Soul Searcher

Ever heard that the eyes are the windows to the soul? Well, for Iris Renbrook, they actually are. She can look into people's souls and see their greatest desires. Their plans for life. Their innermost secrets. But when Iris meets Maxwell Tyson, strange, mysterious, beautiful Maxwell Tyson, his eyes are blank. There is nothing there, and Iris wants to figure out why.
But before she can, she and Max are selected out of a group of gifted children to go change the world. There is an evil siring that has the possibility to destroy the human race, and only Iris and her new partner can save them now.


1. Just a Regular Sunday Morning

Iris Renbrook's wake up call Sunday morning was a pillow in the face. She awoke with a start as she blinked in the bright sun. 

"Wake up, idiot. Gram and Gramps want you downstairs." Her 18 year old brother, Lucas, was just turning away when there was the Whump! of Iris' pillow hitting the back of his head. He turned and saw her bury her head back under another pillow muttering something about it being too early. Lucas rolled his eyes. "Fine. But when Gram starts yelling at you, don't come crying to me."

Iris then rolled out of bed and hit the floor. Gram yelling was the worst. She brought up old things that had happened years before, like Lucas breaking her favorite vase. Twice. And the time Iris had climbed a tree and the fire department had to be called in. And worse things.

Things about their mother's death.

"I'm coming," she muttered as she got up. Lucas walked out of her bedroom door with a kind of spring in his step. He loved it when he made his sister do things. Iris got dressed into a light blue hoodie and jeans with a t shirt with a monster on it.

When she got downstairs, Iris saw her grandparents sitting at the kitchen table. Just sitting there. Not talking or pacing or doing anything. This was Iris' first clue something was wrong.

"Come and sit," her grandfather said. Clue number two. Her Gramps was harsh. Not mean at all, just harsh. It was in his nature. As Iris was sitting down, she noticed he was fidgeting. Clue number three. Strike out for going off the charts on the suspicious scale. Her grandfather was the strongest man she knew. He was never nervous, never scared. He was like a rock. A tall, wrinkly rock.

"What is it, Gramps?" Iris asked. After getting no reply, only more fidgeting, she turned on her grandmother. "Gram, what's up? Why are you acting like this?" Her grandmother had also shown all three signs of nervousness.

"Listen, Iris. Lucas. This is nothing against you. This was not our choice. It was necessary. 

"What was necessary?" Lucas piped up. "What wasn't your choice? What's going on?"

Their grandparents looked at each other, and the grandmother sighed. "We have to send you away," she said.

Lucas stared at her, stunned. "Wha-what?"

Iris looked down. Her being younger than her brother at 15, and her mother having died at her birth, and her father dying before that, her grandparents and her brother were the only family she had ever known. Iris could feel the silent tears falling to the tablecloth leaving a blotchy shape that looked a bit like a cross of a manatee and a giraffe. Her grandfather noticed and put his rough hand on her shoulder. 

Lucas was as stunned as she was. Although he had a few memories of his mother, he had still accepted his grandparents as his guardians, even if they did live 30 miles into nowhere. "Why?"

"There are...people who need you. Both of you," their grandfather whispered. "You won't be harmed there, where their taking you. You'll be out of danger. You'll be okay.

"Now go. They're waiting for you. A blue Ford car. You'll know it. Just go, alright?"

Iris whipped her tears away and stood up. "Alright," she said.

She and Lucas walked out of the front door of their grandparents house and found the car. A person clothed all in black, even wore a mask (Iris thought he looked like the Grim Reaper) opened the car door. 

Lucas looked up at the masked person. "Where are we going?" The person didn't respond. It just kept looking at the boy until he stepped into the car.

But when Iris tried to step in, she was blocked by the person. It pointed to a car behind the one her brother was in. Iris swore it hadn't been there before. "You want me to-" It nodded.

She looked at Lucas and smiled. "See you there, idiot," he said and smiled as well.

"See you."

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