College freshman Kyah Edwards is guaranteed to be popular when she enters university thanks to her brothers. Two of them are seniors & the 'it bad boys'. With her bestfriend Rayne by her side it will be a year to remember but not for all the right reasons.

Things happen & secrets outed, secrets that some people want off the radar. Mainly Kyah who has a huge secret that not even her brothers know about. When Kyah finds out one particular secret about her brother Harley it welcomes her to a world of alcohol, sex, violence - which she hates for a good reason - & of course more bad boys.

Welcome to college life.


26. Ready?


-Kyah's Pov-



“Look, she’s waking up.” my mom’s voice filled my ears. I blinked my eyes open. I was still in my hospital room. Surprise, surprise. “Baby?” Dad came into my view as he stood over me. “Hi.” I said. He leaned down and hugged me. I went to pat his back with my left arm and I cried out. Dad moved back and I looked at my bandaged wrist. Oh that’s right I tried to kill myself. I shook my head not being able to believe I would actually try something like that. “I’m sorry.” I said. I didn’t have to sit up to know everyone was in the room, I could feel there stares on me. My mom hugged and mumbled how she was that I was okay. I sat up with the help of Dante and Justin who appeared beside me. “I bet you wish you had another friend, sister, or girlfriend.” I said out loud. “No, we don’t.” Harley voice said loud and clear. I laughed. “Yeah right, I’m a disaster. I’m crazy, am I in the mental ward yet?” I asked looking at Harley. “No you are not a disaster, you’re Kyah, still the same Kyah, and no you’re still in the ICU. They brought you back here after your surgery.” He explained. “Surgery?” I questioned. “Yes, surgery.” Doctor Chance entered the room.


















Uh oh, I thought. “Sup, Doc?” I smiled a little. He just stared blankly at me making me frown.
“No humor today kiddo, I don’t want you thinking what you attempted yesterday was by any means okay.” He said very firmly.
“I know it wasn’t. I don’t know what I was thinking, I mean now it seems so un-me and very stupid but yesterday is seem liked the best idea ever. I feel so bad for hurting Anna and Harley being angry with me, I didn’t want to do that to anyone again so I thought if I wasn‘t here any more I couldn‘t hurt anyone.” I shrugged. “Baby, if you weren’t here any more I wouldn’t have a reason to be on this planet.” Justin randomly stated. “I agree with Justin Kiki, if anything happened to you it would kill me. You have to know how much you mean to us. You just have to know.” Harley added in.

















Dante squeezed my hand. “You can’t leave me.” He whispered. “We made a deal remember?” he asked I smiled lightly. When we were ten we made a deal that we wouldn’t go some place far without one another. I guess dying to Dante is a far away place. “I remember.” I squeezed his hands reassuringly. “Kyah.” Doctor Chance said. “I have up’d your dosage on your medication. You have had a mixed affective episode within two days. What happened with Anna was your aggressive behavior - manic episode - and yesterday with cutting your wrist showed your depressive side. The dosage now will maintain them but you need to accept what you do during an episode is not you, it’s the bipolar.” He stated. “You don’t remember hitting Anna because you weren’t in your right mind when you did it. Sometimes you remember sometimes you don’t. Like you can remember what you did yesterday but you feel now it was stupid and a careless thing to do. Do you understand?” He pressed.
















“Yes I do, when you explain it like that I understand.” I sighed. “I’m so sorry for all of this.” I frowned. “It’s in the past, we are focusing on your future, past the hospital. Right?” Doctor Chance said. “Right.” Everyone answered him. I have the feeling he already explained this to them and had a talk but I wasn’t going to ask. “Is this the part where we huddle together do a chant then cheer?” I asked. The boys burst out laughing while my mom cried. “Why are you crying, I’m just kidding..” I said to my mom. “I know you are, I’m just happy you are yourself again.” She sniffled. I nodded understanding what she meant. “Are you ready to get back to yourself probably so you can get out of this hospital and only grace me with your presence on your clinic visits once a month?” Doctor Chance smiled cheekily. I looked around at my parents, brothers, friends and Justin then back to Doctor Chance. “Definitely.” I smiled.

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