College freshman Kyah Edwards is guaranteed to be popular when she enters university thanks to her brothers. Two of them are seniors & the 'it bad boys'. With her bestfriend Rayne by her side it will be a year to remember but not for all the right reasons.

Things happen & secrets outed, secrets that some people want off the radar. Mainly Kyah who has a huge secret that not even her brothers know about. When Kyah finds out one particular secret about her brother Harley it welcomes her to a world of alcohol, sex, violence - which she hates for a good reason - & of course more bad boys.

Welcome to college life.


13. Not Playing Big Brother

-Kyah's Pov-


As I turned back to the car I was cleaning I screamed when knocked my hand off the car and cracked a nail. I didn’t car about my nail it just hurt a lot. “She broke a nail, down boys.” Rayne called then I heard my brothers laugh. “It’s not funny, it really hurts.” I shouted and cradled my hand. “I’m done with car washing.” I stated then stomped off towards the ladies room and changed back into my clothes.



I groaned as I scraped my damp hair up into a messy bun and washed my face with sink water. I looked like crap. “I look like a homeless person.” I frowned when I walked back out to Rayne and my brothers. “You kind of do.” Dante said to me. “I’m going back to the apartment, no way Jake can see me like this.” I stated. “Why?” Justin asked. “Eh hello, I have to make myself some what attractive.” I said as if it was obvious. My brothers rolled there eyes. “You look gorgeous the way you are.” Justin shrugged and I blushed. “She’s blushing, she is actually blushing.” Dante teased and me making my red face worse. “Shut up you douche.” I snapped. Justin laughed and put his arm around my shoulder. ”Don’t be embarrassed, Kitten.” he said. “I’m not.” I shot back and he laughed again. “C’mon, class starts soon.” Justin nudged me to walk into the building not caring that he was still wet. ”Fine.” I groaned. He had a smug smile of victory of his face for keeping me from going back to the apartment.



~ ~ ~ 




Seven hours later and I was just finishing getting ready for Jed‘s. “Do I look okay?” I asked stepping into the living room. Justin and my brother turned to look at me. Justin gaped at me. “No way, go change.” He almost yelled. Harley sat back and watched us with an amused look on his face. “What? Why?” I said placing my hands on my hips. “Are you trying to make me poor?” He asked. “No why?” I asked. “Because if you wear that top I won’t be able to concentrate on my fight, I’ll be thinking about get guys looking at any skin on show. If I lose, I lose out on money. I need money.” He stated and I rolled my eyes. “C’mon, Justin.” I said and stomped my foot. “If you care about me at all you will go change, my financial future is riding on your clothes right now.” He pleaded. “But-” “Just change, please?” He said again, practically begging. I glared at him then at Harley who was smirking. “Fine.” I shouted then turned and went back into Justin’s room. "When did you become my wife?" I randomly shouted. Harley laughed but Justin didn't, I sighed.
I took my corset top off and put on looser cream top that didn’t show much cleavage. I changed my heels to a cream pair. I walked back out to the living room. “Happy?” I asked Justin and Harley. “Yep.” He chirped and took my hand dragging me out of the apartment with Harley laughing after us. “You’re getting as bad as my brother’s with the over protectiveness, Bieber.” I said as we walked down the stairs. “I’m not playing big brother Kitten, not even close.” He said with his hand resting on the small of my back. Huh? “Then why are you being so protect-” “C’mon Kitten, no time to talk.” Justin cut me off and Harley snorted from behind us. “We taken my car?” I asked as we stepped outside.






“No, I’m driving down we a few of the guys, you’re going with Justin.” Harley answered. “Oh, in your car?” I asked Justin, smiling. ”I’ve never seen your car.” Justin grinned as Harley chuckled and walked off. “I don’t have a car.” He said. “What do you own then-” I cut myself off as we stood in front of a big black motor cycle. Of course he would have a motor cycle, of bloody course. “No.” I laughed. “No way buddy, nuh uh, nope.” I said and crossed my arms. Justin swung his leg over his motor cycle and placed his helmet on his head and held a spare one out to me. “C’mon Kitten, I promise to go slow.” He winked. “If I die my brothers will kill you.” I said as I placed the helmet on my head while Justin chuckled. “Do I look silly?” I as a did a twirl. I watched Justin give me the once over. “No, it suits you.” He said a little softly. I swung my leg over the back and looked for a place to put my hands. Justin laughed and took my hands and wrapped them around his waist. “Nothing to hold but me Kitten, don’t let go.” He said as he started his motor cycle and backed out onto the road. It’s official Justin is trying to kill me. “Omigosh.” I repeated over and over until the bike came to a stop. I opened my eyes and seen we where at Jed’s so I leaped off the bike. “Did you forget I was on the back or something?” I yelled at Justin when I pulled my helmet off and ruffled my hair. He laughed doing the same. “It was a little hard to forget when your thighs where squeezing the hell out of my hips.” He grinned. “You’re such a jerk.” I spat the whirled around and stalked off into the club. I made my way through the door down the ladder and into Jed’s. I walked to the table my brothers where at before and sure enough they where there with a few of there few friends and Rayne.





“Where’s Justin?” Rayne asked. “Who gives a fuck?” I said and sat beside her. “What’s with you?” Dante asked. “I almost died, that’s what’s wrong with me.” I hissed. I heard obnoxious laughter and I clinched my fists. “You did not, I barely went fast Kitten.” Justin laughed. “Rayne, dance floor. Now.” I demanded standing up. I shoulder passed Justin and of course that made him laugh harder. “I hate you.” I hissed. He shook his head. “Stop being a brat, Kitten.” He grinned. I swear I felt heat rise up my body and I badly wanted to knock him on his ass. Instead I smiled at him then turned and spotted a cute guy.




Perfect. “Dance with me?” I asked him sweetly and he smiled. “Lead the way gorgeous.” He grinned and put his hand in mine. Of course my brothers stood up like guards. “Sit down.” I yelled at them. They did but not happily. I knew it would annoy Justin he is bring protective of me and what I’m about to do will make him mad. I took the guys hands and placed the firmly on my ass which he gripped onto. “Kiss me.” I said to the guy. He was really cute looking right now with his little confused face. He smiled and did as I asked, I deepened the kiss and slowly ran my hands down his waist and gripped onto the hem of his sweats. He was wearing three quarter lengths like Justin. Ugh don’t think about Justin I scolded myself in my thoughts. “Kyah.” I heard Rayne’s voice call. I pulled away from the dude and looked to my right. “Yeah?” I asked her. “Um, come the ladies with me?” She asked. “I’m kind of busy.” I nodded to the dude who grinned.




“Yes, she’s busy.” He smirked and nuzzled his face in my neck. I spotted Justin watching us and a slow type of song come on. I smiled it was I Wish by One Direction. I told Rayne I would go with her after the song was over, she heard the song and looked from me to Justin and shook her head. I think she knew I was doing this to annoy him because he annoyed me. I glanced at Justin as Rayne walked back over to him. She shook her head looking at me. She knew quite well I was just annoying him. Justin was full on staring at me so I rested my forehead against the guy I was dancing with well swaying side to side with pressed together. I quickly seen Rayne say something to Justin and he shook his head and continued starring at me and the dude I was dancing with. I could see he was annoyed and that was good enough for me. Lets see you scare me on that motorcycle again I thought and snickered in my head. I smiled to the guy when the song was over but neither of us got a chance to say anything because Rayne was by our side within seconds.The guy glared at her which I smiled at. Ryne made a face at him then looked back at me. ”Chica, just come the bathroom with me.” She said firmly. I sighed. “Fine.” I said and pulled away from the dude. “I’ll be back.” I winked at him. He smiled and nodded as I walked away with Rayne.






“Okay, what?” I said when we entered the ladies room. “The guy you where practically dry humping is the guy who Justin is fighting tonight.” She said and I bit my lip. Whoops. “That’s why he was wearing sweats.” I said thinking back to what the guy was wearing. “Dude you kissed the enemy, literally. Oh and you slow danced with him for the purpose of annoying Justin. What was that about?” She asked. I shrugged my shoulders. “Who cares if I kissed him?” I asked ignoring the last part of her question mainly because I didn‘t have a solid answer. “Your brothers obviously and Justin. Harley had to stop him from going onto the dance floor when that kid put his hands on your culo.” I laughed. “I did it to annoy him and his big brother over protective thing he has got going on at the minute.” I shrugged my shoulders again. Rayne laughed. “He’s not playing big brother, chica.” She grinned. “That’s what he said.” I groaned. “Clearly you are both fucked up in the head because that’s exactly what he is doing. He gets annoyed when I’m with Jake or even if I talk about him and now he gets pissed when he sees me with a random guy. Clearly acting like a big brother.” I said in a duh tone. She shook my head. “You really are stupid and very blind.” She rolled her eyes. “What’s that suppose to mean?” I said, feeling offended. “It means exactly what I said.” She groaned. “Forget it, the fights are starting early tonight because there are a few of them.” She said and fixed herself in the mirror. “Oh and I know another person who would be interested in you kissing that guy.” Rayne laughed. “Who?” I asked. “Jake.” She said. I gasped. “Omigosh, I totally forgot about him.” I said as I face palmed myself. “You aren’t dating so it’s not a problem.” She shrugged Okay, well, yeah, that’s true but still, I shouldn’t have kissed that guy, I feel bad now but not for Jake for doing it to annoy Justin. I heard Rihanna’s new song You da One begin to play and I squealed and pulled Rayne out of the bathroom and back onto the dance floor. I felt hands on my hips and I jumped. I smiled thinking it was that dude but when I turned around I rolled my eyes. “Can I help you?” I asked Justin. “Yes, you can dance with me. I’m in a bad mood and if I go into the cage feeling like this I will murder that guy.” He snarled. I 100% believed him, his body radiated anger. I turned back around and we danced to the song while Dante came onto the floor and began grinding against Rayne.




Yeah by Usher came on and instead of separating Justin and I stayed in the same dancing position. His hands stroking my sides and hips with my ass placed in front of his crotch. I wasn’t exactly pressed against him so that was fine, it would be weird if friends danced like that. Just when I was feeling loose Justin kissed my neck and trailed his tongue along it and I tensed. I turned around to him and he smiled. I didn’t find it funny though. “Justin that’s why people think we’re dating. You can’t kiss my neck like that.” I said and he rolled his eyes. “I don’t care what people think.” He said firmly. “Well I do, I don’t want people to think I’m just one of your little sluts.” I spat. He raised his eyebrows. “Nobody think or says that about you and if they do. They better hope I don’t hear about it.” He stated. I groaned. “The point is we’re friends and friends don’t kiss other friends necks.” I pointed out. “Kitten, you’re making a big deal out of nothing. Your neck why just right in my face, you smell fucking awesome so I kissed it. C’mon it was just your neck, it doesn’t mean anything.” He exclaimed. Ouch. “Gee thanks Justin.” I said and stepped away from him. Justin sighed. “No, that came out wrong. I don’t mean there is anything wrong with you or your neck. You and your neck are perfect. I-” “Gents and babes, the first fight of the night is starting in ten minutes. Bieber and Howard, make your way to the cage. Any last minute bets need to be placed to now.” Mark - the fight coordinators voice cut Justin off. “That’s your queue, oh great one.” I said and gestured towards the cage. He sighed and stepped closer to me. “You’re mad a me.” He said and I shook my head. “I’m not.” I said and gave him and hug and a kiss on the cheek. “There’s your good luck kiss. Don’t take to much of an ass kicking.” I smirked. He cracked a grin. “That will never happened.” I laughed.




“Never say never.” I smirked back.
“Kitten, just to prove I’m not going to get an ass kicking, I’m not even going to let this guy get a hit in.” He spoke in confidence. “Yeah, sure.” I laughed. His face didn’t change. “You can’t expect to me to believe you win this fight without that guy landing one hit?” I said and he nodded. “That’s very doubtful my friend. I reckon he will get a few hits in” I grinned. “Want to bet?” Justin asked with a smug grin. “Definitely, this is an easy win for me.” I laughed. “What are we betting then?” Justin asked. I thought about for a second. “If I win, you have to without sex for a six whole weeks.” I said and laughed. “Deal.” Justin grinned. I raised my eyebrows. “Seriously?” I asked him. He nodded. “And if I win you have to live with me for six weeks.” He grinned. “What? Why do you want me to live with you? I‘m already staying with you as it is” I asked and he shrugged.




“Things are better when you’re around.” he shrugged again. I thought about it for a second, no way he could win, that guy had to get a least one hit in on Justin and when I win Justin will be sex free for six weeks, that will be fun to watch. “Deal.” I said and stuck my hand out. He shook it then winked and jogged off towards the cage. “What was that about?” Harley asked putting his arm around me as we walked to the cage. “I just bet Justin that the dude he is fighting would probably kick his ass.” I smiled. “What are the terms?” He asked with a sigh. I explained terms and Harley starting laughing. “Why are you laughing?” I asked. “You know most of the time Justin lets the other guy get a few hits in to make it look fair and that he doesn't eaily destroy them, right?” He said and I gaped at him, he actually lets dude hit him . “Are you kidding me Harley?” I groaned and he laughed again. “I kind of hope you win because Justin with no sex for six weeks would be hilarious but I’m going put my money on Justin.” He grinned at me. “Ugh just in case he does win, put two on him again for me. I will win either the bet or money. It’s better than nothing.” I shrugged, Harley took my money and went to place my bet. “Jackson.” I called when I seen him walk towards the cage. “Hey.” He smiled and put his arms around my neck and stood behind me. “Are you okay?” He asked and I nodded. “Bit nervous, I’m just nervous for him I guess.” I sighed. “Great that’s all I need to care about someone else adding them to my worry list.” I groaned and Jackson laughed. “Who’s that?” The red headed girl next to Jackson asked him, not in a bitchy way just out of curiosity. “My little sister.” he replied. She smiled. “Hi, I’m Baila.” She waved and I chuckled. “Kyah.” I waved back. “Nice to meet you.” I smiled. “Why are you both waving, you are only feet apart.” Jackson laughed and I elbowed him making Baila laugh. “How do you to know each other?” I asked giving Jackson the did-you-just-pick-her-up-at-the-bar look. He grinned at me.




“She’s a freshman, in my lit classes. I met her when school started over two weeks ago. We’re on date.” He said. I smiled wide, probably too wide. My big brother bringing a girl on a actually date to a brawling club but still a date non the less. “A date? Seriously?” I squeaked. “Don’t Kyah, please.” He groaned. “You must really like her to take her on a date.” I beamed the looked at Baila. “He doesn’t go on dates, like ever. So you’re special.” I said gleefully.





Baila blushed liked crazy and I giggled. “Okay, you can shut up now.” Jackson growled at me.
“What? What’d I say?” I asked and he shook his head and turned to Baila. “I’m sorry about her, she never knows when to shut up.” Jackson and scratched the back of his head. “I can hear you, you know. I‘m standing right here” I said with my arms folded. “Jesus, Kyah just hush.” He snapped at me, Baila laughed. “She’s fine.” Baila assured him. “How old are you?” I asked her ignoring my brother. “Twenty one.” She smiled. “God, everyone is older than me around here.” I huffed and Jackson laughed at me. “How come you didn’t come here straight after high school?” I asked. She shrugged. “I had to work to get my tuition money up, I worked two jobs for three years and finally made enough and now here I am.” She beamed. Jackson smiled at her, he actually smiled and didn’t smirk. “Well good for you.” I smiled. “I like your shoes.” I said looking at her shoes. She laughed again. ”I like her.” She said to Jackson. He rolled his eyes. “Everybody does.” He glared at me. “It’s because I’m awesome.“ I smiled sweetly at him and he laughed again and hugged me. “Close brother sister bond?” Baila asked and I laughed. “Baila, you have no idea.” I said and Jackson chuckled. Baila looked confused though so Jackson said he would explain later. I was interrupted by the loud sound of the buzzer and I stiffened a little. Jackson rubbed my arm. Rayne appeared to my right and she linked her arm with mine. I seen Dante talking to Baila, Harley was probably till at the betting table so I took a breath then looked to the cage. “Oh god.” I mumbled, Justin was dodging the guy’s - I made out and danced with - punches. Justin landed a cracking punch into Howard’s jaw and I cringed. God that looked pain full but it didn’t sent Howard to the ground. It hurt him of course but he was still standing. “C’mon Justin.” Rayne cheered from beside me.



No we need him to get hit. Okay, I need him to get hit. Howard swung again and Justin easily dodged it. “C’mon Howard, I throw better punches than that.” I yelled. I could see from the corners of my eye that Jackson and Dante share a did-Kyah-just-say-that look. I ignored them. “C’mon dude get one punch. One punch is all I need.” I yelled again.



This time I heard Harley laughing then my brothers asked why I was shouting that stuff. When he told then about the bet they laughed and got why Justin wasn’t letting the guy get a hit in. “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four…” Howard’s was on the ground, I didn‘t even see him go down. “No get up, get bloody up.” I screeched and my brothers roared with laughter. “Three, two, one… Bieber takes it.” The man announced. “Noooo.” I cried and stomped my foot on the ground.
“How is that possible, not one hit did that guy land.” I threw my hands in the air. I spotted Justin coming out of the cage and towards us. “Well hello there.” He beamed smugly at me. What an arrogant ass. “I’m so annoyed right now.” I frowned and he hook his arm around my neck pulling me away from Jackson. “I believe you lost a bet Kitten.” he winked. “Can’t we overlook it?” I smiled, he laughed. “If I lost would you have ensured I would have held my end of the deal?” he asked.




I gritted my teeth. “Nope.” I lied.
He laughed again. “Liar.” He poked at my sides. “ Okay fine, yes. I would have.” I rolled my eyes. “Harley, new roomy for six weeks.” Justin said and pulled me into him so my back was against his sweaty chest. “Are you two dating?” Baila asked me. I laughed. “No, we’re friends.” I answered her. “Oh you both look like you’re dating.” She smiled apologetically at me. “I agree.” Rayne added. “Rayne.” I warned and she laughed. “What, it’s true you do look like a couple.” She shrugged. I wiggled away from Justin and he chuckled. “You need to stop worrying about what people think Kitten.” He said with a wink. I wouldn’t care if he didn’t have the reputation he had for being a ladies man, I do not under any circumstances want anyone to think I’m one of his whores. “Here.” Harley popped up beside me handed be six hundred bucks. I smiled. “You put in?” Justin asked with a smiled. “I was covering myself, I would have would won something either way.” I grinned. “Clever.” Justin smiled. He went to the bathroom to clean up a little while we all walked back to the table that for some reason no one seemed to sit at. “Why is this table always free?” I asked Harley. “We always sit here.” he shrugged. “Oh c’mon. What are people afraid to sit here or something.” I joked. “Yup.” Harley shrugged. “My god, why do people think you three are so bad-ass? Seriously you are big bears.” I said with a dramatic sigh. Shut up Kyah. Don’t say shit like that in public.” Dante hissed. I laughed. “I‘m with you in public all the time.” I chuckled. “Yeah well that‘s bad enough, no need to shout shit like that a loud.” He shrugged and I stared at him and my other brothers. “Why are you embarrassed that people know you are good brothers to me?” I asked feeling a little upset. This was turning my mood sour by the second. Jackson shrugged a little and I widened my eyes. “You are aren’t you? You‘re embarrassed by me. By being with me all the time.” I asked him. He froze that I was directing my question at him.




“What? No of course not! You know you’re my number one girl.” He replied. I shook my head. “I seen you shrug to my statement as if you agreed with it.” I said.



Honestly I felt a little knot in my belly. “Kyah.” He began but I shook my head.“Don’t worry about it, I don’t care. I don't like being with you three you anyway.” I lied and I heard Harley mutter something to them both. “Dance floor girls?” I asked Rayne and Baila. Rayne stood up followed by Baila. She looked a little wary to leave Jackson after what I had just said but he nodded for her to go with me. “You know he doesn’t think like that, right? None of them do” Rayne said as we swayed to the music. I shrugged. “Well I am with them all the time, not like it’s my choice they never let me out of there sight. But maybe if I wasn’t with them as much they wouldn’t be embarrassed by being with me.” I said and sighed. “Chicka, what are you saying?” Rayne asked. “I’ll stay away from them on campus and see them when I see them.” I shrugged. She rolled her eyes but didn’t say any thing more. We roped Baila into doing the shuffle with us when Party Rock Anthem came on, we could each do it but people who couldn’t were asking us to teach them. So Rayne kept singing “Teach me how to shuffle, teach me, teach me how to shuffle“. We got a bad case of the giggles but kept on shuffling anyway. Baila was literally like Rayne, so easy to get along with and just out straight cool meaning I would get on fine with her if she and Jackson where to go on more ‘dates’. “Hey you.” A voice whispered in my ears. I jumped, startled by the voice.





I turned around and smiled. “Jake.” I beamed. I felt kind of bad, I totally forgot about him saying he was going to be here tonight. “I’ve been looking for you.” He smiled and kissed my cheek. “You look great.” He smiled again. “Thank you.” I blushed. “You look great to.” I grinned. He placed his hands on my hips and turned me away so his chest pressed up against my back. I smiled at the fact all guys like to dance like this at some point with a girl. Dirty Dancer roared through Jed’s and we began dancing. I noticed Rayne shaking her head at me and Jake. What’s that about? I seen her walk over towards the table and noticed Justin was looking at me but the turned to Rayne when she sat beside him and spoke to him. Baila went back over to my brother and I felt bad, he didn’t look in the mood for her company any more but she sat beside him and talked to Harley who seemed pleased because he was actually having a conversation and not flirting. “I want to take you out tomorrow.” Jake whispered in my ear as his hands strokes my sides.





I smiled. “Maybe I’ll let you take me out tomorrow.” I grinned and placed my hands over his. He kissed my neck and I closed my eyes at the sensation but opened them when he stopped. “Uhh, your brothers are kind of giving me a death stare.” He whispered in my ears. I looked over to them and they of course where glaring. I frowned and tilted my head back onto his shoulder. “Don’t worry they will come around when the realise I like you.” I said and felt him smile against my neck. “Good because I’m not going anywhere, I just happen to like you too.” He mumbled against my ear making me giggle because it was ticklish. He laughed. “You’re to cute.” he said and I groaned. “Cute is for babies.” I said. He smiled against my neck. “How you react to things sometimes is cute, your looks borderline beautiful and out right stunning while your personality is adorable.” he said and I turned crimson. “Are you blushing, Ky?” He asked. Another new nick name, what’s it with guys and giving me nick names?



“How can I not when you say really sweet stuff like that?” I said and he laughed. I turned to face him and placed my mouth over his. I felt his hands run down to my ass squeezing it when I seen Rayne appear beside me from the corner of my eye. Jesus why does she keep doing that? “Chica, can I talk to you?” She asked. Jake pulled away from me and sighed a little. “I’ll call you?” He said and I nodded, he kissed my cheek before I walked away with Rayne.




“What’s up?” I asked her. “You cannot make out with Jake in front of your brothers and Justin you know it annoys them.” She hissed with her hand on her hip. “Whoa, what’s eating you?” I asked. “Nothing.” She shrugged. Okay, that was a lie, something was bothering her. “You just lied.” I said in an a matter of fact tone.




She gritted her teeth at me. “I’m fine.” She snapped raising her voice. I jumped a little startled by her yelling at me, Rayne never yells at me. I looked to my brothers table because we where only a few feet away from it, they where watching us. “Okay, Jesus, I’m sorry I asked.” I said back to Rayne who rolled her eyes and scoffed at me. I couldn’t help it I shoved her, I could feel anger build up in me. Dante jumped up when my hands connected with her chest. It wasn’t a light shove she actually almost fell but Dante caught her. I could tell he was thinking 'My God, my sister and girlfriend are about to it fight it out.' “What the hell is your problem? Why are you being a gigantic bitch all of a sudden? I didn’t do shit to you or them.” I pointed to the table. Before Rayne could respond I cut her off. “When you decide to stop PMSing call me.” I spat then turned and walked out of Jed’s. God. Two times I have being in that place and twice I have left in a blinding rush. It was only when I got outside of Jed’s I realized I came here on Justin’s motorcycle. “Fuck.” I groaned and stomped at the ground. “Kitten.” I heard from behind me. “Go away, Justin.” I said walking away from the door.




“Hey, wait.” He caught my arm turning me to face him. “What’s wrong?” he asked. I frowned. “Rayne just yelled at me for dancing with Jake because you and the guys don’t like him. Something else is bothering her but she said she’s fine and I shoved her” I bit my lip. “Oh and apparently my brothers are embarrassed by me.” I spat. Justin raised his eyebrows. “Jackson told me what happened and he didn’t mean anything by shrugging. You know they don’t think like that, you’re there little sister, they love you.” He assured me. “Yeah, well, I do spend to much time with them, so from now on at campus I’m avoiding them.” I said with a nod. Justin frowned. “Hey, I sit with them. Are you going to ignore me too?” He asked with a little smile. “Not purposely but it might cool off the rumors about us being a ‘couple‘.” I said. Justin set his jaw. “You don’t need to stay away from me to stop stupid rumors. Rumors spread regardless, that’s why they’re called rumors.” He said clearly annoyed. “Don’t be mad at me, you know I love spending time with you.” I hugged him. “You’re my BMF after all.” I smiled when he chuckled. “God, you make me go from annoyed to happy in a second. It’s driving me crazy.” He laughed. “It’s because I’m awesome.” I grinned when I pulled from the hug. “Oh really.” Justin smiled devilishly. “Don’t even think about Itttt-” I screamed as Justin threw me over his shoulder. “My God, this is not right.” I groaned and Justin laughed and smacked my ass. “Justin.” I screamed. “Okay, don’t be mad but that sounded so hot.” He said and I burst out laughing. “Pervert.” I said through my laughter as he set me back on my feet when we where by his motorcycle. “You don’t have to leave because of me you know. I’m sure there are a few girls in there who want you to stay.” I smirked. He shrugged his shoulders. “Though, I’m going home with my number one girl.” He grinned. I smiled. “I’m your number one girl to, aye?” I said mocking his Canadian accent. He overlooked it. “Yup, you are. Told you that you where driving me crazy, only a crazy girl could be my number one girl.” He grinned.





I frowned when he said ‘crazy girl’ the irony of that was unbelievable. “Don’t let any of the girls you screw hear you say that.” I laughed. “Well, I don’t really talk to them my mouth-” “Do not, I repeat do not finish that sentence.” I yelled and he laughed. “I’m kidding.” he said seriously but I just nodded. I really didn’t need details because for a strange reason they made my belly feel a little sick and I didn’t like that feeling. Justin helped me onto the bike, we put on our helmets and he drove us back to the apartment. “Okay, that ride was kind of a rush.” I admitted when we stepped into the apartment. “I could tell by you yelling woooooohooooo every minute.” Justin laughed. I shrugged my shoulder. “Don’t tease me. I get the shower first.” I yelled and ran for the bathroom and locked it after me. “Bitch.” I heard Justin say from the other side. I laughed. “You’re the bitch in this friendship you‘re my bitch. Bitch.” I yelled. “We will see about that, Kitten.” He shouted back. I giggled as I stripped down to my birthday suit and got into the shower. Minutes later the door opened. “Justin.” I screamed. “Chill, you forgot a towel and your face cream stuff.“ He said. I poked my head out from behind the shower curtain. “Come any closer and I will kill you.” I warned. He smirked. “I won’t peek Kitten.” He smirked then left. ”How did you open that door, I locked it.” I shouted. He however just laughed at me. “Thank you for my things.” I screamed again. He laughed again. “Just finish your shower already you can thank me by making food when you’re dressed.“ I rolled my eyes. “Fine.” I shouted. “Yes.” I heard him say and I laughed finishing washing my hair. “Justin.” I called. “What?” He shouted back. “Will you get me my razor, please?” I asked him. He didn’t answer he just went into ‘our’ room and brought in my shower bag. “About time you shaved those legs.” He chuckled. “Shut up, I just better not cut my vag again like last time-” “Um, Kitten?” Justin interrupted me and I blushed. “Omigod, pretend you didn’t hear that.” I begged. “You shave your downstairs, aye? I like a smooth-” “Justin” I screamed cutting him off. “I’m going, I’m going.” He laughed then left the bathroom.






My God, could I embarrasses myself any worse? I bloody hell hope not. I as I finishing shaving everywhere, I stepped out of the shower and dried myself off in my towel. “I just had sex and it felt so good and woman let me put my penis inside of her-” “My God, Kitten.” Justin laughed as I stepped out of the bathroom wrapped in my towel. “It’s a good song.” I defended. “It is but hearing you say ‘a woman let me put my penis inside her’ is disturbing.” He laughed. I shook my head at him making water fling from my hair onto him. “Un-cool”. He said wiping his face as he jogged into the bathroom. “Are these tampons?” Justin shouted and I rolled my eyes. Do boys touch everything they are curious about? “Yes they are, I kind of need them for when aunt flow pays her monthly visit.” I shouted back. “Ew.” I heard him muttered and I laughed as I made us some noodles. He emerged from down the hall wearing only shorts as I placed our noodles into bowls. “ “God Justin, ever heard of a shirt?” I said handing him his bowl. Him being a guy grabbed a handful of bread with his noodles to make sandwiches with. I sat on the floor in the living area and he sat behind me stretching his legs over me so I was in-between his legs on the floor. “Why are you on the floor?” he asked me. “You screw girls on that thing.” I answered taken a bit of my food and flipping through the stations. “Yay, The Notebook.” I cheered and higher the volume. “No.” Justin groaned. “Do not start, this is one of the greatest love stories ever.” I stated. “It’s boring.” He yawned. “Shut up.” I said just as the sex scene came on. “Okay, we can watch it.” Justin mumbled. “You’re such a pervert.” I laughed. I’m not going to lie I was getting hot watching it and I groaned. “I’m so jealous.” I said and Justin legs tensed. “Why?” He asked. “I want to have romantic-in-the-moment-sex like that.” I pointed to the telly. “Why don’t you then?” he said. I laughed. “That would require me to actually have sex though.” I shrugged. “Kyah,” he paused and swallow loudly, “are you a virgin?“ He asked. I was so embarrassed, I thought he knew I was. Damn it.

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