College freshman Kyah Edwards is guaranteed to be popular when she enters university thanks to her brothers. Two of them are seniors & the 'it bad boys'. With her bestfriend Rayne by her side it will be a year to remember but not for all the right reasons.

Things happen & secrets outed, secrets that some people want off the radar. Mainly Kyah who has a huge secret that not even her brothers know about. When Kyah finds out one particular secret about her brother Harley it welcomes her to a world of alcohol, sex, violence - which she hates for a good reason - & of course more bad boys.

Welcome to college life.


2. Older Brothers Like You

-Kyah's Pov-


I rolled my eyes and rubbed my butt. “Rayne, who would approach me, look at me.” I gestured to my hair tired up in a bun on my head, converse, denim shorts and plain tank top. “You really have to stop putting yourself down Kyah, you are beautiful and I’m not saying that because I’m your best friend. I’m saying it because its true, mami.” She stated and pushed me into the bathroom barking orders for me to shower and shave. I chuckled at her but went along with what she was saying and took a shower, shaving everywhere that need to be shaved. When I was showered I stepped out and dried myself with a towel. I wrapped myself in the towel and went back into my room. Black panties, stick on boobs were on the bed along with a short black dress that had no back. It was beautiful but I was nervous about putting it on, thankfully when I did it fit like a glove. Rayne and I are the same size, her being Latina makes her a tiny bit more curvy by me but not by much. We're not stick thin girls, we have hips and butts, big in both aspects! I picked up the gel boob things and studied them. “Rayne, what’s with the gel boob things?” I yelled. “You can’t wear a bra with that dress because its backless, the stick on are meant to hold your girls up. It’s what there for, it’s a gel sticky bra.“ She yelled back from her room. “Okay.” I shouted and awkwardly put them on myself. I jumped up and down to test them out when I got them on and it actually worked my boobs stayed in place. I spotted a bright pink pair of heels on the floor and grinned. Rayne and her shoes. “Thank you for the heels.” I shouted out to Rayne. “You’re welcome.” She yelled back. I applied my make up and went for a smoky eye look. Harley hated when I put eye make up on, he was convinced they where ‘bedroom eyes‘. I chuckled at the thought then started on my hair. Thirty minutes later and my hair was blow dried straight, I ran over it with my hair straighter then braided my bangs to the side and sprayed some hairspray to keep it from frizzing out. I put on a sliver chain with a little pink on it and some bracelets to match my heels and sprayed a little perfume.





I looked at myself in my full mirror and bit my lip. God I looked different, I wore dresses and heels before but nothing this… revealing. “My brothers are going to murder me.” I mumbled to myself as I grabbed my bag and walked out to my kitchen area. Rayne was there dressed up a peach boob tube dress matched with black heels, she had her hair up in a stylish messy bun. Her skin like mine was tanned kind of dark considering we do live in Arizona hers however is a little darker since she is a Latina. Basically, she looked damn hot. “Hungry?” She asked as I walked up beside her, she was making turkey sandwiches. She whistled when she seen me. “You look like a mamacita.” She smirked. I grinned. Like I said Rayne is a Latina, she’s half Mexican which is why she’s a bit darker than me and why she randomly speaks Spanish. “Thanks chicca, you too.” I replied trying to sound something other than American, she laughed and shook her head at my failed attempt. I grabbed a sandwich and ate it while Rayne added eye-liner to her eyes drawing attention to her already deep mocha eyes. “Do you know where this place is?” I asked Rayne. She looked at her phone. “Dante texted me directions, he will be outside waiting for us in like fifteen minutes so we better leave now.” She said and I nodded grabbing my car keys and bag. I finished my sandwich as we walked down the hallway. I armed the alarm then we left and went down to my car. We got a wolf whistles off the door man of the building, I blushed while Rayne winked at him laughing. When we got into the car, I drove to the address Dante sent to Rayne's phone. It was down an alley behind a very large building. It was getting dark out so it made the place look creepy. We spotted Dante, I parked beside his car and we got out. His face dropped when he seen Rayne which I smiled about. “Mami.” He purred at her and smirked, he pulled her into him giving her ass a squeeze. I coughed getting his attention.





I however did not get a nice reaction I got the what-the-fuck-are-you-wearing look “No." He shook his head. "No.fucking.way. Take my jacket. Now!” Dante hissed. I grinned. “Nope.” I walked towards the open door hoping I looked more confident than I felt.
Two men where there they – thankfully - didn’t stop me for I.D instead they gestured me through, I heard Dante cussing behind me so I walked quick. Dante caught up with me and took my arm as we walked to in a empty room. “Um, Dante, are we in the right place?” I asked. “Yes, like you pointed out earlier at your apartment brawling for money is illegal. The guys upstairs keeps this place very quite and undetected. Come on”. He said and walked up over to a door, when he opened it revealed a ladder. “Oh my God.” I muttered as Rayne and he climbed down. I climbed down after them shutting the door behind me, I almost fell but Dante grabbed my hips and lifted me down. “Fuck sake Kyah, why did you wear such a short dress? I just saw your part of your ass.” He hissed sounding disgusted. Rayne laughed. “Her ass is hot, papi” She stated. “Not to me, mami” He shot back. I rolled my eyes. “Duh, you’re my brother, you‘re hardly going to find my butt hot.” I shrugged. Dante ignored me and again opened another door this time loud noise and music flooded my ears. It literally was under ground, the room was sound proof which I thought was clever you literally couldn't hear a thing for outside. The place was packed with people. We followed Dante as he walked through, I spotted Harley and Jackson in a corner table booth surrounded by a few girls and I rolled my eyes.





Harley spotted us and waved us over. “Hey, Rayne you look beautiful.” He smiled genuinely to her then switched his gaze to Dante. “Sup bro, where’s.. KYAH?” He yelled when he seen me next to Dante. He looked me up and down taking in my outfit. I awkwardly smiled. “Sup, bro.” I waved then did the same to Jackson whose jaw dropped when he seen me. He looked very annoyed and pained. “Ladies room?” I said to Dante who laughed and pointed in the direction passed the bar. I grabbed Rayne hand and pulled her away from my brothers who had rage in their eyes. “Can’t we just dance first?” Rayne asked when she stopped walking. “I know you use the bathroom as an excuse to get away from your brothers.” I sighed but heard Take Over Control by Afro-jack was just starting, I nodded as we went into the middle of the dance floor. We began dancing kind of dirty dancing because it was that type of song until it came to the chorus which I joked around and shuffled a little in my heels. Rayne laughed at me, I had my hands in the air and swayed my hips singing along to the lyrics when I felt hands on my hips. I glanced over my shoulder and seen a very cute guy smiling at me. “You’re hot.” He whispered in my ear. I blushed a little. “Thanks, you’re uh not bad yourself.” I replied trying to sound like a random dude dancing on me doesn't make me nervous. He laughed then asked me if I wanted a drink. I declined because I didn’t drink any more but he asked if I wanted a water and I agreed so he went and got it for me. “He’s hot.” Rayne said once he was gone. “Agreed.” I laughed as we continued dancing. When Take over control ended, Strip by Chris Brown started and I squealed simply because I love the song.






I spotted the Justin Bieber guy from campus earlier to my left but I didn’t acknowledge him, well not fully anyway. I did however notice him looking at me out of the corner of my eye. However I didn't know if he actually checked me out because suddenly I was whirled around meeting Jackson head on who was looking not so happy. “May I help you?” I asked over the music. He gritted his teeth at me. “You know Harley hit that guy you were dancing with?” He questioned. My faced dropped. “Why?” I yelled. I seen Dante dance with Rayne, her ass pressed to his crotch as they danced and I shuddered. That's damn nasty! “Come on.” Jackson said and took my hand leading me over to there table. Harley looked pissed so I sat beside Jackson. “That guy went to get me some water you jerk. You had no right to hit him!” I snapped at Harley after a few moments. He smacked his hand on the table making me jump. “The hell I didn’t, never ever talk a drink from a guy that is not me, Jackson or Dante. Never Kyah, understood?” He spat. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes but nodded my head showing him I understood. He relaxed when he seen me nod. “I hit him because I seen him pop a pill into the water he was bringing you back.” He added. I lowered my head feeling stupid for not knowing better. “Thanks.” I said and he nodded. Two new blondes appeared by the table like they where summoned and I groaned. “Who’s she?” The grill hissed at me. My brothers smiled at me for a moment wanting to see my reaction. I took a deep breath.





Be civil, violence solves nothing. You’re are against violence. I thought to myself. The glared at me. “Some skank by the looks of things.” Barbie’s twin muttered, my eyes flamed. Ex- fucking -cuse me? It all happened very fast but before I knew it I was on my feet ready to either yell at the blonde or hit her. I’m sure I would have yelled because I don’t like violence but Jackson grabbed my waist pulling me back onto his lap as if he thought I would have hit them. It was enough to put an edge on the girls because they looked a little startled. “She is our sister, not a skank.” Harley said to the girls and waved them on with his hand, dismissing them.






“But Harley.” They whined but he didn‘t give them a second look. I mustered them the dirtiest look I could as the stomped off which made my brothers laugh. “Yeah and you hate violence.“ Harley grinned at me. I slid off Jackson's lap and onto the seat next to him. “I do hate violence, I wasn’t going to hit them.” I stated. “What where you going to do then?” He asked. “Yell.” I stated like it was obvious. “No you have a temper like Harley, you where on your feet with your fist raised before you knew what you where doing.” Jackson chuckled and draped his arm over my shoulder. I rested my head into his shoulder leaning on him and felt him side hug me. “Awe, my little sister wants some big bro cuddles.” He cooed and snuggled into me. I elbowed him hard making him laugh. “I’m getting a drink.” I said after a few minutes of sitting down and stood up and adjusted my dress. My brothers glared at me. “Water, jeez.” I rolled my eyes and walked towards the bar. “Can I have a glass of water please?” I asked the guy behind the counter. He smiled and nodded. While I waited a guy approached me, he was nice looking and was full of tattoo’s. I liked tattoo’s on a guys but he was legit covered in them. Too many aren't nice. “Can I buy you a drink?” He asked. I quickly glanced to my brothers table, they where watching me. Jackson stood made his way over to me. I think he thought that was a come-get-rid-of-this-guy look “No thanks.” I said quickly not wanting any trouble. “C’mon just one drink baby.” He grinned. I shook my head declining again and he still didn’t leave. “Problem here?” Jackson asked coming up beside me.





The guy looked from me to Jackson. “Oh, I get it, she yours?Didn’t think you did brunette’s Jackson.” The guy grinned. I felt Jackson tense beside me, I seen the Justin guy walk up behind the guy and whisper something in the tattoo guys ear. “Your sister, shit bro. I’m sorry.” The tattooed guy laughed. He then left and I told Jackson I was fine so after a nod towards Justin he went back to the table to a new waiting blonde which made me roll my eyes. “Heya, Kitten.” Justin said pulling up a stool beside me. I crossed my legs and pulled my dressed down as much as I could. I gave him a dirty look. “My name is not Kitten, it’s Kyah.” I corrected him. He chuckled. “Oh, I know your name.” I rolled my eyes. “So use it then.” I replied flatly. He laughed again. “That's a nice little attitude.” He smirked. I scowled. “I do not have an attitude, I have older brothers like you so I know who to stay clear of.” I snapped. I wasn’t ashamed of my brothers just part of their lifestyle, to be specific the constant bedding of random girls and the fighting. He wasn’t phased though he was smiling at me. “Like me?” He said amused. “What am I like, exactly?” He said with a grin. “Well, from my encounters with you, you’re so far rude and cocky.” I replied with a shrug. He laughed again out loud. “Okay, I’ll give you that, I am rude and cocky.” He grinned. “Exactly, so move along now.” I waved him off. This made him smile like a toothy kind of smile.







Before he could reply to me two girls popped up beside us and glared at me. “Hey, Justin.” They said while playing with their hair in what I could only assume was a suggestive gesture. I rolled my eyes, they where exactly like the girls who approached my brothers. Easy girls. “Catch you later kitten.” He winked to me and turned to the girls. “Ladies.” He smiled and put his arms over there shoulders letting them away from the bar. I shook my head and drank my water that the bartender gave me. When it was gone I went back to my brothers table and found Rayne full on making out with Dante while my brothers had new girls on there laps flirting away. I groaned, I felt total sidelined. I need a guy and I needed one now. I went back onto the dance floor when Candy Shop by 50 Cent came on. Perfect. I closed my eyes – it made me feel less awkward about dancing by myself – and swayed my hips to the music, it didn’t take long for someone to put there hands on my hips. When I turned and found a very cute guy smirking at me. I was being very brave and didn’t even give him a chance to speak as I covered his mouth with mine. He kissed my back quickly and moved his hands from my hips to my backside. He gripped it tightly making me gasp slightly. He smirked into the kiss and kissed me harder, much harder than before. He pressed me to walk backwards off the dance floor his mouth still on mine, I walked backwards until I was pressed up against a wall. He hands where all over me, it was getting very intense.





Especially for a club/bar or whatever ever the hell this place was. Slowly but surely he began to slip his hand up my thigh and before I could stop he was pulled from me. I blinked my eyes open and seen Harley hold the guy up by the scruff of the neck screaming into his face. After words where exchanged Harley shoved the guy a little, he looked at me once more then walked over to an area of the place that was surrounded my a cage. That must be where they brawl, I thought. Stupid cage, I hated it already. Harley turned to me and before he could say anything to embarrass me further, I walked over to the table and slide into the space that was free next to where Harley was sitting before. I didn’t look at Jackson just to Rayne who had a little smile on her face. I couldn’t help it I smiled then we suddenly burst out laughing, Dante scowled at Rayne but she ignored him. Harley turned to me then after he seemed to calm down. “What the fuck was that?” He asked me. I stopped laughing but didn’t look at him. “I was making out with a guy, big deal.” I shrugged. “No making out is kissing at guy, he had you pressed up against that fucking wall and his hand-” “I was going to tell him to stop just as you pulled him off me, I’m not like one of the slutty girls you or Jackson hook up with Harley give me a little credit.” I spat. “I know you’re not like that but Kyah, the way you’re dressed-” “The way I’m dressed?” I cut him off with a snarl. “Harley every girl here has the same type of dress on like me if not shorter and more revealing. You’re just doing this because I’m your sister.” I snapped. “Exactly you’re my sister, I can’t handle you dressed like that or dry humping a guy against a club wall.” He hissed.





I gaped at him. “One) get your head out of your ass Harley and get your fax right before you talk. Two) I’ll take this damn dress of right now and wander around in panties if your piss me off further. Three) I was not dry humping him, but I’m considering doing it now after the stunt you just pulled and four) you’re not dad, you're my brother so stop trying to boss me around.” I snapped and crawled over him to get onto the dance floor but he clapped his arms around my waist holding me on his lap. I attempted to bite at him which Jackson laughed at. “See I told you that you have a temper like Harley.” He grinned. I stuck my tongue out of him making him chuckle. “If you take your dress off and go back to that guy, so help make god I will murder someone.” Harley hissed in my ear. I believed he would do that so I did the only thing I could. I grabbed at his arm squeezing it as hard as I could to try and hurt him for embarrassing and annoying me. “Ow.” He winced. “Stop pinching me Kyah. Ow, that hurt.” He yelped making me grin. I rest back into his chest and smiled. “You know all the girls in here, that for some strange reason like you, currently see a girl they don’t know on your lap with your arms around her.” I said making Jackson and Dante laugh. “Ugh, you bitch.” Harley muttered as he moved over so I was sitting on the outside seat beside him. I grinned at my victory. “Please don’t interrupt my night further, if I need you to scare of a guy I promise I will ask the three of you, okay?” I said to them. “Okay.” They said with a smile.





My gut told me not to trust the fuckers but I smiled anyway to keep the peace. “She was kissing, Jeff Harding!” Harley said to Jackson and Dante. “What?” They hissed. “Who?” I asked. “Did you not asked for his name?” Dante asked sounding annoyed. “Of course I did.” I lied and scratched my neck. “I just forgot it.“ I shrugged. They didn’t believe me I could tell by the looks on their faces but they brushed it off. “He is from outer state comes to fight every so often, he’s fighting Bieber tonight.” Jackson replied to my question. That caught my interest. “Justin brawls as well?” I asked. Harley nudged me. “Since when are you on first name bases with Bieber?” He asked. I shrugged. “He talked to me at the bar, told him I wasn’t interested. He laughed at me when I brushed him off though.” I explained. “Because he is not used to being brushed off by any girl, that dude hooks up with a different girls every night.” Harley grunted. Was he serious? “Eh hello so do you and Jackson. I’ve already some heard stories about both of you on campus, you know about what big womaniser’s you are.” I said with a snort. They snapped there heads to me and I smiled. “Yes, the little sister does have her ways.” I grinned. “And just so you both know, what I’ve heard has scared me for life” I added making Rayne laugh. “Yeah, who knew you could both fuc-” “Don’t Rayne please, do not put a visual images of my brothers with bimbo’s in my head, I beg of you.” I pleaded making her laugh. Jackson and Harley flushed a little and I laughed.





Ha, they're embarrassed! “Get back to Justin, what did he say to you?” Rayne asked fixing herself on Dante lap making him groan and her smirk. She was such a tease to him. “I’ll tell you later.” I smiled. There wasn’t much to tell but when I said that it pissed my brothers off which was a small victory on its own. “Dance floor?” I asked Rayne. She nodded and the boys moved so we could get up. “Don’t do anything to purposely piss me off.” Jackson warned me, I smiled innocently. “Rayne.” Dante called out. “It's still early so don’t dance sexy to purposely make me horny, please.” He groaned. The boys laughed at him then patted his back. “No promises papi.” She winked. I stood next to the table and pulled a face like a had a lemon in my mouth making my brother crack up laughing. “Ew. That is disgusting.” I spat and took Rayne’s hand leading her to the dance floor. I could tell Rayne had been drinking a good bit because she was giggling at nothing which I found funny. Commander by Kelly Rowland came on and Rayne squeaked which sounded hilarious. We began dancing but of course when Rayne is drunk she likes to pretend I’m a stripper pole. I was in fits of laughter at her until she pouted at me. “I’m sorry, if you grind on me my brothers will freak because it will draw attention.” I laughed again. She shrugged and went back to dancing next to me. I spotted the guy I was kissing earlier eyeing me up. I felt a little uncomfortable but kept on dancing anyway until I felt myself be yanked to the side.




"You’re Edwards bitch, aren’t you?” He asked me and gripped onto my ass. I tried to shove him off me, I looked over for my brother’s but I couldn’t see them thanks to the crowd of dancing people. Suddenly this guy was not so cute any more in fact he down right scared me. “I’m not his girl, I’m his sister now let go of me, please! “I said over the music. I was also fighting to remain calm and collected. “Sister?” he said with a grin. “Now that makes things a lot more interesting. Shit if I bag you, all three of your brothers will be livid.” He laughed to himself. “Bag me? Dude you’re doing nothing to me!” I hissed. He shook his head and tried to kiss me again. I screamed but he covered my mouth with his. I bit his lip and he yelped and slapped my face making me yell out in pain. “You little fucking bitch.” He spat and tried to kiss me again but someone hit him and he landed on the floor. I looked to the person who was now in front of me. “Problem Harding?” A familiar voice asked the guy on the floor after punching him directly into the face. “Bieber.” Jeff hissed as he stood up and rubbed his jaw. “Wait are you screwing the Edwards sister? Is that what’s going on here?” Jeff laughed. He most certainly is not. Justin shook his head with his back to me still. “Nope, I’m just not fond of standing by while some douche tries to touch a girl and hits her when she tells him to back off.” He shrugged. Jeff scowled and looked over Justin’s shoulder to me. “See you soon princess.” He smirked at me.





I cowered behind Justin not liking the threat. “And you Bieber, I’ll enjoy kicking your ass in the cage even more later.” He grinned then turned and walked away. Justin then turned to me, a frown on his face. “You okay, Kitten?” He asked. I nodded and rubbed my face, it didn't much just stung a little. “Yes fine, um, thanks for getting him off me.” I mumbled. “My brothers will go crazy, they don’t like him as it is.” I rambled on. “Yes, I know that. Harley destroys him each time in the cage. Hearing this will only fuel his hatred for him.” Justin chuckled. I nodded. “So you fight as well?” I muttered stating the obvious. “Yup, it pays the bills.” He grinned. I shook my head. “Yeah, like an actual job is to hard to find.” I rolled my eyes making him laugh. “Not a fan of the cage?” He asked and handed me his drink which hand ice in it. He gestured for me to press it to my cheek and I did. Instantly the chilled glass cold my stinging cheek. I cleared my throat when I remembered Justin's question. “I'm not a fan of violence at all or people who fight, especially idiots who willingly get into a cage to be betted on like animals.” I snapped. “Has your brother heard your opinion on this?” Justin asking sounding amused. “Yes he has, all three of my brother have. I don’t like that Harley does this but I will cheer for him when he does fight, I would rather he kick someone else’s ass than having his handed to him.” I shrugged. Justin chuckled. “I like you.” He stated. “Well someone’s pretty forward.” I said trying not to blush. “I like your personality I mean, though your looks.” He paused and gave me a once over. “Are a bonus.” He winked. I laughed. “God, you sound like my brothers when they chat up some brain dead girl, bit of advice Justin. I’m not a brain dead girl.” I said firmly.





He chuckled and gave me another once over. “Oh, I believe that Kitten.” He smiled widely. “Kyah.” Harley’s voice bellowed from my right as suddenly appeared and shoved Justin away from me. “Harley stop it, we’re just talking.” I said embarrassed by his actions. Harley was glaring at Justin. “She’s not one of the bangers for you to bag Bieber.” Harley hissed. Justin laughed. “I never claimed she was Edwards, I’m having a conversation with her. That‘s all.” Justin shrugged. “That better be all.” Harley added. “My god Harley stop, he hit that guy Jeff when he slapped my face and tried to kiss me again.” I exclaimed. “He what? I’ll fucking kill him.” Harley snarled while looking around the room. Harley switched his gaze to me and gently placed his hands on my face inspecting my cheek. I looked over his shoulder and noticed Justin watching us. Harley kissed my forehead and glared around the room once again looking pissed. God, if he got the dude Jeff front now he would kill him. “Don’t sweat it bro, I have him in the cage later. I plan to show him its not nice to touch a girl without permission or harm her in anyway.” Justin said loudly getting Harley’s attention. “Why did you help her? She is my sister you know and if I’m not mistaken you and me have problems.” Harley said with amusement in his voice.





Problems? What problems? Justin shrugged. “He hit her and was trying to violate her, like I’m going to stand by a let a guy do that to a girl. I’m not that much of an asshole.” Justin said sounding annoyed. “Not that much of an asshole? Right so you just screw anything with a pussy and a pulse for the hell of it.” Harley cackled. I seen Justin clinch his fists and I frowned, I didn't want them to fight. “Sorry bro, I actually have standards. You know it wasn’t that long ago we hung out and you seen the girls I was with.” Justin grinned. Hung out? What? “Yeah, I recall one of them my ex.” Harley hissed. I gasped. “Lisa cheated on you with Justin a few months ago. Wait Justin was your room mate?” I asked totally shocked. Harley nodded while Justin shook his head. “No, that bitch kissed me when you walked into the bar that night. She said she wanted to make you jealous cause your weren’t giving her attention or some shit like that. I told you she was a hoe from the start even Jackson agreed with me.” Justin fired back at Harley. I felt Harley tense and I placed my hand on his arm letting him know I was still here, he was less likely to fight with me near him. “And I’m supposed to believe you on that?” Harley growled. Justin shoved him hard. “Yeah man you are, you know me nearly four years. Long enough to know I wouldn’t do that one of my bro’s.” He said, Harley untensed and took in what Justin said. I stood there awkwardly while they stared at each other. This went for like three whole minutes while






Harley was thinking and processing what Justin said. I shifted my stance getting impatient. “Um is this like the rekindle of a bromance? Because I’m not going to lie you both sound like girls making up after an argument.” I randomly said with a bored sigh. They both looked at me and laughed. Like at the same time they actually laughed. “I’m serious if you want I can give you some privacy.” I teased. “Kyah.” Harley grinned then laughed again while shaking his head. Justin nodded for Harley to walk over to a section of the club that wasn’t so crowed. Harley nodded then turned to me giving me a give-me-five-minutes look. “I know you have to talk it out. I’ll go back to Jackson and Dante and won’t talk to anyone on the way. I know the drill, sir.” I saluted him and began walking away. “So, she's your sister?” I heard Justin ask Harley sounding amused as I made my way through the crowd back to our table. They both watched me with grins on there faces when I glanced over my shoulder so I glared at them. They where ready to fight each other five minutes ago now they're smiling like fools? Men.  

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