College freshman Kyah Edwards is guaranteed to be popular when she enters university thanks to her brothers. Two of them are seniors & the 'it bad boys'. With her bestfriend Rayne by her side it will be a year to remember but not for all the right reasons.

Things happen & secrets outed, secrets that some people want off the radar. Mainly Kyah who has a huge secret that not even her brothers know about. When Kyah finds out one particular secret about her brother Harley it welcomes her to a world of alcohol, sex, violence - which she hates for a good reason - & of course more bad boys.

Welcome to college life.


22. Typical Kyah

-Kyah's Pov-



I heard mom take in a big breathe. I didn’t look up for a long time until I felt an arm around my shoulder. “You’re still my Kitten, nothings changed.” Justin whispered in my ear and I clung to him. “I know it was stupid but I thought if I ignored it then it would go away but I knew it wasn’t going to. I mean the other day or um two weeks ago I mean. I flipped out at Justin in the apartment. Remember? I said I would murder you and I was yelling a lot? I was bad with mood swings and stuff but that day I was bad then I just fell asleep like nothing happened.” I looked at him and willed him to remember I was pissed about the condom and that triggered me off. He nodded. “I remember, she wasn’t acting like herself. I thought she was just PMSing.” Justin said to the Doctor. “I either cry or get really angry when I find out something that upsets me. Like I get really mean and snappy sometimes.” I explained. I thought back to the night I told Harley I would tell mom about him Brawling and that she would be disgusted with him, I said that because I was pissed. Or when Jesse aka the blacked haired bitch teased Harry I lost it an punched her in the face then bet her up. Or the night I shoved Rayne at Jed’s. Now that I think about it the where all signs I was heading for a bad episode I just didn‘t want to believe it. “Did he determine what episodes you have?” He asked and I nodded “Mixed affective episode, he said it greatly increased my panic disorder and up’d the number of attacks I was having.” I explained. I heard the team doctors whisper about the other side disorders I might have a I shook my head.





“I’m not suicidal nor do I substance abuse he ruled those out at the time.” I added and they nodded. “He did confirm the Bipolar and the panic disorders though I had to many symptoms and being a twin sealed the deal.” I shrugged. “What?” Dante asked. “Of course, I don’t know how I never realized this before.” Jackson muttered to himself shaking his head. “Its nothing Dante, just twins are usually more prone to getting a disorder like this. Because me and your are fraternal twins there is only a 0 to 10% chance it’s in our genes. I got it in my genes but you didn’t get it in yours. The trauma with the kidnapping brought it out in me, it triggered it.” I answered Dante he frowned. I knew he was probably thinking why couldn’t he have it and not me. “I’m going to need that dang file.” Doctor Chance stated. “She has a lot records we need to see to access what medication she needs.” “Her old shrink died shortly after she stopped seeing him, we thought his session’s worked because she seem to be doing much better even after she was off the meds he prescriptive her. Of course she told us they where for panic attacks and us being stupid never followed her up on that.” Dad stated taken the blame for me being careless. “I’ll ring his old office now and have her files transferred to your email now?” He asked Doctor Chance who agreed. My parents stepped outside with him and his team while they tried to get my private records over the phone. “So..” Rayne said breaking the silence. “You're Bipolar and have a panic disorder.” Dante hissed at her while I laughed. “Yeah, I guess.” I shrugged. “You know,” she said coming around and sitting on the other side of me, “this totally explains when your would snap for no reason or just seem really sad. I’m glad cause now you can get our meds and not worry about those feeling’s more.” She beamed. I laughed and hugged her. She knows how to make the best out of a bad situation.







“I never would have figured you for bipolar little sister. The panic disorder that’s not a shock but Bipolar,” Harley shook his head, “I wish you would have told us.” He frowned. “And what have you all think I was a mentally screwed kid, no thanks.” I mumbled not wanting to admit it but I was screwed up. “No body thinks that’s your disorder isn’t serve yet anyway.” Jackson stated. “You’re lucky you didn’t get so depressed you substance abused, cut, stopped eating-” “I hear you bro, loud and clear.” I cut Jackson off. “I was so determined on you all thinking I’m not screwed up in the head and in reality I kind of am.” I admitted and they shook there heads. “I remember when I fought with Jessie and she called me a crazy bitch, I remember laughing and thinking you have no idea. Maybe I am crazy.” I shrugged. “You’re not crazy, it’s a manic depression that can be triggered by a traumatic indecent you couldn’t help being kidnapped just like you can’t helping having the disorders”. Jackson said firmly. “Doctor Chance will prescribe you mood stabilizers and something else for your anxiety and then things will be fine as long as you take your meds.” Jackson said firmly and I nodded. “You can bet you ass on it that we will be checking you take your meds.” Harley then added. “I agree with him. I’ll be on your ass too.” Rayne added and Baila nodded in agreement. “We all know lover boy won’t let you out of his sight either.” Dante smirked and Justin thumped him laughing. My God they where over protective before, they won’t ever leave me alone now. “I’m sorry that I kept it to myself for so long” I said and they nodded accepting my apology. “I don’t want anyone knowing though.” I said and they nodded again. “Everyone knows about you being in a coma, heck the whole university went to the local church to pray for you last week.” Rayne said and I widened my eyes. “Really?” I gasped and she nodded.











“They all know about your being in a coma but they think your fainted and hit your head. Poor Jake has being eating himself up over it. He apologized to your parents and came to see you a few times. Well the times Justin wasn’t here.” She explained and I looked to Justin who shrugged. “It wasn’t his fault. No matter how much of a dick he was today, err I mean that day. This would have happened eventually without my meds.” I shrugged. My brothers scowled and I frowned. “If I had of died he would have had that on his conscience and that‘s not fair on him, it‘s not his fault I‘m Bipolar or that I have Panic disorder,” I said and Justin stood up. “He triggered your episode so don’t feed me that bullshit about going easy on him. If you had of died I would have-” “Bro.” Harley said cutting Justin off. “Don’t man.” Justin snapped, Harley sat back down giving him his space. I sighed and reached out to him but he yanked away from me and paced the side of the room. “Justin.” I said softly. I frowned and looked down at my sheets I could feel the waterworks coming. I noticed Justin looking at me though and he sighed the climbed onto the bed beside me and hugged me. “I love you.” He mumbled. “I love you too.” I replied. “Okay, I’m not very sure if I heard correctly but did they just use the L word?” Harley asked and I laughed. “Yup.” I smiled. “Jesus Christ, their in love.” Dante groaned and Justin chuckled. “So what, you love Rayne.” I pointed out. “I don’t care you’re my-” “-little sister, we know.” Rayne, Baila and I said in unison then laughed. “I know we said it before bro, but I promise you I will destroy you if you hurt her.” Harley warned Justin. “My God man, we know you will kill him if he hurts me. He gets that crystal clear. Stop repeating it you sound like a damn parrot.” I shouted. “No need to shout, I’m sitting right here.” Harley mumbled and I laughed out loud. God, I wanted to strangle and squeeze him at the same time. “You know what’s weird?” I said. “What?” Justin said and kissed my cheek.








“It literally feel like today is the day I blacked out, I mean I didn’t dream while I was in the coma it was literally just blank.” I said and Justin hugged me. “At least you’re awake now.” Baila smiled. “Yeah, maybe we can finally give you your birthday presents now since we didn’t get a chance at the party or the next day because you slept all day.” Dante snickered. I clapped my hands together. “I can’t wait till I get home now.” I beamed. “Justin’s is the best.” Rayne squeaked and I snapped my head round to him and he had a smug grin on his face. “Tell me.” I said trying to sound threatening. “Nope.” He smirked. Okay, I didn’t sound threatening enough. I pouted. “That face won’t work Kitten.” He laughed. “Ugh.” I groaned. “Give it time and you will bend over backwards for her when she makes that face.“ Jackson mumbled and I smiled. I hope he is right, I chuckled at the thought but stopped when everyone was looking at me. “I laughed at a joke in my head.” I shrugged and they laughed. The door to my hospital room open and Doctor Chance walked back in. “We got your file, it took a lot of talking on your father’s part but we got everything emailed. Thank God his filing system was backed up.” he muttered to himself. “You have quite the medical record deary.” Doctor Chance said taking a seat next to me. He had an iPad in his hand and why scanning through in then marking stuff off on his clip board. “Says here you physically attacked the nursing staff on several matters.” He said whilst reading. I felt eyes on me and I shifted. “Um, yes, but only during episode I hand when I went for my session in the Doctors clinic. It was before I was giving my meds. Before he really knew I was Bipolar.” I defended myself. “Do you think you will be a bother to my staff here?” He asked and looked up at me. I could tell he wasn’t messing. “No sir, I don’t like violence. I just couldn’t help it those times. “ I murmured. He nodded. “If you could control your mood swings or behavior dear you wouldn’t have Bipolar disorder.” He said and I snorted. “No, I guess I wouldn’t.” I said and he smiled. “As far as your parents know there is not family history of anyone in your family having Bipolar Disorder so you where just unfortunate to have the gene and for the trauma you suffered to trigger it.” Doctor Chance said and I nodded.













“I have a little check list here stuff that’s not in your old file.” He said and I nodded giving the go ahead to ask the questions. “Are you easily distracted?” He asked “Um, when in class and during study I’m focus but my brothers say I do day dream sometimes.” I replied and nodded taking notes. “Any trouble getting to sleep or problems over sleeping?” He then asked. “Um, yeah, I thought I had insomnia for awhile because sometimes not matter how tired I am I can’t sleep but the day before I… um blacked out I slept for a whole day.” I answered and he nodded writing it down. “Any very elevated moods such as: Increased energy, racing thoughts, talking a lot or very high self esteem?” He questioned. “I sometimes over analyzing things think about them but that’s it none of the order things.” I said and he nodded yet again writing it all down on his clip board. “Do you get very upset like agitated or irritated?” He asked. “Um, sure I do, I mean my brother's irritate the heck out me sometimes so does Justin. But all boyfriends and brothers bug their girlfriends and sisters.” I shrugged and the doctor chuckled. “That’s very true but would you get irritated over some small like lets say your brothers not approving of an outfit you wore.” He asked and I nodded. “Yes, I get so upset and angry when they comment on my clothes- oh I see.” I mumbled. “Yes, I get irritated.” He scribbled that down on his clip board and tapped on the screen on his screen. I looked over to Harley who gave me a wink so I smiled and looked back to Doctor Chance. “Any reckless behavior such as: binge eating or drinking and/or drug use, poor judgement, sex with many partners or the constant urge to have sex or spending sprees?” He asked I I blushed like crazy. “Um… I’ve never done drugs in my life. Rayne and I drank a bit when we where younger, I like to binge eat on junk food every so often.” I paused. “Ugh God this is embarrassing, I’ve only been with Justin once but yeah I get the urge like a lot.” I said and Rayne grinned and me while my brothers shook their heads. “And no shopping sprees…okay, I don’t usually have them but when I do I can spend a lot and it wouldn’t bother me really until I got home.” I shrugged and the Doctor nodded and tapped his iPad screen.












“We know about your moods so I’ll skip those questions.” He said and I nodded. “From the information you’ve giving me today and based on your file from your old doctor its points to Bipolar Disorder 1.” he said and I just looked at him waiting for him to explain what happens next. “You where taking Valproic Acid previously?” He asked. I nodded. “That is mostly likely what caused the coma. Stopping taking a drug like that without coming down by the dosage is life threatening you’re very, very lucky to believe alive Kyah. This type of scenario has killed many grown men never mind a nineteen year old teenage girl.” The doctor said getting all serious. “I understand.” I said. He nodded. “Because that drugged worked well the last time you took it and you had no side effects I will put you back on it. I will start with a low dosage then build it up.” He explained and I nodded. “Because of your disorder you will have to take this medication every day for the rest of your life. I know it sounds terrible like before when you felt better and stopped taking it, but this time you will not do that because your episodes will return and will be even worse than now do you understand?” He asked. “Yup, take the pills everyday, doubt I’ll be able to forget that Doc.” I said and Harley nudged me with his leg. “Be nice.” He murmured and I rolled my eyes. “I will prescribe a mood stabilizer for you to take also just like you took last time in will be in tablet form again.” He said and I nodded. That won’t be difficult to remember. “Now for the family, friends.” He paused and looked and Justin’s arm around me. “And the boyfriend. “ He smiled. “You all need to watch her like a hawk, literally but trust her at the same time. Watch for any signs of relapse meaning her usual mood swings or behavioral patterns returning, you contact me. She needs plenty of sleep, at least eight hours a night. Her medication will help her get to sleep so if she says she’s not tired she is lying.” He smirked at me. I shook my head at him and he laughed.












“I can tell she will have a great support system, so be their for her. Be patient and understanding of her.” Doctor Chance continued. “She is a teenage girl and will get annoyed a lot so learn to know which is her just being angry and her having an episode. Any mention of cutting throats again or very aggressive behavior then that’s an episode however getting yelled at and told to sleep on the couch for drinking all the milk, that’s her just being angry.” He smiled and I laughed. Okay, I like him, he has a sense of humor. “Reduce as much stress for her as much as possible. Communicate, talk about it if needed but don’t resolve everything around it. I believe her medication with control it so no need to talk about it constantly.” he explained. “You know of all the possible side affects and risk of taking the medication?” He then asked me. “Yeah, I never had any side affects from them. I read the list before I took them last time” I answered. “Can I see that list please?” Jackson said to Doctor Chance he nodded and handed him a few sheets of paper. Jackson read through them. “That’s a lot of possible side effects.” He said and Doctor Chance nodded. “Agreed but she was taking them for long enough without any side effects so there is a very, very low percent that she would generate them now.” Doctor Chance said and Jackson nodded still reading. “Here is some information you all can read.” He said and handed out sheets of paper. I glanced to the one Justin was looking at. It had list of different things on it.












Bipolar Disorder 1
Mania warning signs and symptoms:

Sleeping less
Elevated mood
Speaking rapidly
Increase in activity level
Irritability or aggression


Depression warning signs and symptoms

Fatigue and lethargy
Sleeping more
Trouble concentrating
Loss of interest in activities
Withdrawing from others
Change in appetite



Coping with mania and depression: Tips for family and friends

Don’t take Bipolar symptoms personally- When in the middle of a bipolar episode, people often say or do things that may be hurtful or embarrassing. When manic they may be reckless, cruel, critical and aggressive. When depressed they may be rejecting, irritable and moody. Its hard not to take such behaviours personally but remember they’re symptoms of an mental illness and not a result of immaturity or selfishness.



Be prepared for destructive behaviour - When manic or depressed, people with bipolar disorder may behave in a destructive ways. Prepare a plan ahead of episodes when loved one is is well. Example: If a loved one flares up and has an episode you will take away their car keys, credit cards etc.



Know what do in a crisis - It’s important to plan a head for times of crisis so you can act quickly when needed. A crisis plan can help. Have a list of emergency contact numbers and information - doctor, loved one’s etc.



Call 911 in an emergency - If a person with bipolar disorder is suicidal or violent, don’t try and handle the situation alone. If you’re worried your loved one might hurt you, get to safety then call the police. If a person is suicidal don’t leave them alone. Call 911 and stay with the person until help arrives.


















There was other bits of information on the sheet but I looked away feeling disgusted. “Hey.” Justin said when I sniffled, I didn’t even realize I was crying. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “Do you need to ask?” I paused sniffling again. “I have a mental illness it says it there in black and white. Look at all the things I could do if I have an episode. The times I punched Dante, shoved Rayne or even bet up Jessie are minor things to what I could end up doing. You don’t want to be with someone like that, it will be like constantly watching a bold child .” I covered my face because I knew everyone was looking at me. I felt Justin shift closer to me. “Listen to me Kitten, as much as you won’t believe me. I wouldn’t change you, I fell in love with you whilst you had mini episodes and hell even when you threatened to kill me I still didn’t back off. I’m in this for the long haul, don’t ever doubt that.” He whispered into my ear. I swallowed and forced myself to look at him. “Really?" He nodded and used his thumbs to wipe my tears away. “Really, really.” He grinned. I leaned forward buried my face in his face and closed my arms around him squeezing him tightly. “God, this is a hell of a lot for one day.” Dante mumbled. I snickered and wiped the rest of my face clean. “For once bro, I 100% agree with you. He chuckled and put his arm around Rayne who was still reading the information sheet Doctor Chance gave her. Harley was reading to, even my parents at the door had the sheets in their hands. “Okay, so not that I haven’t really enjoyed the last hour - cause truly I have - but when can I, you know. Get back to my apartment?” I asked with a smile. Doctor Chance laughed at me, that’s right full on laugh at me. “I can see how you have hid the disorder for so long, great sense of humor you have my dear but you need this medication to keep that sense of humor. Am I understood?” He asked taking pill bottles off the cart next to him. He took a green sticker and a pink sticker with my name, hospital number, gender and other medical stuff and stuck them to two different bottles.

















“Green is your Lamotrigine aka mood stabilizer. Pink is your Antidepressants. You take them both twice a day once in the morning and once before you go to bed. Pick a time that suits you to take them at those particular times everyday to help get into a routine. Do not under any circumstances take one without the other.” Doctor Chance said with a waddle of his finger in my direction. “If you take the Antidepressant without also taking your Lamotrigine it can/will trigger a manic or hyomanic episode and we are trying to avoid all episode here isn’t that right?” He asked with a raised eyebrow. “Yup, that’s right.” I said with a nod of my head. He grinned. “Great, so here you go.” He said opening each of the pill bottles and handing me two white pills. They looked the same but both did very different jobs. I looked at the pills in my hand then looked to Justin who was handing me a bottle of water. I glanced around and noticed all eyes where on me. “Are you all going to watch me take them?” I asked. “Yes.” Doctor Chance answered for everyone. I shrugged. “Well, okay then, this isn’t weird at all.” I smiled to myself and opened my bottle of water. I placed one pill in my mouth took a mouthful of water and swallow it. I did the same with the second pill and opened my mouth for everyone to see. “All gone.” I grinned. “Smart ass.” Harley muttered and I grinned at him. Doctor Chance either ignored Harley comment or over looked it when he clapped his hands together. “Great job, the time is just going ten am so if you could take them around that time every morning that would be good and whatever time you choose before bed. I’m satisfied with your diet, your room mate filled me in on your eating habits.” Doctor Chance gestured to Rayne who awkwardly waved. I laughed when she did that, it really was just border lining on awkward.















“Your mood clearly seems upbeat even after the information you have just received well re-received I guess since you already new for the most part.” He shrugged to himself. “You can be discharged to possibly go home tomorrow, I haven’t forgotten you’ve only woken from a sixteen day coma. Observations need to be carried out over night and if all is well you will be allowed home tomorrow.” He smiled. “That sounds good to me.” I chirped. His iPad then beeped and he checked it. “Oh yes..” He said tapping on the screen. I looked and seen my name on the screen of his iPad so I knew whatever notification or email he got what about me. “Doctor Lee has confirmed Mr. Edwards.” Doctor Chance said to my father who nodded in his direction. Doctor Chance then turned to me. “Your father and I have already arranged for you to come see Doctor Lee three times a week, we worked around your class schedule so you can make it here for you visits.“ He informed me. I glanced at my dad as if you say did you now?And he looked right back at me with a look that said yes, yes I did. “This time however you will have to sign an document that enables myself and your parents to read Doctor Lee’s session’s if necessary or requested. I’m not saying you can’t be trusted but you did with hide a very serious disorder from you family for a long time.” He stated. Three years but whose counting. I closed my eyes and sighed. I didn’t always have bipolar, okay technically yes I did because it was always in my genes but thanks to the kidnapping and many, many panic attacks and the worrying/fears of the panic attacks it triggered my bipolar when I was fifteen. That’s when my sessions first started with Doctor Howd - my old shrink - because mom and dad thought my panic attacks where upsetting me, getting me down and stressing me out. They weren’t wrong but there was just more to it than that and that something more is called bipolar disorder. Oh and can‘t forget panic disorder. Ah bipolar disorder and panic disorder, like two peas in a pod. Yes, I do speak fluent sarcasm. When Doctor Howd first told me about bipolar disorder and explained what it was and that he was sure I had it, I made him swear not to tell my parents or brothers and in return I would take the meds.

















He legally couldn’t tell them because I was sixteen and that enabled patient and doctor confidentiality. I held up my end of the bargain and took my meds for over a year and when I was feeling better and not even freaking about violence I stopped taken them and I stopped going to my weekly sessions with Doctor Howd. I’m sure he would have rang my dad to insist I stay with attending the sessions, but he died of a heart attack three days later and because I was doing so well my dad never did send me to another shrink. Everything was going awesome until a few months after I stopped taking the pills. I was getting nervous again, getting attacks here and there and having mini episodes now that I think about it. I should have told someone then but with preparing for college I pushed the thoughts aside and dealt with the attacks if they came along. The moods swings and feeling low just felt normal to me but honestly I knew I was only feeling like that because of my bipolar. Pretty stupid only realizing I should have told my brothers, parents of Rayne back then. It took brawling fights, very over protective brothers at clubs and everywhere else, an annoying BFB now promoted to boyfriend status and a crush who turned jerk, oh a lets not forget a sixteen day coma for it to hit home that this disorder was never going to go away and if I tried to push it away things would just get worse. “Kyah.” A voice snapped making me jump. “Sorry.” I said. “Does she do that a lot?” Doctor Chance asked to the room. “Day dream? Yeah sometimes, she just gets caught up in thinking.” Harley answered the doctor. “In other words she can be easily distracted.” Doctor Chance said. “Only sometimes.” Harley replied and the doctor nodded. “As I was saying Kyah because you kept this away from you parents and family member for so long we need you to sign this document that your parents and I have already signed along with Doctor Lee.” Doctor Chance said whilst place a sheet of paper in front of me. I groaned.
















“I know it was wrong to not tell but could you make me feel more crappie.” I murmured. “Kyah.” I mom gasped at my rude word. “Damn shrink” I mumbled. Okay let me get one thing off my chest, I absolutely HATE shrinks! These are people who talk to you about very, very personal stuff that sometimes you don’t even want to think about yourself let alone sharing it with a quack who gets paid by the hour to see you. Doctor Howd was a man I loathed, even though he told me about my disorders he was so blunt in asking questions I never really felt comfortable around him, so yeah I’m not a big fan. “Okay, yes fine, I’ll sign my soul away on your document.” I muttered. Dante couldn’t help it and laughed out loud. “Christ Kyah, this isn’t slavery and we aren’t the devil.” Dad pointed out with furrowed eyebrows shouldn‘t his annoyance.b“Roger that.” I saluted him while taking a pen from the Doctor and looking over the document. “You’re actually reading it?” My mom said. I nodded. “They told me never to sign my name on something without reading it over.” I said while pointing to my brothers. Mainly Harley and Jackson because they always told Dante the same. Jackson shrugged. “We thought her well.” Harley snorted but nodded in agreement. “I’ve never seen a closer bond between siblings you know?” Doctor Chance randomly said. “That’s what being kidnapped and mentally ill will do to you.” I smiled while signing my name on the document. When I looked up everyone was gaping at me. “I’m kidding… kind of.” I laughed. I rolled my eyes when no one laughed with me. “Yes, we are close and here is why and how it is not all that awesome. They’ve got super protective after the kidnapping and it got worse as I got older. I’m talking lecture upon lecture about boys, drinking, drugs, short skirts, push up bras. You name it I had to hear it constantly by guys who in no shape or form resembled my dad. Not that it helped because dad is like them if not worse he actually tells them they can have a say in what I do no matter what age I am because ‘I’m the little sister and always will be’” I said doing air quotes.

















“I can barely do a thing without them breathing down my neck. It drives me crazy - no pun intended.” I breathed after my long rant that nothing really even asked for. A minute ago the boys where just staring at me but now they are laughing, full on freaking laughing. “Got to look out for our little sister.” Harley said and patted my leg which was under my blanket. Doctor Chance smiled wide. “You know if you didn’t feel as much love from them as you do you would have probably hit rock bottom a long time ago. Even though they made you mad and at times possibly infuriated, its said that love is the most powerful emotion and that could be why you stay well so long until you entered the coma of course.” He explained and I sat back in my bed and processed it. “I never thought about it like that I guess.” I said after a few minutes of silence. I smirked. “So I should thank them for them being so protective?” My brothers all grinned and looked at me with anticipation. “This we have got to hear!” Dante snorted. I rolled my eyes. “I never said would say it…” I grinned devilishly. “Typical.” Jackson snickered and we laughed. “Okay.” Doctor Chance chimed in. “Medication is sorted, information sheets where giving out, session’s with Doctor Lee have being scheduled and all that’s left is to set up your monthly appointment with me to received your dosage change.” He said and I nodded While he talked I really studied him, he looked no older than thirty five which I think is young for a Psychiatrist. He was tanned, tall, definitely local… I guess he was kind of hot. God, I never thought I would think that. “Why are you smirking at me.” Doctor Chance asked getting my attention. I shook my head. “No reason.” I smiled. Rayne gave me a knowing look and I think Harley did as well, my God I think they noticed me checking Doctor Chance out. Great. “The first of each month I expect to see you in my clinic on the second floor at twelve pm every time, sound good?” Doctor Chance asked. I could already see him put my name in the calendar space on his calendar for the first of every month at twelve so I couldn’t’ really say no.
















“Sure sounds good, Doc.” I smiled and he chuckled to himself. Rayne shook her head and me and smiled, I shrugged as if to say what-I-do. “Okay Kyah, I will be back around later on to see how you’re getting on. See you then kiddo.” He smiled at me. Kiddo? I felt insulted! He is not that much older than me therefore he shouldn’t called me kiddo. I brushed the thought of and smiled. “Later Doc.” I smiled again. My family, the girls and Justin said goodbye when he left and they all took the spare seats that where around the room. Justin half sat half lay on my bed with me with Rayne and Baila sat criss crossed down the end. “You don’t have to stay here you know, this place is depressing.” I said to everyone. “Exactly, it is depressing and that’s the last thing you need to be episode to right now. We’re keeping you company, beside we’ve be here for hours everyday and night when you where in the coma.” Jackson shrugged. I smiled at him. “Do you talk to me when I was sleeping?” I asked. He nodded. “We all did, sometimes people in coma’s can hear but cannot respond obviously. But you didn’t hear us like you said all your remember is blank.” Jackson the stretched and it made me yawn so he smiled. “I bet some of you got all sappy.” I grinned. “God, now that you’re okay I totally wish I hadn’t said some thing’s.” Dante shook his head. Rayne laughed. “He made a lot of promises and deals with God in exchange for you waking up, for example: he would let you use the bathroom first when he is at our apartment and he wouldn’t complain about how long you took. He would give you space to breathe and not annoy you as much. Things like that.” Rayne chuckled. I laughed. “I’m holding you to those promises, bro.” I winked and he shook his head with laughter and leaned forward brushing past Justin to hug me. “I don’t care, I’m just glad you’re okay.” He said into my hair. “You had too stay here, I wouldn’t be one of two without you.” He said and raised his hand.
















“Oh, here we go, twin moment.” Harley groaned. I beamed and did a little hand shake with Dante, we made up when we were little and considered ourselves amazing because where twins who where so close but yet so different. “Okay, that was beyond cute.” Baila chirped and Jackson laughed then hugged her from behind. “We’re amazing.” Dante smirked and I laughed. “That we are.” I nodded as he sat back in his seat. “Omigod.” I gasped and everyone flinched at being startled. Justin squeezed me. “What is it? What’s wrong?” He asked in panic mode. I shook my head. “I am so overdue on my Biology paper.” I said and raised my hand to my forehead. Justin put his hand over where his heart is. “Jesus, don’t do that.” He exclaimed. “I thought something was wrong.” he breathed. “Something is wrong, my paper is overdue.” I pointed out. Dad chuckled. “Sweetheart you where in a coma. I think your professor’s will give you an extension on your papers.” He stated. Mom laughed. “Good to see your priorities are still your education.” She laughed so did dad. “That’s a relief.” I sighed. “Tell you want Kitten, I will go back to the apartment and get your bag. We can work on your papers or you can work and I can just sit here..” Justin trailed off and I laughed. “That sounds great, thank you.” I smiled and kissed his cheek. “Are you really going to do papers only an hour after waking up from a sixteen day long coma?” Harley questioned. I snorted. “Some people get stressed out with school work I do to a little but I’m so used to it. It’s the norm for me and now that you all know about the disorders I want as many things as possible to stay normal… does that make sense?” I asked. “Yes, it does.” Dante answered for everyone. I nodded in appreciating then leaned back against my pillow and sighed. “Tired?” Justin asked. “Uh huh.” I nodded because I did feel tired. “Well, Doctor Chance said the more sleep you get the better so rest up.” Justin kissed my forehead. Dante snorted. “Sixteen days asleep and she’s tired again. Typical Kyah.” He muttered under his breathe and Jackson slapped the back of his head. “Ow! damn it, that hurt Jackson!” He groaned while rubbing the back of his head.
















“Watch your mouth.” Jackson warned. “What I say?” Dante whined while rubbing his head still. Rayne rolled her eyes at him as did Baila. I laughed at him and slowly closed my eyes. “We’ll be here when you wake up, Kitten.” Justin’s voice floated in my ears just as I drifted off.

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