College freshman Kyah Edwards is guaranteed to be popular when she enters university thanks to her brothers. Two of them are seniors & the 'it bad boys'. With her bestfriend Rayne by her side it will be a year to remember but not for all the right reasons.

Things happen & secrets outed, secrets that some people want off the radar. Mainly Kyah who has a huge secret that not even her brothers know about. When Kyah finds out one particular secret about her brother Harley it welcomes her to a world of alcohol, sex, violence - which she hates for a good reason - & of course more bad boys.

Welcome to college life.


27. Not My Father


-Kyah's Pov-



*One month later out of hospital...*





“My God, I am fine Justin. I already took my meds before class this morning, I’m only going to buy myself lunch so back off.” I almost growled as I left the table and walked across the cafeteria to get myself some food. “Hey, crazy.” A voice chimed from beside me. I rolled my eyes, I know she was calling me that from our fight and not because she knows I’m bipolar. “Hey, bitch.” I replied equally as cheerful. “So it’s your first week back. I surely do hope you’re getting back into the swing of things.” The bitch aka Jessie smiled now standing by my side. “Oh gosh, you know what it’s been a real struggle walking from class to class but somehow I had managed to do it. Snaps for me.” I fake smiled. I was clearly joking, the last month has being really good. I haven’t had a single episode, I’m feeling happy, I’m healthy again and back in school. Things are going well, I have my sessions with Doctor Lee three times a week and I‘ve seen Doctor Chance once for a clinic visit since I was released from the hospital. Things really are awesome now, except for runs with this bitch and the doubled protectiveness of my friends and family but other than that things are great. “You know Justin will get tired of you eventually. It must be your daddy’s money that keeps him around.” The bitch cackled. I turned and walked to my table before I let her get to me.





























“Keep her away from me.” I said as I sat down. “What did she say?” Rayne snapped ready to kick her ass, to bad for here Dante grabbed a hold of her arms. “That Justin is only with me for daddy’s money.” I shrugged. He pulled me onto his lap and snuggled his face in my neck. “Don’t believe a word out of her mouth, Kitten.” He said and kissed my lips. I nodded. “Did you feed Tibbles before you left the apartment?” I asked him. He sighed. “I swear you love that dog more than me.” He frowned. “Duh.” Rayne, Baila and I said in unison. We burst out laughing and high fived each others. Tibbles is the cutest puppy alive, I love him so much. He was Justin’s birthday present to me. I legit screamed the apartment down when I got home from the hospital, I held him the entire day. “Dorks.” Jackson murmured. “Really.” Baila smirked and crawled onto him straddling him. His hands went straight to her ass. “Whoa less of that, people are eating you know.” I said and robbed Justin’s apple from his tray. He however had two apples. He smiled when I noticed. “You always rob mine so I just get two now. One for me, one for you”. he smiled and kissed my cheek. I looked back to Jackson and Baila, they where still the same way. She rolled her yes. “I’m just sitting on him.” She said she laughed at how it sounded. “That is disgusting, you sicken me.” I spat and she and Jackson laughed. “I can totally tell you’re going to be the first to have babies.” I smiled. Baila widened her eyes and hopped of Jackson like he was fire. Jackson to looked like he was punched.


















“No way.” they said together. I smiled. “I’m kidding but it got you off him.” I grinned. “Bitch.” Jackson said and I laughed. “Are you caught up in your classes?” Dante asked me and I nodded. “Yep, Justin helped me study at home and got me up to speed.” I smiled and wrapped my arms around Justin neck. “Oh yeah, it’s so disgusting for Baila to sit on my lap but okay for you to sit on Justin’s?” Jackson said to me. “There is a difference, I don’t dry hump him on the chair in the cafeteria.” I grinned. Baila went red but Jackson smiled and put his arm around her making her blush more. I laughed. “No you just do it at home in front of us.” Baila snapped back and the boys all say “Ohhh”. Justin laughed enjoying the conversation. “Unfair you know that it’s my meds giving those urges.” I whispered and she shrugged. “I don’t have a problem with your medication.” Justin grinned at me. “No, because you get laid dos veces al dia because of them.” Rayne pointed out. "How often do you get laid? She said it in Spanish so I didn't understand." One of football team asked Justin making him grin. "I said twice a day." Rayne said with a shrug. My brothers clinched their fist. They may know I have sex with Justin but they still don’t like it. “Topic change, please?.” I beamed. “Definitely.” Harley snarled glaring at Justin who was trying not to laugh. “Are either of you fighting tonight?” I asked Justin and Harley. Justin tensed a little. “Why are you asking that?” He asked me putting his hand on the small of my back. “Just wondering, I was going to go to Jed’s with the girls.” I smiled. Rayne and Baila smiled with me even Dante cracked a smiled. Did the other's smile? Not a hope in hell! “You’re not going to Jed’s.” Justin said and I coughed a little.





















“Excuse me?” I gaped at him. “You heard me.” He said, he was looking directly at me daring me to challenge him. I tried to slide of his lap but he held me on it. “Justin, listen up. You do not tell me what to do. You’re are my boyfriend, not my father.” I said very firmly. “I don’t care, what if something happens at Jed’s?” He asked referring to me freaking out in guess. “Nothing will happen, I’ve been totally fine with my new dosage.” I answered him truthfully.
He mumbled something to Harley who shrugged. “Don’t talk about me as if I’m not here. I’m not asking for permission, I’m going whether you all like it or not.” I stated and stood up this time breaking free of Justin’s hold. “I’ve no classes left, do you?” I asked Rayne and Baila. Rayne didn’t but Baila did. So Rayne and I told her to come over to our place later so we could go out and she agreed.


















Justin looked pissed, my brothers not much better. “Talk you all later.” I said then turned and left the cafeteria with Rayne. “He is smothering me.” I sighed as we walked towards the car park. “I know but it’s hard to be mad at him because he cares for you so much.” She replied. “Yeah but Rayne seriously we fight more than anything. I thank God for my meds because I know he would send me spiraling otherwise.” I said and she laughed. “He drives you loca, love does that. Believe me I know, Dante is still kissing my culo for our fight last week.” She smirked. “I heard him on the phone to you…” I paused readying myself for my best Dante impression when he was on the phone to Rayne. “Mami.. mami... mami … just shut up…. Rayne… just listen, you know I’m sorry, te quiero mami” Rayne burst out laughing. “You nailed it.” She laughed again. “Do you not think it’s weird that he is 100% American but speaks in Spanish to you?” I asked her. I knew the answer I just wanted to keep the conversation topic away from Justin and I. “I love when he speaks Espanol to me. He understands and speaks it very well, like back home when he talks with mi familia it's nothing to him. Mi papi and mamai thinks its great he understands it as well. I guess that we are together so long it feels natural for him to just speak it.” She shrugged.






















“No, he knows you like it, he never speaks Spanish unless he is around you or your family.” I pointed out. “Que es unamor.” She beamed. I rolled my eyes. “Yes, he is a sweetheart. Blah, blah, blah.” I waved my hand at her making Rayne thump me.
















“Oh, oh guess who I heard Harley talking to Dante about yesterday?” Rayne squealed. “Okay, judging from your random squeal I’m going to say it involves a female?” I smirked. “Yes but which chica?” She grinned as we reached my car. “The hell if I know, that dude has screwed more girls than I have friends on Facebook.” I laughed. “But you have hundreds of friends on Face- ew I don’t even want to think about that.” Rayne make a disgust face and I laughed. “Welcome to my world amigo.” “Okay, since you won’t be able to guess I’ll just tell you… he has a date with Anna tonight.” She clapped her hands together. I gaped at her and leaned on the steering wheel beeping the horn my mistake. I shook my head. “Anna? Anna… As in my nurse Anna?” I asked. She nodded. “Si.”
















“Wow… like an actual date, date not just a bag a toss type of date?” I questioned. “He’s bringing her to Jed’s tonight.” She paused while putting on her seat belt as did I. “Apparently they’ve being texting since you left the hospital, he is bringing her to dinner first then to Jed’s. I don’t think he was expecting you on being there but after you made it clear you where going in the cafeteria you will see for yourself.”
“I don’t think he has being on an actual date in like…. years. That ass totally cashed in on me almost dying, I was in that hospital bed for weeks and the whole time I bet he had his eyes on her.” I chuckled and shook my head a little. “I think its chido.” Rayne beamed as I back out and began driving towards our apartment. “If Harley and her date then all your brothers will no longer be single meaning no more posies of chicas at Jed’s.” She grinned. “They will still be around. Look at the reaction Dante and Jackson get from the girls on campus and they’re both are dating.” I pointed out. “Don’t remind me, some perras don’t understand back off even in more than one language.” She groaned and I laughed. “I know how you feel, I get so mad when girls try and flirt with Justin when I’m sitting like right there.” I snarled. “That not good for you brain chicka, you heard the Doc don’t get into stressful situations.” She sang. I rolled my eyes. “I’ve hear that a million times already.” I groaned and she smiled. “We’re only looking out for you .“I know but for tonight I just want to have fun.” I stated. Rayne smirked. “Done chicca.” She winked.

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