College freshman Kyah Edwards is guaranteed to be popular when she enters university thanks to her brothers. Two of them are seniors & the 'it bad boys'. With her bestfriend Rayne by her side it will be a year to remember but not for all the right reasons.

Things happen & secrets outed, secrets that some people want off the radar. Mainly Kyah who has a huge secret that not even her brothers know about. When Kyah finds out one particular secret about her brother Harley it welcomes her to a world of alcohol, sex, violence - which she hates for a good reason - & of course more bad boys.

Welcome to college life.


39. New Room Mate?

-Kyah's Pov-


“Technically it’s not broke any more. The pins put the bones back together I just have to rest it for awhile,“ I explained to Harry and Jake.

Jake was chilling on the sofa opposite to me while I was lying on Harry’s legs as we sprawled out on the couch. It’s being two day’s since I screwed up my leg. I’m currently apartment bound until I feel like using my crutches to get around which will be soon, I‘m already getting sick of sitting down.

“I still can’t believe you dislocated your foot, mami,” Harry shook his head. “I heard it was disgusting looking.” He shivered.

I nodded. “It was,” I shuddered remembering the images of my foot twisted out of place. “It freaks me out thinking how it was all twisted.”

Jake sat up straight. “I think it’s time to wrap you in bubble wrap princess,” He cooed to me like I was a child.

I threw a cushion at him and he chuckled but caught it and put it behind his head. I heard the apartment door open and in stroll Jazzy with bags in her hands and earphones in her ears.

“Hey Jazz.” I shouted.

Jake said upright very quickly which made myself and Harry share a knowing look.

Jazzy took her earphones out. “Hey guys," She smiled. “How are you feeling?” She asked me.

I smiled. “I’m fine just like I was when you rang me sixteen times,” I said and she chuckled. “Justin made me ring you because you hid his phone so he couldn’t ring you.” She said and both Harry and I laughed while Jake just stared at Jazzy.

It was getting a little creepy so I cleared my throat. “Jazzy this is Jake. You don’t remember him but you have already meet him and introduced him to your tonsils,” I said and Jake threw the same cushion I threw at him right at my face making me laugh.

“We met in the hospital yesterday, Ky.” He then said whilst never looking away from Jazzy.

Jazzy flushed at his words which I found interesting. “Hi,” She said shyly.

Jake smirked and put his arms behind his head which flexed his biceps. “Hey,” He replied looking all cool on the sofa.

All three of us kind of stared as his biceps for a minute.

I snapped out of it first and nudged Harry then coughed getting Jazzy’s attention. “Where is Justin?” I asked her.

She rolled her eyes. “Parking his bike. I’m never bringing him with me shopping ever again he is such an embarrassment to me,” She huffed and placed her bags on the counter.

She turned back to face us and placed her hands on her hips. “He accused the sales boy of peeking into the changing room while I tried on a dress. He hit the guy - who is like younger than me by the way - and actually got us escorted by security out of the store,” She shook her head. “I’m so mortified right now, he went too far this time.” She stated.

Justin jogged into the living rooms seconds later and his eyes found mine, he had a bruise on his jaw which I sighed at. “You feeling okay?” He asked and nodded towards my leg which was up resting on the arm of the couch.

I nodded so he turned to Jazzy. “Don’t ever get off my bike at traffic lights again because you‘re mad a me,” He hissed and Jazzy rolled her eyes. “Don’t assault sales people and I won’t,” She retorted.

Justin’s jaw clinched. “I saw him walk into the ladies changing room, you where the only girl in there,” He exclaimed.

Jazzy shook her head. “No one came into my changing room you deluded freak,” She shouted.

“Ohhh,” I said and nuzzled into Harry.

Some popcorn who be perfect whilst watching this argument.

Justin squeezed the bridge of his nose. “He was peeking under your door Jazzy, I saw him,” Justin shrugged. “Besides I hardly touched the kid.”

Jazzy gapped at Justin. “You drew blood from his lip and nose, Justin. How is that not barely touching the guy?” She asked and Justin shrugged.

“You embarrassed me you know that right? They’re never letting us back into that store ever again thanks to you.” Jazzy frowned.

Justin sighed. “You’re overreacting, they will forget about this by the time you come visit again.” He assured her.

Jazzy shook her head. “No Justin, when the security came into the store you hit the main guy for putting his hand on your shoulder and you received a punch for that then you hit him again for hitting you. They then took our pictures and the security men who eventually escorted us from the store told us we’re never aloud back in the store again.” She said angrily.

I shook my head. It was totally something Justin would do so I totally believed Jazzy.

Justin bit his lip and chuckled. “Yeah, you're right. There’s no way we're getting back into that place,” He out right laugh and Jake snorted while I kept quiet - you know for girl support for Jazzy.

I think Harry just stayed quiet and starred at Justin because he thinks he is hot.

“You’re the worst brother ever.” Jazzy said and sat on the stool next to the kitchen.

Justin stopped laughing. “You don’t mean that,” He frowned.

Jazzy nodded. “I do too. How many times have you embarrassed me or started a fight over some guy looking at me? Seriousl,y its not a damn crime to look at another person.” She said and Justin shook his head.

“The guy peeked under your changing room door so I hit his stupid ass. I’d do it for any girl Jazzy but when you, Kyah, Rayne, Baila or Anna are involved the guy would be lucky if I didn’t l kill him.” Justin stated.

Jazzy narrowed her eyes. “I don’t know what the hell Kyah finds attractive about you especially when you have bruises all over you,“ She paused. “You are a sick guy who gets off on fighting and honestly Justin, I don’t want to be around you any more if that‘s how you‘re going to live.” She said with a shrug then got her bags and went down to my room.

I widened my eyes at Jazzy’s words as did Justin and the other guys. Justin didn’t even acknowledge us he just went straight to my room after Jazmyn.

“What the hell is that suppose to mean? You don’t want to know me any more as in at all?” Justin shouted.

I heard Jazzy sigh. “Look, I’m sorry I didn’t mean that I just hate that you fight so much.”

I hear you sister!

“I know you do, Kyah hates it too but its something I’m doing a long time Jazz. It just comes with who I am,” Justin paused. “I promise to lessen it around you though okay? I don’t want you to bad mad a me.” He said.

“Wow, she has him whipped.” Jake murmured upon hearing Justin’s sweet side - which is reserved for family and people he cares about only - and I just nodded in agreement.

It was true she did have Justin around her little finger and as his little sister it was a giving.

“Okay,” Jazzy murmured and I heard her chuckle when Justin cheered and fell on her for a hug. “You do realise how amazing I’m being right now considering I seen your parts the other day. I think you should let me go on a date.” Jazzy announced.

A date? Huh with who?

“A date?” Justin said. “With who Jazzy?”

Jake suddenly stood up. “With Jake,” Jazzy said and Jake quickly walked towards the hallway which suddenly was filled with my brothers walking into the apartment with the girls.

“Jake as in Jake Parker?” Justin’s voice boomed.

Jake flinched. “Shit, man move.” Jake said to Dante who raised a brow.

“Justin!” Jazzy yelled.

In flash Justin was in the living room and had Jake on his back on the ground. “Stop,” I shouted and jolted upright.

“You just promised not to fight any more around me.” Jazzy yelled as she ran into the living room.

Pattie, Jeremy and Jaxon entered the apartment and looked confused at to what was going on.

“That was before I found out you wanted to go on a date with this dick,” Justin snarled and Jazzy literally grabbed his arm and pulled at Justin until he stood up off Jake.

Harley nudged Jake. “You asked Jazzy out? Do you have a death wish man?” He snorted and my brothers laughed.

“I asked her if she wanted to get coffee or something sometime. I never said the word date.” He said and looked to Jazzy who flushed.

Justin clinched his hands. “What is my sister not good enough for you to date?” He growled.

“What?” Jake said with his hands raised in defence. “You where going to hit me because you thought I asked her out on a date and now you're going to hit me because I don’t want to go on a date with her? Seriously man, there is no logic in that at all!"

Before Justin did hit him I spoke up.

“Do you want to go on a date with her?” I asked Jake and everyone looked at me with a little pity for being practically broken.

Jake sighed. “Yeah, I do,” He closed his eyes waiting for Justin to punch him but the punch never landed because Pattie stepped closer to Justin.

“Then you ask Jazmyn and don’t worry about anybody else. She is eighteen years old, an adult who is able to choose who she dates.” I said and Jazzy smiled along with the girls.

Justin was glaring at me and I rolled my eyes. “Don’t even look at me like that we hooked up when I was eighteen. Your twenty one just like Jake so you if you argue with her on this you’re just being a hypocrite,” I sighed then and shook my head. “Justin, you’re never going to think any guy is good enough for your little sister. Hell, you’re best friends with my brothers and they hate that you and I date. They threaten to murder you all the time if your hurt their little sister for God sakes.” I said and Rayne snorted.

Justin still wasn’t happy but nodded a little. “So, can I go on a date with Jake?” Jazzy asked Justin, Jeremy and Jaxon.

I snickered. She has to asked her little brothers permission over her own mom. It’s crazy how territorial guys can be over girls and their families.

“Let me talk to him real quick first,” Jeremy said and brought Jake down to the guest room with Justin and Jaxon right behind him.

“He will never go on a date with me now,” Jazzy sighed and Harley laughed. “Don’t worry kiddo, when Jake wanted to date Kyah we gave him the talk as well. I think I told him I would cut his dick off and bury him six feet under if he hurt her. He still hounded her for dates so he will keep his date with you.” He winked.

Jazzy came over and sat beside me. “Do you mind if I go on a date with Jake?” She asked me all serious.

I laughed and shook my head. “No, I’ve been down that road with Jake and where better suited a being friends.” I assured her.

She nodded slowly, “You made out with him right?” She asked.

Rayne and Baila laughed. “They kissed more than the would breath when they where around each other.” Baila answered and I rolled my eyes at her exaggeration.

“Point is where just friends now. We have a past but our future is being best friends,” I shrugged. “He is important to me, I literally don’t think of him in a kissing way any more.” I said and Jazzy nodded.

“Did you kiss Harry?” She asked and we all laughed. “What?” Jazzy asked.

“I have a boyfriend.” Harry answered her.

“Oh,” Jazzy said then widened her eyes. “Oh!” She repeated when she realised Harry was gay.

I laughed. “It’s unfair right? With him being so hot.” I winked and Harry grinned.

“She’s good for my ego.” Harry said to Pattie who chuckled.

“You have actually kissed Harry though,” Rayne pointed out.

I rolled my eyes. “They don’t count its practically like a hug when you kiss a gay guy,” I shrugged,.

“I can kiss you like I’m straight if you want mami.” Harry flirted and I laughed.

“Save those lips for Toby, papi.” I retorted and he smirked.

A few minutes passed and I randomly tried to stand up but screamed and fell forward right on Harley and Anna who where chilling on the floor. Harley grabbed him so he took the force of my fall from me.

“Holy shit, are you okay?” He asked me.

I nodded and heard a groan. I looked down and realised I was literally on top of him and Anna. “Sorry,” I hissed out in pain.

I felt arms around my body as I was lifted up. “Why the hell did you try to walk?” Jackson asked.

I gripped onto him as he sat me back on the couch gently then let him go as he moved back over to Baila.

Justin appeared in the room as I sat back down. “What happened? You screamed.” He said to me.

“I wanted a drink-” “So you tried to get it yourself?” He cut me off.

I shrugged. “I forgot I couldn’t walk,” I explained and he sighed but nodded and came over to sit beside me.

“Stupid,” Dante snorted and I glared at him. “Woo, scary stare,” He teased and the guys laughed while I huffed.

I watched when Jake walked back into the living room. He looked a little paler now than he did when he left. I smiled. “Were you threatened Godfather style?” I asked him.

He nodded, “It was similar to when Harley warned me not to hurt you only a little bit more murderous details where involved,” He said and Jazzy blushed fiercely .

“So can the date go ahead?” I then asked and he nodded with a little smile towards Jazzy that made her blush even more.

I clapped my hands together. “Woo,” I cheered and everyone laughed at me.

“Dante,” I shouted when I see him go into the kitchen.

“Yeah?” He shouted back.

“Grab me my meds and pain pills please there in my little black medicine back,” I said.

Justin cuddled into me and kissed my shoulder which made Pattie smile as she watched us.

“Here sis,” Dante said handing me my bag and a glass of water.

I opened my bag and got out all my pills and took them one by one. “I’m so tired of these stupid pills.” I murmured as I zipped the bag shut.

“Tough,” Harley said and I narrowed my eyes at him making him smile.

I relaxed in Justin. “Okay,” I announced. “Who wants to quiz me for my up coming exam?” I asked and everyone - I mean everyone - groaned.

“You all said if I needed something I was to ask for it so I’m asking… besides this is for my education,” I stated.

They sighed and I smiled, being half broken can work in your favour. Sweet.


- - The Next Day - -


“Kyah? Dude? Yo! Omigod is that Brad Pitt?” Jazzy’s voice boomed through my ears.

I covered my head with a sofa cushion. “Go away,” I whined. “My leg is sore. Back off Jazzy!” I warned and heard her snicker.

“It’s nearly 3.p.m. wake up,” She said and shook y shoulder.

I grunted. “Justin,” I yelled.

There was no response and I sighed dramatically.

“Ha! He is in class so you have no one to whine to,” She clapped her hands so I gave up and sat up right.

“Okay, what?” I yawned.

She smiled and sat beside me on the sofa. “I totally made out with Jake last night,” She beamed.

I woke up a little bit more and smiled. “That’s awesome, dude,” I beamed.

She nodded. “I like him so much Kyah. Omigod we talked for so long, do you know he loves you like legit loves you to pieces. He says its crazy how close you two have become and you’re his best friend,” She squealed.

I chuckled. “I love him too. We got real close after I went into the coma,” I explained. “He is an awesome guy, Jazzy.”

“I agree,” She said then bit her lip. “I’m going out with him again tonight because we’re leaving tomorrow but I don’t really want to leave yet so I talked to my mom and she lettings me stay out here with your and Justin for an extra month since I’m finished school.”

I hugged her tightly. “That’s awesome!" I said feeling stoked.

“I know I’m so excited.” She smiled. “I, um, even checked out the college classes and they have an art programme you know the one Rayne is studying? Well, I think I might apply next semester.” She grinned.

I screamed and hugged her again. “You can totally live her with me and Rayne, the guest room can be your room!” I assured her and she screamed again.

“What’s with all the screaming?” Jaxon asked as he strolled into the living room with Tibbles in his arms.

He passed me Tibbles and I snuggle him into me and being the guy he is he went to sleep straight away. “Jazzy is staying her for an extra month and is looking to apply to the university next semester,” I answered him smiling wide.

Jaxon frowned. “So you both will be living how here. Am I the only one who wants to live back home?”

Jazzy shook her head, “I’m going to be here for one month more then back home until next semester which is next year. It’s college Jaxon, I’m growing up.” She said.

Jaxon smiled. “I know, I know. I just miss Justin back home and now you will be gone to,” He paused. “Maybe I should just get a girlfriend?” He suggested making Jazzy and I laughed.

“That’s a good idea bro, but you’re going to see myself and Justin a lot more. I’d missed you to much to not visit you and mom and dad.” Jazzy said and hugged him tightly.

“Awe,” I said and they both looked at me with grins on their faces.

I flushed. “Didn’t man to ruin the moment,” I smiled and they laughed.

Jaxon gave me a wink and I blushed fiercely. “Jaxon stop tormenting Kyah!” Pattie’s voice sounded and I sighed in appreciation.

The fact that Jaxon seen me naked and him waggling his eyebrows at me every chance he gets is making me crazy with humiliation. Everyone has taken it upon themselves to tell him to knock it off which I’m thankful for.

“I’m just playing with her,” He got up and kissed my cheek. “Kind of,” he whispered and Jazzy kicked his butt making him chuckle as he sat down on the sofa across from me and click on the television.

For the next two hours we watched random shows while Jazzy napped and Pattie tidied around - even though I told her not to. I must have dosed off because when I awoke it was to wet kissing being placed on my neck.

I groaned and moved my head away from the sensation. Justin licked me and I muttered a curse word and moved again but the time I felt hair tickling my neck. I opened my eyes and was met my big brown eyes surrounded by white fur. “I don’t usually kiss on the first date, Tibbles.” I said and he puppy growled.

I heard laughter from behind me so I sat up and looked around. Harley and Justin where eating fires at the kitchen counter chatting away. “I thought you were kissing me,” I said to Justin and then looked to Tibbles.

“I like your kisses better, buddy,” I whispered and felt something hit my head along with Justin saying “Hey!”

I looked down and seen it was a fry. I picked it up and popped it in my mouth and smiled as Justin winked at me. “Want some?” He asked and I nodded.

Harley shared some with me and so did Justin. I ate a few handfuls then picked up my crutches from the ground. “Need help?” Harley asked as I got to my feet.

I hopped my way to the hall. “Nope, I have to get used to getting around this way,” I said and hopped down to the bathroom.

I got into the bathroom and went the toilet and pulled myself over to the sink so I I could wash my hands. Stupid me tripped myself up and landed on my back. Luckily I didn’t hurt my leg, my back was shouting in pain but it was just a more winded feeling than anything else.

Justin and Harley barged into the room and I realised I screamed when I feel. “I’m fine,” I said as they helped me up.

I got my crutches and hopped out to the living room with Justin and Harley right on my heels. I said down and sighed when I elevated my leg. “That feels nice.” I said and just chuckled.

“Want to take off your boot cast.” Harley asked.

I nodded so he carefully un-strapped my cast and I lifted my foot out. “It feels weird,” I said and tried moving it but winced in pain.

“Don’t move it just let some air get at it.” Jackson said as he entered the room. “Want me to check your stitches?” He asked and I nodded.

I grabbed Harley’s hand as he moved beside me. Jackson undid my bandages and Justin groaned. “Holy fuck, it is suppose to look like that man?” Justin asked Jackson.

I looked at my foot in panic thinking something was wrong and see it was very bruise and swollen. I look at my stitches and groaned. “It looks disgusting,” I confirmed Justin’s worries.

Jackson shook his head. “Its healing. The swelling will go down and your stitches will be removed in just over a week,” He explained and I nodded.

“I still can’t believe there is steel pins and crap inside my leg,” I said and Justin nodded in agreement.

“She just fell in the bathroom, I’m thinking she shouldn’t move until her physiotherapy starts.” Justin suggested.

“No way, I will miss the tournament tomorrow night then,” I frowned.

All three heads snapped to me.

“There is no way you’re going to Jed’s tomorrow, babe,” Justin stated and my brothers faces read they felt the same way.

That’s what you three think.

I looked at all three of them and smile very sweetly.

Looks like I’m sneaking out tomorrow night.






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