College freshman Kyah Edwards is guaranteed to be popular when she enters university thanks to her brothers. Two of them are seniors & the 'it bad boys'. With her bestfriend Rayne by her side it will be a year to remember but not for all the right reasons.

Things happen & secrets outed, secrets that some people want off the radar. Mainly Kyah who has a huge secret that not even her brothers know about. When Kyah finds out one particular secret about her brother Harley it welcomes her to a world of alcohol, sex, violence - which she hates for a good reason - & of course more bad boys.

Welcome to college life.


19. Surprise

-Kyah's Pov-




“Kyah, what about this one?” Rayne called out holding up what I’m guessing was a dress but was short enough to be a tank top. “Dante would yell at you for even suggesting that to me.” I grinned and she laughed. “Would he really?” Baila asked, curiously. She and Jackson are an actual couple now after weeks of countless dates and spending like twenty four seven together. I really like her and so does Rayne so we hang out together. A lot. Constantly really. “Uh, yes.“ I laughed. “C’mon Baila, you’ve seen how they are around her.” Rayne said while looking through the clothes rack for more dresses.





“I’ve noticed that believe me, Jackson adores you.” She smiled.
I blushed a little. “They all adore her, Justin too.” Rayne exclaimed still surfing through the clothes.
“He adores her in a very different way.” Baila smirked as did Rayne.
“Yeah, where best friend‘s.” I smiled and they laughed. “What?” I asked and they shook there heads at me. I shrugged and browsed around the rest of Forever 21 looking for something to wear to dinner tomorrow night.
When I finally found a nice boob tube black fitted dress and some red heels I found a nice matching bag and grabbed some jewelry to match it all. When I paid for it all out of my cash because my credit card wasn’t unfrozen till tomorrow.








Rayne and Baila had lots of bags so I figured they bought options. We next went to a salon and got our hair done, manicures and pedicures. We each had really long hair. Mine was dark brown, Rayne’s jet black and Baila had a beautiful naturally auburn/firey red hair. We each got a few leers, I got mine just simply blow dried straight while the other girls went with Kim Kardashian curls. “I bet I could get more whistles than you.” Baila argued back to Rayne when I stepped out of the salon after paying. “Um, what are you talking about?” I asked, chuckling. “She has this crazy idea that if we sport our news clothes we could get a lot of whistles.” Baila explained.
“That’s a stupid idea.” I laughed and Rayne frowned making me feel bad. “Uh, just kidding.”  “So we can do it?” She squealed and didn’t wait for an answer. She instead dragged us off to a rest room near the entrance of the mall we where in. “Get changed, now.” She ordered. I sighed but went into a stall and took of my current clothes and put on my boob tube, heels and Jewelry. I didn’t have a strapless bra so I stuck the straps down into my dress and it look fine. “Done.” I said stepping out of the stall. “Wow, mamacita.” Rayne purred. “Dude, you two look hot.” I said when I seen Baila and Rayne’s outfits. “We know.“ I laughed and turned to the mirror and fixed up my make up a little.










“Okay, so now what?” I asked when I was done. Rayne smiled. “We walk around-” She was cut off by my phone ringing. I looked at the caller Id. ”Its Justin.” I said accepting the call. “We know, we can tell by your smile.” Baila cooed and I stuck my finger up at her making her laugh. “Hola.” I answered. “Hey Kitten, where are you three at?” Justin asked. “Um, the mall.“ I answered. “Okay, don’t freak but Jackson cut his hand in your apartment putting your new shelves up for when you move back in. He won’t go the hospital so we kind of need you to talk him round.” Justin explained.
My breathe caught in my throat. “Put him on the phone Justin.” I pleaded. He awkwardly coughed.  “Okay, sure…. Jackson…. Kitten… can you… me…. Kyah-” The phone cut off. What the hell? He was speaking fine a second ago it didn’t even sound like he really was even breaking up. “
We have to back to our apartment. Jackson hurt himself.” I tried to brief the girls quickly. They seem surprisingly calmed. “Lets just leave now, we can get changed in the apartment.” Rayne shrugged.









“Okay.” I said eyeing them up before we turned and quickly left the mall and went out to my car.
The whistles came from all directions, we even got some from females which was kind of awkward to say the least. “God, Rayne why did I let you frown me into this?” I groaned as we got into my car and she laughed.
“Because you love me.” She said gleefully. I explained in the car what Justin said over the phone.
“Oh no, I hope he is okay.” Baila said from the back seat. I looked the rear view mirror and she was examining her nails. What the hell?
“Jackson is tough, he will be fine.” Rayne replied also. I looked at her quickly then back at the road. Are these two serious, why aren’t the more worried? When I reached mine and Rayne’s apartment building the girls took forever to get out of the car. I haven’t being back in the apartment since I went to Harley and Justin’s apartment nearly four weeks ago. I didn’t rush up without them though mainly because I was afraid Jackson’s hand would be really badly cut and I would pass out or something. “Relax, he will be fine.” Rayne assured me. Out of no where Dante’s car pulled up and he jumped out. “Why are you dressed like that?” he asked us.













We explained the stupid reason why we’re dressed and he explained Harley called him about Jackson. I nodded as he walked up stairs. Rayne and Baila literally ran ahead of us into my apartment leaving me and Dante to give each other confused looks and shrugs. “I feel like we’re missing something.” I said and Dante nodded as we walked into my apartment. The lights where off so we slowly walked into the living room. “Hello?” Dante and I said in unison. Suddenly the lights flicked on and cheers erupts. "Surprise.” A crowd of people screamed as the lights came on. “Omigod.” I screamed and jumped back into Dante with fright, my back hit his chest. He put his arms around me to stop me from falling. He rested his chin on my shoulder and I could hear him mutter, "It's a surprise party for us." I let my eyes scan the room my other two brothers, Justin, Rayne and Baila where standing in front of the other guests. “You bitches, I knew you where up to something making me dress like this. How could I fall for that stupid idea?” I pointed to them and they laughed.






“And you” I pointed at Justin. “You totally faked breaking up over the phone and about Jackson. You scared the hell out of me.” I snapped but couldn’t keep the smile off my face. “Yeah Harley, you bastard, I thought his hand was hanging off.“ Dante added and everyone laughed again. “Don’t look at us, Justin planned the party and threatened to murder anyone who let it slip.” Harley smirked then looked at a boy who after a minute I realized was Jake. Justin threatened Jake? Oh God. “Justin, thank you.” I smiled and gave him a really big hug. “Yeah man, thanks.” Dante bro hugged him. I looked round my apartment the where birthday decorations every and a big picture of me and Dante when we where toddlers hugging on the wall. “Awe Dante look.” I pointed to the picture. He laughed and put his arm around me. “Even then he was protective.” Rayne teased and we laughed. Technically today is Dante birthday because he was born five minutes before midnight and mine will be four minutes after midnight. I spotted Harry and I crushed him in a hug, he had his date with him, the guy he meet in the coffee shop two weeks ago - Toby. He was lovely, Harry seemed happy and that made me happy. We chatted for a little bit when a few hoots started. “Drinks.” Some shouted and everyone cheered. Music started up and I had no idea where it was coming from until I looked in the corner and seen a Dj set up. “Wow.” I mumbled, Justin went all out for Dante and I. “You looked beautiful.” A voice whispered in my ear. I turned around and smiled. “Hey Jake.” I beamed.








He pulled me into a hug and I laughed.“Kyah.” Jakes friend Todd - the guy Justin bet up awhile ago - pulled me into a side hug. “Hi.” I smiled politely. “Happy birthday and sorry about all that crap I said a few weeks ago.” He apologized. I smiled. “Thanks and don’t worry about it.” I gave him and hug and he gave me a red cup with some drink inside it. Not that I didn’t trust him - I didn’t - but my brothers have told me countless times not to take drinks of strangers and technically that is what Todd is to me. I thanked him for the drink and excused myself so I could use the bathroom. “Good girl.” I heard from behind me making me jump. “Justin, you scared me.” I said when I turned to face him. He smiled. “Just admiring that advice you’ve taking from your brothers.“ He smiled. I laughed and nodded. “Your awesome for doing all this. It must have cost you a lot of money and time to plan it.” I said. He shrugged. “Anything for my number one girl/FBF/roomy” He said with a grin. I laughed and gave him a bug hug. “Is your belly still sore?” He asked me. I smiled stilling hugging him, I’m not even embarrassed he knows I’m on my period. “Not at the minute but if it hurts later you can count on being called in for a belly rub.” I stated and he laughed hugging me tighter. “Deal.” He smiled as he pulled away from me and ran his eyes over my body. “You really look just wow.” I stepped back grinning. “Did my best friend just check me out?” I asked. “Psssh, no.” He smirked. I laughed and we walked out to the kitchen area and got ourselves some drink. I stuck to vodka and coke because I don’t like beer. “Little sister.” I heard from behind me. I turned and found Jackson smiling me. “I thought you where hurt you ass.” I smacked his arm but hugged him. Justin went off somewhere while I talked to my brother, Harley joined us and I hugged him also. Baila and Rayne eventually got me and pulled me into the living room which was used a dance floor. The Creep by the Lonely Island came on and I laughed when every starred doing the creep dance.








We where acting so stupid but it was so much fun, it was nice to let loose. I mingled with guests and my family for literally hours. It was now night time and the party was still going with everyone dancing.
I felt hands on my hips and I knew it was Jake because I could see Justin sitting on the kitchen counter top talking to Dante who was leaning next to him. “Can I give your present now birthday girl?” He asked. I didn’t want to explaining it wasn’t by birthday until 12:04am and it was only ten pm now. So I turned around and nodded. He asked me where my bedroom was and walked me down to it. I could felt Dante’s and Justin’s eyes on me so I decided to leave my bedroom door open so they wouldn’t get the wrong idea. Jake understood and sat himself on my bed. “I like your room.” He said and I laughed and sat beside him. “Happy birthday, sexy.” He smiled and handed me a long black box. I slowly opened it and see and beautiful silver necklace. “Oh wow. Thank you Jake, I love it” I beamed and leaned over giving him a big hug.










He clipped it around my neck and I smiled again, it was gorgeous and it was from Tiffany’s. “I wanted to give it to you before I leave, I’ve a important exam tomorrow I need to cram for.” he explained and I nodded understanding completely. “Well, I’m glad you came.” I smiled. We talked for a few more minutes until he hand to go back downstairs his own apartment. When we emerged from my bedroom people where looking at us or dancing and I think you know who was definitely starring at us. “See you tomorrow?” Jake asked. ”Okay.” I smiled. He kissed my cheek and left. My brother couldn’t resist glaring at Jake as he left, I’m pretty sure I seen Harley snarled at him too. “Justin, will you hand me a drink please.” I smiled at him, he nodded but didn’t say much. I frowned at him especially when Rayne glared at me then softly at Justin? Oh, I get it they think I slept with Jake or something. It’s annoying me that Rayne isn’t pissed at Justin for hooking up with that girl last week but she’s mad at me for going on dates with Jake and only being friendly towards Justin - except for the time we had sex. And now she and the others think I’ve slept with Jake? What’s up with that?









There are three things wrong with that. One) I have my period, that just nasty thinking I had sex on my period. Two) I wouldn’t have sex with Jake, well not until I got to know him more. And Three) I’m not a skank that will do the deed in a bedroom during a birthday - especially one that was partly thrown for her. “What’s with the face?” I asked Justin squeezing myself in-between his legs. He looked directly at me. “Nothing.” He shrugged. “He was just giving my birthday present to me.” I said, annoyed. “Did he give it to you good?” Someone shouted out. I heard Jackson shout someone and the guy said he was only kidding. “I did not have sex with him." I said it loud enough for people close to him could hear. “He got me this necklace.” I shouted and pointed to it around my neck. Justin glared at the necklace like it was dirt while Baila fawned over it. “That’s so sweet. It's beautiful.” She beamed. “Yeah, it’s nice.” Rayne added. “I know, it’s from Tiffany’s. I couldn’t believe it, it must have cost he a lot.” I said shaking me head. I love the gift but I hate when people spend to much money on something for me. It was awkward with Justin because he was just glaring at the necklace then at me.









I pouted. “I can’t enjoy this party unless you smile.” I said to Justin who’s face remained solid. “C’mon smile,” I encouraged, “I can see it.” I lifted my hand and tickled the corner of his mouth. "Right there.” I could tell he didn’t want to but couldn’t help it and he smiled. “There it is.” I beamed and hugged him. “My God, that was so incredibly cute.” Baila gushed and my brothers laughed. “That’s how they roll. Constant mushy flirty but yet the are ‘best friends’.” Dante said doing air quotes around the words best friends. I sighed but didn’t call him on it partly because I didn’t want to start an argument and also because mushy flirty is harmless between best friends. Right? When It was almost 11:55pm everything went quiet. “Where’s the birthday boy and girl?” Scott - a guy from the football team - shouted. Dante and I moved over to him when Harley turned the corner with a big cake with two number nine candles on the cake, only Dante‘s candle was lit and it left people confused. Dante and I laughed while Rayne took pictures of it then our faces and other peoples reactions. “He was born five minutes before midnight and I was born four minutes after to we have different dates for our birthday” I explained and everyone nodded along. “That’s actually cool, twins with different birth dates.” A girl from Justin lit class randomly said, other's agreed with her as did Dante and I. We always thought it was cool except I hate being younger. “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Dante. Happy birthday day to you.” We sang to Dante as he blew out his candle and kiss my cheek then gobbled Rayne’s mouth with his. The boys all thumped his arms nineteen times leaving him groaning and sore but still laughing. “I’m nineteen and you’re still eighteen.” Dante pointed out and I laughed.










“Why do you do that every year? You are only nineteen for nine minutes longer than me.” I pointed out. “So you’re still younger little sister.” He said and hook his arm around my neck. “Smile my twinnys. Lets get a picture of when Dante is nineteen and Kyah is still eighteen.“ Rayne stated to Dante and me while grinning.
Dante put his arms around my shoulder and me into his chest. We smiled big as Rayne snapped the picture. “So damn cute.“ She beamed, Dante and I laughed. I watched as Harley lit my candle with his cigarette lighter. “Ready, Kitten?” Justin cheered getting hoots from everyone’s making me laugh. I nodded. “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear… Kitten. Happy birthday to you.” Everyone sang. I burst out laughing that they all sang my nickname that Justin gave me, even my brothers said it. I closed my eyes and wished that when Harley and Justin brawl that they would be safe as can be. I opened my eyes and blew out my candle and the room erupted in cheers, just like it did when Dante blew out his candle. Technically Dante birthday is over and mine has just started I thought as I prepared for my nineteen slaps. Rayne started it of and smacked my ass, I groaned but then Baila did the same thing and everyone just decided on slapping my ass.









My brothers lightly slapped the end of my back not wanting to touch my ass for obvious reasons.
On the last slap Justin stood before me and rubbed his hands together. “My turned.” He grinned.
“Go easy, my ass is on fire from the slaps.” I whined. He stepped closer to me raise his hand and just when I thought he was going to belt me he light patted my behind giving it a slight rub as well. “Nineteen.” He smiled. I laughed and hugged him. “Shots.” Rayne yelled and stumbled. “Yeah, that’s what you need another bloody shot.” Dante rolled his eyes and put his arms around her holding her still. “You are so hot. papicito.” She said seductively to him. He laughed but tried to shush her. “I can think of nineteen different ways to show you a very happy birthday.” She grinned as Dante fixed her a I-will-sex-you-right-here-if-you-keep-this-up look. My brothers heard what she said and the hooted and patted Dante back. “Jesus, if I said that to some guy I would be locked away in a room on my own. Forever”. I pointed out. My brother’s rolled there eyes. “It’s because you’re our sister, the baby of the family.” Harley replied.








“No, you're are very sexist.” I stated and they laughed. “Call us what you want.” Dante grinned at me while Rayne groped him. “Jerks.” I muttered. I felt arms slide over my shoulder and a head rest against the back of mine.
“You two could not look more like a couple.” Rayne slurred. Justin moved away from me and groaned. “C’mon Rayne, let it go.” He said and knocked back a shot.
I rolled my eyes. “Shots.” I shouted getting claps from Rayne.










I couldn’t help but shoot a look a Justin. He seen it and raised his eyebrows at me, I smiled smugly the turned away. “Okay, princess.” Todd beamed at me standing front of a tray of shots. “Since its your birthday me and the team have decided to make you a little offer.” He smirked. I felt my brothers move closer so they could hear over the music. “As you can see we have nineteen shots in front of us. For every five shots you drink you will get twenty bucks off each jock.” He grinned. “But if you accept and don’t finish all the shots, you don’t get any money and… you have to do a little strip tense in the middle of the room for all us to see.” He said. I laughed especially when Harley tried to grab for Todd. ”I accept.” I smiled and stopping Harley. “What?” Justin and my brothers yelled in unison. “I accept. But I‘ll only do fifteen because then that’s an even three sets five shots” I repeated with a smile. Todd nodded grinning back at me.
“Kyah.” My brothers groaned.








“There are ten jocks from the from football and basket ball team in this room. If I knocked back the shots I get six hundred bucks from them! I don’t need the money for anything but it will be awesome taken it from them.” I smiled then took my first shot swallow it whole the turned the shot glass upside down on the tray. “One down, fourteen to go.” Todd yelled. I smirked and downed another three getting cheers from the crowd. “Four down, eleven to go.” Todd yelled. I grabbed Rayne and we danced with the other guests on the living room floor. I could feel the guys watching me, probably watching to see if I so any signs of being drunk yet. They forget I grew up with them, whenever me and Rayne went out drinking when we were younger we paced ourselves so I would never get drunk to quick that my brothers would notice. I'm not a lightweight. After a few songs. I danced over to the counter and slung back another two shots. “Nine to go.” Todd smirked at me.
“Hope you have your wallet ready buddy.” I winked. Harley took my hand and look at my face so I roll my eyes. “My God, I’m not a lightweight. Please stop watching out for me and just have fun. It’s my birthday for Gods sake. Another year older bro.” I grinned then twirled away. I continued dancing with Rayne, Baila and a few other random girls and dudes that I met as the nice progressed along. When I started to sway I only had three shots left to do. Justin caught me twice when I almost stumbled and fell over while dancing. “Okay Kitten, you’ve proved you can handle a shit load of shots.” Justin said. I could hear him say more but I wasn’t listening I absent-mindedly ran my fingers over his wrist from where he had a hold of me. He stopped whatever he was saying and glanced at what I was doing. I smiled at him and bit my lip and I swear to God I saw a flash of lust surge through his eyes. I turned and flung back two shots. The music cut off as I stumbled like crazy. My brothers where telling me I had enough but I said no I only had one shot left and I would down it. Todd was watching me like a hawk and I wobbly picked up the last shot of tequila. I knocked it back, but raised my hand when it threatened to come back up.










“She’s going to barf.” Todd laughed. “No she’s not, she’s got this. Relax Kyah.” Harley said rubbing my back. Suddenly the urge to throw up was gone and I opened my mouth to prove I swallow it. “Fuck.” Todd and the other jocks groaned taken out there wallets out. Each jock hand to hand over sixty bucks each, twenty bucks per each five shots I drank. Dante happily went around collect my money for me while I slumped up against the wall. The music started back up when I felt myself being haled upright. “Jesus Kitten, you and your damn pride.” Justin voice filled my ears. I giggled then suddenly was in fits of laughter. My brothers shook there heads chuckling when the seen me. “I love you guys.” I slurred against Justin and pointing to my brothers. “Yeah… we love you too.” They replied while laughing at me. “I’ve got her.” Justin chuckled also. I told him I had to pee so he helped me to the bathroom. “Where did Justin go?” I asked as my vision blurred. “He will be right back he went to get you some water.” The guy who was holding me chuckled. “Like a virgin… touched for the very first time. Like a virrrrggggiiinnnnn.” I sang as I stumbled into the bathroom. “I like your voice Kitten but like a virgin… seriously?” The dude chuckled. I face palmed myself. Yep, I was pissed. “I c-can’t really sing that s-ong anym-more.” I gestured for him to come closer while I stood by the kitchen sink. He did with a smile on his face. “I’m not a v-virgin any more. There I s-said it.” I threw my hands up in the air. “Really, you’re not?” He gasped and covered his mouth with his hand in shock. I shook my head and covered my mouth with my hands as well. “My brothers w-wil kil-l me and J-Justin.” I groaned. “You had sex with Justin?” He gasped again. I shook my head shocked as well.








“Yeah.” I said and looked down. “I wanted t-t-to though.” I yawned and slumped a little but my new friend who looked like Justin held me up. “Why did you want to have sex with Justin?” He asked me and I blushed. “He is m-my BFB. Plus he is h-hot.” I slurred, the guy laughed but still held me upright.








“You think he is hot?” He asked and I nodded. “Have you s-seen his body? God and his tattoo’s, they m-make me want to b-bite him.” I smirked. “Then there is h-is face, it’s just b-beautiful.” I smiled to myself. The guy chuckled at me and brushed my hair away from my face with his hands. “We are j-just friends though.” I frowned and he seen this. “You’re sad about that?” He asked very quickly. I shrugged. “Well y-eah. It’s wrong he is m-my friend, I shouldn’t think a-about him like t-that but I-I do. He d-oesn’t like me b-back though so it‘s okay.” I pouted. “Why do you think that? Maybe he likes you a hell of a lot and it scares him because he never liked a girl this much before.” The guy said and I yawned again. “Because he h-had sex with a girl a-a week after he took m-my virginity.” I slurred. The guy frowned hard. “He told me you forgave him for that though.” The guy pressed. “I d-d-o but it still h-hurt me. I don’t know why b-but it did.” I shrugged. “You can’t tell him I-I like him though, it’s best I-if we’re just friends." “I won’t mention a thing to him, but I’m sure he knows.” The guy smiled a little. “You think h-he is spying o-n us?” I asked and scooped out the bathroom making the guy laugh.











“Dude?” I said to the guy and he looked at me. “What Kitten?” he asked. Kitten, only Just- “I’m going to be sick.” I cut my thought process of and bent over the toilet feeling liquid rushing up my throat and poured into the toilet. My hair was pulled back from my face and I felt a hand rub my back. “Ughh.” I groaned the threw up again. I repeated this over and over again until everything went black. What a party.

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