College freshman Kyah Edwards is guaranteed to be popular when she enters university thanks to her brothers. Two of them are seniors & the 'it bad boys'. With her bestfriend Rayne by her side it will be a year to remember but not for all the right reasons.

Things happen & secrets outed, secrets that some people want off the radar. Mainly Kyah who has a huge secret that not even her brothers know about. When Kyah finds out one particular secret about her brother Harley it welcomes her to a world of alcohol, sex, violence - which she hates for a good reason - & of course more bad boys.

Welcome to college life.


1. Protective Brothers

-Kyah's Pov-

“Watch it, freshman.” A tallish boy with dark brown hair yelled at me when I bumped into him as I walked. I looked up from my iPad and bit my lip feeling awkward. “Sorry.” I mumbled as I stepped out of his way. “Don‘t apologize, chica.” My friend Rayne hissed at me. “Oi, culo, don’t yell at her again or I'll kick your ass.” She shouted to the guy who looked over his shoulder and smirked at us while continuing on his merry way down the hallway. "What a prick.” Rayne snarled as she turned to me. “Why did you cower away? He totally walked into you on purpose, I seen him look directly at you before he bumped you.” She exclaimed. I shrugged my shoulders putting my iPad in my bag and zipping it closed. “I didn’t want to embarrass myself by yelling at him.” Rayne furrowed her eyebrows. “I yelled at him and didn’t embarrass myself.” She said in a matter of fact tone. Yes you did,I thought but then I laughed and shook my head at her. “Okay, point taken.” I yawned and stretched my arms above my head. Rayne nudged me. “Your brothers would snap him in two for talking to you like that.” She said evilly with a grin. As she said this I spotted one of my brother’s leaning up against a pillar talking to a group of guys as we walked passed. “Snap who, mamacita?” Dante said into Rayne’s ear as he wrapped his arms around her giving her a kiss on the cheek.


“Hola papi.” She smiled and kissed him on the lips. I rolled my eyes and fake gagged. “Please, don’t go all PDA while I’m here.” Dante smirked and leaned for kissing my cheek. “Is my little sister nervous about her first day on campus?” He asked with a teasing grin. I felt my stomach churn with nerves. “Eh, yes, of course I am. It‘s your first day too, and yours Rayne. How are you both not nervous?” I said while rolling my eyes and shaking my head. He laughed and went back to hugging Rayne who shrugged at me. Dante is my twin brother, he and Rayne have been dating over four years. They’ve always being the mushy gushy type and attending the same university as each other heightened there romance level from being overly kissy cute to being so damn kissy cute its borderlining disgusting. If you didn’t know Dante you would think by looking at him he is your typical jerk off bad boy with his many tattoo’s, low ride black skinny jeans, green supra‘s, backwards green Yankee hat on his head and a plain black tee and his I‘m cool stance. It’s a simple look but he makes it look effortless the bastard. He can be very hyper and dorky and I suppose he is a trouble maker technically all my brothers are but they are all big bears as well, well to me they’re anyway. “What’s to be nervous about? We own this school, we’re popular.” Dante finally answered me with a shrug while he draped his arm over Rayne who grinned at his answer. I shook my head in annoyance, my mom and dad happen to own The University of Arizona, dad is the dean while mom works in her own studio, she’s a fashion designer.



We’re quite a wealthy family but our dad doesn’t let us away with any thing we each had to apply to the university like everyone else and where only accepted for our GPA’s from high school and had to press on summer courses to show commitment. We of course don’t have to pay a dime, Rayne doesn’t either because she’s basically family but we don’t get a get out of jail free card when it comes to my dad we have the put the work in if we want to graduate and get our degrees just like every other student. “Okay my dear brother, listen up. One) daddy said we won’t get special treatment because he owns the university just like Jackson and Harley don‘t get any leeway. Two) We’re not popular, Jackson and Harley are because they’re Senior’s and for some reason girls like them and finally three) we’re freshman, everyone picks on the freshman.” I frowned. Dante rolled his eyes. “Not us, we’re are granted instant popularity little sister. Jackson and Harley are popular, we’re there siblings making us popular beside I know most of the people here anyway.” He smirked. Yeah because he visited my brothers a lot in their sophomore and junior year while I stayed back home studying. I huffed. “You’re so stupid.” I said as I shook my head. He placed his hand over his heart. “That hurt, Kyah.” He pouted making Rayne laugh. “You two are so cute, I love your twinly bond.” She beamed. Dante grinned at her and poked me. “Don’t Dante, I’m not in the mood.” I said in an annoyed tone hoping he would get the hint that I’m not in the mood for his games. He ignored my tone and poked at me again clearly trying to annoy me. “That’s it.” I yelled and jumped at him but didn’t make it very far. I was grabbed by the waist mid air causing me to squeal. “Twenty bucks bro, told you she would try attack him the first day.” My older brother’s voice filled my ear as he set me back on my feet. “Harley.” I squeaked and turned giving him a very tight hug. Harley is like Dante in many ways, they have the same bright blue eyes and same fashion sense and style however instead of cap hats Harley wears beanies a lot covering his dark brown hair that everyone in my family has. His biceps are both covered in tattoos as well as some on his chest and back. He has a lot of them.




He is the very light tempered one out of the boys and gets pissed off easily - very easily. I let go of Harley and I spotted Jackson behind him and hugged him to. “Jackson.” I squealed again “I missed you both so much.” I gushed making them grin. Jackson unlike the other two he doesn’t bother with hats. His clothing fetish is white or black tee’s that he wears checker shirts or plain shirts over leaving the checker shirts open obviously so you can see the tee. It’s what nerds are considered to where but Jackson makes it look bad ass when he dresses in them and pairs them with jeans and high tops. He too has many tattoo’s only adding to the bad boy look. Yeah, my brothers like there tattoo’s, they each have my name on there forearms. People always ask them is that their girlfriends name and the happily response “No, she’s my little sister”. They like there style and as usual they care about there appearance, typical dudes really. In case you haven’t notice, I am very, very close to my brothers like extremely close. Even Dante, though he highly annoys me at times. “You seen us last month.” Jackson chuckled. They both went skiing in Italy for whole month with there friends on a ’boys vacation’ before there final year in college. “Exactly last month, that means a whole month alone with Dante. Rayne was out of town so I was literally stuck on my own with him” I said dramatically. My two oldest brother snorted along with Rayne and Dante who took no offence to what I said. “Hey, Harley.” A tall blonde flirtatiously waved to my brother as she walked by with two girls. She instantly got the guys attention. “Sup, Heidi.” Harley smirked and bore his eyes onto what I‘m assuming was her ass. “Ew, don’t do that.” I smacked his arm snapping him from his trance. “Do what?” He said taking his eyes off the blonde and looking back to me. “Undress her with your eyes, it‘s nasty.” I said and pulled a disgusted face. He laughed. “I missed you little sister.” Harley chuckled and pulled me in for another hug.




I smiled and hugged him back but he suddenly stopped then slowly pushed me away and looked at my outfit. This caught Jackson’s attention who didn’t pay attention to my clothes before but decided to now. “What are you wearing?” He gasped. I looked down at myself. “Clothes.” I said with a nervous chuckle and a shrug. “Kyah.” Harley and Jackson said at the same time. Here we go, over protective brother time. “It’s only a pair of shorts and a tank top. It‘s not like I’m in my underwear” I shrugged. “I can see your,” Harley shook his head and leaned into my ear, “cleavage.” He whispered. I laughed. “Harley, I have boobs, don’t be embarrassed by it.” Rayne laughed at me but stopped when she seen my brothers expressions. Even Dante who got a good look at me wasn’t happy. “I’m not fifteen any more, I’m growing up guys.” I smiled hoping to ease the tension that was building. “You’re still our little sister.” Jackson reminded me. I rolled my eyes. “How could I forget.” I mumbled making him grin. Jackson is the eldest of the four of us, he is twenty four and Harley is second oldest at twenty three. They both went travelling when they finished high school and left going to college until they turned nineteen and twenty which was four years ago making them now seniors at the university. Dante and I are eighteen, nineteen in six weeks. Dante however is nine minutes older than me still making me the freaking youngest and the bastard won‘t let me forget it. What’s even worse is he was born five minutes before mid night the night we where born while I was born four minutes after mid night so we actually have different dates for our birthdays even though its only a nine minute gap. “Advert your eyes somewhere else man or I will break your jaw.” Harley hissed over my shoulder snapping me from my thoughts. I glanced over my shoulder and seen a guy near my age quickly turn back to his friends.





“Whoa, what was he looking at?” I asked wondering why Harley threatened him like that. Rayne shook her head clearly knowing the answer. “You.” Dante, Jackson and Harley answered in unison. “Me?” I said in confusion. “Why was he looking at me?” I questioned. Rayne sighed. “For someone who is so smart you can be so stupid at times chicka.” She grimaced while shaking her head. “He was checking you out, starring at your ass.” She paused to grin. “Or as you say to Harley. He was undressing you with his eyes.” She chuckled. I flushed. “He was not.” I protested. “He was.” Harley clenched his fists glaring over my shoulder. “Don’t you dare get into a fight Harley, please.“ I said felting my breath quicken standing next to him. Jackson put his arm around me and hugged me. “Stop worrying, you know you need to breathe and relax. Don‘t get yourself worked up otherwise dad will make you go back on your meds.” He said and I nodded. No way in hell am I going back on my meds. No.freaking.way. “Okay.” I said and took a few deep breathes. “Rayne, now that douche starring at Kyah reminded me, who did you say we would snap in two for Kyah?” Dante questioned Rayne and I groaned.


Not a good question, not good at all. “Um..” She glanced at me looking for help but Dante stepped in front of her. “No, don’t do that mami. Don‘t look for a way out of answering the question.” Dante said firmly. “What happened that caused you say that?” He pried. Rayne cleared her throat. “Um, a guy kind of yelled at Kyah for bumping into him but he actually bumped into her on purpose.” She said quickly. “Which guy?” Harley instantly asked. He really is the most violent out of my brothers but not by much they all have a short fuse, I hate it like really hate it. Rayne pointed to the hallway. I followed her finger and seen the guy who yelled at me talking to three guys who had on the university sweats. Jocks. “Bieber.” Harley hissed. “Be right back girls.“ Jackson said to us and grabbed Dante and walked down towards the guy Harley called Bieber. “Oh my god, this is so embarrassing.” I groaned and turned my back to my brothers and starred at Rayne who was watching them over my shoulder. Please don’t fight, please don’t fight. I could feel my hands starting to shake and I willed myself to fight the urge and take back over control of my emotions. “Why do they do this to me? It‘s so embarrassing and they know violence makes me nervous.” I said shaking my head feeling myself flush. “You’re there little sister, they’re protecting- oh my dios.” Rayne squealed. I swung around and seen Harley punching some guy in the face, it was a guy who was next to the Bieber dude.




I choked out a muffled scream and ran down the hallway. “Harley stop. Jackson make him stop.” I yelled in full blown panic. Harley stopped when he heard me. “Stop it, oh my god. Why did you do that?” I asked while shoving Harley away and looking at the boy on the ground. “Are you okay?” I asked going to help him up off the ground. Dante grabbed my arm pulling me to his side. “Don’t help that piece of shit.” He hissed whilst glaring at the Bieber dude and other guy that was next to him. The guy who wasn't getting bet up by Harley had on a varsity jacket so I’m guessing he was also jock like his friend on the ground. Harley and Jackson were buddies with the jocks so the dude was just observing the fight with amusement. Freak. I looked away from the jock and looked back down to the dude on the ground. “Look at him, he is bleeding. He has to go to the nurse-” “Don’t worry Kitten, I’ll see that he is okay.” The Bieber guy said to me flashing me a smile. My brothers clenched there fists - mainly Harley - upon hearing him speak to me. I ignored everyone there and helped the guy to his feet, his face was bloody and a tad bit swollen mainly his right eye. “Are you okay?” I asked genuinely concerned. He managed to grin at me. “Okay, maybe she doesn’t have a stick up her sweet ass.” He said to one of my brothers over my shoulder. Harley snarled as he pulled me back - gently - and hit the guy again so he fell to the ground groaning and holding his face. The Bieber guy laughed. “Jay seriously man, will you ever learn?” He teased and helped him to his feet once again. Rayne suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me back to where we were standing before the fight happened. My brothers joined us moments later. When I looked back over my shoulder the Bieber guy and his friends were gone.





“Harley, why did you do that?” I scowled turning back around to face him. “Daddy will freak over you getting into a fight.” I continued. “You know I hate fighting.” I added getting breathless and feeling slight pain in my chest. Dante stood in front of me placing his hand in mine. “You see all the cold air?” He asked and I nodded closing my eyes. “Breathe in all the cold air, nice big deep breaths. In through your nose and out through your mouth. Big deep breaths.” He said this calmly and I mimicked him but taking in big breaths of air until the heavy feeling that was creeping up in my chest went anyway. I have anxiety, panic attacks are a regular occurrence in my life so I have little mediation’s to go on. My meds used to help but don’t take them any more, my parents don’t think I need them. I learned the mediations from my old shrink. Yes, I had a shrink, whatever. Every teenager has there problems, some more than others. Right? Harley shook his head when I opened my eyes. “Put it this way Kyah he said something he won’t repeat about you again and dad won’t find out about me hitting him. No body reports run ins on campus." He grinned. "Welcome to college life little sister.” I shook my head at him. Stupid college. He chuckled and pulled me to his side. “But you really need to change those shorts, I can’t fight every single guy who passes a remark on your butt.” He said while shaking his head. “My butt? That guy said some about my-” I cut myself off by blushing making my brothers laugh. “Come on, lets go back to the apartment.” I mumbled to Rayne who nodded. I told my brothers I would call them later except Dante because he would most likely be at mine and Rayne’s apartment instead of his own one that he shares with a guy that goes to the university as well.





Rayne and I stopped off at the main office before we left the campus to collect our class schedules, I’m very good with numbers so I’m leaning towards accounting but I’m still undecided at the minute so I’m around the general ed. area. Rayne is like my mom and has a knack for art and design so she is leaning towards art. “Dude you have a lot of advanced classes especially in your math and biology classes, I doubt there will be any freshman in there with you.” Rayne said when she glanced and my schedule. “There won’t be.” The lady behind the office desk smile to us. I checked her name tag it said Joan. “Kyah is the only freshman who has signed up for them, your father is very proud about that.” She grinned at me. I flushed. “Thank you ma’am.” I said quietly. I heard a snicker from behind me. I looked over my shoulder and seen the Bieber guy and his friend - the one who didn’t get his ass handed to him by my brother aka the jock – smiling at me. I glared at them and turned back to the woman. “Could you sign here girls?” She gestured to the forms before her for our classes. Rayne signed first but when she stood back up she dropped the pen on the ground. I bent down at the same time as the Bieber guy to get it, he was inches from my face. I blushed making him smirk. I quickly grabbed the pen stood back up, turned and signed the form for my classes. “Thank you, Miss Edwards.” Joan beamed at me. She glanced over my shoulder “Oh Justin. I mean Mr. Bieber, Kyah here is going to be in your all advanced math classes, be nice to the girl when classes start on Monday and offer he a hand if she needs it.” She gushed. “He is friendly with many female students, he shows them around.” Joan smiled to myself and Rayne oblivious to why I’m sure he showed all those girls around campus. I flushed again and didn’t meet Justin’s eye. “Thank you but I know this campus like the back of my hand ma’am. Have a nice day.” I smiled and turned to walked away with Rayne. “Hey.” Justin shouted.




I turned to him to find him smiling at me. “See you in class, kitten.” He winked and turned back to the office lady. Why is he calling me that? “Okay, he may be kind of jerk but he is hot.” Rayne said when we out of his earshot. I shook my head as we walked to the car park where my beautiful silver BMW was waiting. My dad bought me it. “Hot or not my brother’s hate him. Did you hear how Harley hissed his name when you pointed him out?” I said to Rayne who nodded as we got into my car. “Yeah I did, I wonder why hates him but he is still hot though.” She giggled. I laughed at her giggle but shrugged my shoulders. “He’s not my type.” She rolled her eyes. “Why because he isn’t like your dad, safe and guarded or because he is exactly like your brothers?” She rambled. “Hey, my dad is great guy.” I defended. And how is he like my brothers exactly?” I asked curiously. She laughed. “I agree your dad is a great guy but because you look up to him you don’t need to date a guy like him.” She pointed out. “And c‘mon, he‘s got the whole bad boy look and attitude that all three of your brothers rock. You grew up with bad boys, bad boy is your type chicka.“ she shrugged. “Name one guy I dated that was liked my dad? And maybe growing up with bad boys means I‘m just used to being around them not that they‘re my type.” I stated as I pulled out of the car park and drove towards our apartment building that was literally seven minutes and fifty two seconds away when that traffic was good. “Josh Stone, duh.” She laughed. I rolled my eyes. Okay maybe it was stupid to ask that question considering I’ve only dated one guy. “He wasn’t like my dad-” “He totally was, there is nothing wrong with your dad really there isn’t, but come on girl we’re in uni-fucking-versity now live a little.” Rayne paused to compose herself. “And I‘m sorry but no you‘re not just used to being around bad boys, you‘re comfortable around them because you know how to handle them.” She said then shrugged. I frowned. “So you really think I only take an interest in ‘safe guys’ because I‘m trying to avoid a ‘bad boy‘ as you say?” I question. She nodded her head. “Yup, that Justin guy is the perfect example of a bad guy. I know you know he is hot but because your brothers don’t like him – and the fact he acts like them- you won’t give him a second look.” She said firmly.




I sighed. “Okay maybe I do all that, but you know my brothers opinions mean a lot to me plus that guy is a jerk. You heard how he yelled at me in hallway.” I exclaimed as I clicked my indicator and parked in my parking spot outside our building. She sighed. “That’s true he did act like a jerk but he is hot. Classic bad boy, bebe” She laughed. “Are you basing everything on the dudes looks?” I chuckled as we got out of the car. “Pretty much, the attitude is a winner to.” She grinned as we took the stairs up to our apartment that my dad rented for us for our duration of our time at the university. He is pretty awesome like that. “Good thing he knows the boys are my brothers. He won’t even blink at me now.” I chuckled as we entered our apartment. Rayne pouted. “That’s actually probably true. God I would hate to have brothers as protective as the guys.” She yawned loudly. I nudged her. “You have a very protective boyfriend so its similar.” I grinned. “I have sex with Dante so its not the-” “Shut up. La la la.” I cut her off making her laugh. “We needto get you laid, hermana.” She smirked.




“You do fucking not.” Dante’s voice yelled as the door shut moments after he entered the room. We never should have giving him a key. “Be quite she’s eighteen not ten, we first had sex when you were like sixteen and I was seventeen." She pointed her finger at him. Rayne is one year older than us, only by like seven months though. "Why is it okay for you to have sex and not her? She’s your twin meaning she’s the same age as you.” Rayne shot at Dante. He shook his head in frustration.“I don’t give a shit Rayne, don’t pressure her into doing something she doesn’t want to. And as her brother regardless of my age, it’s my job to protect her virtue.” Dante shrugged. “Oh my God.” I groaned and covered my face with my hands. “Dante, do not talk about my virtue ever again.” I squeaked in a high pitched voice making him laugh. “You’re a virgin, big deal.” Rayne shrugged like it was nothing. “Rayne, it’s the fact my brother knows I’m a virgin is embarrassing! God, Harley and Jackson even know.” I sighed then glared at Dante and Rayne.
“I do not, I repeat do not need my brothers thinking about my sex life. Or lack of sex life.” I snapped making both of them chuckle. “Sure just laugh at me why don‘t you? Jerks.” I frowned and fell onto the couch face first. “That Justin Bieber guy was very calm when Harley stepped to him even after being threatened for yelling at you.” Dante randomly said moments later changing the subject. I popped my head up and glared at him. “I told Harley not to start a fight with him or his friends. He should have being the bigger man, held his tongue and walked away. Violence solves nothing” I hissed still angrily thinking about Harley being in a fight. “Are you okay? You didn’t have an attack after it right?” Dante asked concern filling his voice. I shook my head. “Nope I was fine after we meditated and don’t change the subject. Violence isn‘t the answer.” I waddled my finger at him. “Yeah yeah you say that all the time and I agree with you. Bottom line though, if a guy treats you badly or speaks of you the way that douche bag Jay did. Either me, Jackson or Harley will be sure to hurt him.” He said proudly. “My hero.” I said sarcastically making him chuckle.




I turned to Rayne. “Him, Jackson and Harley are the reason I will never have a legit boyfriend. I know they warned Josh not to touch me while I dated him. Heck I practically stripped for the guy two weeks before home coming and he was convinced Dante would rip his dick from his body if he tried it on with me.” I whaled. Dante burst out laughing. Asshole. “I didn’t think he was that scared of me, but I’m glad he was. He is a douche bag, after you dumped him he hooked up with Kayla Hughes at home coming.” Dante pointed out. “She was the school slut, we know why he went to her because he didn’t get it from me thanks to you and my other two so called brothers. “I rolled my eyes.




“We’re looking out for you sis, you know that.” He frowned. I sighed. “I know.” I hugged him and he kissed my cheek making Rayne smile. “We know, we know. You love our twnily bond.” I said making her chuckle. “Seriously some twins hate being close but you two are like super close, I love it.” She clapped her hands. “I’m like this with Harley and Jackson too, me and him just shared the same womb for eight months.” I shrugged. “True.” Dante grinned. “Whose your favourite bro though?” He then questioned. I smiled pretending to think about it then clicked my fingers. “Hmm this week it has to being Jackson, he didn’t fight or talk about my virtue today.” I smirked. “Typical. I'm her womb mate and does she mention me? No!” Dante huffed and I laughed. he waved his hand at me. “Okay, I came here for a reason, besides to see my beautiful girlfriend and dorky sister.” Dante smirked. “I’m taken offense to that.” I pointed out.





Dante waved me off again and continued talking like I didn‘t speak. “There is a party tonight at Jed’s.” He grinned. “Jed’s? Is that a club because we‘re under-age.” I pointed out. Dante and Rayne rolled there eyes. “No it’s not a club exactly, it’s in the basement of the bar tricked out like a club for a special reason. I have fake Ids for you both any way. You know about the UFC right?” He asked. “What does that have to do with a party?” I asked with a raised eyebrow. Dante rolled his eyes again. I think I was annoying him with my questions. “The party is at Jed’s, except its not a regular party. Theirs brawl fights at it as well, constructed caged ones of course. It’s all about money, you bet on who you think will win.” Dante shrugged. I jumped from the chair fear rising up in me. One person comes to my mind when I think of fights. “Does Harley do it, the brawls I mean?” I asked. Dante looked away from me and I ran and grabbed my phone knowing I already had my answer. “Don’t ring him.” Dante sighed but it was to late his number was dialed and ringing as I had my phone to my ear. He answered on the second ring. “Hey little sister, what’s up?” Harley beamed into the phone. “Brawl fighting Harley, seriously?” I yelled. He paused then I heard him sigh deeply. “Did Dante tell you?” He asked. “Yes he did, it doesn’t matter who told me your bloody secret why the hell are you brawl fighting?” I yelled again my breaths coming louder and faster. “Kiki, take deep breathes and listen-” Don’t, don’t you dare call me Kiki right now Harley.” I shouted. “Wow, she’s pissed.“ I heard Jackson muttered from Harley's end of the phone.





“Does that ass fight as well?” I shouted talking about Jackson. I heard a grunt. “No he doesn’t, no need for name calling.” Harley muttered. "I can’t believe you would do something like this. You will ruin daddy’s reputation if this is found out you do now that right? Oh and you will go to jail, it’s illegal.” I snapped. Bloody idiot. “Dad knows about it, it’s honestly harmless just for fun really. It‘s all planned out Kyah” Harley groaned as if I was giving him a head ache. I shook my head. “Daddy knows?“ I screamed. I paced up and down the room in annoyance. “And he is fine with it? Am I the only one who sees how stupid this is? You are majoring in law and you brawl fight? What the fuck is wrong with you?” I yelled again. “She cussed at him.” I heard Rayne gasp.
“Wow she is beyond pissed. Tell her to breathe before she has an attack” Jackson muttered from the other end of the phone. “Don’t call me ever again, I’m not speaking to you either of you.” I hissed.




“Kyah, lis-” I hung up and threw my phone onto the couch and left out a high pitched screamed and kicked the chair. My hands where shaking and I but my tongue. Go away, please go away.I thought at the anger waiting to burst through me. “Brawl fighting!” I repeated when I snapped out of my thoughts as I paced the room. “He knows I hate violence. You all know I hate violence. That’s why you never told me right? That‘s why he would be busted ups sometimes when we would see him. It was all a secret?” I turned to Dante. “You knew he did this for awhile am I right?” I added.





He sighed and tried to step to me but I stepped away. “Answer me.” I said feeling tears well up in my eyes. He held my gaze but I could see it was hurting him that I was upset. “Yeah, I knew, he’s being doing it awhile now. Like a year or so.” He shrugged. I pushed passed Dante and stormed into my room. “Get the fuck out of my apartment and don’t come back.” I screamed before I slammed my bedroom door shut. I dove onto my bed and cried. I utterly hate being lied to. And what’s worse I hate being lied to by the people I’m closest to in the world, my brothers. My heart dropped to my stomach and I felt like crap. They probably think I’m over reacting but brawl fighting, seriously? Who the fuck would willing want to fight a guy knowing they could get hurt, bloody dumb ass. I lay on my bed for over an hour crying and sniffling when I heard a soft knock on my door. “It’s me.” Rayne said softly. I got up to open the door, when I turned the handle I heard some else say “And me too.” as the door open and before I could re close the door Harley pushed he way into my room. “Out. Get bloody out.” I yelled and pointed to the door. Dante and Jackson where behind him as well. “I thought I told youto get the fuck out of my apartment.” I hissed at Dante, he winced at my words and looked away from my eyes.





“Wow, I’ve never heard you cuss so much before little sis.” Jackson said with a chuckle. I switched my glare to him. “Is this funny? My brother brawl fights and has my so called other brothers keep it from me for over a year.” I yelled. The three of them frowned at me and I inwardly smiled. Even told they are older they don’t like fighting with me because we’re so close. “Yeah that’s fucking hilarious Jackson your right, laugh it up. Ha ha fucking ha” I threw my hands up in the air. I was about to shout more abuse at them when Harley picked my up and flipped me over his shoulder. I screamed, Harley is over six foot so hanging up side down with him holding me is scary no more like terrifying. Harley patted my leg. “Now little sister, I will put you down when you relax. Take deep breaths.” He said and I could heard the amusement in his voice. I wriggled. “My god, I am not fourteen any more, stop doing this every time I yell at you.” I shouted and slapped at his backside and back with my hands. He laughed as I hit him even though I’m sure it hurt, growing up with three brother’s rewards you with a decent punch. When I was upside down Jackson and Dante where chuckling at me as was Rayne. I stuck my middle finger up at them and huffed making them chuckle more. Minutes passed and Harley still had me over his shoulder like a rag doll. I sighed. “Harley, I’m getting dizzy now.” I said softly as I felt light headed. “Finally.” He chuckled and placed me lying on my bed where I lied until my dizziness wet. “I hate you three.” I mumbled as I lay on the bed. “We all know that is not true.” Jackson laughed. I pulled myself into a sitting position. “Well I definitely don’t have a favorite brother.” I muttered. "I thought you said it was Jackson this week?” Dante said and Jackson grinned. “Not any more.” I mumbled and looked down to my hands. Rayne came in and sat beside me. “I knew you would react like this if I told you.” Harley as he came over and sat on the floor in front of me.




“I don’t get hurt, you know I train constantly in the gym it pays off when I brawl. I do be stressed to the Max with my exams and after all the crap with Lisa, this is a stress reliever I guess. “ He shrugged. I frowned at the mention of his bitch of an ex girlfriend who cheated on him with his ex room mate/friend. “Plus I get good money from it-” “You don’t need money daddy has money.” I cut him off. Harley smiled lightly at me. “Dad hasn’t supported me for a while Kyah, either has he supported Jackson. We’re men Kyah, we looked after ourselves which is why Jackson works part time at the local garage and I brawl when where not in class.” He explained. “When did he stop paying for you?” I randomly asked. Harley shrugged. “After freshman year.” He answered and looked to Jackson who nodded in conformation. I gaped at him. “Will he cut me off?” I asked sounding like a spoiled little brat. My brothers laughed at me and shook there heads. “Daddy’s little girl cut off? I doubt that very much. He might tell you to get a job though which you would do anyway but no he wouldn‘t cut you off. He didn‘t exactly cut us off either, he bought us our apartments and cars we just pay for the food, bills and gas that come with them. We support ourselves now Kiki, dad gave us all a great start thought” Jackson answered. The other boys nodding in agreement. My dad is very good to us so I couldn't argue with that. “I don’t like the idea of you fighting though, it’s so violent.” I frowned. Harley grinned. “Worried about me?” He asked. I gave him a knowing look. “Do you even have to ask that question? You know I get panicky just think about it.” I muttered making him smile.





He got up and lifted me from my bed hugging me. “I love you too, little sister.” He muttered making me smile. When he put me down Dante said sorry for keeping Harley brawling a secret from me as did Jackson I hugged them both. I put my attention on Dante. “Why did you invite me to Jed’s if you knew I would react like this?“ I asked. Harley flared up and shoved Dante hard making him stumble. “You invited her to Jed‘s, to watch fucking brawling with her condition?” He hissed. Harley considers my panic attacks a condition, he over heard my shrink discussing it with me one day and over heard the term condition used in the conversation. He just has no idea just how far my ‘condition’ goes or even what my exact ’condition’ is. None of my family does. Thank God for doctor/patient confidentiality. Dante shrugged and straightened himself up. “Yup, she has to try get over this fear and you both know it.” He answered flatly looking to my brothers. Harley grunted. “It’s not something she can get over and you know that.” He boomed at Dante “You’re not coming there Kyah, it’s kind of intense.” Jackson said to me ignoring Dante and Harley's argument. I narrowed my eyes. “I’m going whether you like it or not, I’m not a little girl any more Jackson.” I pointed out. Harley groaned as did Jackson knowing they where fighting a losing battle. “I’m not fighting tonight so you will stay with me then.” Harley stated.





I shook my head. “I’m in university now, I don’t need you to baby-sit me. It’s bad enough I’m with Dante all the time-” “Hey” Dante snapped with his hand on his hips making Rayne laugh at his woman like stance. I waved him off. “I will not be treated like a child from either of you, especially you two.” I pointed to Jackson and Harley.





I had to single them out because they're older. Jackson grunted clearly not happy but gave the 'okay' nod to Harley. “Fine, you can chill there with Rayne and Dante but don’t forget we know all of people around here little sister so if you venture off or get up to anything, we’ll know.” Harley pointed out. I rolled my eyes. “If I talk to a guy don’t you dare embarrass me, any of you!” I warned. “Depends on who the guy is.” Harley shot back then left the room with a grin on his face followed my Jackson and Dante who kissed Rayne before he left.





“Can you believe that?” I said to Rayne when my door was closed.
She shook her head. “I can’t believe you, dude you totally cussed Harley, Dante and Jackson out. You haven’t done that in a long time.” She giggled. I shrugged. “I don’t like doing it but brawl fighting? That’s just plain stupid.” I shook my head. She nodded in agreement then widened her eyes. “Oh oh oh.” She clapped her hands together.





“What? “ I asked wondering why she was spazzing. “I know how we can get back and your brothers for lying to you.” She smirked. I raised my eyebrows at her. “How?” I asked feeling a bit skeptical. “A short dress, high heels, a bit of make up and viola they won’t be able to enjoy there night having to watch every guy that approaches you.” She squealed and clapped her hands together. She slapped my ass and grinned. “Lets play dress up, mami.”

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