot in his room, so Kiyoshi decided to take off his shirt. His under shirt said Sexy Me. I smiled and told Kiyoshi that I liked his shirt.

            We talked for a long time, until Kiyoshi’s phone rang. I looked at him, betting it was Mizuki. But it wasn’t, it was an unknown number. I told him not to answer it, but he did it anyways. I smacked his phone out of his hands. As the floor touched the ground, purple and pink feathers came out of it. I thought, feathers, aren’t those the things that hypnotized the guys in the first place? I looked at Kiyoshi and said, “See, this is why I didn’t want you to answer it. You could have gotten hypnotized again.” He smiled at me. I began complaining to him. I didn’t get why he was smiling.

            He grabbed my hands and said, “So is it a bad thing showing your feelings to me? Isn’t that how you freed me last time, by showing me your feelings?” I blushed. I couldn’t stand when Kiyoshi played with my emotions like that. I shook my head no. He got off the bed and got his phone. I questioned him about how special I was to him. He told me I meant the world to him.

            When he sat back down, he closed my eyes. I didn’t know what Kiyoshi was planning on doing. He put something on my finger and wrist. He then told me to open it. It was a ring and a bracelet. The bracelet had my name on it, and the ring it had both are initials. I found that very romantic. I looked at Kiyoshi and said in a romantic voice, “Aww, Kiyoshi, you’re so sweet. You didn’t have to, plus I didn’t get you anything.” He told me that I didn’t have to get him anything.

            I guess Kiyoshi and I made a great couple. But if I was really special, would he give me his lucky red collar? I really needed luck, and if that collar is actually luck, I need it. I had lied on Kiyoshi’s lap and fell asleep. When I woke up, Kiyoshi was gone and I was in his bed, tucked in with his soft covers. I got up and went downstairs.

            As I walked downstairs, I tripped on my foot. I fell straight to the ground and tumbled down the stairs. I was surprise, Kiyoshi didn’t hear it, or is it because he’s with someone else? I walked around his house trying to find him. Since I couldn’t find him, I went back to his room.

When I opened the door, Kiyoshi was there, sitting on his bed putting on his shirt. I blushed from his cuteness. He saw me peek through the door. He got up and opened the door, “So you’re a stalker now.” I looked at him. Did he really just call me a stalker? He grabbed me and told me he was just playing around.

I was glad today wasn’t school. It gave Kiyoshi and me some time to be together. Without all the drama that is. Kiyoshi and I went downstairs together. When we got down there, there was already breakfast prepared for us on the table. Did Kiyoshi’s parents make this? I guess Kiyoshi’s parents don’t hate me. Or at least I hope they don’t.

As we finished eating, I went to take a shower. When I came out, there were clothes there. I picked them up. They looked like they can fit me so I tried it on. I looked in the mirror. I looked amazing. Kiyoshi knocked on the door. I opened it. He asked me if I liked the clothes. I told him they look amazing and I loved them.

Kiyoshi got another call from a mysterious person. This time the number was different. He looked at me. I told him not to answer it. After he rejected it, the doorbell rang. Kiyoshi walked downstairs and opened the door. It was a girl. She had orange hair and eyes. She wore an orange shirt that was ripped and said Let Me Die. She also wore shorts that were about two inches above her knees.

As I examined the girl, I knew she was going to be trouble. The girl stared at me. With a soft and melody like voice, the girl said, “Um...I’m kind of lost right now. If it isn’t any trouble, do you mind me staying here for a bit?” Kiyoshi looked puzzled. I could tell he didn’t know why she would go to his house.

After a while of thinking, Kiyoshi decided to let her in. She sat down and waited. I could imagine her killing me just for Kiyoshi’s heart. I brought Kiyoshi to his room and told him to kick her out. He didn’t want to listen to me. Instead he let her stay. I couldn’t stand to see Kiyoshi and her hanging out and talking.

The doorbell rang again. Since I was being neglected by my own boyfriend, I decided to open the door. This time it was a purple haired girl that wore purple clothes. Her eyes were grapelike and she had a headphone on her head. “Hi, my name is Mayako and I was wondering. Well I can tell the future. And I know that you’re down and you need someone to talk to. And I’m going to be that someone. So what do you say?” The girl said with an energetic voice.

I looked at the girl as if she was an alien from above. She just randomly came here after Ayako did. This didn’t add up. There was something up with those two and I’m going to find out before they cause any trouble with my relationship with Kiyoshi.

I invited her in and let her sit down. As she sat Mayako exchanged looks with Ayako. They thought I didn’t see it, but I did. I sat in Kiyoshi’s lap. We talked with them for a long time and it was finally evening. They said their good-byes and left.

As the door shut I smiled. “Kasumi, are you ok. You’ve been acting strange ever since Mayako and Ayako came? Do you need to rest for a while?” Kiyoshi asked, worried about my beings. I told him I was fine and I needed to get home before my parents wondered where I was, but Kiyoshi insisted me to stay here. After so many complaints from Kiyoshi, I decided to stay.

I walked to his room. I laid on the bed and began to think about Mayako and Ayako. The two seem to act as if they were Mai and Ai. Could they really be them? I questioned myself. I closed my eyes and pictured the four girls. I tried to make some connections, but it was no use. I couldn’t find any similarities.

When I opened my eyes I saw Kiyoshi looking at me. “Did I wake you up from your nap?” Kiyoshi asked pulling me up. I told him what I was thinking about. He laughed at me. Of course he didn’t believe in me. He was so caught up in Ayako’s head that he doesn’t care about what I think. I stared at him until I began to cry. I couldn’t understand why Kiyoshi never believed in a word I said; especially if it has something to do with Mai and Ai or Ayako and My.

Kiyoshi saw me crying. He interrogated me about why I was weeping. I didn’t want to answer him. I was upset that he didn’t believe his own girlfriend. “Is it because I don’t believe you?” Kiyoshi began, “The reason I laugh is because you don’t make any sense. How could they be two people? Even if they are, I’ll make sure to be careful around them. Would that make you happy?”  Kiyoshi lifted my chin up. He stared at me for a long time. He dried the left over tears that ran down my face. I blushed as he continued to give me that stare that always made me blush.

“Ki-Kiyoshi,” I mumbled. Kiyoshi caressed my face. He could tell that my heart couldn’t take another one of his stares. So he dropped my chin and stopped caressing my face. “Kasumi, you’re the only girl for me. Ayako, Ai, Mai, nor Mayako could ever take me away from you. I love you Kasumi, and I will never stop loving you.” Kiyoshi said as he leaned and gave me a kiss on the lip.

Did I finally wake up the Kiyoshi I loved? Was he finally going to believe the things I said? All these crazy thoughts flew around inside of me as Kiyoshi kissed me. He finally stopped. He gave me come clothes to wear, even though they were his. When I changed into them the pants were a little big a made me sang. I poked my head out of the closet just to find Kiyoshi changing as well.

In a soft voice I said, “Um Kiyoshi,” He looked at me, “The pants you gave me are a little big. Do you have anything smaller?” He then went over to his drawer and got me a pair of basketball shorts. I then changed into it. When I came out Kiyoshi was already waiting for me. I walked out the closet. I could tell that I looked amazing. I sat next to Kiyoshi and held his hand. “Where are you going to sleep, Kiyoshi?” I asked. He responded that he would be sleeping in the guest room. He also told me that he would check on me if I needed him.

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