College freshman Kyah Edwards is guaranteed to be popular when she enters university thanks to her brothers. Two of them are seniors & the 'it bad boys'. With her bestfriend Rayne by her side it will be a year to remember but not for all the right reasons.

Things happen & secrets outed, secrets that some people want off the radar. Mainly Kyah who has a huge secret that not even her brothers know about. When Kyah finds out one particular secret about her brother Harley it welcomes her to a world of alcohol, sex, violence - which she hates for a good reason - & of course more bad boys.

Welcome to college life.


28. My Kitten


-Kyah's Pov-




“Mami, Justin will piss himself when he sees you.” Rayne exclaimed as I walked down the hallway of my apartment. I decided to shake things up a little and where low rise black skinnies, a blue crop top with Peer Pressure wrote across the top in black then matching blue heels. I have my black bag to match. I may have my mid section on show but I didn't really care, I felt good and honestly happy, I needed a night of fun. I adjusted my hair so it fell over my breasts. “You think?” I asked, she nodded. “You could wear a black bag and he would drool over you.” “Wow, Bail’s you look smoking. Rayne you look your usual hot self.” I said to the girls, they smiled as we exited the apartment and went down to my car. As usual. I’m the DD mainly because I don’t drink much and the fact that I can’t because of my meds. I have my tablets with me to take at nine pm, Rayne triple checked they where in my bag before I even got ready. It's annoying and caring at the same time so I don't say anything to her about it. “We are saying hey to the guys tonight but this is strictly a girls night. Rayne you’re still pissed at Dante and I’m annoyed with Justin. Baila, make up a fake fight in your head for Jackson.” I said and they laughed. “No need to pretend he called me a hoe earlier.” She frowned, as sat back into her seat. “He what?” I practically yelled. “Yup, I was talking to Tony Sheep in the lunch line after you all left today and when I got back to the table he was freaking out, he was so jealous. I told him to grow up and he said he will when I stop being a hoe.” She shrugged. She looked like she was trying to pretend it was no big deal but you could tell by the look on her face that the fight was hurting her. “I’m going to fucking kill him.” I spat but Baila shook her head. “Forget him, I just want to enjoy tonight." “Did you like… think about breaking up with him?” Rayne randomly asked her as we neared Jed’s. “Surprisingly no. I just don’t want to talk to him for awhile.” She explained and we nodded, that was understandable.

















I’m still going to kill him though, how dare he call his girlfriend that name. “So,” Baila said stretching out the letter O, “why are you fighting with Dante?” She asked and I stiffened a laugh but make a little chuckling noise anyway. “It’s not funny.” Rayne snapped at me and I bit the inside of my cheek to suppress my laughter that was nearly erupting from me. “Okay.“ She sighed after rolling her eyes at me, “We were having sex and I had a tooth ache, so I literally just laid there and let Dante do his thing. He wanted a blow job, I refused because my mouth was so sore. He was so annoyed and jokingly push himself into by mouth when i sat up. I was so pissed that I bit him and haven’t talk to him probably since last week. He is a culo.” She shrugged and looked out her window. Now it was disgusting because I never want to think of my brothers having sex but it is funny as hell. I heard Baila make a humming noise as I parked I looked over at her and she was trying her best not to laugh. When made eye contact though we burst out laugh. Rayne grunted and got out of the car. We followed her still laughing very hard. When we got inside Jed’s the place was bumping. When we walked in people looked at us, everyone does it because its just a automatic reaction to look to the door when it opens. I smiled at anyone who looked at us. “Wooooo,” I yelled and pulled the girls onto the floor. I left my eyes drift to our usual table and sure enough my brothers and Justin where there. Anna was with Harley as well so I made a mental note to go say hello to her soon. “I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, sayin’ aaaayo gotta let go.” I sang/shouted along with Taio Cruz as his voice boom through the speakers. Rayne and Baila very soon where at the bar knocking backs shots, a hell of a lot of shots.

















I laughed at them when I checked the time. Meds time, I got out my pills and knocked them back with some water. I watched the bar tender eye me up. I laughed. “Headache.” I simply said and he nodded smiling when he realized I wasn’t taking drugs.
Twenty minutes later and they girls where back on the dance floor. Dante approached us as I sat on the bar stool. “What are you wearing?” He sighed. I rolled my eyes. “Clothes.“ I answered flatly. He groaned and shook his head then looked to Rayne. “She still pissed at me?” He asked. “Uh yeah, you raped her mouth.” I said then burst out laughing . “I’m sorry, its disgusting but hilarious.” I added. He rolled his eyes. “I was joking with her.” He groaned again when he looked at her knocking back some more shots. “Go dance with her, she’s drunk, she will forgive you easily.” I nudged him. He finished his beer then made his way to Rayne. I watched as he turned her to face his, I could see his lips move and he tongue rolling. The fucker was talking in Spanish, she was a sucker for that. I watched as her lips curved into a small then she turned her back and grinded her ass into his crotch. Ew! He looked at me and smiled, I made the gag action and he gave me the finger which made me laugh. “Hey.” A black haired pretty girl said from me left. “Oh,” I said and jumped a little while placing my hand over my chest, “I didn’t see you there, you frightened me.” I chuckled. “Sorry.” She laughed. “I just want to ask you where you got your top, it is beyond cute.” She beamed. I smiled at her for her good taste in clothing. “I got it in Forever 21, they have them in so many colors to.” I grinned. “I’ll be sure to get a few, thanks.” She grinned then grabbed her two drinks off the bartender and walked away. Well, she was nice, I thought as Baila fell onto the stool next to me and I jumped. God damn, I’m jumpy tonight. Baila was singing to herself and I laughed, we’re here more than an hour and she was hammered already. “Double vodka.” She called to the bar man. I looked over my shoulder, Jackson was already watching us. I nodded for him to come over and he did without hesitation. “To my boyfriend thinking I'm a hoe.” Baila yelled and knocked back her drink. Jackson winced from her side. “Baby..” He said softly. “Sorry, this hoe has no time for you-u.” She slurred a little and clicked her fingers in a Z formation that was honestly just brilliant to look at. “Bail’s, do you want some water?” I asked with a smile because she was getting a little droopy. “Yes, yes I do want some water, Kyah.” She sang and I chuckled. Jackson knew she didn’t want him to touch her because well she kindly told him to go fuck himself but he ignored her and opened her legs pressing himself in between her thighs and rested his head against hers. “I’m sorry.” he said, it was obviously he was telling her the truth. I could hear it in his voice that he was.
I grinned, my brothers may be bad boys but they really are total cuddly bears when it comes to me and their girlfriends. Baila and Jackson where talking, slightly arguing a little for a few minutes when eventually Baila exploded. “He is gay!” Baila yelled and Jackson murmured an “Oh.” “I would have told you if you just let me explain, I don’t n-need your permission on who I talk too. Don’t crowd me like you do to Kyah.” Baila snapped. I felt awkward sitting there and looked anywhere but at them. I hated when I got brought into people's fights because I got so awkward and didn't know what to do with myself.



















“I get your pissed and I’m sorry but don’t bring my sister into this, never bring her into a fight.” he said firmly but then sighed.
“Baila, I was jealous okay. I’m sorry. I guess protectiveness kicked in and I said things I didn‘t mean. I’ll work on it, I will, but its built into me to protect the one’s I love.” He said to her and my mouth dropped. He said the L word, he loved her. He fucking loved her, this was huge, so fucking huge! “You love me?” Baila asked suddenly more sober than before. “Yes, I love you.” Jackson answered. “I love you too.” She replied. My heart simply could not take this! “Yay!” I clapped my hand togethers like a retarded seal. Jackson turned and looked at me with a soft but firm death glare, pretty much letting me know to shut my mouth. I didn't do that though. “Ladies and gentleman, my brother is in love.“ I fanned my face because I honestly thought I was going to cry. “My brother… is In love.” I shouted like it should make national news. Baila burst out laughing and I’m sure Jackson was a mixture of amused and annoyed at me. I felt myself suddenly being thrown over a man’s shoulder and I screamed. “Ahh, Jackson. Help.” I called. I seen him back at the bar with Baila waving at me and laughing. I suspected who it was but just to be sure, I lifted up the dudes top at the back and spotted a creepy looking skull tattoo wrapped in barbed wire circling around his hips confirming my suspicions . “Harley, put me down!” I screeched. He laughed realizing what I did to know who it was, he clearly felt me lifting up his shirt. He did do what I asked and put me down but only when he reached the table. “Them four made up now, it’s your turn.” He beamed, like he was the couple counsellor of the year. I didn’t even get a chance to say hello to Anna because Harley whirled her onto the dance floor and out of my line of sight within a few moments. I sat at the table in a huff, looking any where but at Justin. “So you can’t even look at me now.” He asked, annoyance laced in his voice. “Looks that way my friend.” I shrugged, still not looking at him.
He growled at me and I snorted. “Sorry daddy, did you not like that answer. Should I do everything you tell me to?” I asked, sarcasm dripping from every word. He made that growling noise again and not because he was horny but because he was mad. Either way it turned me on so I willed myself to remain as much as a bitch as possible. “Nice outfit.” he said randomly. “Don’t look at me, you don’t get to look at me.” I snapped looking at him. He was leaning back against the chair, arms across his chest looking all sexy and cool. The bastard. “Sorry my title as your boyfriend gives me the right to look at every inch of your beautiful body.” He said slowly and I closed my legs. Yes, the fuckers words were affecting me in the down stairs region. “Okay, fine look all you want, it will be a long time before you touch it again.” I stated and stood up. I wanted to go back to Rayne or Baila but of course Justin had other plans. He reached out and grabbed my waist, he gently pulled me into him when suddenly he lifted me and placed me sitting on him. He pushed open my legs so I was straddling him so I snarled. “Jerk.” “You're so fucking hot when you're being a bitch.” He growled and leaned forward using his mouth to latch onto my bottom lip, he sucked and nibbled on it.
Against my better judgement I moaned as his hands clapped onto my ass. “Do you have any fucking idea,” He growled, “how hard it was not to touch you when I seen your ass in these jeans or tits in that top.” He squeezed me like he was to tear me apart and that thought kind of made me hot.
“If I wasn’t guaranteed to get a beating from your brothers, I would bend over this table right now and fuck you senseless.” He growled into my ear. I moaned again and grinded against him. “I need you, right now.” He growled again. I stood up took his hand and pulled him from the table and across the club and out Jed’s door. We passed people on the way who where coming into Jed’s. We practically ran to my car. Thank God I parked it in a dark spot. I opened the door and pushed Justin into the back seat. “I’m still pissed at you.” I snarled climbing onto him. He already had his boxers around his knees. “I don’t care, I need to be inside you.” He said and pulled me into him. He kissed me as he un buttoned my jeans. I felt pain on my bare ass when I got my jeans off. He spanked me. “Ow.” I yelped. He gripped onto my ass hard and pulled me on top of him. I adjusted myself over him and pressed myself on top onto me and I cried out. “Fuck.” Justin groaned. “I’m sorry about today.” He panted out. “I forgive you.” I cried out as I worked faster on him. I was still annoyed with him but I did forgive him, I can’t really be too mad at him when he only wants me safe. “Holy shit.” Justin moaned as I rotated my hips while he was still inside me. “Do that again.“ he said and kissed my neck. I did it again but rotated in the opposite direction, he trusted upwards into me meeting me as I was about to slide back down him. I screamed. “Tell me your mine.” He growled into my ear.
“I’m yours.” I said but it was barely audio able because I was filled with ecstasy as I came.
“What was that?” He as thrusted up into me making me scream out his name. “I love when your moan out my name, tell me your mine. Tell me, Kitten.” He grunted. He gripped onto my hips and pushed up into me so hard I was certain he hit my cervix. “Yours.” I screamed “I’m yours Justin, yours.” I repeated over and over.
“Kitten.” He whispered and he jerked into me. Moments later he fell back against the car seat and panted heavily. I leaned against his chest and lay there for at least two minutes with him still inside me. That’s when I gasped. “Ahhh, Unclench. Unclench, Kyah.” he screamed.I didn’t know what he meant till I looked down. “Sorry.” I said and forced my body relax so he could pull out of me. When I gasped and my body tensed, my muscled clenched together obviously hurting Justin’s un prepared penis. “We didn’t use a condom.” I said pulling my jeans back on. “We… fuck.” Justin punched the seat in front of us, pulling his own boxers and jeans back up. “Baby, I’m sorry. You got me so hot I couldn’t think straight… I… fuck.” He punched the seat again. “Please calm down, please.” I begged, if he was going to freak out I have no chance of remaining calm. “Shit, baby, I’m sorry. It’s okay.” He said and hugged me. “It will be okay.” I said pulling away from him. “I will ring Doctor Chance tomorrow. I’ll ask him if I can take the morning after pill with my meds.” I said and Justin nodded.“I’m so sorry.” he repeated. I shook my head. “I was on top remember.” I smiled and he chuckled and pulled me in for a kiss. “Things are just getting good again for you, God knows we don’t need you pregnant.” Justin sighed and I nodded. “Bipolar disorder and Pregnancy don’t mix well, in my session on Tuesday with Doctor Lee she went through all the things pregnancy can do to me. It’s kind of dangerous, I mean the pregnancy hormones could send me into episode after episode. I wouldn’t be able to take my meds at the start because the can cause deformity in the baby… all kinds of scary stuff. “I explained. “Wow, I never thought it would affect anything like that.” Justin said and I nodded. I didn’t think it would either. “Bipolar people can do it but they have to have a plan set with doctor for meds and such. But it is possible.” “I know it's still very early for this talk but does that mean we won’t be able to ever have babies together or we will?” He asked and I tensed. Oh my days, does he want to have babies with me?
“Do you want to have babies with me?” I asked. “Some day, yes.” He replied without missing a beat.
I began crying. “I uh… I take it back, I don’t want babies with you, not ever. I’m sorry, don‘t cry.” He panicked and I laughed while crying. “Why are you laughing and crying?” He asked confused. “I’m crying because I can’t believe you would want babies with me because I’m so messed up. And I’m laughing because you thought you scared me saying you eventually wanted kids and tried to take it back.” I chuckled. He put his hand over his heart. “Thank God, I thought I scared you off by saying that.” He smiled then pulled me into him. “You’re not messed up. You’re my Kitten so of course I want to have babies with you, when we’re both ready.” He kissed my cheek. “Me too.” I smiled. He rested his head against my head. “I think we just got even more serious, we just had the baby talk.” He smiled and I laughed. “Yup.” I grinned. He looked into my eyes then cupped my face in his hands and kissed me. “I love you.” he whispered. “I love you too.” I mumbled onto his lips. After a few minutes of kissing I began chuckling. “Um, not the best time to start laughing Kitten.” Justin said and I stopped. “Sorry. It just tonight was meant to be a girls night but that is a absolute fail.” I shrugged and he smiled. “Do you want to go back inside or back to my apartment?” He waggled is eyebrows. “I’m not sleeping in your apartment, I’m sleeping alone tonight. We’re together to much, not that I don’t love it because I do.” I quickly added. He frowned. “I like sleeping with you though.” he pouted and I groaned. “I do too but we don’t live together, you live with Harley and I live with Rayne.” I said and he shrugged. “Okay.” he sighed. I kissed his cheek as we got out of my car. I fix my hair and crop top while Justin let his jeans hang low as always. I hated the way he wore them. “You need a belt for them things.” I said as we walked hand in hand back across the lot to Jed’s. “Swag.“ he randomly said and I rolled my eyes. “Release a bit of tension, bro?” One of the bouncers asked Justin while they guy hugged. I blushed and almost ran past them. “Omigod.” I whispered to myself.
I heard Justin and the bouncers laughing which made me rush inside for the door faster. “Babe, wait.” Justin laughed while he jogged after me. I made it down the ladder and into Jed’s when his arms snaked around me. “Lighten up.” He whispered in my ear while biting my earlobe. ”No.” I stated. “That was so mortifying.” I groaned. “Not for me, they practically praised me back there.” He chuckled to himself. “Because guys are stupid.” I said and walked towards our table. There were two guys around my age with two girls at our table. It was awkward, I was about to turn and choose a different table when the four looked at us and suddenly got up and moved on. I glanced over my shoulder and beside Justin was Dante and Jackson. “C’mon seriously. Why are people scared of you guys?“ I thought aloud as we sat around them table. “We’re are Baila and Rayne?” I then asked noticing they weren't next to the guys.
Jackson pointed to a very drunken pair of girls dancing on the dance floor and laughed. “Omigod.” I shook my head and got up walking over to them. “Kyah.” Rayne screamed and fell on me with a hug. I steadied her. “Hey.” I laughed. The music stopped for a minute and Baila leaned to my side. “You’re so pretty. You look like your brothers, you know that?” She asked, a lot of people heard her because she well screamed it. “No. I’m hot.“ I looked over to my brothers. “They’re not.” I grinned. “We heard that.” Dante yelled. “You where suppose to.” I yelled back then snorted at the glare he gave me. “C’mon, lets go sit down.” I sat to the girls and helped them over to the table. “Ya me voy a dormir?” Rayne slurred. (Can I sleep here?) “No, you can’t go to sleep here.” I said and Dante laughed pulling her on top of him. “¿Por que no?” She replied. (Why not? “Because we’re in a club that’s why.” I answered her. “Eres una perra.” She glared at me. (You're a bitch.) “Hey, now no need to call her names.” Dante said to Rayne who frowned and snuggled her face into his neck.
“What did she call you?” Justin asked me pulling onto his lap. “A bitch.” I chuckled. “That’s kind of awesome, that you can have a conversation with her in Spanish.” He said. I shrugged. “I learned it from her, she moved next door to us when she we’re six and I heard her speaking it to her parents all the time. After the kidnapping I didn’t talk a lot except to Rayne really. I thought Spanish was like our own secret language that only a few people knew.” I laughed. “She hated that I understood what they where always talking about.” Date smirked. “It annoyed the fuck out of me and Harley.“ Jackson grunted. “When she turned nine she was fucking fluent, I was fourteen and had no clue what she would say to me when I annoyed her. She got away with murder until Dante eventually told us what names she would be calling us.” He snickered. “Traitor.” I growled to Dante who smiled. “I think you l-look a lot like H-Harley.” Baila randomly said and I groaned. “Bail’s, give it a rest.” I said but she ignored me. “Well you all look alike really. D-Dante looks like Harley meaning y-you look like Dante plus your his twin so that's a giving. Harley looks a little like J-Jackson which means you two look like him as w-well.” Baila rambled on. “I think it’s down to your dad’s looks.” She then smiled. Then she said the worst word ever. “Dilf.” She giggled.
“Aw, c’mon.” I yelled. “You think my dad is a Dilf?” Jackson asked her with a laugh. “Hell yes.” She stated. Rayne popped her head up. “He is.” She said then laid back on Dante. “Do you have any idea how sick that makes me feel?” I asked Baila and she shrugged. “Yuck.” I said and leaned my head back on Justin’s shoulder. He kissed my neck then rested his head against mine. I looked out onto the dance floor and flinched a little. A guy was staring right at me. I narrowed my eyes trying to see him clearer. He smirked at me then winked as he turned and disappeared into the crowd. “What is it?” Justin asked.
“I thought I seen someone I knew. He winked at me.” I replied. “Who?” Justin asked. “That Jeff guy.” I replied. In a second I was off Justin lap. He stood up followed by my brothers. “I see him talking to Jamie at the cage.” Justin hissed. He jogged towards it with Jackson and Dante behind him. Dante grabbed Harley on the dance floor along the way leaving Anna to come over to us. I wanted to go after the guys but I had to stay with the girls who where now out cold laying on the chair beside me. “Hey, Kyah.” Anna smiled. “Nurse Anna.” I nodded back. She chuckled. “You don’t have to call me that any more.” I shrugged. “Sorry.” I chuckled. “So,” I paused, “you and Harley?” I questioned. She blushed. “I like him, but of course you know that.”
“I think everyone at the hospital knew it, Anna. Is that why you wanted to be my nurse so you could see him?” I asked, curiously. I’ve been wondering this ever since Rayne told me about her and Harley’s date. She widened her eyes. “No, of course not Kyah. I was assigned as your nurse before I even met Harley, I guess after I met him it was a bit of a bonus he is so nice looking and was nice to talk to. I mean at that time you where still in the coma so I didn’t know you to talk to but when you woke up I was even happier you where in my care, you’re a lovely girl.” She said and it was my turn to blush. “I like you too, you’re cool.” I said and she laughed. “Thanks.” She replied. “You are very important to your brother you know. He calls you his number one girl.” She smiled. “Um, yeah, all my brothers do. But that’s just out of my family like if you and Harley legit date you will be his number one girl… girlfriend wise.” I blurted out. She laughed at my blurting. “Sorry, its just some girls don’t get their relationship with me and they get jealous that they call me their number one girl and stuff like that.” I shrugged. “I understand it.” She smiled. I grinned. “Good, Rayne and Baila get it to that’s why things are going well with Dante and Jackson.” I added. “Yeah, they’re cool girls, so bubbly and energetic.” She glanced to the sleeping bodies beside us. “When they’re sober.” She said. I laughed as did she. We talk for a few more minutes until Justin and my brother came back to the table. “Was it him?” I asked as they sat down. Justin nodded.
“Don’t tell me you did something stupid, did you?” I asked him and my brothers. “Believe me we wanted to. He however was arranging a little completion with, Jamie.” Dante snarled. “What does that mean?” I asked. “He thought it would be a good idea to have a buy in cage tournament next month.” He spat. “One grand by in fee per fighter, twenty fighters.“ He paused. I added it up in my head real quickly, ten fights, two guys per fight, one grand person means that’s a total off twenty grand. Holy shit. “No rules, first one to tap out or get knocked out wins. Ten fights, knock out rounds up till a quarter final, semi final and then a final. Who ever wins gets the twenty grand.” He finished. “I know you both signed up for it so why are you mad?” I asked Justin and Harley.
 Harley huffed. “Because no fighter is allowed to get into it before the actual tournament. We had to use every bit of will power not to murder that bastard there and then.” He spat. I shrugged. “One of you will get him in the tournament I’m sure.” I said. “Yeah, but which one.” Jackson pointed out. “Oh, so that’s what this is, you both want to be the one to beat his ass.” I laughed.
“Damn right.” Justin stated. “Well, it will all work out.” I shrugged. “Do you brawl Harley.” Anna asked Harley. “Um.” I leaned into Justin feeling awkward. “Yeah, I do.” He said and scratched his neck, obviously uncomfortable. “That awesome.” She beamed.
I coughed taken some of my drink. “Come again?” I asked. “I’m a major UFC fan, I’ve never seen a brawl up close.” She shrugged.
“I think I might marry you.” Harley murmured and she laughed. I shook my head and tried to stand up but Justin held me on his lap. I think he knew I was about to get shouty. “Anna you’re a nurse, you can’t seriously enjoy watching idiots bet the crap out of each other?” I said feeling myself tense.
Its one thing to watch a brawl for the purpose of just watching it but to enjoy it is another thing.“It’s a sport.” She shrugged. “A sport? Are you fucking kidding me-” “Kyah, relax.” Harley butted in. I took and deep breath and settled back against Justin. “She has problems with violence.” Harley explained. I felt like laughing a bipolar person with a violence problem is hilarious because when they’re manic they could turn wild on you in a second. “I understand.” Anna said nodding. “She doesn’t like that Justin and I brawl. It’s not that you like brawling that has her annoyed it’s the fact you would happily watch us do it knowing we could get hurt that pisses her off.” Harley finished. “No shit, Sherlock.” I muttered and felt Justin chuckle. “I’m sorry Kyah, I didn’t mean to upset you.” Anna said. I shrugged not wanting to talk further, to be told I was still annoyed but I‘m sure it was more at the actually brawling than at Anna. I was trying to relax for the sole reason of not freaking out. I couldn’t though I felt my chest harden and I looked to Dante who caught on right away. “Nice deep breaths.” He said loud over the music. Justin rubbed my sides. Dante continued to calm me and it eventually worked I relaxed back against Justin who still rubbed my sides. “All better?” He murmured in my ear. “Uh huh.” I yawned. “Time to go.” He murmured again. “Yeah, I think so too, my girl is out cold.” Jackson laughed as he lifted Baila and lifted her bridal style. “I’ll bring her back to mine.” He said as he said bye and left Jed’s. “Rayne.” Dante said shaking her. “¿Que?” (What?) She mumbled. “Time to go.” He replied to her question.
She sat up and held her arms out to him, he chuckled and picked her up. Her legs where wrapped around his waist and her head on his shoulder, she was out out again in seconds. “Never let her drink shots again.” I said and Dante laughed. “I’ll drive back to your place with her.” He said and I nodded. “Anna, I’m sorry for being rude.” I said as I gave her a hug. “Don’t be.” She smiled. Her and Harley decided on staying at Jed’s. Justin told Harley he was spending the night at my place which Harley smiled at. I bet he wanted to get it on with Anna.
Ew. “Be nice to her.” I warned Harley as I hugged him. “I remember, I didn’t forget what you told me in the hospital.” He replied. “Huh?” I said confused. “The day you had an episode and hit Anna you told me not to bag and toss her aside and I said I wouldn’t.” he explained. I couldn’t remember any of this but I nodded anyway. “Good, see you tomorrow.” I said and kissed his cheek. Justin took my hand and lead me out of Jed's, he was happy to be sleeping with me again tonight and even though I said he couldn't stay because we're together to much, I didn't mention a thing. To be honest, I think I would be forever happy if I woke up beside him every morning for the rest of my life and that was scary. I guess Justin was right though, we're serious.

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