True Voice

This story is about a girl who realizes her true voice


1. Chapter 1

It all happened when I was three years old. I heard music. From that day I knew I had to write songs. Now it’s been fourteen years since the first time I heard music. Now I’m seventeen and I love music. I am a shy, not noticeable girl. I love the color pink. It is my favorite my color. I wear it with almost all my outfits. I always wear headphones at school and surprisingly the teachers don’t seem to mind. I have red and black hair. My eyes are like an apple, red and pure. I usually sit in the back of class and write my songs. People tend to forget about me. But I’m use to not being on any teams. I suck at sports, I’m not a genius, and I am not as good as acting, unless you count playing the role of being invisible. The only thing I’m good at is music.

            I have a best friend named Kiyoshi Uchiyama. I don’t exactly have a crush on him but he sometimes make me feel like I’m the only girl in his life. He is one of the popular guys. We usually hang out afterschool, when he’s not with his friends. I don’t know if he is embarrassed of being my friend or he’s just using me? Either way we get along pretty well together. Kiyoshi has red luscious hair and has shiny green eyes. He tends to wear two shirts. One open or button half way, and the other one is inside. And other times he just wears one shirt and tries to show off his abs. He also wears a red collar. He claims that it is his lucky charm, but it really isn’t. I say it’s always coincident.

               During school I only had to worry about one class, and that class was algebra 2. I found that subject difficult to understand. Even though Kiyoshi plays a lot, he is really good at almost everything. The teacher partnered me and Kiyoshi together to work on a project. All of the girls in the classed started to boo and hiss. They must have hated me for taking Kiyoshi away from them. I hid under the table until the “war” was over. Kiyoshi saw me and went to me. He made his way over to me undetected. He grabbed my hand and we snuck out of class. He looked into my red gloomy eyes and asked me what was wrong. I felt awful. The role of being invisible is now the role of being hated. He told me not to feel bad, but I only neglected him.

            Kiyoshi offered to walk me home, and I took the offer. Since Kiyoshi and I were neighbors, he always offered to walk me home. Kiyoshi and I talked and laughed on our way home. As I walked inside my home, Kiyoshi asked if he could stay for a while. I had no choice but to let him in. My home was neat and organized. Everything was kept in a certain section. I didn’t have stairs, just a big house. As I was getting Kiyoshi and I some drinks, Kiyoshi made his way into my room. He looked at my small room. I had posters of a lot of singers and other people who I thought were cool.

            I quickly ran into my room to find Kiyoshi messing around with my lyrics. I yelled and screamed at him until he gave me back my lyrics. Kiyoshi questioned me about how come I never let him hear me sing. I told him that I wasn’t really a fan of singing to people. Afterwards, we sat down drank some soda and started to work on our project. As we worked, Kiyoshi got a text message from a random person. My first guess was that it could be a girl from school. When Kiyoshi replied as who is this? He got it back and the name was Mizuki Miyashiro. Kiyoshi sighed, “Man this girl is a stalker.” I giggled a little. It was funny how girls from class got his number and he doesn’t even know. Kiyoshi was nice enough to have a conversation with her, but told her he had homework to work on. She replied with ok and she didn’t bother him again. Well at least for that day I hoped.

            The next day begun and of course, I still sat in the back trying to be unnoticed. But I couldn’t, all the girls from my algebra 2 class kept staring. Was this what it felt like to play the role of a popular person? If so, I didn’t want that role. As Kiyoshi made his way to his friends, Mizuki came and dragged him away. I quietly followed them. My life is complicated. I went from playing a role of an invisible girl to a girl being hated, and now to a stalker.

Mizuki was talking about how she wanted Kiyoshi to ask her out to the dance that was coming up. Kiyoshi stared into Mizuki’s brown gorgeous eyes and said, “Look, Mizuki, you’re a really sweet girl, but I-” Mizuki put her soft, smooth hands on his arm. She leaned towards Kiyoshi. She was determined to get him to ask her no matter what. After all her begging and being annoying, he finally said yes. Mizuki was so excited, that she grabbed Kiyoshi by the hand and told everyone about it. Me not really caring, I made my way to the music room.

In the music room, there were all sorts of musical instruments. There were trumpets, violins, saxophones, flutes, drums, maracas, guitars, xylophone, a piano and a harp. On the walls, they were covered with music notes. I sat by the piano and started to sing. Kiyoshi came in without me knowing. He wanted to surprise me, but he didn’t want to interrupt my beautiful song. When I messed up, Kiyoshi began to laugh. I don’t know why, but he did.

I turned around and looked at him. Kiyoshi wanted to have some fun so he made me have a bet with him. The bet was to see if anyone would ask her to the dance. I made a deal with, thinking that my prince would never come. He left with a smile on his face. Before he left I yelled, “And the person can’t be you.” He glanced over at me with a grin. I looked at him, hoping he wouldn’t do anything stupid. Well that was almost impossible for him. I walked out of the room and found Mizuki waiting for me.

She started at me. I could tell she heard rumors about Kiyoshi and I being partners. She told me to watch my back, and to not do anything she wouldn’t want me doing. I stood there and glared, not knowing what to do or to say. She flipped her hair and walked away. I felt sorry for Kiyoshi, having to date a drama queen most be though. Well he wasn’t dating her, but I can tell that will happen. I guess you could say I was kind of jealous, but I didn’t want to show it. I didn’t want to be like the other girls that were all over him.

As I walked down the hall I saw this strange guy. He had light brown hair and had gray eyes. He wore a white shirt and jeans. He stared at me awkwardly, and then quickly left. I found that quit strange. I went to class. In class we learned about such and such. When the day was over I walked out of school without Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi went to my last class and noticed I wasn’t there. He went outside and still no sign of me. He wondered if I was avoiding him. He called me on my cell phone. I didn’t answer. He began to worry about me. He rushed to my house as soon as he could. He found me sitting on the porch, wondering about things.

He walked over and sat next to me. He questioned my sadness. I stared at him, but didn’t answer. I needed a little space from everyone. He kept bugging me until I had told him. I had finally told him. He said, “Is that the reason, Mizuki. She may be psycho, but once you get to know her, she’s pretty normal. She won’t hurt you. Don’t worry, I got your back.” I looked at him, and then gave him a hug. I guess I could say Kiyoshi is a good friend who will always have my back.

The next day of school came and as always, Kiyoshi was waiting for me. We walked to school together. I guess Kiyoshi wasn’t embarrassed of being with me. As we walked inside the crowed school, Mizuki was waiting for Kiyoshi. “Hey Kiyoshi, are ready to go?” Mizuki asked. Mizuki grabbed Kiyoshi’s arm and pulled him away. I thought he didn’t even have time to think about it. Mizuki is one of the girls that I can’t stand. She wore her hair in a ponytail and always had on her lucky necklace. She had brown eyes and always wore something to stand out.

I went to class. In class I fell asleep, thinking that my role of being invisible would pay off. I dreamt about singing in a crowd. I was really afraid until Kiyoshi came and told me something really special. The teacher walked by me and saw me sleeping. The teacher yelled, “Ms. Nakado, you are not supposed to sleep in class. Get up.” I still didn’t wake up. The teacher got furious. It was a bad thing I sleep-talk. I said, “Kiss me, and don’t let me go.” The teacher then shook me and I woke up. I looked around, the whole class was laughing at me. I felt so embarrassed. The teacher told me to go to the principal’s office and told me that I would be getting SAC.

As I made my way to the principal’s office I saw a boy walking there too. I looked at him and wondered what he did. He looked at me. I wondered what he thought about me. I smiled, trying to get on his good side. He smiled back at me in a friendly way. I wondered, was he out to get someone. And if so was that someone me? No way it couldn’t be. I don’t even know him? All of these random questioned were floating around inside my brain. I didn’t know what to say to him. I walked inside the principal’s office. The principal was surprised to see one of the quiet students, like myself, be here.

After he assigned me a day of SAC I left. I wasn’t all that surprised to see Kiyoshi and Mizuki walking down to the principal’s office. I questioned Kiyoshi about him being here. Kiyoshi told me that he and Mizuki were skipping class and they got caught. Something I would expect Kiyoshi to be doing. He then questioned me about being here. He knew I was a little goody-to-shoe and wouldn’t ever get in trouble. I told him that I fell asleep in class and the teacher caught me. Kiyoshi laughed, “What were you dreaming about?” I turned my back on him and told him it was none of his business.

I walked back to class, noticing the strange kid I saw earlier. I questioned myself, was he following me or was it just coincident? Either way it was still weird and I wanted to find out. I began to run towards him. He noticed me running for him. He began to run the opposite way. I yelled out, “Wait! Why are you running from me? I just want to know who you are.” As he ran around the corner, I grabbed his shirt. He looked at me, struggling to push my hands off. He touched a piece of candy wrapper that appeared to be purple and pink.

Two strange figures began to approach me. I was terrified. Finally, they walked up to me and snatched the boy out of my hands. One had purple hair, clothes, and wings. And the other had pink hair, clothes, and wings. The only thing they had in common was their eyes. Their eyes were like a chocolate, dark and brown. Their brown eyes stared at me. They both pointed to the hallways. I figured they wanted me to go back to class. So I did as they said.

As so as I walked in the door, the bell rang. It was time to go. When I walked out of the school, I called Kiyoshi and told him to meet me at the park, and if he could, not to let Mizuki tag along. Kiyoshi had finally arrived, and surprisingly without Mizuki. I asked Kiyoshi, “How did you do it?” Kiyoshi said that he told her that he was going to the library and she freaked out. I guess it’s kind of good to have a popular mate because the one way how to get rid of them is to tell them you are going to the library. We both laughed and began to talk about things.

As we walked home from the park, I saw the same mysterious kid. I yelled to him. He looked at me and began to run. I ran after him. He looked on the ground and found a pink string. He then grabbed it and the same thing happened. Except this time, it was only the pink haired girl. She slowly came out of the string. She looked at me then at the kid. With a soft and smooth voice the pink haired girl asked, “Is the girl bothering you again? Do you want me to put an end to her for you, master?” The kid grinned at him. He told her no, and they both disappeared into the pink string.

Kiyoshi finally caught up to me and interrogated me about leaving him. I had told him, “It was because of this mysterious kid”. Kiyoshi looked around; trying to find the kid I was talking about. I told him to forget about and let’s go. In my head I wondered why we kept seeing each other. And the fact that every time we see each other he begins to run. Then we he gets in a situation he calls upon either the pink haired girl or both. And I guess the purple haired. This all ran through my head as Kiyoshi and I made our way home.

The next day came. I was excited because I was going to win the bet. The dance was today and nobody had asked me yet. Was my good luck coming? No, I was wrong. My luck ran out just when I had gotten to school. The guy who asked me was the same guy that I saw back at the principal’s office. His name was Daichi Osaki. He is one of the schools’ bad boys. He has white hair and glowing yellow eyes. He often wears a button-up shirt and skinny jeans. He usually buttons the middle part of his shirt and never the rest. I paused. I wanted to say yes but I couldn’t. He asked me again, but this time I said yes.

            When he left, Kiyoshi came. He grinned. He said, “Congratulation Kasumi. You now have a date to the dance. You must be happy; oh I almost forgot… you lost the bet. Now what should I make you do?” He looked around the school and noticed the music room. He then told me I had to perform my song live. I looked at him. He laughed and walked away. I had to sing live in front of a whole crowd. What were the odds was Kiyoshi trying to get me noticeable. ‘Cause if he is, I was going to kill him. I kind of like playing the role of an invisible girl, but being a pop star, I couldn’t do it.

            I walked to class and notice the same kid. Like I usually do, I ran after him, trying to find out why we kept seeing each other. I finally caught up with him. Like he usually did, he found an object that was purple, pink or both. In this case he found a purple hair clip. He touched it and the purple haired girl appeared. I stared at her as she appeared out of the hair clip. With a rude tone she said, “Why are you following my master? Leave now or there will be consequences.” I turned to the stairs, but when I looked back they were gone.

            My luck got even worse; the principal was walking through the halls and caught me. He thought I was skipping, though I wasn’t. He took me to his office and punished me. I started from being a quiet, invisible girl to a hated girl to a stalker, and now bad girl. I was hoping my bad luck would end. Maybe Kiyoshi was right, I needed a good luck charm like him. I walked to class. I had two days of SAC.

School finally ended. I told Kiyoshi about the news. He thought I was crazy. We walked home together. Again, bad luck came my way. Mizuki came behind Kiyoshi and gave him a hug. She gave me a stare, and not the good kind. We all walked into my house. I went in my room and practiced my singing. Mizuki, trying to find a mirror, heard me singing and came in my room. She complemented me on my voice. She told me that she always wanted to perform live on stage with a whole crowd staring at her. I found that impossible for me to do.

I told her she could sing with me when I performed my song. In joy she hugged me tightly. We both practiced the song. Kiyoshi walked to my room and found Mizuki and I singing. Our voice together sounded beautiful; like a melody. As we finished, Kiyoshi began to clap. He was proud that I finally got along with Mizuki. He told us that you to should sing together. We both told him that was what we planned.

Just then I got a phone call from a stranger. I answered it. I didn’t hear anything but heavy breathing. I hung up and again, the same phone number appeared on my phone. Mizuki took my phone and answered it. She heard the same thing I heard, except she heard a soft, smooth voice, along with a rude tone saying, “You should be careful if I were you. Don’t come near out-” The phone cut off. We all found this very strange. I asked Mizuki what she heard. She told me and I gasp. I could tell it was the pink and purple haired girls. Why were they calling me? I questioned myself. Kiyoshi looked at me and asked me what was wrong? I didn’t know if I should stop following the kid or investigate more. I decided to leave to leave the kid alone for now.

We all got ready for the dance. I wore a pink shirt that said Muzic on it. I also had on black ripped skinny jeans and wore pink converse. Kiyoshi wore a white shirt that had black strips on it. He also had on black skinny jeans and wore boots. Mizuki wore a tight yellow shirt that said U can look but u cnt touch. She wore blue shorts that went right above her knees. She also wore a mini leather jacket. When all of us were ready we left. As we went to school, we ran into Daichi, my date. He wore a red V-shirt with a black jacket. Like the rest of us, he had on black skinny jeans.

As we came inside Kiyoshi told Mizuki and I that we were going to perform here at the dance. We both agreed and left. At the dance Daichi and I got to know each other better. It was time for me to perform. My heart pounded, my hands got a sweaty, my face started to turn red. I was nervous, very nervous. What happens if I messed up and everybody laughed? What happens if I forget the lyrics? All of these negatives moments flew all around my head as I made my way to the stage.

As I got there Kiyoshi told me not to worry and everything was going to be ok. I trusted him and went on. There was a crowd of people staring right at me. I was about to faint, but Daichi stared at me with his glowing yellow eyes. It’s like he possessed me. The music started, I had the first verse. I started to sing, my voice loud and beautiful. I was singing like an angel from above. It was Mizuki’s turn, was amazing. We both sang great together.

Just as we got to the bridge, that kid came. I stopped singing and saw him. He looked different, older and meaner. He had fangs and a hallo. He was giving people this strange object. What was he? Mizuki, Kiyoshi, Daichi, and I chased after him. He began to run as we got near him. I looked on the ground hoping he didn’t find any pink or purple objects. He ran into a place that looked like a store. Since we thought it was an ordinary store we went in.

At the store we found strange things. We saw a bunch of pink and purple potions, pots, pans, and a lot of things. We figured it couldn’t be an ordinary store. Mizuki rushed for the doors, but it slammed in her face. Kiyoshi and Daichi tried to break the windows but it was no use. The pink and purple haired girls appeared. They both said at the same time, “I told you there would be consequences if you follow. You just ignored us. Well time to pay.” They began to fly. They shot out feathers from their wings. It hit both Daichi and Kiyoshi. They both fell under their spell.

Mizuki and I stared at the two girls. They both laughed and said, “How rude of us. We didn’t even introduce ourselves before we killed you two.” The pink haired girl said in her soft and smooth voice, “My name is Ai Yoshikawa, angel of light.” The purple haired girl said in her rude tone, “And my name is Mai Yoshikawa, vampire of darkness.” And together they said, “And together we are the Yoshikawa sisters.” They both swoop down and grabbed Kiyoshi and Daichi.

Mizuki got angry when Ai started to caress Kiyoshi’s soft face. I got even angrier when Mai kissed Daichi on the cheek. They both laughed at us and left. I began to wonder how on earth are we supposed to get out of this mess. I began to sing. Mizuki looked at me. At first she thought that it wouldn’t help until the doors started to crack. She began to sing with me. The doors cracked even more. We needed one more person.

All of a sudden this bright, golden light came. The light began to fade. It was an angel. In a polite tone she said, “I sense that you two are in need of assistance. Let me give you two something special. Here is “the voice.” It will only activate if you are using your true voice.” The angel gave it to us and disappeared in the bright, golden light.

Mizuki looked at me, I nodded and we began to sing. The doors finally cracked and we took off. We didn’t know where to start looking, so we went to the school, the only place where we saw each other the most. We ran through the long hallways. We checked the restrooms, classrooms, and even the principal’s office. We didn’t find him. As we left the principal’s office, we saw him, along with Mai, Ai, Kiyoshi, and Daichi. He signaled the two girls to go. It was only Mizuki, the boy, and I in the hallway.

We looked at each other and began to sing. The boy stared at us. As the music got closer he began to feel woozy and dizzy. He vanished in the air. Mizuki and I high-fived each other. I thought that was the coolest thing ever. Before I could run Mizuki stopped me. She had finally realized that I should be with Kiyoshi instead of her. She realized that she was always taking him away from me. I don’t know how she realized my feelings for Kiyoshi but it was pretty sweet of her to do that for me. She told me she was more into bad boys than popular guys. We both left and began our search for the boys.

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